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Puppy Scam

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Puppy Scam Reports & Reviews (488)

- Tacoma, WA, USA • Apr 28, 2024

We found a puppy we wanted from They emailed us videos, and extra pictures of the puppy, and emailed us back each time with answers to our questions about shipping the puppy, etc. We sent them a deposit via Zelle and agreed to send the deposit after they sent the tracking information. We received the tracking data the next morning through , with an elaborate tracking codes and details. But after we sent the final payment, we got an email from the shipping company that they needed $900 more for an AC crate for the puppy to travel in. We immediately knew something was off and requested a refund. The contact: James Hopkins, refused to take our calls and refused to refund us ( via email communication).

During the process of making sure we were the right family, we have them details about our family including ages etc.

- Pinckney, MI, USA • Apr 26, 2024

On Monday, April 22, 2024 as I was searching online for a Vizsla puppy to purchase, I encountered the website This very beautiful and elaborate website offered Vizsla puppies for sale for $700, and included lots of testimonials and pictures of beautiful puppies and families/children with their Vizsla puppies. I was interested in purchasing their puppy “Bella“. The person who responded to my inquiry, Charles Darwin, (That should have been a tip off for me!!) required a $500 deposit in order to hold the puppy for me until I could pick it up in Colorado Springs. Mr. “Darwin” also offered an option of “safe shipping” for the puppy for an additional $200 to be added to the $700 purchase price, but I told him that I would prefer to drive out to pick the puppy up, He said that his business was too small to process credit card payments. I asked if I could pay using Apple Pay and following a delay up about 15 minutes, he got back to me to say that that could be arranged and that he would get back to me with the phone number to be used for that. After about 15 minutes, he emailed me with instructions to send a text saying “I Love Bella” the phone number +1(575)-973-8184. I did that, and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts to process the ApplePay payment to the number, I texted him that the system was saying Invalid Recipient. A few minutes later he texted me back saying that he would try requesting the funds to see if that worked.. He then sent an Apple Pay request for payment and I was able to process the payment . We were in regular contact by email and text message over the next couple of days, all of which was very cordial and seemed appropriate and he was always providing appropriate information when I had questions about the puppy and about the street address where we were to pick up the puppy. He gave me the address of 1085 Hunters Ridge Drive in Colorado Springs.

On Wednesday, April 24th, as I was googling that address to see what it looked like so we would know what we were looking for when we drove out there, I discovered a link to an article on which was entitled “help I don’t know if a dog breeder is fake! : r/Dog Breeding” which talked about a scammer using the same Hunters Ridge Drive address that “Charles” had provided to us.

All of my communication with him was by email or text’other than one phone conversation on Monday, when he asked for my phone number so he could call to discuss my buying the puppy. He called me from 575-973–8184, which appears to be a number from Ruidoso, NM. In researching that number, it appears to be a Joel Kaydahzinne with 7 other names that he uses, at 14420 W. Lisbon Lane in Surprise, Arizona 85379. How appropriate! I do not know if it is relevant or not, but during that conversation we became disconnected. I thought perhaps I had accidentally dropped the call, and so I called him right back, and he said that during our conversation he had started hearing a beeping tone. Of note, he does speak with a distinct accent, though I cannot identify it. I would say it seemed European, perhaps German but not exactly like age or an accent, but something similar.

Once I discovered the concern about a potential scammer using that Hunter Ridge Drive address, I emailed “Charles“ to let him know that I had just learned that my granddaughter has recently been diagnosed with an allergy to dogs, which is true, and that I would not be able to complete the purchase of Bella and I requested a refund of the deposit. He said he was very sorry about that and that he would refund the deposit. That was on Wednesday. Yesterday I followed up to ask again for the refund and he said that yes, they were going through their procedures for refunding the deposit and that he would be refunding it, but that the procedures take a little time and that I had nothing to worry about. That is where things stand currently.

He does not yet know that I realize he is running a scam.

Should I tell him that now or should continue to maintain communication with him while he keeps stalling me in order to help with shutting him down to prevent others from being scammed asI was?

- Milwaukee, WI, USA • Apr 24, 2024

I wanted to get a puppy that I saw on Facebook. This guy, the seller, James Michaels needed money for gas to drive the dog here. I said OK so I sent $100. then he said he had to take the dog to the vet to get checked out before he dropped him off, and he needed me to send $108 for vet. So I sent that money (he was out of work) After the vet, he wanted $102 to get her dewormed. So I sent that because he had no money and the vet said she was badly infested. The vet had to get the medicine from a pharmacy. The pharmacy said that they couldn't deal with my bank. So I would have to resend it to a different name. The vet said that the dog would die if I didn't send the money again. And also that she was in her crate all day and wasn't fed. And they would not release her. The vet threatened to have me arrested because I didn't pay again (I did pay, and did everything they asked) but they keep texting for 2 days now and still threatening me. Today they started calling me through messenger at 6 AM looking for their money again or have me arrested. (I recorded the messenger number)

I did call our local police station #6, and my bank Chase to file a claim (who stopped the second payment through Zelle). I also contacted my vet regarding this, along with the, FTC, IPATA. I have all of their Facebook and SMS texts and recorded the number of the messenger call.

