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US Treasury Department

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US Treasury Department Reports & Reviews (58)

Victim Location 14467
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Robo call with synthesized voice on voice message

Caller Name given Steve Martin message paraphrased

" There is an enforcement action being executed by the US treasury against your ..... pension. To avoid appearing before a magistrate or a grand jury call us.

I did not call back. I do not know if I was targeted or my wife was targeting specifically or random call

Victim Location 82721
Type of a scam Government Grant

Phone number 202-586-5895 Washington DC contacted me 2 times. First to claim 9,200 in grant money, asked for checking and bank info. I said no and not to call again, she got angry and hung up. Second call was to claim 8,000 in grant money, 5 days later, she gave me a call back number of 206-209-1610 with approval ID number MA528 to claim my money and send me a check.I had no intention either call to give personaI information. She did have my address. I spoke with her to get as much information as possible to report as I was aware it was a scam. I started receiving telemarketing and scammed calls on my cell phone within the last 2 weeks. Have had this number for over 10 yrs. Placed my number on the do not call list.

Victim Location 14420
Type of a scam Tax Collection

This is the voicemail I received. It is the second of 2 voicemails on the same day (9/14). One at 9:08AM EST and another at 11:22AM EST.

Hi this message is intended for *** ***. *** this is officer Jack Hoffman calling you from the US treasury department. The reason off my call is to notify you you rest a lawsuit file against you and I love your phone calls are under Federal investigation. So before I allow officers to hand cuff you in this case. I need you to contact me on my department call back number that goes is 347-390-1020. I repeat for you it's 347-390-1020. It's very urgent I hear from you today. Thank you and have a great day.

Victim Location 14004
Type of a scam Tax Collection

A woman called from the US treasurey dept. saying I would be arrested for tax fraud gave a file number for my supposed case said I needed to call a number which originates in KS.

Victim Location 71103
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I was either on the phone or not at home. They left a voice mail. Please find a copy (attached).

Victim Location 53548
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a call from 323-741-3873 (showed up as a CA call on my caller id). The man said that I would receive $9000 from the government- US Treasury Department and all I had to do was go to CVS (drug store) and buy a $250 gift card and call him back with the card information. Once I did this, I would be sent my $9000.

I know this is a scam, as the government will never ask us to make a payment, especially with a prepaid gift card!!!

Victim Location 31216
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a message from a male with broken English stating his name is Pete Modern (?) regarding action from US Treasury and states ignoring will be intentional second offense which will require you to appear before magistrate judge or grand jury for criminal offense. He gave his phone number as 202-558-6685 and states "I advise you to cooperate with us and help us help you".

Victim Location 37211
Type of a scam Debt Collections

They said if I didn't call back, that this was my last chance. That I owed money and if I didn't call back, I would have to appear in front of a grand jury. It was a deep voiced male calling.

Victim Location 76180
Type of a scam Phishing

They said they were from the US Treasury Department and needed me to verify who I was over the phone. They already had my name and old address. I started to ask questions about why I was being contacted and they would hang up the phone. I called several times and every time they would hang up. I spoke with at least 2 different people, one being a man and the other a woman. They both had a thick Indian accents like they were being outsourced from India or from somewhere else. The electronic voice message gives me a case # and says I need to contact them because of a Federal criminal offense. The message goes on to say to contact them at the number provided 1-202-558-2351 or else charges will be brought against me.

Victim Location 67204
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I was left a message on voice-mail to call back 904-236-4141, the US Treasury Department, stating it was urgent that I call back. The message regarded overdue taxes owed. An arrest warrant would be issued as it was a federal crime if I ignored this call. I called back. Officer Kerwin Watson, badge number 98720, answered. My taxes of years 2009 - 2013 were audited, that miscalculations were found, and that I owed $5850. I was told I needed to settle this either "inside court or outside of court". If I lost in court, there would be a $20,000 penalty added. If I wanted to handle this out of court, I needed to speak to another person in the Auditing Dept. I was transferred to Officer Debbie Watson, who said I could pay $1,000 today as the first payment. She offered to start at $500 today instead when I told her I would talk to my attorney and would pay nothing today. She told me she would have a warrant issued, and in 45 minutes I would be arrested. Both parties were foreign -- I had difficulty understanding their pronunciations of several words.

