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PCH Reports & Reviews (210)

A representative claiming to be with PCH (Publishers Clearing House) said I had won a re-drawing from 2010 of $350,000.00. He said some would meet me at my home with prize. I told him I was out of town on business and would need to respond the next day.

I called PCH and discuss the claim. They do not call people with prize information or require any money to receive a prize.

I turned the information over to there fraud dept.

- Emporia, KS, USA

I was told that I won a PCH prize

- Taylor, MI, USA

reaceived a phone call from a Todd S claiming i was 2nd place winner in publishers clearing house, he wanted me to fed ex 3563.00 dollars to pay taxes on prize money, he wanted me to call him back in 10 minutes to see if i got a ride, if not he was going to send a ride for me. He told me to keep everything private, the only thing i gave him was my address, i hope that doesnt pose a problem, I called immediately and was told to block his phone number, he has e mailed me sence,

- Madison, WI, USA

A man by the name of Fred White called and said if we paid $255 today, tomorrow they would deliver a Publisher Clearing House check for 1.8 million dollars and a 2017 car.

First we needed to pay the taxes for the money and could send it through Walmart or Walgreens.

- Caldwell, ID, USA

Ben Johnson called from PCH. Said i won 4.5 million and a new car. Said I need to pay $899 for fees and delivery of winnings. I said I had no money. He said I could write a check to myself for Cash. He also mentioned Bank of America. He called me "sweetie" and "mother". He also said to write #0101004290US on the check. This is a scam.

Called saying I won a sweepstakes

I was contacted by a man Who called himself James Amderson with the phone number (626) 723-3XX7 out of Pomona California I researched his number and all I got was owner information of Mpower. He stated that I had won 2.5 million dollars and a new car. But before they could make the delivery I would have to pay $995.00 Registration fee. I informed him that I was not going to pay the fee. I also told him I would pay him after the check cleared in 7 to 10 business days. He started to get pushiest he tried to get my personal information I declined to answer his questions. I stated that he should have a safe trip home and he hung up on me. That proves to me it was a scam due to he no longer wanted to try to get money out of me. If anyone asks for money upfront to receive money it is a scam. And if they try to get personal information DON'T give it to them. By the way PCH is located in NY. I'm not telling you the city you can google that for your self. I am going to post this on as many websites I can post it on.

Someone called to my mother that she was a winner of the Publisher clearinghouse. She won $8 million dollars, and a Mercedes Benz. To claim her prize she would need to mail a certified check for $850. Thank God when she went to get the check, she went to her bank. When the teller asked who to make it out to, the teller realize that my mother was being scammed, and told her that she shouldn't get the check. When my mother returned home she received a phone call asking if she got the check. She replied no and she told the man to take it out of the winnings in to send her the rest. The man told her it didn't work that way, that she need to go back and get the check she replied no and hung up the phone. She received 25 calls after that from that same number. The next day he called again she told him no again and the man said that he will send someone out to her house to bring the winnings to her. I, her daughter contact the sheriff department to make them aware of this situation. To have patrols to go down her street.

- Sylacauga, AL, USA

Said Publishers Clearing House was on there way, bringing me $5000000 dollars and a new auto. Needed to know my address and that I would have to register my phone # with the nearest Western Union

- Jonesboro, AR, USA

I have to pay a 1% fee of 5.9 million dollars before I get the check

- Richland Center, WI, USA

Got a phone call from someone identifying the self from PCH and when I asked what PCH was, they asked are you Beth and I said yes,then heard about scam that someone records your voice then uses your voice fraudulently.

- Belleville, IL, USA

Received an email saying that I won the 50000000 pch and asks for my full name, telephone number, address, and age.

- Kalamazoo, MI, USA

Aribic had hard time claiming he was the Dave Sawyer, good English but stressed his r. I claimed directly he wasn't who he said he was and claimed I wasn't Dave Sawyer myself. I wasn't claiming to be him so the conflict of whether I wanted the money or not came to question so I said yes. Then I started filing reports on instagram of the spam . So if the real Daniel is wondering Why I blocked her I hope she knows I didn't want it to be like that.

Caller calling my elderly mother saying she won $50,000 wants a fee sent to them to process

Caller said his name was John Baker, had a foreign accent.  Said won some prizes from entry several years ago.   As soon as mentioned calling the, he say why?   Turned over to a Mary someone...

- Lexington, NC, USA

They called the house #, said they were from Publishers Clearing House, said I was a winner of $855,000, $5,000 a week for life and a 2016 Cherry Red Merz Bentz and I was to go to Food Lion and fill out a form and send them $387.14 to a person in Denton, NC and then they would send me $5,000. I have all the information. I also called Western Union and gave them the information and they said it is a scam.

this person that called stated that I had won the second prize in the PCH drawing. There was a prize patrol coming to my house in an hour and 15 minutes. The prize was 960,000 plus a new car. He kept going and explained that I would need to pay a 1% charge for the prize to be awarded. That fee would be $960.00. I kept questioning and he asked how far I was from a Walmart. His prize patrol could meet me there and we would swap checks after I paid the 1% fee. I had told him that I wanted to check it out and I was going to call PCH. He said go ahead. 30 minutes later he called and ask what I found out. He started getting a little irritated and finally got a little testy. He said his name was Nigel Kingsbury.

Paul/Robert (caller), $1.3mil and a car; ask for my bank account # and SSN; wanted $450 to deliver and will send 3 people to my door to send the cash; he called and ask if I have the cash and I hung up on him, not to call again.

Received a call from Jamaica from a woman claiming to Michelle West. She spoke with a notable accent and stated I had won 2nd prize in the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes : 1.5 million USD, and a Pearl White Mercedes Benz. She tried to gain my trust by asking me if I believed in fate and that she was a woman of her word and of strong faith, I should thank God that He guided her to call me this day Dec 7th, 2016. She asked me to write down a claim number, a check number, and her name: Michelle West, badge number 125341. After I pretended to entertain this charade and agreed to be passed to her "General Manager" she stated she was patching me thru to extension 5. A man who claimed to be Dell Jenkins answered and said he was the General manager and the CEO (wow). He said "I am a very serious man and I am a man of my world, I am going to ask you some information so I can pull out your file". And here is where he tried to get me, (the moment I was waiting for). My name; I said "You guys called me, I am the winner... you tell me who you are trying to reach" He was taken back by my statement and proceeded in a notable upset voice which by now sounded a lot like Michelle's voice; he said " I am a serious man! I am the CEO!, I am not here to play games or play a joke, If you are uncomfortable please take your time and tell me your name, or you can just tell me to hang up". I told him, I am skeptical about this whole thing and usually If someone calls a person to inform of being a winner of something they have all the information already. After that he (or very likely she, Michelle) said in a more upset tone, "i remind you, I am a serious man of my word and of strong faith I am not trying to fool you or play a joke". By now I am tired of this and told him "the way this whole thing has been approached is not likely to be legit, and that it has been fun but now I don't feel like playing anymore; I asked him/her to please hang up and never call again. indeed a scam!

Received letter saying second place winner and the amount is 2.5 million.  had a "check" for $6980.00 with it and said before cashing the check had to call claims mgr.  "Lewis Walker" and that by law my security code and prize information has to be kept confidential.   Check for $6980.00 says from Disney Worldwide Services and supposedly written on Citbank.

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