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Windows Reports & Reviews (75)

Victim Location 63823
Type of a scam Identity Theft

they had put a warning on my computer screen that I have a virus unless I called this number my computer would be locked up so I called the number and a man who did not identify himself walked me through my computer to gain access to help with the virus ask for my name, address social security number and birthrate. I gave him this information but when he ask me for a photo of my drivers license and debit card information that is when I knew I had been scammed. I had to turn off my phone because he kept getting on it and unplug my WiFi. He told me he would shut off my phone and computer and WiFi if I did not comply. The phone number he called from was **************

Victim Location 63136
Type of a scam Tech Support

They act like I have a computer in my home. They told me they were going to take money out of my account. $479.00 within 72 hours. I don't have a computer. When I told them I was going to report them, they hung up on me.

Victim Location 40505
Type of a scam Online Purchase

First, it was an automated message stating my debit card will be charged $399.99 for security services on my computer. Then it states to call 507-295-6915 if I want to cancel or press 1 to speak with a customer rep. I pressed “1”, because I did not sign up for this service. The customer representative asked if he could help me. I asked him what company he was from, he said,”windows”. I do not have a windows computer or use windows applications. I asked him to cancel the service. He said he needs me to turn on my computer.I told him I am not near my computer. He said I can turn it on for you. My phone is connected to my computer so I hung up the phone. I immediately turned off my phone and went home to check my computer. My computer was off. I have turned all my credit cards off. I don’t think he got any information. Wanted to report to protect people in the future.

Victim Location 23450
Type of a scam Tech Support

Website claims to be windows and says your computer is on lock down. Then it provides a number, when on the phone they will get you to say your personal information and then use that to steal your identity. The only thing that saved me was looking at the site address and seeing that it wasn't secure and wasn't under the Microsoft organization.

Scammer's phone 1-(844) 816-6754?
Scammer's website
Scammer's address Unable to Verify
Scammer's email Unable to Verify
Country United States
Type of a scam Tech Support
Initial means of contact Email

I was surfing the web late December 28, 2018. My computer screen froze and started sounding an alarm. A Microsoft pop-up box appeared warning not to shut my computer down. The Microsoft pop-up directed me to an 800 number I should call to fix the problem . I called the number and was told that my computer was infested with viruses and malware and that approximately 30 people were accessing my computer at that moment. I was told for a small fee they/Microsoft could take over my computer and clean it. I was quoted $ 450 for the repair and the installation of a year’s worth of protection software. Only after they “fixed” my computer was I told that it was $450 for the clean up that they had completed, and there would be an additional $499 charged to my card for one year of monthly monitoring. I fell for it too and and have been fighting for two months for a refund.

As soon as I saw the charges on my card, I disputed both. Unfortunately my bank let the charges go through anyway. I also filed a police report and received a case number.

I have an email into Secure Web Land which explains that my bank and I will call them on conference tomorrow. One of the many phone numbers they have called me from is 1-844-816-6753. If I do not have my credit by the end of tomorrow, I will proceed with the police and Bank of America investigation.


Victim Location 84404
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a email telling me that I owed $5999 for renewal of Windows licience. I had discontinued my internet service in March 2019. I thought I had stoped all business and t ech support associated with my computer. I did have Windows but had stopped service with Microsoft. At least I thought I had. I called the number provided and they convinced me that it was a separate department.. To stop services they required $15,000. I had to take money from my 401K to provide the money. I sent the check to Platform Solutions Management LLC. 6606 Blue Hollow Lane. Dickerson Texas 77539. After mailing the check I called Windows and they informed me that they never send emails for billing but let the contract runout. If it was on automatic renewal they would take it out of the account without communication. If I wanted to stop all I had to do was tell so. Names of people I talked to JOHN FREDRICK AND JOHN PARKER. Phone numbers they used 1-770-847-8696. 1-866-978-5352 1-646-809-0470 1-385-988-2529 I have put a stop payment on the check and changed my account number

Victim Location 43232
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Tech Support

My 74 year old husband got a pop up on his computer. It was a big flashing warning that said our account had been hacked. There was a phone number to call. His name was Kevin but he was Indian. He called he gave them remote control of our computer. He asked for $300, we gave him our credit card number.