- Port Saint Lucie, FL, USA • Apr 23, 2024

Seller asked for questions regarding information if you are good fit at home for the puppy. Price of puppy 750, shipping to location because they just relocated to San Diego is 300 for flight with dog nanny. Send a picture of puppy when asked for verification with piece of paper next to it with new owners Name, today’s date, and name of puppy.

- Duncan, SC, USA • Apr 19, 2024

I contacted a doberman pincher breeder in Miami Shores Florida about purchasing a 10 week old male by the name Captain. I sent my phone number in the email. The contacted me thru a text message regarding the puppy. Captain cost $650 on the website, but for them to send him to my home or the local airport would be $850. After puppy was purchased I was told that it would be taken to the airport the next morning. We had a full conversation about my full grown Doberman Pinscher who is 11. The next morning they text saying that they were going to register the puppy. Then they send me the tracking number and all the information I needed to have him delivered to his new forever home. I continue to speak with the breeders the second day after they gave me the tracking number. Continue to speak with them until he was registered at 8:45 that morning on April 18th 2024. After it was registered the shipping company contacted me through email saying that I needed pet insurance for him to fly and that he would be on hold until the insurance was paid. So I paid the $1,200 pet insurance to have him sent on the plane to be sent to South Carolina. About an hour after I paid for the pet insurance they came back and said that pet control rejected the kennel that the breeder brought the puppy in. They then proceeded to say that I would have to buy a new crate that has a/c in it, because the one that the breeder sent it in was wooden and had no AC The information that the breeder sent me has it confirmed that he had it electronic AC unit confirmed, With the registration papers. I had already gave him them $2050 and I had no more to give That's when we figured out it was a scam I called multiple times to the breeders and no answer. I spoke with the shipping company once and he hung up on me my husband called back from a different number he hung up on him he called him back he refused to answer the phone he was from overseas maybe Africa or India.

We then knew it was a scam.

• Apr 29, 2024

We were looking into purchasing a doberman pinscher from this breeder but the cheap quality of pictures of the dog we were inquiring about made it look very suspicious! I'm sorry you went through all that mess, hopefully your bank can reimburse your money. Thank you for sharing your experience with this non legit business.

- Alpharetta, GA, USA • Apr 19, 2024

We found the website only and contacted them through their site. They responded back by email and text. They sent me photos of the dog and claimed to be in Atlanta Ga. They said we could place a deposit of $500 on the dog and come pick it up. We told them it would be Sunday 4-21-24 and the transaction took place on 4-18-24. Once I sent them the money via PayPal, I requested a video phone call. Customer said once they go home off work they would. Never heard back and they stopped responding.

- Johnson City, NY, USA • Apr 16, 2024

Promised me a puppy and if I changed my mind I could have my down payment back. I got scared and asked for my money back. They blocked me

- Whitehouse, OH, USA • Apr 11, 2024

They have a fake website with AKC badges, hopefully they are caught

- Catano, PR, USA • Apr 11, 2024

The person introduces herself as a Cockapoo breeder, she tells me that she delivered to the entire US, that the procedure was half of the payment, the documents were filled out for her to sign, after receiving the signed documents, she had to send the other half of the pay. The total was $980 and included shipping the puppy first class. It all happened on Monday, April 8 and she was notifying me about the puppy and that she would receive the puppy the same day (from Fort Lauderdale to Puerto Rico) and that was strange to me. In the afternoon she informs me that they will send me an email from the agency that was transporting the puppy so that I can follow the trail. I received the email from Rapid Logistics Express ([email protected]). Then she writes to me that the company required a type of kennel, which is the company's requirements, and that I promised to take care of the puppy. I received the email that did not even have a phone number, which asked me for $700 to rent a special kennel, since the weather was bad and it was a danger for the puppy, or to pay $1,200 if I ended up keeping the kennel. She also indicates that if I rent, it would be returned to me once the puppy was delivered. I complained to the owner and the result was that she asked a friend or family member for money. We started arguing and he blocked me everywhere. I tried to call the delivery company and there was no one there either. This is the page and which this person is in cahoots with. I reported to Facebook, but according to friends, they tell me that they follow the page on Facebook. I also reported to Paypal, but they closed my case because the payment was authorized, but they do not understand that it was a fraud.

I told that person that she was going to report her and there she gave me another address, different from the one she had told me at the beginning. She had told me Fourt Laudale and then Jacksonville. I am from Puerto Rico, but the information you request does not give me the option to enter Puerto Rico.

