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Audien Hearing

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Audien Hearing Reports & Reviews (96)

• Oct 02, 2022

Fraudulant billing for service plan

I bought a pair of hearing aids from Audien about 2 yrs ago. They were just soso as hearing aids go. I never requested their monthly service plan. I started noticing a bill on my Amex from them for $4 every month. I called them, they apologized and sent me a refund. I thought it was over and just a mistake. A few months later, while going over my Amex statement I noticed they were again billing my card $4/Mt. I called Amex, filed a claim , and had them put a block on Audien. A few months later, again I see the same $4/mt from them I told Amex they were fraudulently billing me. So they reimbursed me AND P[UT ANOTHER BLOCK. Today 2 yrs later I am again seeing this charge. I advise anyone who has bought a pair of hearing aids from them to check their credit card statement. I am curious as to how widespread this is.

I guess I was lucky. I have been dealing with them for almost a year now. Mostly customer service was nice except this last guy. (JM).I really liked the EV3 however the product stopped working several times. Time range was from 2 weeks to 2 months. I say I was lucky as they replaced them several times without additional cost but I do believe it is at least borderline scam as they are not currently working. This last guy made it sound like I had the same chance to win the lottery as for so many pair to not work. Arrogant Jerk. Scam.

Do not know what everyone is complaining about. Great company great customer service fantastic hearing aids. I have the insurance and I lost my first pair called them had to replace ones in less than 4 days. I said again fantastic company fantastic hearing aids especially for $4,600. Fantastic

Sent email hearing aids do not work for me and request refund. Told me they will review after 48 hours. Never hear from them. My name is Lucille Budnick ,107 Dewey street Toms River NJ 08753


Bogus company. Scammers. Waste of money. Waste of time trying to get my refund. Stay away from Audien!
T Parcher, 11/17/2021


These are not hearing aids! They are junk. I called to get information to return them and, like many others, I was told they were sending me an upgrade free of charge. Neither pair came anywhere fitting in my ears so I called about returning them. I was told not to bother returning them but to keep them and give to someone who had a need for them. Now they are sending me emails inferring that I’m not trustworthy because I haven’t returned them!? Who are these people?!


I’m amazed at these very negative reviews. For an online purchase of $89 these are incredible... took two hours to charge and I’ve worn them for two days now with only that one charge. I did purchase the larger size which do protude from the ear but that isn’t a problem for me... at least I can hear! I’ll soon order the smaller pair. Thanks Audien!


My husband tried the hearing aids and truly could not get them to work. We are on Social Security which is our only source of income. We are not able to get out of the house due to Covid and rely on others to help us with groceries, mail, etc. and could not stay within the required limit for return. I explained all this to them but they refused to return our refund.


I thought I had done my homework...ordered the new EV-3 from these people and have yet to receive same. USPS says package is still "in transit". When I try to call the numbers listed at the top of this page the first number (773-8822) ..recording states that number has been changed or disconnected. The second # (205) has a recording stating that they are "helping other customers..." then disconnects. I plan to see if my credit card company can help me with this...I join with you in considering this a SCAM outfit.


Buyer beware! You may have seen Audien Hearing Aids advertised on Facebook. We were gullible and ordered a pair thinking they would help Tom. Unfortunately after MANY months of waiting for them to arrive, one excuse after another, we did get them. However, they were NOT small and comfortable as they advertised. They were big, brown and bulky. Tom put them in and tried all the different sized pieces they sent. No luck. They stuck out of his ear, looked like a large brown worm trying to crawl out. To make matters worse, they would not stay in. Several times they fell out while getting in or out of the car and he had to reopen the car door and pick them up. He would be eating and they would fall on the floor. I wrote and complained and was ignored. I kept complaining and finally got a response saying they would not give me full refund, but would refund 1/2 and I would see it within 48 hours on my account. Another month passed and still no refund. I kept writing and most was ignored. Then I received a response saying they issued the refund. No, there was no refund, only their email saying they issued it. They wanted me to give them a good reference on Facebook. I decided to wait until I had refund in hand. About a week ago I received an email answer to my latest email saying it was too old and have a nice day! I was flabbergasted, months of waiting, receiving their assurance they would make it right, and then a slap in the face saying it was too old. Please keep this in mind before you spend your hard-earned money. They have many promises, poor product and even poorer Customer Service. You get what you pay for, spend a little more and get your hearing aids from a reputable company that cares for you and stands behind their product and word.


