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US Diagnostic Laboratories Inc.

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US Diagnostic Laboratories Inc. Reports & Reviews (129)

Scammer's phone 659-300-2033
Country United States
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare
Initial means of contact Phone

8/31/21. Received a phone call from a collection agency stating that I owed $453.49 for lab work done in March 2018 from a 3rd party Lab called U.S. Diagnostics.
So I called my previous Health Insurance carrier to see if a claim from this lab was submitted back in March 2018 and the insurance company said they had not received any claims. So then I typed the phone # into Google Search and found this website about the scam. There is a long list of phone #s being used and the phone # I was called from was on the list.


I was called by Financial Recovery Collections today. I spoke to a Stephanie. She said in 2018 my Dr. sent work to Us diagnostic labs and I owed $498.71. I explained medicare and my supplement pay my bills. I never received anything referencing monies owed. I told her I would call my Dr. and ask if he knew anything about this. I did not have any tests in Jan 2018. I will check medicare records also. They told me they would be open until 6pm and I had to pay today. I believe there is no bill I owe. they threaten me with putting on my credit report. I am very upset about this. Is there an U. S. Diagnostic Laboratories? that is legetimate? [email protected]


Just received another call from this US diagnostic INC and he argued with me on the phone and I told him i am actually in the medical field and this is impossible for me to have a bill for this service when i get all my care under where i work. he argued and said that i have not received the bill because this has not "gone public" gave his return # 659-300-2033. STOP the authorities are involved ! you guys are a joke !


I received a called on 8/12/21 from #(659) 300-2033 and she called me by my first name. I asked, who are you and she said she was from a collection company about an unpaid bill from 2018. I told her, "I doubt it," but when was the day of service, and who was the provider? She said it was on April 14, 2018, from a third-party lab. That date falls on a Saturday, I told her and according to my calendar, I had no doctors or lab appointments. You are mistaken. She said that I owed that money and she was collecting it. Again, I said "you are wrong and to please mail me the information because I wanted to verify it." Her respond was that they had already mailed several notices and if I didn't pay now that it would show up on my credit report. I told her - if the claim was already with a collection agency then it should be in my credit report. In any event you are not getting a dime from me without me verifying your claim. "CLICK" she hung up.


I get phone calls saying I owe for a blood test and When I ask for a bill they say they will email it. I have yet to receive it. The date of the test was 3/12/2018. I checked with my doctor and I had no blood work done. They did have my address. I have never received any bill at all.


It’s 2021 and they are still at it. I got the call today saying pretty much the same as others. Couldn’t give me a doctor’s name, copy of bill or letters that were “supposedly” mailed to me. Bill for lab work done at US Diagnostics back in February of 2018. Them: How do you want to pay? Me: Ummm, I don’t! Them: Well mam, today is the last day to settle the debt without incurring 35% legal fees. Me: See you in court, byeeeeeeee!


I just got a call from a William from a "Financial Recovery" place trying to collect a bill from US Diagnostic Laboratories, Inc. He wouldn't give me any other info other than the date (July 10, 2018) and $491.30 (which includes taxes--ummm I live in Oregon? No taxes) Then I asked for more info on the invoice which he couldn't give unless I paid him a discounted $400 today. Then they would send me all that info.
So I called my doctor's office to see if I had any work done there in July. in 2018 I went in in May, September & October. Plus they use LabCorp. And LabCorp doesn't mess around for more than a couple of months.
We need to get the word out about these guys. People who don't access computers much could be taken in by these slick crooks.


Robert just called and told me he was trying to collect a debt owed for lab work. I told Robert that when a lab goes bankrupt and another company buys that company it is against the law to collect on old debts. also they were supposed to file to my 2ndary insurance who has already agreed to pay the bill and they never did. This bill is over a year and a half old. I told him to do what he needs to do i did all my research and have all my paperwork and i will sue the [censored] out of his freaking collections agency.


Here’s some info for you

Unfortunately Rebecca, this is real and you do owe! I’m sorry your insurance company did not get it handled and it was sent to collections but that’s how life works, just pay your bills and you wouldn’t get calls and the debt was bought from the company and is owned by the creditor so you now owe them and it can be put on your perfect little credit score and affect it but you are smart enough to know that... anyways call me when you are ready to settle I’ll even throw 100 dollars off the bill just so you can treat yourself to dinner, 468.36 that’s your amount due. Have a great day

I received an Unknown Call from 765-764-0135 today. April 29, 2021. They claimed that they were a from US Diagnostics trying to collect a debt before they turn it over to collections and I will be subpoenaed to go to court. They said it was for some blood work cbc back in June of 2018. I asked them to send me a bill that I had not received any type of bill like this. I told them when I received a bill I would pay it. He became rude with me and seemed very irritated that I would not pay it now. I told him I would not believe him... I thought he was a scam and when I received a bill I would pay it. He hung up.


Number: 805-506-3411 from California. I wish I had googled this first! I just spent 2 hours on the phone with my doctors office and going through paperwork to see what this call was about. Same scenario - First Point Financial Recovery called and said I had an unpaid bill for "Blood Diagnostics" from a company called US Diagnostics but because of a nondisclosure agreement they could not tell me the actual company who had sent me to collections. As seen in most of these posts, it was for $457.45 from August 2018. I called back to confirm the name and number of the place to report to FCC.