- Wayland, MI, USA • Apr 11, 2024

Seller of the puppy wanted $200. Agreed on an offer of $150. Puppy shots were to be all up to date before purchasing. The seller wanted credit card. Then they changed her mind to gift cards. Received a gift card through text messaging of $150 of going to Dollar General to pick up the Apple gift cards. Received text pictures of puppy shots that were for a male puppy and not a female that we agreed I would purchase. The parents and the puppies were to be AKC registered. Did not receive copies of the parent s or for the puppy. Received an AKC form to sign to put the puppy to transferred from ownership. Said that the puppy needed to be paid for in full that was owed another $50. Contacted the gift card. The gift cards have indicated that all three gift cards were completely clear of the $150. The gift cards were no longer available for me to get the money back. Seller of the puppy had told that they were going to send the the puppy to me with a delivery service called tradewinds logistic LLC and for me to contact the agency to follow up with the delivery service. Delivery service had text and said that it would be $300 and would get back 98% after puppy was delivered. $100 for an additional shot. Get back 98%. Said if there was any damages from the air-conditioned crate that there would be a $500 fee that I would have to pay in full and I would not get any of the $300 or the $100 back.

- Mesa, AZ, USA • Apr 07, 2024

I saw the puppies on his website. They were absolutely the most adorable puppies I have ever soon ( I just lost my precious Alix a few months ago if heart failure). So the timing was perfect. I really need a new pet; I have so much love to shower on them.

- Graham, NC, USA • Apr 02, 2024

Tried to purchase a dachshund puppy from this website. Saw reviews that seemed legitimate. However, turned out this seems to be a major scam. Reported to bank and bank credited the money back.

- West Palm Beach, FL, USA • Mar 31, 2024

This person: Ramson Ejime, wanted to sell a puppy to me, he asked for the deposit $300 that was transfered via Cashapp to Jaydin Johnson($d1Jadyn11). Then Ramson Ejime requested $200 for paperwork which was transferred via Cashapp to Jay ($Jay2rich30). Then Ramson requested $200 to pay for puppy’s vaccination which was sent via Zelle to Treyvon Watts. In the end he said the puppy was sick and needed $200 more for the vet which was transferred via Cashapp again to Jay ($Jay2Rich30). One last time he requested $200 to repair his car to bring the puppy which was transferred to Nadiyah Mitchell ($Nadiyaahv). Totaling $1100 for a puppy that never even existed.

- Vidalia, GA, USA • Mar 23, 2024

Inquired about purchasing a golden doodle. Sent $340 for a deposit. Was told to sign a puppy contract. Signed and returned the puppy contract yet never received an updated contract. Was told I need to to send the rest of the money ($400) in order to prepare dog for pick up on Sunday (3/24/24). After sending the money contact was minimal even after several attempts. After asking for a refund due to unprofessionalism and thought of possible scam, breeder refused to refund money stating that the money was non refundable. However, the puppy contract does NOT state anything about money being nonfundable in the event of non purchase.

- Henderson, NV, USA • Mar 22, 2024

Person was selling puppies on Facebook. Placed our deposit first through Zelle which was unsuccessful. Then via PayPal, but scammer didn't like that I chose goods/services instead of Friends and Family. They refunded it. Then I made the deposit through Venmo. Was promised the puppy would be delivered. Before they left with the puppy, they wanted the balance because of unforeseen medical bills with their mom. We refused. We went to pick up the puppy at the address given and nobody answered and we were immediately blocked from the Facebook group and on Facebook. Requested deposited back from Venmo and they declined.

• Mar 21, 2024

Leonard teacup puppies homes
[email protected]
I pay $600.00 (SCAM)he send the puppy with (SAFE AIR PET RELOCATORS) I pay them with Debit card Walmart (10,000) they never delivered, that money was going to be refunded when they deliver the puppy at home his phone (. 15345006770 the phone the owner 12622942633 and he keep selling the puppy on line (thies) Be careful with these.

- Salem, OR, USA • Mar 21, 2024

I purchased a puppy from a breeder online but they did not deliver and kept asking for more money after I paid the puppy fee and vet fee .. I realized it was a scam when they delayed delivery by 2 days and kept asking for more money

- Canyon, TX, USA • Mar 21, 2024

I saw an ad on facebook for Yorkie puppies. i emailed the person on the ad and was told to get a Walmart card for $190 for the puppy. The seller, Kelly Noella, said she was 4 hours away and would bring it to me. The day she was to deliver the puppy she had a flat tire and recommended shipping.. At a later date I was told to get a Walmart money card for $200 for a shipping crate. Then the shipping company said they would not ship unless I paid another $600. I paid the first two amounts but not the $600. The seller, Kelly Noella is not returning calls or emails.

• Mar 20, 2024

385-381-1632 is a scam. Do not give them any information.
They use stock photos found online as their listings. is a scam

- Franksville, WI, USA • Mar 17, 2024

The website has a contact option which opens a page to fill out information. They get back to you via [email protected]. They ask you to send them payment over Zelle, Apple Pay, cashapp, and Chime. Once I replied that for security reasons I would need them to go through a third party financial company that would hold the funds until the company received proof of delivery of the animal, then it would be released to them to both protect us and them, they immediately stopped emailing back.

This was after they were emailing back almost instantly to every reply. This website is also listed on as a scam site. There is no contact info on the website.

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