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Advance America

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- Atlanta, GA, USA

I received a email regarding a loan. The email said to contact the loan company regarding getting a loan for $3,000. So I called the place and the people already had my information from my social to my address. They then asked me to go to Walmart with $300 cash of my personal money to prove I can make the first two loan payments to purchase iTunes cards and once I did that the loan would be placed into my bank account. Unbeknownst to me not knowing about the loan process, I went and purchased the cards. I then contacted the people posing to be the scammer and they said they were still having problems putting the loan into my account. I was leery from that point forward because the whole thing seemed fishy. Nonetheless, they told me that they would try a test amount in my account and I was to go to the bank and withdraw the funds and send it back to them and I would receive my funds. I said no because no one withdraws money and sends it back to someone. They told me I had nothing to worry about and basically bullied me by saying if I refused a case would be filed against me and that I would be arrested. Kept making harassing phone calls to contact me and I subsequently blocked all contact numbers from them. They're posing to be loan officers from Advance America out of Brooklyn, NY. They are going to send you a email, but it doesn't appear to be on a official letterhead. It also appears that the scammer just copied and pasted Advance America on the email. I was scammed out of $300 cash of my own personal funds.

- Addison, TX, USA

they calledme per the email and stated I had been approved for 5,000 in a loan then emailed that I call asap within30 min and sent loan docs to sign I had applied for loans and signed before I realized not with them and not for that amt only 300/500 I replied to them what if iddnt need that amt then not to process anything I am not interested then looked online using the number on the letter it came back as phising so I reported it to goggle my bank and oyu all.


I have been searching for and personal loan received this email stating I have per approved and needed no money down. When I spoke to the gentleman he said because of my credit I needed to go to Walmart and get a gift card for 300.00 to show my good faith in paying the loan. he had my banking information I have contacted my back about this already. I told him I had to work and couldn't do this until later in the week. The more I thought about it I didn't feel right about it.

- Pensacola, FL, USA

I was applying for a online loan, the representative text and call from 8033958009, they got all banking info, debit card info, online sign in info . And they file a claim for you against a company you paid for fraud. I caught that in time but they still have my info. I paid my light bill of 580.80, they went in and file a fraud claim as if I didn't pay the utility company. I told the person I have the fraud company investigating and I have not gotten any more calls or text anymore.

Caller claimed to approve a loan for bad credit in the amount of $5,000 no money to be paid in advance but in order to verify identity an itunes card must be purchased in the amount of $350 & once 16 digit in the back of the card is verified a deposit for $5,350 will be made to the bank account. Since conversation was not trusting them @ all, they said will email the contract (never received), I keep searching for more information & other people feedback over the internet, not even 1 person said a good word. Initial call was from 949-204-3855 then they give 213-839-4441 & address as 3180 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90025 with License # 99-207-947-LA & credited by BBB, which is NOT. Every one who came to the phone to speak had a hard accent, when I called back the # from mine (blocked) they just answered with a Hello, a trustful company won't do that. The "Manager" called me after a few to go over the email that was never received. I told " You know what, I never got your email, not even 1 feedback of yours has any positive input, your not credited by & spent many years working on Fraud & I'm reporting you!...will follow up to this to the last consequences since IDK from where they're able to get so much personal information & they better DO NOT touch or attempt to get even a penny from my account." The guy was speechless, he asked Who told me they're a fraud then I replied "Was I clear enough? Did you heard all I told you & you understood?" again he was speechless & then said YES, I understand. Then I terminated the call. ..The thing is that they were trying so hard to get me into this that they never asked me about my gender cz I said I was Max ( I wasn't) he is my husband & I was trying to protect his identity. A female with a name Max is truly a key to question gender just to verify you're speaking to the right individual & they were careless just because they want just one thing, SCAM you & get your $$$.

- Minneapolis, MN, USA

They have all my personal information even my ss number and they ask for my online banking user and password.

- Brookpark, OH, USA

Looking on the internet for a loan. Advanced American contacted me and stated that I had been approved. They are going 1,500 in to my account. Once the money has been deposited I need to go to I need to go to Western Union and send 1,500 back. After they receive the 1,500.00 they will send me back $5,000.00. Did not send any money back Western Union.

- Euclid, OH, USA

Has called my phone over 52 times in the last 2 weeks. I have asked to be removed from call list each time. Called me a stupid [censored]g b***h.

- Chicago, IL, USA

I applied for several loans online and every since I have been getting text messages saying I was approved with Advance America for up to $5k. Once I called they informed me that Since my credit score was low I needed to put money on an ITunes card then call them back with the number on the back of the cars and they will give me my loan. I had already gave them my bank account information before I did my research and found out that it was a scam. I called them back and informed them that I will not being doing business with them and that they should be ashamed of themselves.

