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Orderplus International Limited

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Orderplus International Limited Reports & Reviews (321)

I have the similar experience. They sell garbage. I would never ever buy from this company. They were totally cheats. I have communicated back and forth with this company. They would not refund unless I close the disputed case: "Are you sure you want to close this case? Once this case is closed, you can’t report another issue on this transaction. If you are expecting a refund or a replacement from the seller, we recommend that you close this case after you receive it."
If I don't hear back from them, I would escalate the case. Has anyone escalated your case and got anywhere? This is such a fraudulent company someone out to get it!
Emily from Chicago


I am in the same situation. I ordered from Orderplus International. Never heard from them. So I filed a Paypal complaint. Orderplus International provided a tracking number - case got closed by Paypal.
The package I received had 3 articles in it that were just rubbish. The other 4 articles I ordered never came.
I was able to reopen my Paypal complaint but am not very hopeful that they'll help.


UPDATE! OrderPlus International Scam. NOW UNDER INVESTIGATION!
I battled PayPal, did the resolution, PayPal would not solve it even after the days had gone by past the time OrderPlus was supposed to respond, Paypal asked me to give OrderPlus more time to respond, I did, going against their own rules. I made screenshots of everything and documented everything. I then contact the CEO of PayPal, got his information by searching.

There are many PayPal complaint sites one of which put me in contact with the recent CEO of PayPal. It was said that the CEP of PayPal is a great guy and will solve the issue in less than 4 days. That site was correct! He is a great guy and seems to want to clean up all the mess! I let him know that I had to go to the Proper Authorities and FBI as others did. Also that I will be taking it to the media on how many people were scammed by OrderPlus International while hiding under PayPal protection, including so many seniors who can not stand up for themselves. After contacting the CEO with all that I gave him and all of the complaints all over the internet, PayPal ruled in my favor. I am now asking them to also refund everyone who has been scammed by OrderPlus International. Also, I was told the day before by a PayPal customer service rep that OrderPlus International is now under investigation as of yesterday! EVERYONE Write to PayPal CEO. His info will not be on the regular PayPal site... Not sure I can add an email here but you can find it on google by searching for PayPal CEO. I want to see all of you refunded and OrderPlus get taken down.


PayPal may be involved in this scam. Contact your bank and credit card company!

What they did to me:

I strongly feel this company needs to be researched and investigated. PayPal is complicit in this. I also strongly believe that PayPal is behind this scam.
PayPal refuses to do anything about the thousands of complaints. In my case, PayPal will not refund even after the time permitted has passed, now they are ignoring me.
I am now dealing with my bank. The issue is larger than just me.
This is not just in my case but for so many others being scammed by OrderPlus International Limited

ORDERPLUS INTERNATIONAL Thousands are being scammed, hundreds of PayPal users. I was one of them.

Many believe PayPal is involved because nothing is being done.


WHAT HAPPENED IN MY CASE: (Canceled order because I was notified they will not send items, then banned from site, money not returned, company suspended my order)

I made a purchase and later received several emails from OrderPlus ( saying they do not know when they will send the order. Days have gone by. After realizing I can not send any emails back, no phone numbers available, the ones I did get were fake numbers. I realized that I had been scammed by this company the 2nd time. I then went to PayPal to see the actual name of the company and how it appears on my credit card, I saw the name OrderPlus International Limited which known for click-and-bait scams. I then research the company and WOW! Overwhelming amount of complaints through PayPal and thousands of people from around the world all filed some form of complaint and are victims of their fraud. THIS SCAM IS ON A LARGE SCALE such as the Nigerian scam but on an exceedingly larger scale.

I then went to their site (ininrubyclub) which is nicely set up with their main site template for all their fraudulent sites, went to my order page. There was a button on my order page to (cancel the order.) since it had not been processed or shipped. I clicked on the button to cancel the order and within seconds, a screen popped up stating I was banned/blocked from the site. (You have been banned from this site by the owner.) This is why I researched OrderPlus further. I found out this scam is one of the largest ever seen. After more research, I discovered that the company had made millions of dollars scamming hundreds of thousands of people everywhere! PayPal has several complaint boards with hundreds of victims on each of them who all made complaints to PayPal, and PayPal did not do anything about it. This is the most complained-about company ever on PayPal and the one company that PayPal allows to continue to scam victims.

