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US Diagnostic Laboratories Inc.

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US Diagnostic Laboratories Inc. Reports & Reviews (129)

Scammer's phone 7342125904
Country United States
Type of a scam Debt Collections
Initial means of contact Phone

Call from Manchester, Mi.( supposedly. there is a small town of pop. 2000 below Ann Arbor, Mi.called Manchester.).
Says: Last call before goes to court for 2018 US Labratories Bill in collection. Amount?, bill for whom?
Had my Name and Address!
Told them to do what they had to do and he hung up!

I received a call today from 410-634-7458 stating they were hired from Lab Corp. and were attempting to collect a debt from 2018 for $480.00 he stated that if I didn't pay today it was going on my credit report. He stated that a bill had been sent to (he stated my address) when I asked him if he could email me the bill he got very irritated and told me not to interrupt him. He said I had two choices pay the bill or hang up on him. BYE BYE Sucker!

This place is a scam. They called me demanding $450 for lab work. I have medical insurance. I advised them they could proceed with whatever they needed to and in the meantime I would be reaching out to my Drs office and insurance to clarify. Both the medical facility as well as my insurance confirmed I do not owe anything and that they do not affiliate with this "company" -- the people that were there are the [censored] of this country, they called me names and were the most ghetto people I have ever spoke with. I actually feel bad for them lol


I have received 2 collection call asking for $388.00 for a past due balance. From 2018. I have never received a bill for. I need a copy of the services do that I can pay this bill that I never received. Ida psinter

I just received a call from them stating I owed them money from a date of service in 2018, they didn’t even use my legal first name. And told me my last name was my maiden name. And I’ve not had any lab done under the name they had, and they didn’t have the correct mailing address. The amount was just under 400.00 bucks. This is crazy. They threatened me with putting it on my credit report. The number was 325-221-0459.


USI Diagnostic Laboratories...Is it for real... I've recently received several phone calls from the above agency. This company is unknown to me. Location Santa Barbara. Numerous calls, etc., They claim I owe them $351. I have very good insurance, plus medicare. This claim is dated back to April, 2018. Any suggestions?

I just received a phone call from a company called Consumer Collection Agency at 909-324-2806. They said I owed over $400 to U.S. Diagnostic Laboratory from April 15, 2018. I have never received a bill to that effect. The Collection agency said that I had received numerous notices and they would be turning the case over to the courts! I have no idea what they're talking about. I did have some lab work through my dermatologist's office in 2018, but never received a bill for any of it. Is this a legitimate claim?


I have received several phone calls from consumer collection in Oklahoma. All 5he dates are close together mine is April 21st 2018. But every time they call it's a different balance. And my insurance covers all blood work

I received a call from a saying they were calling regarding an unpaid bill. They were collecting for a debt for blood work done on March 13, 2018 in the amount of $437.12.
The phone number was 609-293-0038. When I asked who they were they hung up. I immediately called back and got the run around. I called back again and spoke to Kimberly and found out the name of the agency, its called The Collection Agency..
Speaking with her I tried to find out what was going on. She said "the date, US Diagnostics" But, because of HIPA laws couldn't tell me anything else. She said she would check into it and call me back She never called back. I called today (October 29, 2020) and ask for more information. I spoke to a supervisor Amber who said "pay the amount above and we will provide you with the information."
I said NO WAY. I then called my insurance carrier who looked at all my bills from 2018 and there was nothing regarding US Diagnostics.
My carrier also said that they would be available to provide documentation if needed.
Whats most interesting is if you Google the telephone number it takes you to a site.
My next step is to report US Diagnostic to the Better Business Bureau.


Report the COLLECTIONS AGENCY to the Federal Trade Commission!
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (online or at 855-411-2372)
Federal Trade Commission (online or at 877-382-4357)

I received a call from 803-219-2147 Id states it is Blackville, SC. This person informer me they were US Diagnostic collecting on a lab bill from Early 2018. The amount was $389.41. I informed her I had not such bill and did not even have a primary or any other type doctor to order any type of tests. I requested a proof of debt. She hung up on me.

I received a call saying they were calling from US Diagnostics. They are collecting for a debt for blood work done in April 2018 in the amount of $389.41
The phone number was 803-219-2147. I have no lab work done in the past 3 years. When I told her that and that I did not have a primary care doctor to even order any tests, she hung up on me. The ID on the phone said the call was from Blackville, SC.

