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Advance America

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Advance America Reports & Reviews (204)

• Feb 23, 2024

Took my information and said she would call me back. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and did my research. Called the store that was at a different number and she does not work there.
Qualified for 2000-6000 Loan

• Feb 03, 2024

Received a text message from a 323 number with an attached image showing approval of a loan of $10,000. Within an hour, received a voicemail as well stating the same! obvious scam.
Eric Watson

- Sacramento, CA, USA • Jan 19, 2024

I thought I was approved for a loan through Advance America, I was told to make a $166 payment to secure the loan, then a $201 payment for business transaction, then another $251 for security deposit due to my credit score is low, then asked for a closing cost of $175. (Never gave).

• Oct 05, 2023

They sent me a offer by text but on the invoice there was no address as now I look at it closer. They want to give me a loan for 10,000 but I told them I need 13,000. Same as a lot of people on here, told me I needed insurance.. They were going to deposit 408 in my checking account and I had to go to Walmart and pay the insurance money before my loan was deposited into my account. I checked my account this morning but didn't see anything. I'm hoping I didn't get scammed. I'm going to close my account this morning when the bank opens. I should of known they were asking for my passwords and stuff. My debit card number with the cvc code. I hope I didn't get scammed please don't let it happen to you

- Sicklerville, NJ, USA • Sep 26, 2023

The company is ADVANCE AMERICA. They stated they would provide me a personal loan and then they took my information and a DON WATSON (Scammer). Now all my banking has and is frozen.

• Jul 17, 2023

It’s not real only thing real is my name

• May 22, 2023

Loan Confirmation
From: Advance America

Date: Mon, May 22, 2023 12:06 pm
Attachments 1 Loan Document.pdf (625 KB)


This is your loan officer Ben Anderson and we are pleased to inform you
that you have been approved for a long term loan.

Loan Approval ID :

Loan Amount: $5000.00

Loan Term: 36 Months

Monthly Payment: $152.00

Please call at +1(904) 643-9002
for final verification before we send out
the funds to your bank account


Ben Anderson,
Sr Loan Officer
Advance America
+1(904) 643-9002 ‬

- Vancouver, WA, USA • Apr 25, 2023

They have all of my information including but not limited to my bank account info, social security number, where I work, how much I make. I'm just trying to get out of debt and needed a loan to do so.

- Turlock, CA, USA

John Carter loan officer advance America offered a 10000 loan at 10% for 60 mo 76 mo. Sent loan document and I need to set up online banking with PNC bank. John said needed account routing debit card numbers. I told him and he attempted to set it up with PNC they would do it. Then John said have another account I said yes. bofa he then had me talk with Mr Martin who wanted all the info again. When he asked me to call BofA and order a debit card and got pushy when I said it will be here in four days. He wanted to know what that number was going to be. I got upset and said you guys are trying to steal from me. I don't want the loan and don't call me again im reporting you. Mr Martin have a nice day and hung up. Also I noticed the number was a mobile # not a office#.

Thank you

Paula Mosby

- Snoqualmie, WA, USA

I was applying for a personal loan on the internet, i was contacted by many via email or text message. I received a text message that I was approved for a loan with Advance America, I called the number on my phone 954-694-6461 and they said I need to fill out another form to transfer money into my account, I did that, then I was called again saying I need to transfer part of that back to verify that it was my account. They sent $3700.00 and wanted it all back. Since my bank would not allow more than $499 out, I could only use Zelle. So the company gave me a persons name and number to send it to, so it was sent. I needed to call my bank to send the rest and they said it was a scam. They closed my account, opened another for me and transferred all money to the new account. Eventually the scammers were able to get the full amount of the money they original sent to me ($3700) plus the $499 sent thru Zelle.

I began receiving text saying should they proceed with my loan for $9,000. I wanted to clear that and was looking for consolidation loan but this just seemed too good to be true I have gone through banks and other sites and was not approved. I then began to receive texts from a number that would not answer when I call trying to get information about me continuing with the loan.

These scammers acted as the business Advance America, on which I thought I was I was getting a reasonable loan. Always check the email they use. That was not the case, instead they used my information to get into my bank account and deposit fraudulent checks and then quickly remove them through Apple Cash/Zelle. I had banked through USAA, I had lost almost $3000, and was told by USAA that since these scammers had moved/spent the money that it was my responsibility when the checks were returned, hence losing the $3000. Please be aware.

Received an email showing how much I could get and how much my monthly payment would be. I printed off 8 pages describing how they do business. I called the loan officer as instructed and gave them the loan approval code listed in the email. I was directed to someone else who gave me instructions on what I needed to do. This woman mentioned that I needed to go to Walmart and get 2 gift cards after withdrawing a set amount of monies. At this point, I was suspicious and checked with the online and saw where they had an A+ rating. I then followed through with the instructions. Several days had transpired and through many phone calls, I was assured the money would be deposited Then one day I looked at my bank account .and found that I was overdrawn! I contacted my bank to report the scam and had my account closed.

They offer a loan up to $10,000, but ask for your banking credentials to get into your account through your banks website. They also ask for your debit card and pin number.

Received loan approval but then was asked for banking information and online user name and password. Was told a deposit would be made electronically but I would have to withdraw and go to grocery store to send money back to the company before my loan funds would be deposited.

Loan scams seem to be getting more and more rampant and annoying. I've had my own equally annoying experience with them, unfortunately, I got myself scammed and lost a lot of money myself. I'd probably have been an absolute wreck not if not for the help of an IT specialist I found on the deep web. I got quick and direct help from him, his email is detailed below as: [email protected]. We need to get these scammers wiped off as soon as possible.

I was looking for a loan to consolidate my bills for people with bad credit. They were rushing me to fill out the application and then I got to a part word asked for my banking information, however, it also wanted my username and password. I contacted my bank and they said for me not to give out my username and password. I accidentally deleted the phone number however I do have an email address. I did not give them my username and password. And I have not been text message since I told them I would not provide that information.


Keep getting this email and I never applied or received a loan from this company

Roger Fitos extension 121 said I could get a personal loan by boosting my credit score by which somehow he reversed payments I made as claims and took the money to pay experian, the 3 bureaus to boost my credit to get loan, All he did was cause me more problems bank has closed my account and restricted any incoming or putgoing payments, Sick to my stomach he had a good line and I was hopeful he could help me.

I wanted to take out a loan and this company contacted me saying they can approve the loan I wanted they asked for bank account information and debit card information. Logged into my bank account and asked for confirmation codes that was sent to my phone. I asked why they were going into my bank account and gave me all these reasons. Why they needed to I didn't know any better but I wanted the loan so I gave it to them. I've been scammed earlier so I was watching out for the something. Which was they wanted me to send them money through a cash app. In order to get the loan. The money was used for insurance policy. They said once I gave them the money the funds would be available to me with in 20 mins but guess what never came and I was out 400 dollars. This company ask to do the same thing which was the red flag so I called them out of being a scammer. They said they weren't but everything was like when I got scammed. They kept saying they weren't so I kept calling them out saying I'm not doing any transactions until I see the money in my account. Never seen it so that's why I'm reporting this company.

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