After I had filed a complaint with PayPal, I then received several emails from OrderPlus (IninRubyClub site) that my order has been suspended because I complained. The email states they will not do anything unless I cancel the complaint. Then proceed to provide to me the link on where to cancel it and instruct me how to cancel it. I received several of those emails. Google flagged the email address, it was a big red notice, cautioning me that the email address OrderPlus used was a scam email and affiliated with fraud. I can not reply to the email because it comes back to me. The email address is not available, but the email I received from OrderPlus is created from a site used in fraud to hide the identity of the sender and so that you can not reply.

When there is a dispute with Paypal, OrderPlus International will in some cases, send the victim a package in order to provide a tracking number, in most cases the tracking numbers are fake. For those who received a package, what's in the package is shocking! It can be anything, paper clothing, toilet paper, trash, badly constructed clothing, but not what was purchased. Just something to fill the box with. If there are items of clothing sent, nothing at all like the photos on their site, not what was ordered, and always garbage. They will merely place anything in the package, just to retain a tracking number. They will then send PayPal that tracking number and PayPal will close the customer's cases because they received a tracking number. The customers never receive what they ordered. PayPal obviously never investigates which assists known the fraudulent company OrderPlus.

The most shocking thing is PayPal would have the victims send back the items and tell the victim once they give PayPal a tracking number and send back the garbage they received, PayPal will then reimburse their money. There are screenshots of PayPal's responses after the victims did as they were directed and sent the items back to the sender. PayPal will then reply, they ruled in the favor of OrderPlus because the victim did not send the shipment back right. So now the victim is out of more cost for shipping back what was sent.

I filed with PayPal to return my money. Currently, I have received several emails from the company with strange email addresses that are flagged by Google. Email addresses you can not reply to. The emails read they will not send anything or produce anything unless I dismiss the complaint. The last email was a subtle threat. They wrote they didn't have to send me anything, and if I do not drop the complaint from PayPal they will not help me and I will never get my money.

This is the 2nd time I was scammed by this company. The first time was a few years ago. At that time there were also thousands of complaints. I went to the media after watching other stories on TV about this company and there was a story with me on the news as another victim and a warning to watch out for these sites. In that case, I received paper in the mail, silver paper-like cloth, and no items.

I have links, screenshots attached. One of their employees found here:

Xi’an City, Shaanxi, China


Sorry to hear your troubles. No I’m not from this company. Never close the case on PayPal until you received your refund or item from them. They will not have access to any of their $$ from other customers that have complaints until yours resolved.

Be careful all these pop-up ads keep coming up, and getting worse. Research the actual company before you buy. Hope this helps

I have placed an order 3 items been over a week now,no confirmation # ,no updates at all...emailing them and all I got was that email does not exist, payment through PayPal ..


Missing order placed 12th Feb 2021.
$95.45 aus
Transaction ID: 09233551WV538453N
Never arrived at
22 Jude Avenue, Mildura, Vic. Australia.
Was paid with PayPal. Payment has been successfull.


Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Not applicable

Llevo ya mucho tiempo esperando mi envío de está empresa o no se lo q sea eso necesito q me envíen las cosas q compre y pague hace rato más de 15 días llevo en esto

Según los comentarios q estoy viendo de muchas personas aquí me estoy dando cuenta q mis pedidos están en veremos necesito q me lo hagan llegar pk los pagué peso por peso

My contact email is [email protected]

I put in an order with payment through paypal for the following items and so far have not received any information from this company.

