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• Feb 25, 2022

Victim Location 43228
Total money lost $900
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I bought $900 worth of amazon gift cards for myself. I tried to use them & they were no good. I called Amazon many, many times to get a refund in my account or replacement gift cards to bad ones.

They said they already refunded me in my account. I did not receive any refund of my $900. Nor did I receive replacement gift cards.

I bought my gift cards from the 888-280-****. They were used gift card numbers. I want my money back. I used my son's debit card to buy them. My debit had not arrived yet.

• Feb 07, 2022

Victim Location 35773
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This was emailed to me fraudulently from I just got off the phone with Amazon, and they said I was good and I got info that an IPhone 12 was not ordered from my account. I also reported this fraud to Amazon and they'll also post this attempt to their services. The order ID: 7675-0098-2215. Shipping address to: 3198 Milltown Rd., Wilmington, DE, 19808, USA. The helpline is listed on this spam as 805.534.7555. There is also an additional number to call if needing assistance regarding this order: 206.479.2390.

This is nothing but a scam and DO NOT fall for this bogus [censored]e.

Victim Location 63376
Total money lost $3,400
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Said was charge to my account. Thought I was hacked got Amazon website and called them. I was scammed out of 3400.00. Just want to warn others about this scam but not able to file a report.

Victim Location 44095
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call allegedly from claiming I owed Amazon $1956.37. The phone number was both on my caller ID and in the message. // I am a regular Amazon customer and, based on experience, know that Amazon simply adjusts invoicing errors directly without calling me to say I owe money. That is why I called BBB.

Victim Location 77351
Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by an email that was supposed to come from Beth Galetti with the email [email protected] It is fake and they were asking for personal information and my social security number. Please do not fall victim to this scam.


Victim Location 44120
Type of a scam Online Purchase

During the past 3 weeks I've received as many as 4 robocalls per day about an alleged account. I have no such account and have never purchased anything from Amazon. Oddly, the first 6 digits of all of the phone numbers are identical to my phone number.

Victim Location 44143
Type of a scam Phishing

I keep getting calls from Amazon. I have not had an Amazon account for fifteen years. They are charging my account $800 to $1000. I do not have their phone number. I wondered if this was a scam.

Victim Location 23503
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call on my cell phone from a robot telling me there was a large amount of money (over$1000), that was charged to my account, and would be deducted from my payment source if I did not cancel the purchase by clicking 2 to be connected to an agent. I pressed 1, and was connected to someone with a very thick foreign accent, who told me to go to to allow them remote access to my computer, so they could sort this out for me.

Due to the accent, as well as the instructions to allow remote control of my computer, I assumed it must be some kind of scam, and checked my accounts to se that there was no such charge anywhere. I then contacted Amazon Support by chat, and they said the same thing, that it was not Amazon who called you, plus there were no recent charges to my Amazon account.

This is a frightening scam they are pulling here, and needs to be shut down, like many such scams that these types of people use to hurt people during the lockdown!!

Victim Location 18436
Type of a scam Identity Theft

We have an email from Amazon stating that an item was shipped in my wife's name to a different address than ours with phone that I won't call because my wife's Amazon account has not been used in years and we cannot even get into it anymore

Victim Location 81001
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am a victim of "Amazon Brushing".... I keep receiving packages from Amazon of random items I did not order... These packages have my name and address on them. I have reported this to Amazon 3 times now, and they basically do nothing about it, but tell me they have sent it to their investigation team and will get back with me in 10 days. They never get back with me. Amazon being a multi billion dollar business needs to protect our identity better! Our names, addresses, and phone numbers, should not be getting out to third-party sellers. I have changed my password on amazon 3 times! I'm tired of reporting stuff to Amazon and nothing being done about it... I want a federal investigation done on the Brushing Scam. I want Amazon to be held liable if for any reason my bank account get hit for charges for any of these random items I am being sent that I did not place an order for.

Victim Location 35055
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Someone called and said that they were and that someone had made $400 purchase on my account. They wanted to know if I had made this purchase and that if I hadn't I should press 1. If you pressed one and told them that you hadn't made the purchase they then wanted to help you cancel the order. To do this they needed access to your account and your personal information.

