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TCF Trust Community Foundation

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TCF Trust Community Foundation Reports & Reviews (82)

• May 19, 2023

Community foundation trust grants

Have already paid out over $8000.00 never received a dime and they just keep wanting more and more I am disabled and this had made it impossible for me to live can't get medicine food has put me behind on bills

• Feb 04, 2023

Spammer Reports on Scammer

ZIP code 70065. My Facebook was hacked by Total Adblock, credited to Trust Print from Switzerland. Chrome identified this as a fraud, and spam. (It was even listed as a "friend" for me!) Then I was hacked by Trust Community Foundation Grant Program, which I blocked in Chat/Messenger. Then a report came from Total Adblock, that listed TCF as an outright SCAM! Such poetry!

• Jan 19, 2023

Scammer's phone Not Provided
Scammer's website Not Provided
Scammer's address Not Provided
Scammer's email Not Provided
Country United States
Type of a scam Government Grant
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)


Several days ago I got a college friend contacted me and asked me if I had acted the information he gave me about TCF. I told him I had not, but would look at it. He gave me a name of Mr. John David and a link to message him on Facebook. When I went to the page it showed a photo of a man and the logo the the US Dept of Health... It looked fishy as I have had a number of scammers contact me over the years. I contacted Mr. David about applying and he came back and asked for my name and address which I gave as I did not feel it was harmful. He later came back asking me for my mother's name, salary, drivers license, etc. I did not give it to him and in the meantime my friend was asking me how it was going and pressuring me. I did not give Mr. David any futher information and told my friend that I thought it was a scam. Both of them said it was ligit and the friend said I would only have to pay $550 to get the grant.

I said no way and the friend came back and said he would pay $300 so it would only cost me $250. Again I said no and pointed out that it had all the hallmarks of a scam and I had experience the tactics before. The friend then came back and was offended that I would think that he would involve me in a scam. I figured that was just another tactic and said I was not interested.

He came back again and just to play along I asked him where we met, his favorite baseball team and if we were members of a certain organization. The only answers he gave me were about baseball and were totally wrong. Earlier I asked Mr. David for his title and TCF's website and he provided none of them. I pointed out to my friend that when the person is evasive to questions most certainly it is a scam.

Finally, I blocked the messaging as it the scammer was extremely persistent and it was very annoying. So I am positve my friend's FB account was hacked. My advice to all if you get a messge about TCF just ignore it as it is a scam. If the person contacting you evades your questions or cannot answer them correctly tell them to take a hike. Finally, if the grammer is poor then that should be a red flag.

• Dec 28, 2022

I was recommended by a friend who couldn't call me about TCF.

His identity was hacked and tried to have me give them delivery charges for funds that were being sent by FEDX. I gave them my DOB and my address. I hope they are caught. I quickly submitted a fraudulent inquiry with Facebook! They claimed their phone couldn't connect to talk to me, and that's when I knew it wasn't my friend.

• Dec 09, 2022

Country United States
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I was told from a friend of mine that they were using her name to be one of my friends from fb and was told that they were an agency for helping people that needed money and to send money to them using Apple Card’s and Google Play for delivery fees and they would send me money that was promised to me, they claim they are not scammers the whole time and convince to believe them.

• Sep 29, 2022

I was contacted by a friend, that I believe now was hacked, telling me how the TCF will give grant money out in large amounts to individuals. She gave the Facebook account name of, "Agent Clarence Jackson." I contacted him and he told me I was on the list to receive any amount of money that I chose from a list of very large amounts. I was told I must pay shipping and account fees of $1500 to receive $150,000. After being interested at first and then declining, he continued to try to persuade me to do it. My hacked friend also continued to message me to take advantage of this offer.

• Sep 27, 2022

Trust Community Foundation

I received a text via messenger thru Facebook about a Government grant. They asked for for my full name, address, phone number, and a copy of my drivers license. Then they came back with saying I was awarded cash prize of my choosing. Depending on how much cash money I send Fed Ex next day air to an address in Tennessee. Pay $3,000 and get $120,000.00 in return. Sounded to good to be true. After a little research, found Facebook site was fake and so is the TCF outfit trying to scam me out of $3,000. Luckily I caught it in time. Dirty, scamming [censored]!

• Jun 22, 2022

Victim Location 52240
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a Facebook Messenger message from a person on “friends “ list advocating this free grant that I would also benefit from. Provided agent name of Steve Daines who assisted him with obtaining $90,000 free money. Claimed it was legitimate after I asked and that he had already received his grant money. Agent provided assistance to me with completing application. Agent then informed me of how much grant awards I qualified for in stages. Each higher grant award was required to have a payment amount to cover casefile and clearance fees.


Scammer's website Unknown
Scammer's address Unknown
Scammer's email Unknown
Country United States
Type of a scam Charity
Initial means of contact Internet messaging (e.g., WhatsApp)

I was asked by a friend on Messenger if I had applied to Trust Community Foundation Grant to get money for elderly unprivileged people. So I did and they told me that I had won $20000 and that I needed to send them $200 for delivery and then $150 for the FedEx fee. I paid them because my friend said that it was legit and her &250,000 was real and deposited in her bank. I then checked on Facebook for Mary my friend and someone else had told her that she had been hacked by these people

Victim Location 04973
Type of a scam Phishing

Scammer contacted me using Facebook Messenger. Scammer acted as if he was an old friend from previous employment. Started up conversation. Claimed he had strep throat. He mentioned if I had heard the good news. I asked what it was. Mentioned benefits given to retirees, etc. I continued conversation, but he would never answer personal questions that my friend could answer. Realized this was not my friend and dis continued conversation. He did refer me to a website and to contact a specific person on that website.

