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Advance America

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From: Mark Filip <[email protected]>

Date: September 19, 2016 at 12:21:06 PM EDT

To: undisclosed-recipients:;


Any attempts to collect the delinquent amount have been failed due to your ignorant intentions.

You are under obligation to continuously getting failure of payment notification and also we have no control or knowledge of the consequences that is going to occurred due to the Lender’s Loan Terms.

We cannot predict the amount of the fee or charges that you will incur as a result of Non-Payment, late payment, or partial payment however probably it could be around $7000.00 if the court is involved.

We are making every effort to work with you only in a reputable and reasonable manner so don’t misunderstand this effort is in order to convince you as it’s our responsibility to let you know about the legal consequences.

If you do not repay your loan on time, advance cash may report this delinquency to one or more credit bureaus, with could have a negative impact on your credit score and you will be denied for getting any loans ahead.

According to the provisions of the fair debt collection practices act by the federal trade commission, advance cash has the full rights to send a written notice about your fraud to your employer as well as the given references.

Any property or assets under your name will be ceasing for a while if the government sends you a notice and then only government could release the hold.

We are trying to get a hold of you and requesting you to not to disregard this legal notice until or unless you have made payments and already have the full & final receipt received at your mailing address by Advance America.

Kindly get back with us right away to avoid any further legal actions and do not try to run away from your moral.   


If you want to resolve this legal case outside of the court house, kindly get back with us so that we can discuss about the Settlement Offers or Payment Arrangements.

I had applied for a loan on the internet and then I was sent a message saying someone would contact me to discuss my options. they did contact me and offered me a $2000.00 loan and said that I needed to go get this card ( a iTunes gift card for $25) they said it was to show that I was trustworthy. And I asked about it being a scam and they said NO they were legit and that I would be able to use the card for purchases. So I got the card with the last of my money and then they asked to verify the info from the card and then they put me on hold and then came back and said that my loan was being placed on hold and that I needed to add $75 by getting another card for that amount, and then my loan would go through within 10 minutes into my account. when I told them I had no more money they said I need to get the other $75 and call them back. I did call them back but not with any more money but I told them I realized they were a scam and I was going to call the BBB, then they said thank you for calling and hung up. I have since closed my checking account so they cannot get excess to it. But now I am out of my $25.

I received an email from Advance America for a loan up to $5000. I immediately received a call for the loan. The man, David Allen who clearly was a foreigner with a ery strong accent had an American name! He obviously had access to my personal information as he knew my address, telephone number, where I worked, my bank including the the routing & account number! However, he asked me for my pass code & pin number When I called back the telephone number on the email, he answered by simply saying "hello" & not identifying himself as a business & now I'm afraid he will have access to my personal information, what should I do??

I contacted them about a loan and they gave me this line about sending money to my account and then I was to take the money out and go get a cash advance card or I tune card and put that money on it and send it back to them and then they would wire the money into my account. I looked them up on the BBB site and told them to cancel it, I was told that they had already sent the money and that I need to send it back to them in the morning or they would sue me for fraud and close my bank account. I called my bank and was told that there were 2 pending transactions for 500$ each. I was told that this was done via a mobile phone at an ATM. My account information has been changed. They threatened me with jail,fraud and closure of my bank account. BEWARE!!!!!!!!

They offered me a $5000 loan must of knew I was looking for one. Gets your bank info but wants your user id and password. If you won't give it they say you have to get insurance and it will only cost $150. When you call back they don't even answer using company name.

Someone called me named called me claiming to be loan or cash advance company. They tried to sound legitimate by putting a man named John Turner on the phone from their accounting department. Somehow they got my name and phone number. They said they had to make a deposit into my bank account in order to lend the money and that I would have to purchase a debit card to send the money back to them. This sounded very suspicious so I asked them to email their information and I would get back to them. I went online and google searched Advance America. Turns out there is a real Pay Day lender named Advance America but they do not call customers over the telephone or contact them by mail. I sent them a message to let them know what happened. By the time I had done all this they'd already accessed my account and made a deposit. My bank froze and then closed my account before I could alert them about the scammers. All of my bills went unpaid and I have no access to my money as a result of what they did. Somehow they managed to make a mobile deposit of a check with my signature.


I entered an online contest and received a phone call that I was approved for a loan up to $15,000. I only asked for $2,000. The man I spoke to said I had to pay $199 for a revocation voucher. I said I would have the money the first of the month. I received a call July 1st and was told I had been approved and needed to pay for the voucher. He asked me to purchased an iTunes card and load the money, which I did at a Dollar General store in Owensville, MO. He was on the phone while I made the purchase and asked for the card account number to process my loan. Twenty minutes later he called back saying they received the voucher but could not process the loan. I needed to pay an additional $245 for insurance. Then, I realized this was a scam and told him I wanted my money back. The phone call ended.