I have a similar experience... Original call yesterday (3/1/2021) from 314 207-6641 a man John Smith stated this was collections on US Diagnostic Labs from 5/13/2019 for $499 he referenced my old address in Missouri. I said your calling from a 314 # he said it was routed our # is 805 506-3411. I began questioning the service date said i was in Tucson and didn't see a Dr. he then changed the date to 5/11/2018. I asked about the labs he got flustered said i'm going to collections and hung up. I immediately called the 805 # spoke with Justin Davis he said it was a collection agency.. he knew my name .. (i was shocked) he then Demanded i pay right now or my credit will be damaged. I started questioning him on service dates and what was the labs, he said labs were Outsourced I did a stupid thing and paid. I was so upset and after the call i looked at my notes from what he said, that service date was the day after my mother died. I was taking care of the funeral and NOT getting lab work. I then googled US Diag. Lab and found this website.. THIS SCAM has to STOP! I called my bank and explained what happened and they told me what to do... I filed a claim, closed my card and FILED a complaint with the Sheriff's Dept. I am so upset!


Similar experience- a William Regal called from First Receivables saying I owed over $400 from June 2018. I had no idea what he was talking about. I told him to send me the bill either email or snail mail and he told me if he did, my credit score would drop 90 points. Not paying! I told him I would be in touch with the Attorney General’s office to see what they could do. Hang up!

Same experience. Wyatt Thomas. Calling from 805-506-3411. Lab charges from July 2018 from US Diagnostics. $400+. NO details and couldn't provide anything without formally starting the judgement process. This guy was Financial Recovery something or other. He tried to scare me and tell me the call was being recorded so I told him I didn't care but that this was probably a scam and if they can't provide any details, we are not paying a cent.


Same problem with ALL the ones i read Me too. Dec.2020 for labs in2018 . All the demands for people who have complained here were just under $400. They have some personal info..Did they hack into Lab Corps?

(850)306-4695 - confirmed my name and stated he was calling in an attempt to collect a debt. I have received this call about 6 months ago as well. He said he was collecting an unpaid debt from diagnostic tests performed back July 2019. I replied OK. He asked if I wanted to settle the account and close it out. I said sure! Send me a copy of the bill and I'll take care of it. He said if he mailed anything, they would have to send a judgement. I told him to go ahead and that my insurance has paid everything. He didn't like that so he hung up on me.


A Woman called and asked for "Defendant" and my name and said she was from US Diagnostics. I told her that I had already ready been scammed by this company and did not owe any money whatsoever. She started screaming and yelling at me and telling that I was going to be arrested. I told her that I had already reported her to the FCC. and hung up

Received a call from 706-230-6530 - (my phone said "Unknown number") - the woman said that she was from a collection agency and that they were trying to collect a debt from March 5 2018 for some blood work done, that my insurance company had denied, and wanted me to pay it over the phone. I explained to her that I have not received any bills for $385.24 and that I wanted her to send me an invoice. She kept trying to give me the physician's license number, which made no sense because she said the bill was from a diagnostic lab. She had my name and address and said that they would not ask for any personal information, yet she kept insisting that I pay over the phone. After several attempts to get them to send me a bill, after they claimed they would file it against my credit, she said they didn't have a bill to send me. I explained that I would pay for nothing without something from them in the mail. I told her that since they have some of my information, they could definitely send me a statement or something of proof and she said they would file a judgment today. I told her to go ahead and do that, and I finally just hung up. I was infuriated. I pay all my bills when they come in so I knew this was a scam!


Scammer's phone 7062306360
Country United States
Type of a scam Debt Collections
Initial means of contact Phone

Take called me telling me that They were debt collectors and they were trying to collect a debt from us diagnostics incorporated all the way back from 2018. I ask for a copy of the bills some sort of way to prove the fact that I had went there and asked him what it wasn't was done they said all we can't send you know bills this was the last stage is going straight to judgement now. And it was a courtesy call. They couldn't give me any information no doctors name just us diagnostics incorporated alway from 2018 They were rather rude with me when I asked for a bill showing the proof of service so I told them I will just have to do some inquiry on my own income to find out I was not even at my doctors at the day that they said I was there for the blood panels. So I called them back and told them they were scams in that they weren't gonna get a red set for me They were rather rude with me when I asked for a bill showing the proof of service so I told them I will just have to do some inquiry on my own income to find out I was not even at my doctors at the day that they said I was there for the blood panels. So I called them back and told them they were scams in that they weren't gonna get a red cent for me and then they hung up the phone on me.

Received a call from 325-221-0459 stating that they were a collection agency for USA Diagnostics Laboratory and that I owed $385. for lab/blood panels and that I needed to pay immediately. When I informed the young man that I had not received any bill now would I since everything I do goes through my local Baylor Scott and White he became really rude and said that if I was going to talk over him (blanky blank) and hung up. I called the number back and got another "agent" who was nice enough, but neither could she provide any information on the bill, the type of tests, nor the date.

Everyone please report these scammers!
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (online or at 855-411-2372)
Federal Trade Commission (online or at 877-382-4357


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