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US Treasury Department

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US Treasury Department Reports & Reviews (58)

- Marengo, OH, USA

I got a voice mail from Steve from the US Treasury Department, caller ID said Dp, TX. The message was that if we don't call him back, we'll be taken to court in front of a judge, magistrate and jury.

- Fort Worth, TX, USA

Called, said she was with Treasury Dept. I asked what the address to the Treasury Dept. was, she said Washington DC, when I asked what's the actual address, she caught an attitude and said, "do you want this money or not?" I hung up.

- East Saint Louis, IL, USA

Voicemail stated the following: The treasury department has filed a lawsuit against you regarding tax fraud. Ignoring this will be an intentional second attempt to avoid federal law. For further information immediately speak to a federal agent at the call back number (516) 388-6117. I repeat (516) 388-6117. Thank you.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

They said it was the US Treasuries' second attempt to contact me, and if I didn't call back this would be deemed the second and final evasion of the FBI and that I would be charged with tax evasion. They said the US Treasury department was suing me, and I needed to call this number back.

I was called by a man named Thomas from the U.S. treasury department who said that he took care of large payments from the government. He stated he was going to send three checks to my address, which he already had. What I actually received were three checks for 3110.00 , 3100.00, and 3000.00. I called back to inform him I received the checks and he stated to deposit any of the checks and to inform him once I had done so. He called back almost immediately and asked if I had cashed it yet, when I told him I was unable to at the moment, he pushed me to do it as soon as possible. I asked him what time he would be available until and he stated until 7pm. I called the next day and the phone line was disconnected. I never deposited the check. The check was a check through Bank of America and when I called them they stated it was a fake check.

- Tucson, AZ, USA

Phone message left on voicemail (broken English) that I needed to contact them within two working hours or I would be taken into custody by federal agents. When I called the number, I was told that there were charges pending related to tax fraud and tax evasion.

- Leawood, KS, USA

Call from 347-766-0839 (Google has listed as America Self Storage in Bronx, NY) in broken English from US Treasury Department on behalf of IRS.. IRS had audited my returns from 2009-2016 and found discrepancies, and that I owed $6502. If I didn't pay immediately, local .officials would issue warrant, seize my house (I don't own one currently), cancel my drivers license, take my vehicle, call my employer, and freeze my accounts.

When I told him I worked for the IRS he called me a [censored]er twice, and told me to hang up. I said "no, you hang up first". He said hang up the phone, I said "no, you hang up first". This went on for almost 10 minutes.

So then I called back from my office phone and put him on the speakerphone. Untold minutes of entertainment for my office coworkers..

- Newark, DE, USA

I received an automated voicemail from 310-954-0753 stating that they were from the US Treasury Department and that there was a legal action against me for tax issues. They said I had to call the number provided (which they never gave on the voicemail) in order to avoid legal action against me. I've never had issues with my taxes and have no reason to believe that anything would be wrong in that area. I've also heard a lot lately about how the government does not call to get in contact with someone, they will always send correspondence through the mail if there is an issue so I automatically knew this was a scam call.

The caller said that she qualified for a free $9,700 US grant from the treasury department. They said they were in NYC and gave a Dallas, TX phone number. They requested a money order and to fill out a form with personally identifying information. They claimed they were from the American Rehab and Reinvestment Department.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

I received a call on my cell phone this morning. The caller stated it was the US Treasury Department. I have been given a $9000 cash grant gift. This is because I pay my taxes. I haven't been arrested in the past six months. Also stated because I am a model citizen. Caller gave me phone number to call 202-643-4817. Contact name is Donovan at Ext. 211. He instructed me to go to Walmart or Walgreens and get a $200 iTunes card and call him. He wanted to be on the phone with me while I was purchasing the card to give me instructions. He also mentioned going to Western Union. I did not send any money. I wanted to call the first.

I was contacted by the scammer saying that I was approved for a $9000 government stimulus loan that did not have to be paid back all I had to do was via money order for $250 and the loan will be approved to send to my account

- Medina, OH, USA

I ignored the call but as soon as I heard the voicemail and read the transcriptwd voicemail I knew it was a scam! The US Treasury Dept does not call you!

- San Antonio, TX, USA

Received a phone call from a Washington number. Was told that they were calling me from the US treasury department and that they had a $9200 grant for me as part of a relief program. Then they as if I had a tax bill, a criminal record, or bankruptcy as a determining factor. Then they gave me a call back number and a pin-number and when you call back they go through this whole conformation process and then it comes out " we need you to go and get a money card or western union and put $200 on it and call back with the pin-number and they will release the funds to your back all they need is your banking info.

- Gaffney, SC, USA

Received a call asking me to return call concerning grand jury for a federal criminal offense my number is 805-623-0061 I repeat 805-623-0061 call me back as soon as possible thank you…

Received a recorded call from a gentleman claiming to be from the US Treasury, and that I had to call back about a debt. I called and a woman who called herself "Janis Wilson from United States Treasury" and gave me an ID number of 11738. She said it was about my unpaid federal income taxes. She said the office "will send me the proof" and then she hung up. I do not owe taxes and the call came to my corporate cell phone.

- Durham, NC, USA

Asian male voice offering me $5000.00 from the government.

(202) 154-8387 at 12:25 on 02/23/17.

- Houston, TX, USA

At 11:37 this morning, 2/7/17, I received a call from:



. . . stating that a law suit had been filed in my name by the “Treasury Department”

and that I needed to return their call immediately.

Called me and told me that i had $9200.00 and change coming to me from the government. I was supposed to pay $300 for the iTunes giftcards. The manager on duty refused the sale and told the lady, whose name is Tracey Moore, tried to get me to go outside.

- Endicott, NY, USA

Phone call from Steve Martin representing US Treasury. Says to avoid trouble call right away. This message is on voicemail and could be forwarded if desired. Said to call 971-317-4002

Receiving phone calls from supposedly the "US Treasury" saying this is a urgent matter and legal action is being taken against me. Received these call at least once a week and 2 this morning within 15 minutes. I just hang up before actually hearing the whole scam, but its getting annoying. I am on the DO NOT CALL List but that's a joke we still receive between 2-5 un-wanted calls a day.

On some of the calls they specifically mention my married, daughters maiden name who no longer lives here and the 2 calls this morning were generic, no name was mentioned.

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