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Mr. James Kingston calls from PCH and tells me I won 1 million plus 5,000 a week for life. He provided me with numbers to give to the prize patrol and said I have to get an Apple gift card of 500.00 (FDIC) to insure the million gets to my bank. I did not provide any information to this man.


I received a letter from Publisher's Clearing House with a check for $8758.42 I called the number on the letter to see what this was for and the man I spoke with said that I had won $750,000.00 and that this check was for the Canadian taxes that I would need to pay from the winnings. This man instructed me to go ahead and deposit the check. I was skeptical and wanted to check with the local BBB. I have uploaded the letter as well as a copy of the check. 


These people are using my brother, saying he won $100,000 from Agent David Larry Young from PCH, publishers clearing house. It asks for name, mothers name, address, & phone#, age. They said I won $100.000, but I need to send them $500.00 for fees first.


My mom is currently being scared by a number from Jamaica initially along with a John Cooper. That she has won money and has been waiting on delivery

She has sent checks to a William Gross about 6 all for about 100 to 200 dollars at an address in Texas. This address is a residential address owned by a widow.

This group has 3 different people involved

The person receiving the checks who's is "high up a publisher clearing house" and female 'lawyer" trying to get her SSN to "file taxes." And Mr Cooper who is going to drop it off and clearly hated Google earth to know landmarks clear to her house

They also appear to have a number w a Colorado area code


They tried to tell me I needed to purchase a 500.00 gift card to get a claim card from them in order to receive my 2.5 million dollar cashier check and a 2020 Mercedes


my mother has recieved more than 6 phone calls, daily for a week, from a person claiming that she has won money and a car. He said he was from PCH. I called the number he gave her and spoke to this person claiming he was Curt Walton, nephew to Sam Walton, owner of Walmart. I asked him to give me his business license number and he said he could not do that. He then said that i could go online to . i did not. He claimed to be a part of 2 companys, lottery /sweepstakes. After the call i made to him, within 10 minutes he called back and told her that her daughter had called my mother. I did not give him my name or hers. Prior to this call i made , He was insistant that she open an a bank account at Chase or Wells Fargo bank to recieve her winnings, he also told her that she needed to pay fees to recieve that money. The scammers have an answer for every question. My mom contacted PCH, they said they were going to look into it. We are going to report it to the police dept also.


This is the second time in 2 days this scammer has called us. but telling us to reply by a different phone number both having the same prefix of 917. They stated that we had won $5 million and to call them back each time giving the same message but different return call numbers. Relating the win to a subscription to a magazine we do not have. This is what alerted us that it was a fraud. We deleted the phone message without replying.


I received a call from a man named Robert stating I had won The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. He instructed me to go to the store and buy a Visa gift card from Dollar General, then to call him back and give him the numbers on the gift card. I thought it sounded odd and did not purchase the gift card. He continued to call me.


I was contacted on Facebook messenger by a Robert Beaird from Publishers Clearing House with a lottery gift. They asked me to purchase 2 Apple gift cards totaling $800. They never showed up with my winnings as they said I would receive a check at my door but 11am today 10/4/21

You may contact us at our offices +1(605)638-4247 no money is required to claim your prize if anyone ask you for money it's a scam.

Promised multiple prizes,while sending money to numerous ppl ,Charles Ventola phoenix Arizona 1000.00,Debra pch worker1300.00 in go vanilla gift cards Michael and Debra were the speakers . Michael claims his from South Dakota,the list goes on.Jennifer Nelson 2029 north 400 west Lafayette Indiana 47906


Left message on answering machine that I won 35 M and a Mercedes and $7500 a month for life.

- Columbus, IN, USA

It was a friend request on Facebook, I accept the request. I heard on Messenger from that friend asking how we were doing. This friend had traveled with us on a senior center bus trip, and when I responded back, I asked if they were signed up to go on any future bus trips. She responded haven't you heard the good news. I said probably not. She responded with I bought a motor home. And then said have you heard of PCH. I responded, Publishing Clearing House? Then I received 4 pictures of a motor home, and she said they were going on vacation soon. Than she asked me if I had received my money, she saw my name on the list when she received her cash. I said no. She wanted to know if I new how to contact them. I said nope. She responded with a website that all I had to do is click and tell them I heard about PCH from a friend and I wanted to apply. The site popped up looking like a PCH site and I had to provide my name for them to verify that I was eligible to apply. I did. Since I was eligible and getting caught up in the excitement, which I know better, I now had to provide, name, address, birthdate, phone #, marital status, monthly income and would I like cash or check, for them to proceed and verify I was eligible for this $150,000. Which I provided. They then sent back a

Reference #: 990078567

Batch#: 9056490602/333

Ticket#: 85430000

Serial #:775555111/216

And said I would need to present this information to accept the check and to keep this confidential to third parties until the surprise delivery of my check. After I wrote this info down I was to let them know...I ended it there and never responded back.

- Germantown, TN, USA

Fake PCH call

- Memphis, TN, USA

I got a call from someone claiming to be with publishers clearing house, stating that i won 7 million. I had to pay fees for winning. I paid now they not sending winnings. All together I sent them 10k.

- Memphis, TN, USA

I received a call from a Jeffrey Douglas claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House. I came to believe him. I was told that I needed to pay a bank fee for transferring the amount of money I was getting, and also a Publishers Clearing House shipping fee. I was told to buy Vanilla Gift cards to pay the fee.

I recently fell victim to the publishers clearing house scam. Altogether I lost 100k.between the credit cards I maxed out, and the money I took from savings to purchase gift cards and wire money.

I recently fell victim to the publishers clearing house scam. Altogether I lost 100k.between the credit cards I maxed out, and the money I took from savings to purchase gift cards and wire money.

- Yuma, AZ, USA

Scammer stated I won PCH and I had to pay the taxes first.

- Vandalia, OH, USA

we got acall from a john spencer...head of the pch...says we won 42 million a 2021 bmc car..and 5000 each year

- Peoria, IL, USA

I keep getting a text message from an agent claiming to be with pch company and saying that we won money. They are saying that they don't need any pertinent information - just my address so they can deliver my prize

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