Description Unit price Qty Amount
Casual Cotton Linen V-neck Midi Dress
Item# SPDVJTTC9GA-76340822 $24.07 USD 1 $24.07 USD
Color Block Flat Peep Toe Casual Sandals
Item# A599F7703E5F-39814801 $31.99 USD 1 $31.99 USD
Plain Flat Peep Toe Casual Comfort Sandals
Item# 72E97568B2CC-39820159 $31.99 USD 1 $31.99 USD
Women's Casual Loose Tank Dress
Item# SP1B5GI9ZP0-41425642 $31.99 USD 1 $31.99 USD
Fashion loose casual all-match dress
Item# SPPYHUVEFK1-63108552 $24.96 USD 1 $24.96 USD
Casual Solid Tunic Round Neckline Shift Dress
Item# SPVRT9SPW0F-79154185 $24.96 USD 1 $24.96 USD
Subtotal $169.96 USD
Seller discount or charges $30.49 USD
Total $139.47 USD
Payment $139.47 USD
Charge will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *ORDERPLUSIN"
Payment sent to [email protected]
Payment sent from [email protected]
Funding Sources Used (Total)


ordered Edinburgh vest absolute rubbish supposed to be leather its plastic do not order from this scam company


I ordered The Edinburgh Vest [ Golden Saddle Color ] and got it today Mar:24/2021 after almost 2 months. It was a [censored]ty Blue and not the color I ordered, not only that, it's very cheaply made with cheap material. Don't order anything that you see on Facebook or other sites, 99% will be from China - N.F.G. Do your research it may save you money.
Not Happy at all ...


I ordered 14 items. After too long, they said that six had shipped. I have not gotten those items. The other eight they said they would rush and two weeks layperson they have not shipped. Please don’t use this company. It is not a good company. The items look nice on the web photos, but they do not have them and I believe it is either a scam or they are very poor business people.


Apart from breach of contract for failing to supply goods bought and paid for, holding themselves out as a limited liability company, namely Orderplus International Limited, (which does not appear in the Register at Companies House) is fraud and a criminal offence.


I h ave the same problems. I ordered 7 dresses, and got 3. Fabric is nylon and see-thru, and I dont even recognize one of the dresses. If this will help anyone, my order has a return address of: HNBV, 1550 Glenna Curtis St., Carson, CA 90746. I will be returning my "stuff" to that address, not China, and will be doing it all thru Paypal. Please everyone set up a Paypal account, pay that way, protect your credit cards, and get the backup you deserve. Trying to remember where their ad came from? Was it on My Yahoo? If so, we should notify that company of their bogus advertiser.


I ordered through a facebook add. The adds were so prolific I ordered without thinking to check reviews. They also operate numerous other fashion sites. I ordered via ninacloak. But they also run berryhill lulucloak vencano airydress et. Cetera

I ordered two shirts to the value of AUD$90.00 and the package arrived after 5 weeks and both items were not shirts I ordered. They were disgusting! Not even close to the picture. Never again. This company should be taken to the cleaners!


Ordered a leather vest. Took months and when it arrived it was very cheap vinyl. This company is a scam!


This company sucks I still have not received what I paid for .PayPal sucks right along with them .
They say you will receive your order but it never leaves China .they say be patient .there scammers all over Facebook .don't buy anything online except from Amazon


Scammer's website Orderplusin
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country Chile
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

Hola compré a esta página y a esta persona y nunca me envió un mensaje con número de seguimiento quiero si saber que hay que hacer para que devuelvan el dinero por favor por acá dejo comprobante del pago

Ive just been to the post office to send back the waistcoat. Surprise, surprise, it’s $50 for ordinary post and $97 recorded. Very clever. I’m stuck with it now.
It’s the last time I buy anything from China.
Can you help me further please?
How can i tell in future who the retailer is on the internet. Normally I don’t find out where the item is or who is selling it until I’ve made the payment.
This isn’t the first time I’ve had my fingers burnt but it will be the last. I’m going to make Order plus International infamous. Robbing [censored] !
Warmest regards
Al Power.

Sorry to hear that this happened to you. This is why I do use PayPal. It should be made mandatory that all companies doing business on the internet list where their merchandise ships from. Mulikit was the company I ordered throw originally. Merchandise sucked horribly not to mention half of it was missing and took 6 weeks to get to Florida! This is why I use PayPal. I was able to get half my money back without having to return to crap they sold me.
[email protected]
This is what info I have hope it helps. Sean

Bought a leather waistcoat and it turned out to be cotton what a RIP off do no buy from this company

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