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Premium Keto Store

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Premium Keto Store Reports & Reviews (107)

I have done the same thing you all have done, I ordered it, it seems twice plus that $34.98 which I never agreed too. The e-mail says wait 3-5 business days, that was 2 weeks ago. Tried to call, got through to someone who had a hard time understanding me, then got hung up on. Have tried to get through ever since and can't get through. Sent a e-mail, nothing back.


I ordered 1 bottle of keto for cost of shipping and handling- I was charged $198.70, $34.98, and $1.99. I have no idea what I was charged for. I called the "merchant" who informed me I must return the 6 bottles I received the day I noticed these illlicit charges on my credit card. "Merchant" informed me I must return items for refund. I informed him that since I received the items unsolicited and that the charged were placed fraudulently on my card, I would not be returning any merchandise. Buyer beware.


On May 28th I did not complete my order and yet had two charges $198.7 and another for $34.98. I cannot get through on the number and have left messages. I have emailed and no response. No one calls back. I would like to return the order in the original packaging. It has not been opened.
Please help!


$119,$34.98,$1.99 same. Was charged 6/9/20 CHS Premium keto
? What to do? Is there no recourse?


Call your credit card company and report this fraudulent charge to them. They will investigate and you won’t be held responsible.

Scammer's phone 1-833-955-0079
Scammer's address AZ
Scammer's email customerservice
Country United States
Type of a scam Credit Cards
Initial means of contact Online classifieds (e.g., Craigslist)

Ordered Keto pills. on 5/14 at 7:34. Checked card on 5/15. they charged me for an additional item. I called them 3 times on the 15th got disconnected. Finally I got thru at 3:38 pm canceled order same day. Confirmation email said I canceled subscription only. On 5/26 pills came never opened mailed back on 5/27 per their instructions. They received on 6/1. Can't get thru. I emailed customer serv. 2 times. Where's my refund. No reply. Lynda wYNN


I orders Keto pills from this store on 5/14/20. Checked my credit card the next day and they also charged me for some Keto Booster too. On the 15th at 11.05 I called them 3 times and got disconnected. Finally I got thru at 3:38 I got thru talked to a Steve and canceled the order. He said OK I'd get a confirmation. Well, it came stating I canceled my subscription (not the order).I received their shipment on 5/26 I called he said to mail back. I did. They received it on 6/1 Now I don't get a refund. Who are these people? How can they do this? Lynda S Wynn


I ordered the premium keto and I noticed they charged me 3 times one was 198.70, 34.98, then 1.99 for shipping. I only ordered the 34.98. I tried calling them and they said they couldn't give me my money back until I sent back the order that was June 1,2020. Its June 8 and I still dont have my order.SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.


Same here! I contacted my BOA credit card company and informed them as well. I have to wait for this to play-out. They said to call them once the product arrives when I call to get the shipping label. Tell them to send me a confirmation email that I am cancelling and sending the product back. Then take it to the post office to get a confirmation that I am sending it back.

Scammer's website ketofast
Scammer's address po box 13009, scottsdale,az 85267
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product
Initial means of contact Website

I ordered buy 3 get 2 bottles of keto fast. I was supposed to be charged
$ 29.99 per bottle which should have been around $90 free shipping.
I was charge $ 198.70, $34.98 & $1.99for a total of $ 235.67.
I called your customer service the woman was very rude and said my order was shipped and call back. As of today June 6 I have not received my order and I'm out over $200.


This is a scam. I wish I would have researched this first. I too was sucked into an ad that advertised a free bottle. Ads with Al Roker and Dr. Oz. Of course, the options were different. I ended up ordering the buy 1/get 2 free for 34.95. You will not see a price until after payment is processed. I too was charged 198.70. I knew immediately this had to be a scam. I called the number on the invoice that was emailed immediately and got an answering machine. I immediately sent an email cancelling this order. You will also have to cancel the auto ship for future billing. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!


I didn’t receive an email. Unless in spam. Can you tell me the email address that they used?

I cancelled debit card all together. Which takes care if their auto ship.
At least you received an email. I received nothing. Just the same three over-charges on my account. My bank said cancel card, file a dispute. I will get my refund it will just take a while.

Product was purchased online at a cost of $29.95. Saw my credit card was charged $154.94 PLUS $34.98 for an additional product that was not ordered. Called to inquire and cancel the order. Was informed that I had enrolled in auto-delivery/auto charging of my credit card and that the order could not be canceled.


i was over charge 119.00 call can was told to call back


I ordered from this store they charged my card $198.70 and another $34.00 I was wondering how to get my money back I never received anything from them what can
I do they said it would take three to five business days to receive it. I called them and they said someone would call back as to what they would do. I have not heard from them at all I have emailed them also.. I would not recommend anyone ordering from this company


Would you please list their email address? I didn’t even receive an email.

Victim Location 28701
Total money lost $233.68
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Not applicable

They stated that ordering was urgent. Although this was not a major issue in itself, it prevented me from seeing clearly who this company actually is. I don't know where they are located. I received two immediate emails as statements. One was for a purchase of $34.98 that I didn't make. Neither e-mail states what I ordered exactly, and says "allow 3-5 business days for your product to arrive." It has been 11 days with no delivery and no update on my order status. I called the phone numbers which I have I have provide you. I can not make contact with anyone. I am either left on hold or am hung up on. My purchase is also, seemingly, $100 more than it was supposed to be. I figured that I was going to pay $120 for a product when I ordered.