- Port Richey, FL, USA

They sent me an email that i was approved for a loan then they called me and asked if I could buy a gift card to show that I can make the payments every month to pay the loan back so I did that and then they told me that and 15 minutes my loan would be put into my account and now my whole entire account has been wiped clean.

- Lafayette, TN, USA

Called me said I was approved for 3000$ loan but I had buy 100$ iTunes card n call give them the number to activate money control number. I did this and they called said western union only allows 1500$ limit that I'd have get another one. I did this n they call telling me I have buy another one because first one expired in 24 hrs n it hadn't even be 24hrs.

- Chapel Hill, NC, USA

I was contacted on my cell phone. A guy with a thick accent said I was approved for a $5000 loan at an interest rate of 5%, then monthly installments of $145.83 per month. With an insurance deposit of $164.30. Then he said the only way to deposit the loan would be through mobile banking, with my user name and password, while going through money gram to deposit it into my checking account. Since I didn't want to do that, he said I would have to pay $250 through money gram for insurance purposes. Paying $164.30 was for a $3000 loan, not $5000. He asked me to verify the last 4 digits of my social security number and said I was approved. The next day I went to my bank to inquire about this expected loan. While standing at the tellers' front counter, this guy happened to call me again stating not to tell the bank associates about this, but that was between him and myself. I mentioned that to the tellers and they were alarmed. So I withdrew all my money, closed that checking account and opened a new one.

- Madison, NH, USA

I applied for a loan online and got a phone call saying I was approved. I gave all my information, then found out it was approved scam. He said his name was Alex Johnson and employee numver 1008. He said he was from advance America loan company. And I had just applied for approved for a loan so I thought this was real. I stupidly fell for it. Please stop this person. I don't even know how I applied for the loan.I was also contacted twice via instagram by 2 people different user names calming to be someone they wernt I instantly reported them and thankfully gave no information to them knowing they were scams. This may be the same person.

- Fort Worth, TX, USA

They offer a loan up to $5,000 and they want you to get a iTunes card prepaid card for $200 for verifying.

They told me to boworrow a loan for 5000 I will pay 151 monthly for 36months ,and go to the store purchase ITunes card for 100 and it will be refunded with loan amount.

They called me on the phone after sending me the documents to e-sign. They told me I had to take the money that they gave me for the loan has to be sent back on an iTunes gift card. They also say had 5 different checks sent into my bank yesterday and they were all personal checks all with different names and places on them The manager has very mean temper To the point where he Threatened me and my job

Sent me a text telling me I was approved for a loan up to $5000.Then sent me an e-mail. When I clicked on the link in the e-mail, there was a 5-page loan document showing terms of repayment. When I looked online, there were dozens of complaints from people about this being a ripoff. Additionally, I have a payday loan out with Advance America in Sarasota, and they told me they only do loans up to $500. This scam is using their logo. When you call the number, the voicemail is in a very heavy Indian accent, but the guy identifies himself as Andy Hunt. Right!

Went on Smart Phone and applied for a loan. Advance America contacted me and stated they accepted my loan. Payments were be $`50.00 for a 2,000.00 loan.

This company is operating illegally under the name of a legitimate loan company. They contacted me initial via email, saying I was approved for 8000$. They then called me to verify information, said I was approved and the funds would be transferred into my account. Then I was told in order to get the funding due to my low credit score, I needed to show I had at least 400$ to cover the first bill. They asked me to go an purchase a iTunes card and send the confirmation of payment and card information. They then said the funds were being wired. The person stayed on the phone with me then came back saying there was an issue with the transfer. They said my funds were being held by the federal government and I would have to wait for them to release the fund. They also said they could get me the funds if I signed up for insurance for 600$ I then ask them for the money back from the iTunes card they said it would be mailed to me.

- Gainesville, FL, USA

I am laid off and in the process of filing for disability. I was shopping for loans and applied every where. I received phone calls and then an email from America Cash Advance USA saying I could get a peer to peer loan of $15,000 at 10% interest. I would have monthly payments of $300.00 for a 55 month term.

“Sebastian Taylor” went on saying that all I had to do was put $415 on an iTunes gift card or send it Moneygram to “Scott Bell”. This money “Sebastian” said was for “FDIC insurance and was refundable”.

I spend almost hours on the phone throughout this whole process. Even speaking with “Sebastian’s ‘supervisor Edward’”. I was then told that I gave the wrong routing number with my checking number. They went onto tell me they will make a deposit $1,176 into my account via US government & for me to send it back to them for the loan to go through. No problem, right? Except the check from the US governement is a fake per Wells Fargo (my bank).

I call back and they tell me to wait until Friday and it will be resolved. Friday has come and gone. I am out: $426.50 (Moneygram - Loan “insurance”; $1,176 for the fake US Treasury check & OVER $300 in fees I incurred because of the aforementioned.

At this point I'm livid. I feel like a [censored] and now my debt is even bigger. I just want my $1,906 back ASAP and for these people to be SHUT DOWN so they can't hurt anyone else.

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