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Radiant Revive

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Radiant Revive Reports & Reviews (94)

My experience is similar to the other complaints. The difference is I was charged 6.96 for the sample. The next week I got 3 little containers of 3 different products. I called and complained that I paid for the sample of moisturizer. They refunded the $6.oo. A few weeks ago I got the small jar of the "seen on shark tank" moisturizer. I got my credit card bill and was charged $114 and almost a month later, on the same statement another $114. The charge was from a company "Better Way Sports" and the second charge from "Advance Gadget Store" Both had different phones and one company was listed as TN, one as in NJ. When I called one of the 800 numbers the lady said they were located in California. She did tell me that I got full size jar, I asked if she wanted it back (knowing they can't take cosmetics back) and that it said in the ad I would be charged monthly. She did tell me I would get a credit and gave me a confirmation number. The credit card company has asked me to call back if I find out anything. I did google the Betterway sports and it is in Beijing!

- Loveland, OH, USA

Scammer name of Radient Revive presents themselves as seller of Robin McGraw revelation cream.

They scam you by offering free sample you only have to pay $4.95 shipping. When you finish giving all your information including credit card info then the disclaimers appears at the bottom of the order for free sample. Too late to cancel. They tell you you will receive a month supply you can try it if you like it keep it for $ 90+ dollars and it will renew automatically in 30 day intervals and charge to your credit card. If you are not satisfied and want to return it you must get an RMA number no returns processed or accepted unless you have an RMA. Then they charge a restock fee per bottle of returned product. Not one restock charge for the whole order. No restock charges were listed on the site for each product. They send you a confirmation e mail stating because of the high demand for the sample you should respond ASAP to secure yours. I did not respond to the e mail as by this time I realized it is a scam. The following day October 15, 2019 I received an e mail confirming my order was shipping. At this time I called the number in the e mail(844)-879-9733 to cancel my order. The lady who answered gave me her name as Justina Agent 63. I told her I wanted to cancel not interested. She kept trying to retain me as a customer asking questions offering a 35% discount. Finally I told her my answer to all questions is NO and to cancel my account. She finally did and I did get an e mail confirming cancellation. Hope that is not a scam. Nevertheless, cancelled my cc used in the scam so no further charges can be made against it. I did call the actual site of Robin McGraw and they gave me a list of 8 scam sites for this product they are: Bio Dermix, Immortalle Youth, Novabelle, Permana, Prache Cream,Radiant Revive, Resq, and Rush Remedy.

- Fort Edward, NY, USA

I have just reported this to BBB in Ohio because that complaint was due to the fact that Comenity Bank allows this double billing as a ruse to extort more from the customer. The second charge is 20 time the original price. This scam is a planned initiative. I notified Comenity as soon as possible that it was not authorized by me and told the business by phone and email that I would not pay.

You have to go through a rigorous campaign to find justice while they add interest and fees if you don't pay thus supporting these probably foreign entities under various aliases making enormous profit with deceptive practices. They do not reveal anything in the packaging which is just plain brown paper.....not even the fine print you could protect yourself. Usually credit card companies try to avert these thing but NOT Comenity Bank Ultamate.

I no longer recall the phone number but the address of the scammers are Radiant Revive, 2816 Battleground Av.

Made what I believed to be a one time purchase unless I wanted to purchase more.. Purchased a cream for a small fee and shipping. Never saw any disclosure or agreement of any kind to continue purchasing the product at an enormous price. They have billed my card 5 times within a month at different price points and different names including Bright eyes serum, Radrev face cream and Revive Serum. I called the company to correct this and they said I had no recourse and told me basically too bad. I had told them I refused any additional product and sent it back with the USPS and they told me they do not get packages back anywhere so I just sent two $89 bottles of cream the I paid for away! Nasty! I have reported them to my credit card company and unfortunately I have to put a hold on my card so they cannot charge it again.

- Greensboro, NC, USA

I purchased 2 bottles of repair and release cream and eye cream. It was suppose to be free. I pd shipping and the billed me 14 days later for 150. I called we didn't agree and the women was very rude. Asked for a manager and was told no she would do no good. Tell me the same. Did cancel my subscription. Wow not enough.

Free trial of face cream and eye cream was to be 4.90 & 4.95 respectively for shipping. Didn't tell you they would charge you 89.95 & 88.47 for the products in 2 weeks. Wouldn't accept the crap back either. Then would only off 35% of charges back. Never deal with this company again.