Victim Location 27349
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Consumer received a call from US Treasury Department.

Victim Location 21536
Type of a scam Tax Collection

It's something like this: This message is from the US Treasury Department. You are being contacted to avoid federal court charges. This is the second attempt.

Victim Location 58277
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They said they were the us treasures department and said they wanted to give me a $9200 grant but instructions were to go to a western union and call them from the parking lot and send them $210 and they would in return send me $9200 right away at the western union place! They could not speak very good English and said they were from Washington, D.C. But there phone number came from Seattle Washington area..

Victim Location 55322
Type of a scam Tax Collection

My voicemail carrier automatically blocked the call as potential spam and transcribed the message. Here is the text..

"I am calling you from the legal affairs at the US treasury department my badge number is 1245. The nature and the purpose of this call is regarding an enforcement action which has been executed by the US treasury department regarding a tax fraud against your name. Ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for federal criminal offense so before this matter goes to federal claims court house or before you get arrested. Kindly call us back on our number as soon as possible. The number to reach us is 415-619-5520. Let me repeat the number is 415-619-5520. Hope to hear from you for the charges are pressed against you. Thanks. "

Victim Location 70360
Type of a scam Tax Collection

A person called from (718) 509-3060 and left a message on our answering machine. She claimed to be from the Federal government, office of tax fraud enforcement, a department of the Federal US Treasury. She gave a badge number and said that failure to return the call could be considered a form of Federal tax evasion. If we didn't call back immediately we'd be in danger of being arrested and taken to court in front of a Federal Magistrate court/judge.

When I did a reverse phone number look-up, this phone number comes up as a telemarketer. I submitted a complaint. There were already several complaints of the same nature showing for this phone number. The phone number shows as coming from New York on the reverse phone # look-up. It also shows several other phone numbers associated with this scam.

Victim Location 53189
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a message saying that I needed to call back Steve Modden. He had a middle eastern accent. He said to call 310 363 7599 to straighten up this matter, as this was the last attempt and a Second Offense. He said to call right away. I'm pretty sure this is a scam as I don't know of anything related to the US Treasury Department. I've never seen any documents nor have I ever been in trouble.

Victim Location 37075
Type of a scam Tax Collection

heavy accented male, very surely not English as a first language. Said he was from the US Treasury Department and I said "Just googled your number and you are not from there." He hung up...

Victim Location 15220
Type of a scam Tax Collection

phone call from a male, foreign accent, calling himself James Caston. this was a recorded message with allegations of an enforcement action taken against us by the US Treasury with warning that this was their second attempt to contact us and if we ignore them again, we will be brought before a federal judge for prosecution. He gave his federal id number as 155621 and the phone number was 816-427-1789. had my name and address. he asked what phone number was related to the phone message i received so that he might find my case. I asked him how much money he felt i owed him and he stated he was not sure of the total amount at this time.

I gave no information to this man.

Victim Location 02885
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Fake US Treasury Agent left two phone messages in a threatening tone (caller had a foreign accent) demanding that we call him back due to being under federal investigation. He threatened we would face a Grand Jury for failure to comply. He also implored us to "help him, help us". It was an obvious scam. The phone number used was 347-418-0597. We did not respond to the scam other than writing this report.

Victim Location 15108
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a voicemail from a male with a *** *** accent, claiming to work for the US Treasury Department. He proceeded to say that there was an enforcement action needing my serious attention. Ignoring it would be considered an offense warranting appearance in front of a federal judge/grand jury. He told me to call back at the number from which he had called: 609-961-1439

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