Thank you for this frank review. I have no idea what the other reply is about since you do not ever claim no one is happy with the product. Also , they attempt to discount your entire review based on this made up issue. Sounds like someone with the company is trying to create doubt about your review. Funny thing is that makes me even less trusting of the company than your review did.

I have no doubt your experience is accurately related. However, to conclude that nobody is happy with Audien hearing aids is not accurate. There are a lot of people happy with them. I am happy with them. You are complaining that they are not treating you fairly, but you are not treating them fairly. All you have to do is take a few minutes and read that a lot of people like them. The fact that you're not even mentioning this casts doubt on the integrity of what you're saying.

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These people should be made to pay back all the money they have scammed, i bought a
pair and one of them stopped working, they only give you 90 days to send them back
I have e-mailed them at least 50 times, always the same response, these people have probably made millions off these pieces of crap


SHAM! When you return these crappy “hearing aids” within the 30 day “money back guaranty” you’ll be confronted with a 50% restocking and handling fee! 50%!
Don’t give these charlatans one dime of your hard earned money. If you trusted these scoundrels call the BBB and your credit card company and protest the entire charge. These no place in the hearing aid market for these maggots!


I ordered audien hearing aids . Like others,I was told the ones I ordered were out of stock & were sending the upgrade ones. I got them;couldn't wear them. Have sent many emails. I was told due to the covid; I couldn't return them if I had opened them. Of course I opened them. Then they said they would refund part of my payment. I told them that was not the guarantee. Help!


I requested a possible refund from them, after not wearing a pair, ordered for my husband. They said they needed to authorize the return within 48 hours. It has been 2 weeks and nothing has happened. I called them and received the same answer. I asked for the address to return the merchandise and they hesitated. They said if the item hadn't been authorized to be returned they couldn't guarantee a refund. So now, it's getting to be over 30 days since day of purchase. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS-----DON'T BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!


Ordered them but they took 89.00.dollars off my account then took another 149.00 dollars off my account .When I received them there was only two hearing aids , two chargers There was no charging cable , no screwdriver , no ear buds or brush Cant use them without charger Have emailed them and messaged them at least 15 times no response I even said send me a new set and we would call it square No response .Randy Canada


returned aids 8/ rec'd 8/14.. still waiting on refund..11/4/20.. Been given the run around f0r over 3 months.. What is the problem...WHAT DI I HAVE TO DO TO GAT MY REFUND.?..aAnne Stone


I've had the same problem. Waited and waited. Contact your bank and they will contact Audien for a refund. These people are Scam Artists.

Returned aids on 8/12/20 ..they were received on 8/14/20. Still trying to get a REFUND as of this date. 11/4/20.. If you call , voice mail tells to to to web site. Did that! said they got to inspect package at one point.. I have emailed a number of times,, feed back from them since OCT 9 wanting me to do a survey... What do I have to do to get a refund? ...Anne Stone


My right hearing aide does NOT turn on most times. It is defective.


Mine does the same thing?

The right hearing aide does NOT work most of the time. I can't turn it on !


I order 2 sets of hearing aid I sent them back because they were to big they kept $99.00 of my money said it was restocked fee I’m 65 years old and I live on a fixed income that really hurt me I would not recommend them to anyone I wish they would send me my money back Lucille Brooks


They have a very deceptive advertising for elderly people, I feel your pain and I honestly believe that the federal trade commission should be involved in some other crap the pull.

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