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Advance America

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Advance America Reports & Reviews (204)

- Oxnard, CA, USA

I have been inquiring about getting a loan when i recieved a call from a person could not tell if man or woman claiming to be with advance america and i was approved for a loan i gave all information asked for and that first due to my low credit score i would get some money deposited and i would need to send it back to improve my score then the money would be deposited the following day. Once the check was deposited which is the check i attached i noticed it was not a loan company as well as the back of the check has a signature that is not mine. The bank put the check on hold in which i believe it scared whoever off because the phone nunber suddenly did not work anymore. I have also recieved 2 calls that i believe to be the same person trying to do the same thing.

Applied for a loan online got and email saying I was approved the guy called me and texted me had me open a bank account asked for all the bank account information said that he was going to deposit $2,000 dollars in my account but then started acting weird so I realized it's a scam or fraud so be careful

- Schertz, TX, USA

I was applying for a loan and they sent me email saying I was approved. I called the number in the email. The guy had an accent and was rude. I gave him some information and later during the call I told him to cancel. He hang up before I ask if it was canceled. I called back and he said it was canceled. He called me names and to stop calling. He was scamming people cause I contacted the company he was using and they told me it was a scammer.

- Jacksonville, FL, USA

Please look out for Thomas buttler trying to give out loans ....using a Google play card. They going to ask for 100 bucks and apply to gift card its a scam now I'm out of a hundred bucks

- Roswell, GA, USA

Indian guy said [censored] you to me after I refused the offer.

This fake check caused my checking account to be closed due to fraudulent activity. Now my disability check will be returned to social security and due to delay in me receiving my check, my electric and water to be turned off and additional fees will have to be paid in order to have the utilities turned back on.

- Clinton, MO, USA

I was contacted by Michael Rich claiming to be from the company Advance America telling me that i had been approved for a $5000 loan and they already had my bank account number and ssn and needed to put $900 in my account and me to send it back to them to try to help my credit. They then asked for my username and password to my online banking account. I returned the $900 via Google Play cards and was told the $5000 would be in my account in 3-4 hours. Mark Peter then called me back 3 hours later stating it would be 2 more hours. When they called me back 3 hours later they said they would need to put $1700 in my account and for me to also send that back via Google Play cards and that the money would be there in 5 minutes. I sent the money back on 8/3/2018 and was told that it would be 3-4 hours. I tried to call back and no answer. They called me back 3 hours later and then again said it would be another 2-3 hours. I then informed them that i was no longer interested due to already being told the same thing twice. I have now lost $2600 that i didnt even have in the first place. They called me from the number 1 (803) 400-3614 and texted me from the number 1 (803) 560-6757. i have now closed my bank account and refuse to deal with them.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

I was online looking for loans. I located Advance America online. I filled out an application for a loan online. The loan was up to $4000. I would pay them back $155 month for 36 months until the loan was paid off. After I filled out the application I received an E mail from Steve Clark with Advance America. E mail stated I was approved for the loan. I called the company at 210-401-1823 and spoke with Steve Clark. They would send $700. He said I would have to go to Rite Aid on East 105 and Chester in Cleveland OH and buy two Google cards. I was to put $500 on one card and $200 on another Google card. I purchased the cards about a week ago. I scratched the numbers off the back I called him and read the numbers off. The next day he phoned asked me to do it again.Send two more cards for $500 each for a $1000 loan. I did not send the additional money. My checking account is overdrawn $1500. He direct deposited checks in my checking account. I gave my checking account and routing number over the phone.I called my bank and reported it to the Fraud Department at the bank. The scammer tried to get $1500. When I call the phone number back 210-401-1823 it beeps and disconnects. He also called from 272-8925. I don't have the area code.

My companion had applied for a loan with this company they sent us a text message asking us to call them or text them so we called back gave them all the information they needed the man said that my companion would receive a deposit in his account by 9am this morning it never happened. We have been calling all morning and all day no one is answering. I had to call his bank and put a stop payment on his account.

- Wilton, IA, USA

Scammer calling himself David Allen wanted me to open an account at either US Bank or Wells Fargo because they couldn't access the account I have. I DON'T THINK SO, I'd like to be able to get my hands on scummy people . Sounds like they need tought a lesson.

