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- Overland Park, KS, USA • Jun 28, 2024

On June 1, 2024, my daughter thought she was buying (3) tickets through Starlight Theater, however she soon realized there were huge per ticket charges and the company was not who she thought she was buying from. I immediately called my credit card company and tried to dispute the charges. My credit card company would not allow this because the charges were pending. I then called the Ticket Center company and asked for my order to be cancelled. The gentleman I spoke with said he could not cancel my order. I hung up and waited for my tickets to arrive in my email. The tickets never came through. I again called my credit card company to dispute the charges. I just received a letter saying the charges have been reversed and I am responsible to pay the bill. This is a scam company. My credit card was charged $733.

- Santa Clara, CA, USA • May 02, 2024

I was looking for tickets for an opera in San Jose as a gift. The first web site that came up was from - it was designed to look like it was San Jose Opera. I bought my tickets, received an email saying that my tickets would arrive the day before the event (purchased 12/24/23 for an April 26 show) and that I would generally be seated in a certain section. I realized then that this was not SJ Opera and I tried to contact them and cancel - Christmas Eve - no luck. I let my credit card company know and I purchased the real tickets from San Jose Opera for $50 each - not $400. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a refund. The tickets did not arrive until the day before the show so I could not resell them. This is a company that pretends to be the original ticket company. I would like to warn others about this company.

- Mountain View, CA, USA • Jan 26, 2024

This website tries to impersonate real organizations such as TicketMaster and creates an artificial middleman scalper market

- Chico, CA, USA • Dec 13, 2023

The website posed as a place to prepurchase parking passes for a stadium.

- Mandeville, LA, USA • Dec 11, 2023

Bought 5 tickets to an event. Our tickets wouldn’t scan at the gate so we were sent to will call. Will call only had 4 of the 5 tickets we bought but they were for the week prior to our scheduled event.

- Rapid River, MI, USA • Oct 23, 2023

Grossly overcharged for event tickets. Unable to contact seller, no refund available, and credit card company will not offer fraud protection. Tickets are worst seats in house. I paid $1200 for 6 tickets that should have only cost about $150 and I’m afraid to resell them at a reasonable price in case the tickets are fake.

• Aug 08, 2023

This company is bulk purchasing concert tickets and reselling them for 4x the face value. This should be illegal as it involves price fixing and scalping of tickets. When you ask to have the tickets refunded they refuse to refund money. The cancellation service they use only covers serious illness or death to be reimbursed. Buyer beware. There is no address on their website.

• Aug 03, 2023

I purchased parking tickets for a concert through their website for ~$46. Immediately after confirming payment, I received an email stating my payment was being processed and that I would receive my digital tickets on this same day. Immediately after, I look for parking tickets through the capital one arena website and realize that that they are selling tickets for the same parking garage for $9.99. As I know the payment is still being processed and I have not yet received my tickets, I reached out to tickets-center through their live chat and speak with two different representatives which both tell me they are unable to cancel the order since it has already been confirmed (which occurred seconds after the purchase) even though it has not been fully processed. They also state that they are a secondary market which means they are unable to do anything about my order once confirmed (which again, happens immediately). I asked for the primary seller information to contact them directly and they did not disclose this information despite me asking for it repeatedly. Instead, they asked me too resell my tickets which I still have not received and for which a payment has not been fully processed.

• Jul 26, 2023

I bout 2 tickets in June the concert is in September. She I bought the tickets I had to claim them once I tried to do that this came up about another email as already did.. when I tried to talk to customer service they told me I had to give them another email… so I gave them my boyfriend email. Once again the same thing. Some other email claiming the tickets. Still no help for customer support.. saying I have time to get them.

I purchased two seats for Taylor Swift at Levi Stadium in November 2022. I paid almost $2,000.00 for them. I was charged right away. I kept in touch with them over the next months to make sure my tickets would be delivered in time for the 7/28/23 concert. I received email confirmation that the tickets would arrive digitally in time for the event. On 7/15/23 I received an email saying that "my tickets were being refunded because the seats were no longer available." After much back and forth with their "chat" feature person (no live representative available, ever).

I received NO EXPLANATION as to how seats/tickets I purchased 9 months earlier were now "unavailable. I should consider myself lucky that they did refund the money, although it is clear that this vendor "sells" tickets to seats, collects the money, keeps the interest for almost a year, then just sells the same seats to someone else for a (now much) higher price. Then just says "sorry, your seats are unavailable." Even though they refunded the original purchase price - there is still considerable emotional damage to the two teenagers who waited for this all year. Even if this is somehow legal - there should be laws against it, not loopholes to get around doing this in some legal way. I will be looking to see if there is any kind of class-action suit. It's Taylor Swift. It's two young girls. It's genuine pain and suffering and definitely cruel and unusual punishment. If anyone knows of a lawsuit, let me know, I will definitely join.

The used two different telephone numbers, one email: [email protected]

- Sesser, IL, USA

Tickets were purchased for 600% more than face value. When it was determined I had been scammed I requested a refund and a cancellation of tickets. The scamming company refused to do this. The credit card company has been complicit in the scam. They credited my account and then rescinded the credit and are backing the seller of the tickets. I did not use the tickets when I discovered I could get them for $8 plus fees instead of $49 plus fees.

