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I received a call saying I am qualified for a back brace from Medicare at no cost to me. They took my medicare number and address. I've asked our gate keeper to refuse any packages.


I was busy doing a task at work, when I got a phone call I answered it the individual that called sounded like he was having trouble with his Bluetooth and asked if I could here him. Not thinking I replied yes and then he hung up.

- Murrells Inlet, SC, USA

Hello: i went online and an offer came up for Nolatreve anti aging cream & Orolante cleanse. It said you won and would receive a small jar of each just for shipping cost $4.95 each. Total $9.90. I am elderly and figured i would try it. They wanted me to purchase online with my charge card. I purchased on line and they billed me for $119.85 and $95.85 Total $215.70. Outrageous. I quickly called 888-544-7532 and told they to cancel my order. They sent me an email cancelling my order. The next day the charges went through on my credit card. $215.70. I called again and said i cancelled my order, i want my money back. They would not give me the name of the business or address, only that it was in Salt Lake City Utah. A foreigner answered every time i called. They told me to wait until i get the products and return they. How can i get the products if i cancelled my order and they acknowledged it? This seems like a scam, very abrupt on the phone and non-caring. Did not wait and processed my credit card the next day. Order # 104251283 and 104251288. Would not give me any info or tracking number. Red flags on all ends. Bait and switch. Please help me get my money back, i am elderly. Thank you.


Keep getting emails from this place. Have blocked email, but keep getting them. They all begin with dhl, Hi my name is Dylan...,

- Raleigh, NC, USA

I fell for this scam on 9/14/2020 and lost $400. This same type scam started again today (10/6/2020). I have not responded back to the SCAMMER at this time. If someone at can get involved today you may be able to catch this SCAMMER.

The SCAM uses the owner/CEO company's name of my employer and asks for my cell number. The SCAMMER uses my the boss's name to identify himself. Then he/she starts communicating by Text only and instructs the person to buy a Apple gift card for a presentation he's making live with a customer and instructs you to immediately send a photo of the card and it's redemption number. With this information, the SCAMMER can go online and use the card instantly.

Attached is the bogus email with the wrong address and using my company CEO's name (***** ********) which I received today. This is the start of the SCAM.

Please note if Apple had a 24 hr waiting period after purchasing before their cards can be used, this SCAM would most likely not work.

The company I work for is: Utility Management Services, The owner is ***** ******** ****************************

- Petaluma, CA, USA

I am.selling car on craigslist. Interested party contacted me by text, sounded interested and asked for report from specific company. I sent hin the report but from.a different company. So he has my vin but no other information.

- Beckley, WV, USA

They sent a message stating that if I clicked on the web site it would conectme to sign up for state relief for my bills I went to it through Google and found that it was a ppi

- Dover, DE, USA

I believe I was targeted by a female Person on the phone who asked me if this was Mr “my name” and I said “yes” then they hung up!

- Glencoe, MN, USA

I inadvertently said "yes" to question "can you hear me?"

- Burnsville, MN, USA

Asking About Social Security Number and strong involvement in a crime with drugs and large sums of money being transferred to Columbia and Afghanistan. Must suspend social security number and bank accounts.

sending Federal Marshal out tomorrow with new social security number. Close all bank accounts immediately.

This took place in Texas.


"Grace" (American voice) asked if I could hear her. Said yes and then she hung up.


Could not hear where they claimed they were calling from, or whom was calling. They did not ask for any particular individual, just stated "There will be a filing against your name and social by your District Attorney. They ended the call by saying good luck.


I am a business owner that this company had requested I do a job for them, I told them that I would be happy to give a quote. As we talked the company asked me for my credit card company, very suspicious.

- Saint Paul, MN, USA

i received an automated call stating that my social security number had been canceled

- Corpus Christi, TX, USA

I received a phone call from a male caller with a foreign accent. He referenced the and said he was required to assist me since I was due a refund from a business that was closing. I asked him to repeat the business name. He said, "We'll make it easy ... just put this address in your google chrome." I entered ALPEMIX at his direction and the site was ID'd "Not Secure." There was a download button. I said, "What is this? This is not secure. And I don't download stuff on my computer." He replied, "You ask too many questions."

I believe he had accessed my computer remotely because as he was speaking the cursor began to move toward the download button. He clicked the button and I presume the download (including a shortcut on my desktop). I continued to tell him I didn't want anything downloaded and he replied that he needed to send me the "refund form." He asked for my date of birth and for banking information since the refund wasn't large enough to be completed by check. I told him I didn't give out personal information and especially not banking information. I told him I didn't believe he needed that kind of information to do a refund. He became angry. He said he was going to come after me and every body in my house. He said he was going to destroy my computer so it could never be used again.

He said "We have found evidence in your computer that you have been up to mischief, you are planning to plant a bomb." I disconnected by phone and computer. But, when I tried to open it again, there was a screen I've not seen before that asked for a password. I tried my password but it would not work so I took it to the tech center. The tech said the "SYSKEY" had been activated to lock it. He was able to rescue the machine and the data it contained. But I don't know what they may have accessed. The tech also said my computer had remote access capability which he removed. He also removed anything that was added or downloaded the day the incident occurred. I have taken appropriate action -- changed passwords, closed active accounts, put a freeze/alert with the credit reporting agencies, notifed Social Security Administration, my banks, annuity and investment funds. I attempted to file an Identity Theft report but FTC indicated that information has been exposed but without actual use of my identity. So, I can't do that until there has actually been an incident. There was a call made to me later in the day from 240-900-4981 which I did not answer. In retrospect, I should not have put the address into my browser without knowing what company was involved. I should have been concerned when there were multiple audible conversations going on on his end. I should not have overlooked his rudeness when I asked questions. I should have disconnected from the Internet immediately when the cursor began moving. Thankfully I took action without delay to assess and defend. I am not currently using my computer for on-line access. Hopefully the sky won't fall.


Female foreign caller asking me questions about receiving my Medicare card and medications I take, very aggressive until I asked for the phone number to call back and I told her I needed to talk with my husband. She then said “sorry I bothered you, goodbye”. The number she called from was 936-583-5688


Scammer used computer voice message that stated I owed the IRS that it was imperative I responded back to this number within 24 hours. I did not since I had heard of this scam ( and have been unemployed for 10 years and owed no taxes).


Local number, so I answered. After a short delay a recorded message about my credit card issues. The company we deal with in that area always calls us person to person.. never recorded. I just hung up.


I got a voicemail that used a person I know and said my name and address was associated with this lawsuit. Gave me a case number and everything. When I called and gave the case number they were giving different names than the original message. I told them I didn't know the 2nd group of people. He told me they were going to proceed with legal actions...Good Luck.

Second time I called back they hung up on me. Third time I called they wouldn't answer the phone so I told her (Ms. Davis) I was turning them in to the

That's what I'm doing now.

- Tucson, AZ, USA

Strange text message on my cell phone with odd format and no sending number. ([B-B-V-A-C-O-M-P-A-S-S]) [Restore your A-c-c-t call-us (844) 331-8330. Today.] My location is Tucson, AZ and I have a 520 area code. I did not call that number and I checked with my bank. My account shows no unusual activity.

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