Victim Location 71203
Type of a scam Phishing

I was told that $349.99 was charged to my Amazon account. Call this number if not correct: 707-886-9243. I called and was told an IPad was purchased & need to call VISA.

Went online and did not see purchase.

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Honestly I got banned from my асс and I don't appreciate that I cant see what orders are coming and what aren't and that annoying just contact me or just un ban my асс that seems better ugh.

Victim Location 42503
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Credit Cards

On Dec. 21, 2020 after 11 a.m. I got on and opened my account to subscribe for Amazon Prime Video channel. I made the purchase and got the first month free, to be billed after 30 days at $17.99 a month for the service. I then proceeded to activate the channel on my Roku TV device. The code I was given to use to activate the service would not work. While my account was still open I then found a phone number for help on the official Amazon site. The man who took my call gave me his name which I did not write down. He assisted me with activation of the Prime channel from about 11:55a.m. to about 12:29 p.m. but had no success so at that time he told me he was getting tech assistance for me and immediately a man who said he was Rick got on the phone and began to help me at 12:29p.m. He told me numerous things to do on my computer in an attempt to activitate Prime and soon told me he had to take control of my computer. He kept telling me what to clik on and then he remarked that my computer had scamming sites on it and he had to clean them up. He got me connected to the Prime channel and I opened the channel to assure it was working and it was. He said he had something to do and he would call me back. Within a short time he called me. Rick told me my Amazon recent orders look legitimate but for me to check the orders on my Amazon account to make sure they were legitimate. I did and they were correct. Later he remarked about the $100.00 I had on my account and asked what that was for. I told him I would use it to buy books for my Kindle. Rick told me that completing "this" on my computer would take some time and he needed me to check my bank account now to make sure it had not been hacked and I foolishly did as I was told. I asked Rick if he was aware that I was going to immediately call my bank about this and he said yes, that he did. He said he needed to hang up but he needed me to help him by watching a movie on Prime for him so I could tell him how the channel was working. Rick had asked me for my credit card number and sometime later he asked for the "number" on the back. Rick said he would call me back and check on how the channel is working. As soon as Rick hung up I phoned my bank and was told my accounts were all fine but that this man was a scammer. I said, "but he works for Amazon, I called their help number for assistance and this last man, Rick did give me some code numbers eventually that activated my Prime video channel." The bank employee told me to shut off my computer and report to my credit card issuer right now, which I did. I learned that someone had just attempted to charge $1,000 to my card. I have e-mail that I can forward to you that shows this man tried to make gift card purchases to be sent to 2 unknown people. I had my Amazon account removed and reported this to 'Frank' at the number Rick was calling me from; 888-699-1710. Frank said the number I called was Amazon and seemed shocked and said they will investigate this.

Victim Location 79601
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went to log into my Amazon account to place an order and a box popped up that said there was an issue with my account and to call them. I placed the call and they convinced me to purchase a couple of gift cards. I did and then realized this was a scam.

Victim Location 43062
Type of a scam Phishing

A robocaller has repeatedly called my home, stating that a suspicious purchase of $729 was made at Amazon in Dayton, OH. It prompts me to press 1 to connect with customer service to dispute the transaction.

Victim Location 79605
Type of a scam Phishing

Received call saying they were from Amazon and that my account was being charged over $900 for an iPhone. I don't have an account.

Victim Location 79605
Type of a scam Phishing

Received 2 calls from this number stating they were with Amazon and our account was being renewed for a fee. We don't have an Amazon account. When they asked for an account#, I hung up. I called the number back and a man answered and said he'd gotten several calls from consumers saying they'd had calls like this from his number.

Victim Location 79605
Type of a scam Phishing

Called and said over $900 was charged to our Amazon account for a phone and if it wasn't ours to press a button to talk to them. We don't have a computer/internet or an Amazon account.

Order that I did not placed
Thank you, for shopping with us. You ordered "Sony -XBR65A8F PlayStation 4Pro 1TB Console 4K..." and 1 other item .

Your purchase has been divided into 2 orders. For any assistance please call our customer service. ( 866-517-7324) .
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Order #113-64348221-3808238

In Two Business Days
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Ship to:
41224 Elderwood
Dayton , Ohio 45440
Total Before Tax:
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Order #113-64348221-3808238
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P.S. If you did not place this order please call us on (866-517-7324) to report it to our Amazon Representatives.

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