Victim Location 79109
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a call from Richard in Torrence CA who said they will be charging my credit card for $399 to maintain my Windows Firewall Security. I told them that that would not be possible because all my computers are all Apple computers and that this call was being recorded for quality assurance and that if my credit card is charged I threatened to sue him and he hung up on me.

Victim Location 99004
Type of a scam Phishing

The voice is female but sounds as though it is nonhuman. The voice says that the company we bought our windows service from is no longer in business and as we have 2 years remaining on our subscription, press 1 to get the money back in our account. I always hang up at that point however, on Saturday, we received no less than 15 calls. Sunday only 1 call. but as the week began we are receiving many more. Calls are coming from California and Illinois,

Victim Location 65804
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a robo-call claiming to be from Windows. Stating that my computer will shut down tonight if I don't call to fix it.

Victim Location 49047
Type of a scam Tech Support

Call the number back to get your refund of $ 399.00 back.

If you call them, they say they are Windows Tech Support and want you to login to your computer so they can replace the faulty software.

One call last week, two calls today!!

Victim Location 74133
Type of a scam Tech Support

Scammer calls and wants licensing information from Windows due to malicious software.

Victim Location 65203
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

A phone message was left on my home phone, telling me that if I did not call the number left by the message (1-786-872-0748) my credit card would be billed $2000.00 for a windows contract.

I did not call the number--I am reporting this to you.

Victim Location 80602
Type of a scam Other

Not sure but I think I fell victim to the "Yes" scam. I didn't catch on quick enough when a spammer called and asked if I could hear him as I was in a rush and just picked up the phone. I don't usually answer unknown numbers but am working with a client in Minnesota and the area code was familiar. His name was "George" asked if I could hear him, and said he was calling about my Windows computer. I told him to remove my number (I am on DNC) and then hung up and blocked the number from future calls. Not sure if they were legit or trying to scam money or what, I didn't give him time to go into any details.

Now I am concerned they will use my "recording" of saying yes for something so I am filing this immediately after the call. It was place to me today, November 15, 2018 at 5:20pm Mountain Time zone.

Victim Location 46064
Type of a scam Tech Support

Said if I didn't update my windows program my computer would not be working anymore. Wanted me to renew it with them which I got the computer as a gift for Christmas. So the windows program in it shouldn't even expire till December. I knew it was a scam then.

Victim Location 80906
Type of a scam Other

I was called my a foreign person claiming to be with Microsoft stating that my microsoft service is 60% lost and to go online and put in their info to have them attach to my computer so they can fix it. I knew it was a scam immediately and asked what Country and State he was calling from. He said the USA and California. I then asked for his phone number and he gave it to me in the most unAmerican way ever. 810-2200-647. I told him I knew he was a scammer and he said he wasn't and that only he and I were the ones with the code to see what wasn't working. I asked him specifically about Microsoft and to list off programs that they have and he couldn't even do that. I also asked him what the name of my company was that he was calling and he did not know. He then tried to say that I was located in Denver, CO when in reality I am in Colorado Springs. So I hung up.

Victim Location 35802
Type of a scam Tech Support

About 4 or so months ago upon opening my laptop i got a popup message saying a virus of sorts was found and i needed to click for windows support to take care of it. If i ignore this then my laptops/computers will be disabled. This virus isa threat to Windows tech system.

Immediately my gut told me this is a scam. A similar popup has appeared 3 times in past year on my phone. I ignored popupon both, ran my virus checker and more. All came up negative nothing found.

Last week twice a message was left to call 1 888 435-3444 that my laptops HAVE been disabled. Then my phone gave me the option to forward this message. I tried forwarding it because i wanted to investigate the number because they never identified who they were. Trying to forward to my cell I got a message saying their system didn't recognize this number.

I figure this is a scam. Everyone i do business with has my cell.

I called the number and got the message the number I'm calling has been disconnected or no longer in service. That was 1 hr ago and it is 7:42pm

Victim Location 79109
Type of a scam Tech Support

Someone from Windows called me and told me that the license to have their product expired and I would need to pay them $100 to have it renewed. They told me to pay by getting a Walmart gift card. Called BBB who confirmed it was a scam.

Victim Location 56584
Type of a scam Tech Support

caller said have problems with my computer and need to fix.

Victim Location 37303
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Pop up on my laptop that says it's from Windows and that my computer has a malicious virus!! I had to press escape to get out of it and reboot my laptop. Would not let me close the warning page!!

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