I looked at the website and it wanted me to contact Linda Flora. I did not.


Victim Location 53086
Type of a scam Government Grant

It started with a text from my grandchild ‘s grandfather. He asked if I heard about TCF. He said that he got a grant from them for 100,000.00 and he didn’t have to pay them back. Told me to text this number 424-459-4510. I did and the agent texted me back and asked for my name, address, income, age, name of person that referred me to him. The Agent said for me to wait 5 minutes. He texted back and said I qualified but I had to pay 1,200.00 and go to Walgreens or Dollar General, buy two Google cards and send him a picture of them. I didn’t, I went to the police station and they told me to contact you.


TCF grant

Was contacted by my old scout leader, we hadn't spoken in 2 years, Claimed I was eligible for the grant, I know he works in local government now so I thought maybe he knew something. I was then told to get in contact with an AGENT MARY JANE on facebook thought it looked fishy as the page was very basic and had american logos and pictures on it, she confirmed my name and address on facebook, then asked me to buy £100 amazon cards from the supermarket to register. I stopped replying to her then told the person who I thought was my acquaintance that it looks like a scam, he then blocked me .


Country United States
Type of a scam Government Grant
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

He received a Facebook message from a friend about the subsidies they were giving. They sent me a link to their website and that's where I knew it was a scam. They keep asking me if I added the person on Facebook.


Victim Location 21057
Type of a scam Government Grant

Erin K P******** on facebook which is not the real Erin P******** because i wanted to hear her voice (309-209-2238) was facebook message me to say i was a winning of grant funds and that she recieved $90K and paid a fee. to obtain the funds within 24 hours. I did stupidly text the number she told me too and applied. 270-693-7067. and did give info like name, family names, addresses, income, bank amounts, and driver lics.. but they never asked for my social security number so i thought i was still being safe.. i hope so but i got a lot of texts all day about picking the amount i wanted and having to paid for the fees and delivery service of the check.

Federal Government Database evaluate that your Name and Address authentication was successful, The Trusts Community Foundation Department offer Free Fund to United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and every other tax paying citizens. The Trusts Community Foundation Fund can be used for so many things as preferred in a rightful way once you are completely verified and eligible to receive the (TTCF) Money. Currently, people are being approved for large sum of money depending on their Benefits Eligibility Authentication to start a business, pay for their education, medical bills, buying houses and even for personal use..


You gave them absolutely everything they need to destroy your credit. Social security numbers are tied to your license. I have 0 idea how people are as dumb as you are. Your life is ruined.

Victim Location 85209
Type of a scam Government Grant

A close friend sent me a message from Face Book telling me to contact Trust Community Foundation that they were giving money to retired, disabled, elderly people and that I should contact them as well. She said she had received $20,000 in cash. She told me the man was very nice and that I should answer all questions honestly. I did not follow through at first but through more messages from her, she gave me his phone number and said to hurry and contact them. She kept on encouraging me to not miss out. I finally contacted a "Agent Greg Jackson" and he asked me for my full name which I did give to him. He said he was searching the data base and I was approved. I was doubtful about this whole thing and finally called my friend. She had never received any money nor had any contact with this Foundation. I texted back to Greg and called him a liar. He still insisted that this was all legitimate. I said he was preying on elderly people and should be ashamed!!

- Chandler, AZ, USA

Country United States
Victim Location AZ 85225, USA
Type of a scam Government Grant

I don't have the messaging info because my Facebook account & messaging account are gone.

A friend suggested tcf might be able to help me financially. They gave me the info of who to contact. I contacted them giving my name address & number. They got back to me saying I was approved & to pick which grant amount I needed. They said I would have to pay $1,500.00. I said I didn't have it. They wanted to help me get a loan from my bank & asked for a copy of my bank card & ID. I wouldn't send. Then they wanted to know if I would pay it out of the grant. I said yes. Then they wanted my Facebook info to make sure I was real. Then they sent me the following info to hold onto batch # fb22535-77264753 winning #fb-17260064 ref #00352748-23844f serial #7755-5511


Scammer's phone 7015022877
Country United States
Type of a scam Other
Initial means of contact Text message

Had a text message from a friend on Facebook. But obviously her account was hacked. Said agents name was Mark Williams and that she had gotten $200;000 cash delivered to her door. Told person this was not Helen. See pictures for full text.

Received a message from my friend on messenger asking if I knew about the tcf grants.
I’ve sent pics of the complete convo. As well, I’m located in Alberta Canada…

Country United States
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)


If you read what they say, red flags should be going up everywhere! I had suspicions from the beginning, but decided to play a,one to gather more information, so I COULD turn them in. Some people will fall for their line of crap, please people be aware. Be very aware! They are a scam, and just want you to send them money. Please be careful out there these days, many, many scammers. Be on the lookout for people just such as these!

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