- Houston, TX, USA

This bogus business has a trial offer for you that is a very good deal. What they don't tell you is that once you opt for the trial offer, you will be automatically billed monthly for the items you have chosen. They claim that you "Checked" the option for receiving their product on a monthly basis, therefore giving them the go ahead to charge your account. Not only did I not "check" anything, I did not receive the items they continued to charge me for. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SCAM.

- El Paso, TX, USA

These people are SWINDLERS WITH A CAPITAL S!!! They are a sly bunch... all of a sudden these little brown packages show up on your door step! Their little pop up ad is completely misleading using celebrities saying how much they love this cream!!! You have packages arriving and your card is being rung up in the night!!

I ordered Radiant Revive sample without seeing the 14 day trial. Then a charge was on my account. The product was portrayed as be Hoda Kotb's company and that she was leaving NBC to put all her effort into her skin care company. I trust Hoda as an upright honest person of integrity so I made my order. On the phone when I tried to cancel the billing I was refused. I feel this was fraudulent marketing. The person I talked with claimed they don't use celebrity endorsements. I would like this looked into.

- Southfield, MI, USA

This company promotes a shipping only cost for a supposed quality product, charging $4.95 per product to ship. Then when you have it shipped you find a charge on your card for around $200.00. Then they keep charging you. Scammers!

- Denver, CO, USA

This company uses deceptive advertising on Facebook. It is a subscription service for a face cream product that is billed monthly to your credit card but no mention is made of the subscription on the advertisement or subsequent ordering pages. They offer a free trial of the product for the cost of shipping (about $4 per product). Hundreds and hundreds of complaints have been filed in just the last 30 days. They are not honest about the subscription terms - they do not appear on the Facebook ad or on the order page. Please investigate this company.

- Culver City, CA, USA

This is a scam!!!

On August 13, 2018, I made an online purchase of a free trial for 2 of Radiant Revive products, for 4.90$ and 4.95$. My card was charged for these products on August 15. I live in Israel, and I purchased these products when I was visiting my daughters who live in the US. Today I found out that my card was charged for 89.95$ and 88.47$ on August 30, and then again on September 14, for 4.95$ and again on October 1 for 89.95$ and 88.47$.

I only signed up for the free trial, I never received any products after the free trial (as I said, I don’t live in the US), and I am not interested in those products. I want to:

1. Stop them from charging my card again,

2. get a full refund for the money taken from my account.

I originally saw this ad through a Pinterest post. The company claimed Kate Middleton was the person that made this product. It was only $9.95 for shipping and handling that was all I was suppose to pay. About 1 week later the fraud department from my bank contacted me stating they are trying to charge me $89.95. They stopped my account and I had to get a new credit card...Anyway, now my bank is telling me that they had some hidden message in the ad that I agreed to a subscription. I absolutely did not authorize any subscription or payment of that denomination. I will go to the bank and see what paperwork they were able to get from radiant revive with me agreeing to this, but I absolutely did not agree.

I read a review online of a product Radiant Revive. There were several celebrities endorsing it -- suggesting that Naomi Watts was responsible for its development. I considered a free trial and put my mailing address and cell phone number in and thought the better of it. I got three phone calls the following day to complete the purchase and every time I said I wasn't interested, they kept dogging me. This is a racket and it must be shut down now!

I won't make this mistake again. They now have my address and phone number and I feel quite vulnerable.

But this product from Facebook said that NCIS actors Polly was using and made her look younger found out other celebrities were supposedly back in this product and have never used Nor do they endorse said it is a scam several videos on this saying this

- Monterey, CA, USA

After being scammed by Hoda Kotb's company, Radiant Revive, I looked them up on the and Ripoff Report websites. There were numerous complaints that were the same or similar to mine. I had previously clicked on an ad on the internet and was "invited" to try a product, Radiant Revive Repair and Release Cream for free while paying ONLY shipping and handling of $4.95. While signing up, I was "invited" to try, Bright Eyes Serum, for only $4.95 plus the same shipping amount shipping. I signed up for both products, and in fact, received them both. Weeks later, I was reviewing my bank statement, when I saw that I was charged on 9/13/2018 the amount of $89.95 and on 9/14/2018 I was charged the amount of $88.47.