- Collierville, TN, USA

Scam website that came up when I clicked on event tickets. I called customer service & was basically told it is a scam & it is in the fine print

- Reynoldsville, PA, USA

This website was a google search detour. I thought it was for ticketmaster which i was told to order concert tickets from. The website is clear that its 2nd party and charges higher rates. All sales are final. It easily decieves people who dont typically buy tickets. I immediately realized i was charged 2x the price of tickets and nothing you can do to fix this. They can say they are clearly documenting their terms but from the google search it wasnt so clear. This business emotionally and financially damaged me as I was misled to believe it was through ticketmaster and they only forward the tickets to ticketmaster. Who knows if they are legit tickets and i dont care to even go to a concert after an experience like this.

- Olivet, MI, USA

I went online to the Wharton Center for Performing Arts Center to get tickets for the musical, Pretty Woman. When I clicked on the event, the tickets were very limited and since I was ordering close to the event I didn't think much of this. The ticket prices were not listed until I got to the payment portion. I placed an order for 2 tickets totaling $624. I did think this was very expensive but I assumed the limited seating was due to the high price as well as ordering close to the event's performance. I went to the event and during the intermission I was talking with friends that I saw and mentioned my ticket price. They were seated much closer to the stage and they only paid $62.00 per ticket. I knew something was wrong. They were shocked at the price I paid and they encouraged me to talk to the ticket office before leaving. When I returned to my seat, I asked those sitting next to me what they paid for their seat and they paid $68. There were MANY available seats around me (so I knew the advertising was incorrect about limited seating when I was ordering tickets). After the event I went to the ticket center. After hearing how much I paid for my seats they asked to see my tickets and confirmation. They informed me that I went through a 3rd party when ordering my tickets ( I told them I clicked on the Wharton Center for Performing Arts and it was the first choice that appeared. They confirmed that my seat value was $68 ($132.00 for both seats). They encouraged me to call my credit card company to see if they could help with the overcharge. I called Discover card and they encouraged me to call the number that was on my bill for the tickets. Discover said because I got my tickets and went to the event that they really didn't have much they could do to help since I paid for the tickets. My issue was that I thought I was on the Wharton Center Site and The $624.00 was the going rate for the tickets. So, I called the number on my Discover Bill. I basically got the run around. I was told the tickets were in demand and that is why the tickets were so high priced. I told them there were many empty seats in the auditorium and tickets were NOT in high demand. They broke down the bill for me and the individual charges. One fee after another after another. I told them they are scamming people and being dishonest, charging me $312. for a $68 dollar seat. They said that is their company policy. I was overcharged $488 dollars (not to mention this was just before Christmas). The Wharton Center Ticket worker told me that these 3rd party sellers are very good at getting you to think you are ordering from The Wharton Center and scamming the buyers. I felt very taken advantage of and angry that I got scammed this way. I have been to the Wharton Center many times and ordered tickets with no problem in the past. I want people to be aware of this issue and DOUBLE check that you are NOT ordering from a 3rd party seller.

Absolutely my experience for Tanglewood tickets. There was a place in theemails where you could 'decline' the ticket, and since I did that, I hope Paypal will give me a refund.

- Birmingham, MI, USA

This company poses as a ticket seller and up charges you and delivers tickets from a 3rd party seller that will arrive at a later date (supposedly). They will not refund your money, no matter what.

Read the reviews THEY posted-4.7 from 40K + reviews. Looked good so I bought thru them. Too late i discovered all other review sites had given them a 1 star rating. I was charged double what the other services charged and left with no recourse-they have zero customer service. Never again will i use these slimy crooks.

I was looking to buy tickets for a West Michigan Whitecaps game and used Safari.’s site is very similar to the official site of the minor baseball team. I purchased the tickets and when I printed them, I found out that the site was a reseller. Unlike Ticketmaster, it is not obvious, unless you look carefully as I did later, that it is not the team’s website. Ultimately, it was a $137 education for me.


This website is selling fake tickets to events. I was trying to buy a birthday present for my stepdaughter, 2 tickets to Hadestown at the Sergestrom Center. I googled the musical, the theatre and "tickets" and this website popped up. In hindsight there were some warning signs, but at the time, I had no reason to think this was a fraudulent website, it looked official. I completed the online purchase, and it said it would email the tickets. My stepdaughter received the email and started to detect that the situation was a scam, she looked into it more and confirmed that it was. In hindsight the warning signs were that the service fees on top of the ticket prices were unreasonable and also that the website had fake numbers of available tickets, to make the buyer think that there was a rush to complete the purchase, like there was only 2 seats remaining on all the different ticket prices. I later contacted my bank to close the card I used and once the purchase is posted I can request a refund.

I googled a concert at our state fair looking to buy tickets. This sight came up and the tickets 2x the actual price plus 28$ fee “process” fee and 7$ fee for email delivery. It is a “third party” seller essentially scalping tickets. I bought the fairly priced tickets at the State Fair Wwebsite.

I purchased opening day tickets to an MLB game for $450 as a Christmas gift. The game was canceled because opening day did not occur due to the negotiation breakdowns between MLB and the team. TicketCenter refuses to reimburse me saying they may reschedule. The team confirmed with me in writing that they refunded my specific tickets on March 11 but ticket center continues to refuse to refund me

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