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Oasnova Reports & Reviews (98)

• Feb 23, 2021

I ordered a swimsuit and cover up on this web and I won’t get the things until after my vacation. I need to cancel the order and have it taken off my pay pal. Could you plz get get to me as times is valuable in this refund. I have read all negative reviews and I’m deeply concerned since they have my credit card/ Pay pal information. PlZ help me as I am on a limited income. Thank you.

• Jan 28, 2021

Ordered 2 Christmas tops and fleecy leggings on Dec 3rd at a cost of $109 Cdn. Arrived in Jan.
One top had one sleeve and the neck sewn on inside out. The leggings were so thin as to be transparent. Asked for replacement items and was offered a $5 crediit on my next order. Refused, got a $10 , then $15 credit on another order. Ha! Like I would ever order anything from them again. Elevated to paypal.. They said they would refund if I returned the items to China, even though the mailing package has a return address in Markham. It will cost me $100 to send the goods back. I have no faith that I will get a refund.. It will be throwing good money after bad.
Paypal was unwilling to pursue the matter further, so I am out $100.

• Jan 23, 2021

I ordered through PayPal on December 6th still not received the three sweaters I wanted from Oasnova and it's January 23rd! I haven't contacted PayPal yet, but sound's like that's my next step, I got scammed this last summer, by another company that I never received the thing I ordered, but this one cost me $137 so yeah I'm Pretty Ticked Off!

• Dec 30, 2020

Purchased clothing never received anything That was a month and a half ago. Have never received a confirmation saying my order was shipped. But they took my money 135.00. Beware when you order I thinks it’s a scam 🤬

• Dec 30, 2020

I ordered 3 items from OASNOVA and have heard nothing from them ...If this is a locked site how can they get away with this ? ...Not impressed with no contact on order ...

• Dec 11, 2020

I ordered 3 sweatshirts on Nov 29
They debited my account $75.72
But I have not received any email stating my items are coming?
This is now 12/11
Not happy with this company

• Dec 04, 2020

I posted earlier today that I too was recently scammed by this company... but PayPal has more than delivered on its promise to protect its customers! I called PayPal customer service and after explaining the situation to their agent, she agreed to review my case right then while I waited on hold. Two minutes later I was issued a full refund AND PayPal will reimburse me up to $30 of my return shipping cost. For those who need it, OASNOVA's actual return mailing address is 32 Tiandi Lane, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian 361000 CN. I strongly recommend that anyone scammed by this company that used PayPal for their transaction to contact PayPal on the phone. Yet another reason why I will always use PayPal when ordering online!

• Dec 04, 2020

I placed an order with this company this month and they are completely fraudulent. What they send you is nothing like what they show on their website. They play games when you ask them for a return slip and mailing address. I filed a dispute claim with PayPal immediately, they have seven more days to respond. Hopefully PayPal will resolve this and I will receive a refund. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY...THEY ARE A TOTAL FRAUD!

• Nov 28, 2020


GLENNA LUNTSFORD, [email protected]

• Dec 04, 2020

You have to email them asking for a return authorization and mailing address which they won't give to you. I don't know how you paid for your order but if you used PayPal, file a dispute immediately and then call them directly. I just received a full refund from PayPal and $30 towards return shipping. They also gave me OASNOVA's return mailing address which I added to their contacts. In case it doesn't show up there their return mailing address is 32 Tiandi Lane, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian 361000 CN. Spread the word so we can shut these scammers down!

• Nov 20, 2020

I made an order for 91 dollars on October 27. The clothing is garbage! Doesn’t look anything like they show on line! Why does Facebook allow these scams to exist on their website? Can I hold Facebook responsible They don’t have any tags or washing instructions! and their is no way to return or get my money back! Total scam!

• Nov 12, 2020

Order 3month ago the took money haven’t received order yet

• Nov 09, 2020

I just ordered some clothes off a website called Vergedress and when the payment went through, it was under OASNOVA and the email [email protected] I did not receive any order confirmation and now I see this is a common problem and a scam. I have also looked at the website styledemo.official which looks very similar to vergedress, so beware of that website also.

• Nov 04, 2020

I ordered a couple sweaters from a holiday advertisement on Facebook. The website even had those “This is my Lifetime Christmas movie watching sweater.” I received PayPal confirmation from what turned out to be oasnova with [email protected] as a contact email. I have not received any information from the company, nor have I received what I paid for. This happened with a different company over the summer and PayPal was no help because the company gave them a fake tracking number claiming my package was delivered in or near my mailbox. I ordered a bike for my daughter. It was definitely not IN my mailbox. These scam sites should be illegal to post on our legitimate American social media sites.

• Oct 09, 2020

1. I ordered from a website called “ModBuffy”, but the charge from PayPal was “Oasnova”
2. I ordered a dress that was supposed to have a snap in the neckline (so that I could nurse my baby) per the description. The neckline was sewn shut. The description also said that the dress was lined. It is not lined at all and quite see-through.
3. The company offfered my random amounts of money ($3/$6/$10), but would not accept a full return.
4. I put a complaint in through PayPal and the company finally agreed to refund me if I paid to return it and ship it to China ($40 shipping)

• Oct 07, 2020

Same here! In May the co. told me that because of high demand, there will be a delay, but they will send half my order first. I got the first package, was surprised it came out of China! I never got the second package. After lots of emails (via paypal) and me telling them, they must apply for an investigation at the german postal office (Nachforschungsantrag) because they are the sender, I finally got a copy of the correct tracking number with a signature that is not mine (but in these corona times, postal recipients no longer sign for packages). I applied for consumer protection via paypal, and after waiting months, pp now wants me to report a criminal offense with the german police. This, I read may later cause me to get bills from lawyers in the mail! THIS COMPANY OASNOVA - MODCHERRY is a true scam. The first articles I received were not linen as adverstised and cheaply made, but because they came from China, I did not even attempt to return them because of extra costs. I am SO MAD especially at paypal for ignoring these many complaints.

• Dec 04, 2020

I have never received my order from them and Paypal hasn't done anything about my complaint either.

• Aug 24, 2020

I ordered 4 dresses and right after sending in my order and paypal payment realized it is a scam

• Aug 09, 2020

Same experience. I ordered bathing suits. Received with no packing slip and cannot reach complany to return.

• Jul 29, 2020

Wow, all these complaints. Me too! Early April ordered all of these items & paid $68.93. Filed a complaint with PayPal (they are no help at all) in May, they claim on June 16th it was delivered. I did not receive these items. Then I remembered I did get 10 miniature rolls of useless toilet paper. Right PayPal this is what I played almost $70 for.

• Sep 16, 2020

Pay pal denied my claim as well with this company. I never received my items. They claimed to have a tracking number but it wasn’t a legitimate one. Oasnova is a joke and so is PayPal!

• Jul 28, 2020

Reçu mon maillot de bain en 3 semaines, bonne grandeur.
Je m'attendais à une arnaque, jai été réellement surprise.
Suis très heureuse de mon choix.

• Jul 25, 2020

I have ordered with OASNOVA on May 12 two pcs of clothing and paid 65.97 Euros (with shipping) and has never arrived.
Below my transaction ID Nr and date.
May 12, 2020 12:13:04 GMT+03:00
Transaction ID: 9776177996383243B
Somebody has to put an end to their [censored].
Mary Sideris

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