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I ordered 3 bottles for 34.95 each... and was supposed to get 2 free. That should be around $104. However, the bill was $198.60. I wrote to them at whatever address I could find which was a challenge in itself -- cancelling the order. But now the charge is on my VISA bill. I just want to see what they ship me... and then I'll figure out what to do with these CH****ERS.


I ordered 1 bottle, in a min. my card was charged for 6 bottles over 400. on my card,called card right away n got 80% of my money back card person told me they been getting alot of calls on them,but they keep oking the transaction,call ur card u dont even have to have the product and they will credit u back some of the money.

Were you able to resolve this? Did you receive a shipment? Any info you have would be great. Thank you.
Patti Williamson

Product was purchased online at a cost of $29.95. Saw my credit card was charged $154.94 PLUS $34.98 for an additional product that was not ordered. Called to inquire and cancel the order. Was informed that I had enrolled in auto-delivery/auto charging of my credit card and that the order could not be canceled.


Yes - I realize that they charged $39.95, not the stated $29.95. Highway robbery. No recourse.

Victim Location 32063
Total money lost $124.98
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Product was purchased online at a cost of ~$29.95. Received email confirmation of order, which indicated a charge of $119.95, plus $34.98 for an additional product that was not ordered. Called to inquire and cancel order. Was informed that I had enrolled in auto-delivery/auto-charging of my credit card, when I did not. Was told order could not be canceled.


Victim Location 89703
Total money lost $99
Type of a scam Online Purchase

In March 2020, Keto Now Advanced was advertised on Facebook. There I read all the Kudos (later to be found false, and meant to commit fraud) and clicked on the order page. They were advertising "Buy three and get two free - for $29.99 - with free shipping". I ordered three and two free for $29.99. I was never informed what the total cost would be. I later found out that the amount they tried to charge my account was $199.00, since I don't keep that much money in the account it didn't process. So they simply lowered the charge to $99.00 (a legitimate company would have contacted the buyer, me, or simply cancelled the order) and that one went through, of course it was not the $29.99, as advertised. Their site did not give any contact information. Finally, I received an email and I requested a cancellation of the order immediately, their response was the order can not be cancelled since it has already been sent to the fulfillment team. According to my bank I had to wait for the transaction to actually post to my account before I could take any action. So in the meantime a sent emails with always the same response, they can't help me and when I called them twice, the phone rang once and was promptly hung up or disconnected without them answering, but instead they sent me another email informing me they were available by email. I completed a Card Dispute with my bank but have not heard back as yet. I am trying to fight the charge and have the fraud recognized so others do not get caught up in the fraud. But, following the issue I now see that this company keeps changing the product name, so people can't follow it. It is major fraud being perpetrated. Please help! And, now I am finding pages on the Internet which are saying that the product itself, is not what it should be to fulfill its claim for losing weight. I question the safety of this product. If they can perpetrate this fraud, knowingly, then they don't care about the people who are buying their product. Please, please, find a way - on-line - to put this information up; so others are not taken in with this fraud. Note: They keep changing the product name to avoid attempts to follow it and to continue the fraud. Now its name is "Rapid Fast Keto Boost".


Victim Location 33950
Total money lost $198.70
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Instant Keto was supposedly advertising on the Dr. Oz show about their product and there was a link to order some. Of, course they had different special offers, so I order the the buy 2 get one free for $49.99. When I got my confirmation email on order #555071, they had that I was getting the buy 3 get two order for $99.99. I called them right away and said that was not what I ordered. They had already placed it and I couldn't change it. I called several times, 12/4, 12/9, 12/12, 12/16, 12/18, 12/23, 1/9, 1/16 & 1/22. One person (12/9 - Sol) said: because of my inconvenience she would go ahead and refund my money, that never happened. Then one person (12/12 - Josh) said I should get my refund within 4-7 days, that didn't happen. The next person (12/18 Sergio) said I had to return the product first. So, I got a return #12092019555071and returned it to 3201 Hillsborough Ave 153201-1378, Tampa, FL 33684 on January 10, 2020. The next person (1/16 - Jeyman) said she would send my information to the billing department and my refund would be expedited. Today (1/22) I spoke to Anna #369 and she said she would have a supervisor call me within 2 hours, I waited 3 and called back. Now they say they have to check to see if the bottles were opened and get back to me. They say they send emails, but I never get them. Oh, and they charged my account $198.70, which wasn't even the price of any of the internet offers.


Victim Location 16701
Total money lost $198.70
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I returned the product within 8 days of placing the order. I contacted the company and received an RMA and confirmation that would receive a refund less a $25.00 restocking fee. After 5 calls, i never received the refund. In the end, they said I failed to request the refund within the 30 days of receipt of the order. They are very deceptive and unethical. The initial call with an agent was very understanding and the last call was with an agent and supervisor who simply would not honor the agreement associated with the RMA.


Victim Location 35043
Total money lost $130
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Website used fake celebrity and business endorsements, and offered free trial of 1 bottle. I was shipped 5 bottles and charged $135.00. No way to contact company listed on shipping label, or means to acquire refund. COMPLETE SCAM.

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P.O Box 29054, Scottsdale, Arizona 85267



This website was reported to be associated with Premium Keto Store.

This website was reported to be associated with Premium Keto Store.


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