When I finally got through to the customer service number after numerous attempts, I told the woman that I did not nor would I to sign up for one of those monthly programs and that I wanted a refund of these charges right away! She informed me that they would not, per their "policy," refund my money, and she went on to state that "on the web page" it states that you can "try" these products for those small charges for 14 days, and cancel if you did not like them and would not be charged. I never saw this clause nor can I find the web page I used again to verify that statement. I read several complaints on Ripoff Report of people who actually did cancel within the 14 days and were still refused refunds! I will gladly send back the unused portion of these products, as I have had them less than 30 days, IF I would receive a refund. These products amount to nothing more than cold cream. This company is a scam... both the products and the sales practices! ANY and ALL reputable department stores, like Macy's and Neiman Marcus or online retailers, like Beverly Hills MD, WILL refund your money in within 90 days if you do not like the product. This company, run by Hoda Kotb, should be stopped by all Attorneys General Consumer Protection Departments of all 50 states, for deceptive sales practices. Do not order these products!

Radiant Revive is a scam! I ordered 2 skin care products (Repair & release cream and Bright eyes serum for $4.95 each) from Radiant Revive in Oct. 2017. After I received 2 little jars of cream 10-10-2017, one of my friend told me that it's a scam. I called them the next day to cancel my account. I received an email 10-12-2017 from them with 2 cancellation numbers (#28897 & #28898) and it stated that no more charges will be made. Since I rarely use my credit card (the one I used to order the cream), I didn't check my statement. Recently, I have started to use this credit card more often and I noticed a $4.95 charge Sept. 5, 2018 from Radiant Revive/PRCAREPRODUCTS. Looking back further, I can't believe that they had been charging me $4.95 monthly since Nov. 2017 after sending me the cancellation email. I sent them an email and was told to call 1-855-633-0203. After holding for 30 minutes, a person named Laura said that I cancelled the product 10-12-2017, but I didn't cancel the "my skin care rewards." They are charging me $4.95 monthly because I can buy their product with a discount price. She transferred me to her supervisor Jessica. I was told that they can cancel my "rewards" now and no more monthly charges, but they can't give me my money back for the past 9 months. This is ridiculous! If I had cancel my account last October and clearly informed them that I didn't want to be involved in a scam, why I want to be in their "rewards"? In addition, I had never signed up any "rewards". I had never ordered anything, nor they shipped anything to me since my cancellation, why did they charge me every month without a single email notification? Anyway, I reported this to my bank and filled a claim report. My bank was very helpful and they will block Radiant Revive from now on and I hope to get my money back. I want to share my experience about Radiant Revive scam to warn others. Thank you!

This company has charged my account for unauthorized payments and deducted it from my checking account

- Tony, WI, USA

I followed a news story about Hoda Kotb (news show host) that informed she was quitting the show and devoting her time to selling from her growing beauty cream business. There were reviews by many celebs. (How stupid am I?!!) As a "one time" offer she had samples of her creams for SH. I paid $12 for them Aug. 26th using my PayPal credit card. The supposed product did arrive and looked legit. It came in pretty little jars. . . and the cream caused burning and skin irritation! The writing on the jar for directions and ingredients is so tiny it can't be read even by taking a photo and enlarging it.

On Sept. 9th (my birthday) my credit card was charged $89.95 with a previous charge of $2.70. I only found out because Sept 10 I was notified of the charge by PayPal by email. The transaction was made by Rad. Rev. Cream, High Point, NC.  I was unable to follow through on any dispute issues or reports. Almost as if blocked. I called PayPal and a very helpful woman was able to track down who made the charge and that "supposedly" there was a "subscription" involved for monthly charges. I knew none of this! I want nothing to do with the products their subscription and I now know it was a scam. I am humiliated, mad and wasting time Please help?!!

- High Point, NC, USA

Like hundreds of folks complaining now, see complaints to product called Radiant Revive, upon seeing the TV ad, viewers are offered a trial tiny jar...then like all the hundreds of complaints...they scam...they began charging your card with $89 per month charges, for product you didn't order, and it was not fine print, I ordered by phone! HELP this begin on your record in Greensboro in 2017, check your files this computer is acting up or I'd go back and trace that file for you, it popped up when I looked into it Hoda of Today pitches it..

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