I was contacted by Advance America saying I was approved for a loan of $5000 with a monthly payment of $180. The woman I spoke with had a foreign accent. She was aware I was disabled. She said they would wire money into my account and I would have to wire it back the next day. She asked if I could do that I told her I did not have a car but I could get a ride. She asked for account and password information to verify the account. I asked why she needed the password. She said it was to verify the account. The next day the wire of $493 was in the account. She called at 5am and I told her nothing is open at this hour. She was rude and disrespectful. Later that day I spoke with "David" the manager. He had a foreign accent as well. He screamed at me and was rude and disrespectful. He made comments about people with disabilities. I tried to return the money through my bank and do an electronic transfer. He insisted that I go to a store and wire the money. I explained that the bank was ready to do the same thing and he did not want it wired that way. He told me that if I did not wire the money per his exact instructions he would cancel the loan. I told him he could keep his money and cancel the loan request.  Do NOT deal with these people.

A man by the name of Eric sent me an email saying I was approved for a $3,000 loan with an attachment that included the loan agreement, and that I had to call him to finalize. And so I called, and once he asked for my username and password for my online banking access I knew this wasnt legit. I decided to see how far this guy would go to try to get me to agree to the loan terms. He told me there would be an initial transfer of $1,000 that I would send back right away and the FDIC was where the funds were coming from. And once the initial money was returned then my loan would be issued. So I did give them my banking access info and as soon as we hung up the phone, I changed my password and withdrew all the money I had in my account."Eric" called me back a few moments later asking me to verify the security questions and answers I had set up so he could change my password and access my account and that is when I let him have a piece of my mind. I may have initially went along with the scenario but once I wised up, none of his explanations or reasons why he needed this information was good enough for me. I decided to google this company, and to my surprise there were many comments/reviews 9f the exact same scenarios playing out from these scam artists. The company Advance America does exist, however, the real company doesnt operate this way, the illegal way.

- Montclair, NJ, USA

On 5/18/2018, I was seeking a business loan for my business. Advance America contacted me about giving me a loan. I thought they were a legit loan company.

On 5/18/2018 I received a text message from 646-937-9812 after calling the main Advance America line of 646-657-3669. I received the text message from 646-937-9812 stating that I was eligible for a loan from $2,000-8,000. On 5/21/2018 I responded to the text message and spoke with two people (a male and female claiming to be John and Jen, no last names provided from “Advance America”). They informed me that I was eligible for the loan and they required the following information in text message: Name, Address, Bank account routing number, bank account number, username/password of my bank online sign in, last four digits of my Social Security number. All I text message. They also wanted me to send them a copy of my drivers license through text message.

I was subsequently emailed a loan contract that I had to sign in order to get the loan. I was to text a photograph of the signed contract to 646-601-5601. Once all of this was completed on 5/21/18, I then discovered that Advance America deposited a fraudulent online deposit of $872.00 into my Wells Fargo Bank account. They said over the phone, “We are depositing this in order for us to trust you with everything before giving you the loan.” I was then asked by Jenny and John to send $861.50 via Money Gram to Money Gram to a man I do not know in Georgia on 5/22/2018 at 0855 hours (reference #9466378). This was an individual I did not personally know. Advance America then deposited fraudulent mobile deposit of $907.00 into my Wells Fargo account. Jen and John stated over the phone, “In order for you to get your loan, you need to do this because your credit score is low and we need to get it up a couple hundred points.”

Shortly after this on 5/23/2018, Wells Fargo put a hold on the deposit as it was investigating the transaction. I informed Jen and John of this and they informed me to tell them that I made the deposit, so the bank would not hold onto the money. I was extremely uncomfortable in this situation.

Jen and John wanted me to open up another bank account so I opened up Santander Bank Account. They stated that they would use that bank account instead to deposit my loan officially. For Santander Bank account they asked me in text message for my name, address, routing number, account number, last 4 digits of my SSN #, online usernames and passwords for Santander account. They also wanted a copy of my drivers license again in picture message. On 5/23/2018, that evening, Advance America deposited fraudulent mobile deposit $872.00 into the Santander Bank Account. I told Jenn and John through text that I can’t be doing money grams to money grams and begged them to give me the loan, and that I signed their contract and everything. They ignored my text.