I applied for an on-line loan and was receiving numerous calls from a LA # (which has since been disconnected), a number out of Tx (940.294.7158) and now a number out of Plant City offering 5 times the amount I requested (by a representative named "Joseph" to cover medical statements for a surgery. This company has requested my bank acct info, user ID, passwords, CC numbers and that I even open a new account into which they will deposit funds to make sure the account is valid, then you have to w/draw the money and wire back to them before you can get your "approved amount". $ days later, I have had 1 bank account closed due to fraudulent activity (which has been reopened with new info), and a 2nd acct opened per this companies request. Still to this day they are requesting me to send funds in order for me to receive mine. Be very aware of these frauds. The Company they go by is Advance America, which is not an online loan company, per say, its more of a pay day loan. Regardless, the amount requested exceeds the maximum available in the sate of Florida. Contrary to the amount I was offered. They tend to change #'s via burner phones and pretend to be account execs, and they have an underwriting team, and multiple managers, who seem to work out of a closet. Please be aware of these scams as they will have access to your personal info, acct info and and anything else they can get thier hands on.

It was my wrong doing putting trust in what I thought was a valid company, when all the, wanted was access to my account., which once they got it, were requesting refunds for bills paid over a months ago, and unbeknowest to me, the to companies abliged , causing my water and cell phone to nearly be shut off. Please be careful people. There are some scammers out there looking to rip people off and and couldn't care less. Cash 76 and AmericanAdvance need to be shut down

they are using an active telephone line. 214-501-6819..offering money. then they want you to return most of it back in a moneygram....this number is active. please call the number

Applied for a loan with Citi Finance, Advance America called and wanted to give me a loan for $8,000.00. Have to go to WalMart and get a voucher and then call Advance American back and give them the voucher number.

I received a call from someone named Flynn who said she got my name from the internet and that I was approved for a loan of $4000. I had been looking for a loan on the internet, I believed her. She said that I needed to purchase insurance because my credit score was below 700. She wanted me to call her with ITunes gift cards for $400. I read the #'s off the back. The next day, they needed $750 because there was a delinquent charge on my record which is not on my credit report. I went and purchased the ITunes gift cards and once again gave her the numbers from the backs of the cards. They told me that my bank refused the transfer and now I needed to go through Money Gram but I needed to buy $400 worth of gift cards to activate the transaction which I did. The next day, she told me my loan was disqualified and I'd have to pay again. I have been stalling her in hopes that someone can find her. She now is settling for 1/2 of the $1550.00. Surprise, surprise. She has been emailing me and calling me. I have saved everything. I did file complaints with the FBI and FTC.

email about being approved for a loan that I didn't apply for, clearly a scam, but they claim to be working with BBB.

I wanted to report phone number 779-379-3788 and 747-201-9804 they are scams for loans

- Coplay, PA, USA

I was contacted by an Alex Brown, an employee of Advance America for a loan. I was to put money on a green dot visa, which I did. Needless to say I couldn't register the card, he had already registered MY card. I can't even call to check if my money is in there. The company has no answers for me, and had the nerve to tell me to add more money to it. The guys phone number is 347 983 0270

- Bedford, IN, USA

Contacting me stating i was approved for a personal loan. Then got my bank information deposited the money. I had taken 400 out to pay bills and the bank had cleared the check. The next day i went to withdraw from my bank and was informed the check was fraudulant and returned. Im in trouble with my bank and i owe money

- North Hollywood, CA, USA

Name David Cooper has been scammed of $449.

He told me to pay Insurance Fees and after paying that amount through western union i never received my Loan.

This is Magic Jack Number 8458093490

- Rhome, TX, USA

I was told I was approved for a $2000 to $5000 loan and they would deposit it in my account, when I called and asked about the terms and conditions they refuse to tell me and then hung up on me. Wouldn't answer the phone after I tried calling back.

- Fenton, MO, USA

My supposed case number is: SKM9540

The name of the man was Mr. Eric Watson

Approved me for 7700 dollar loan, but had to pay $208.

Says he's best friends with the BBB

Has called multiple times with different amounts each time

• Feb 01, 2024

Eric Watson tried to pull this on me too claiming to be from advance America his new numbers are 3239550073 and 3239550084 he took my partners card info and proceeded to ask for account login info

Received an email from a Scott Jordan stated that I needed to pay a specific amount of money to settle with Advance America. So through via email, that was the only means of communication, I made 2 payments, 1st payment January 29, 2016 $215, and on February 29, 2016 $200. Now he says I owe $250 March 29, 2016 to settle. Today March 07, 2016 I was contacted by Advance America about my account which was overdue and I should contact them, so I spoke with Pattrick Dsouza via email and then through a telephone conversation. I explained that I had been paying on this account, he told me there is no record of my payments, he went n to tell me that this Scott Jordan if he was working for Advance America would not have gmail for an email address. Pattrick had told me not to respond to any more of this Scott Jordans emails, he said this man was running a scam.

- Trenton, OH, USA

Received a call that they were preapproved for a loan. Must pay $500 upfront for fees. Identified themselves as Advance America. They said they follow the guidelines of the and FTC and that they could connect her directly to the to verify the information. When she said she would call the herself to check them out, they said NO, they would transfer her to the as a courtesy.

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