I just recieved a call from someone collecting for US Diagnostics he gave me his name as John Bennet he called from 1-267-389-0079. Looking for payment for blood work from 3/2018 for $392.30. I pushed for more detail he said he didn't have it or couldnt give it to me... said I had to pay with a debit card or they would file a judgement against me. I pushed for more info and to speak with his boss (boss was in a meeting). He told me they were just going to file judgement on me since they felt I was so unsure that if I paid they had concern that I would stop payment and that work their collection stats.

A woman, Shannon, called stating they were trying to collect on an outstanding bill of $372.14 from 3/2018 by US Diagnostic lab. She stated it was possible a panel testing or blood work that was not covered. She could not give me dr office or hospital and how much the actual bill was because this number also included late charges. she could only give me breakdown once pd. She stated that us diagnostic lab sent me 4 stmts since 3/2018 at my correct address. i ask for her number and i would get back to her. obviously she gave me a bogus number of 850-079-9023. and she called from number 518-201-5004.


Scammer's phone 6092930038
Scammer's website Not available
Scammer's address Not available
Scammer's email Not available
Country United States
Type of a scam Debt Collections
Initial means of contact Phone

Just received a phone call from 6092930038, a debt collector, for a balance owed $400 to US Diagnostics Labs for lab services provided April 18, 2018. I believe this to be a scam as I never received a bill and am not familiar with this outfit.

I received a call from 888.724.4454 and a person claimed that he represents a collection agency and I owe $391.65 for a medical bill generated in 2018. He was not able to provide any website or specific information. I checked with my health care provider and was confirmed that this number is a fraud


I received a phone call stating I owed a balance of $421.25. I owe no such amount. She stated she would file with Better Business Bureau. I ask to review first and found no outstanding balance but found this scam site.


Just received a call from a collection agency stating they were trying to collect a overdue bill of over $400 from US Diagnostics from April 2019. They had my name, email and home address. Phone was from Crestview Florida 850-306-4695. Said that it was now in collections, and to avoid a judgment I would have to pay the bill. She could not give me any information on the bill due to HIPA, nor could they send me a copy of the bill. She said she would try calling the lab to see if they could send me the bill, but doubted very much because it was now with them. Is this a scam?


Scammer's phone 909-324-2806
Country United States
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare
Initial means of contact Phone

Collections call stating that i had a dept for us diagnostics lab and must pay in full today or face legal consequences and that the bill for blood work done but did not give a date and did not supply with the medical office that would have sent it to them, since i have proprietary medical care its unlikely that any blood work is sent anywhere else to process


I Received a call today, 609-293-0038, Consumer Collections wanting payment for services supplied by US Diagnostics Laboratory. My date of service was Feb 1st, 2018. Stated that my insurance would not cover. That it is an out-of-pocket expense . If I did not pay, it would be put on my credit report. I asked her for proof of this debt, told her I had never received a bill. I was actually really worried, until I did search of US Diagnostic Laboratory and this was the first web page that populated.


10/13/2020 - Received a call from 888-724-4454 - (my phone said "possible scam") - the woman said that she was from a collection agency and that they were trying to collect a debt from April of 2018 for some blood work done, that my insurance company had denied, and wanted me to pay it over the phone. During the call I told her that my phone said the number was possible scam and she said "Ma'am, that's not scam it's called spam". I explained to her that I have not received any bills for 300 plus dollars and that I wanted her to send me an invoice. She kept trying to give me the physician's license number, which made no sense because she said the bill was from a diagnostic lab. She had my name and address and said that they would not ask for any personal information, yet she kept insisting that I pay over the phone. After several attempts to get them to send me a bill, after they claimed they would file it against my credit, she said they didn't have a bill to send me. I explained that I would pay for nothing without something from them in the mail. I told her that since they have some of my information, they could definitely send me a statement or something of proof and she said that was not her job. I finally just hung up. I was infuriated. There are so many people out there that would have paid. I just wish there was some way to stop them.


I received a call today from Consumer Credit saying I owed 364 for lab work done on 4/25/18 for US diagnostics. They were threatening reporting to credit bureau. Checked my records and I had labs in Nov 2017 and again in June so this is a scam. Would not provide me with an invoice or Doctor. Told me quest farms out there lab work. Also, said I should have received statements and emails neither of which I rec'd. Will not reply to them again. If a bill was due surely they would not let two years lapse, but report within 90 days. The name of the person that called was Eve Rivera and the number was 706-287-8274.

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19110 Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA



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