The next morning on 5/24/2018 Jen and John wanted me to call them as soon as possible that next morning. John and Jen then requested Moneygram to Moneygram another $711.60 to a man I do not know in Alabama (this occurred 5/24/2018 at 1050 hours reference #76873605). This was a person I did not personally know. I asked them is this the last time, I really need my loan that was never given to me. John had said that he’s going to log in, and give me my loan by 12am 5/25/2018 and the money of the loan would be in by then. Later that evening around 7pm, there was one last fraudulent mobile deposit of $852.00 going into my Santander Bank Account.

I never received my loan of $8,000 even though I signed what it seemed to be a loan contract from Advance America. All Advance America did with John and Jen was place in 4 Mobile deposits that were fraudulent and wanted me to do 2 MoneyGram to Money Gram translations. I realized shortly after that last Money Gram on 5/24/2018 and that last mobile deposit that I was a victim of fraud.

On 5/25/2018 I contacted both banks of Wells Fargo and Santander and they began investigations in the incident (Wells Fargo Claim #2018052500278). I also contacted the NJ Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the FTC with a made report (reference 96060731). The total loss for me was $1573.00 as a result of this incident. I was informed that a report would be on file with this agency. I was informed to cease all communications with the phone numbers involved. I was provided a copy of the Montclair, NJ Police Department Identity Theft Checklist. No further patrol actions were taken at this time. I also contacted all three credit bureaus and placed a fraud alert just in case of further identity theft. I have taken action to get a new bank account number and routing number with Wells Fargo and Santander Bank since her accounts had been compromised.

- Columbus, OH, USA

Text message

“Hi This is Ethan McCoy from Advance America. This message is to inform you that your loan application MN387002 has been approved for $5000 from our company. We have sent you this information on your email as well. For further queries you can simply give us a call back on +1(773)609-8596”

- Poplar Bluff, MO, USA

His name is *** *** Offer me a loan for 5000.00

Cuz I had bad credit he had to deposit 2 checks worth 400.00

Thru my bank mobile then i had to return the money and then they return the checks so I went to another bank who put it in my account. As available then he told me to go to walmart and buy 8 $50.00 dollars stream cards which are for gaming I didn't think

Told me to scrach off the back take pictures and send them thru text.

I still have all his texts and the cards and reciept

My bank froze my account and if the checks dont clear im stuck for the 400.00 and they will close my account

I wish I would of call my bank and talk to them.

I text hom and he keeps telling me hes working on it.

I just want them tto fix my account

They sent me the application this some off the application. An they called me an txt me that’s included in the images. I have them my bank information and told me I was approved and that the loan of $5,000 would be in my account in about 45 mins an never was. An never return my calls or emails.

They disguised themselves as a loan company but really are a false check scam. I was taken for 200 dollars. They sound foreign but not sure where they are from. Below is another number they use. They need to be investigated.


- Copperas Cove, TX, USA


- Tucumcari, NM, USA

Ive been online looking for a loan. Got scammed once and have been real leary of any offers. A guy named Eric Freeman from Financial Institution of Usa. Spoke to him on the phone said he was fromCash Advance America. I explained about being ripped off by Lending Club. He assures me that they wont ask for money because of credit score. Had to send $250 for paperwork and will get it back with loan. sent it Gift card, alls good then a day goes by, I email him. He says hes waiting for credit dept. then tells me that they need $300 as proof of being able to pay loan back. I wait for 1 day get ahold of him and tell him that I dont have it. Says he can hold my application if I think I might be able to get it. Like a Dummy I borrow from 2 friends and get it. I send him the code, he calls me back and says that the card has already been redeemed. We argue about it and he says that he will cancel my app. and refund my money. Havent heard from him, then I sent him a text. A woman answered and said that Eric was busy. I asked for my refund and then was told only for $250. I said fine but I wanted my other $300 back also. About a hour later I get a phone call from a 206# calling me names. Called it back and it was changed or unhooked. Havent heard anything for 5 days now. Have tried to Email no answer as I figured. tried to put a copy of pdf below but now it disappeared!?

My wife was vulnerable to get a loan but fell to this scam, they tell you your approved for a loan but will send it by Western Union after you buy Google Play cards to cover the insurance plus taxes then they give you a line of *** then hang up on you, also sent her a text stating you were scammed, she lost $350

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