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I just received a credit card with instructions to activate with a $ 90,000 available credit.

- Galt, CA, USA

Received a Platinum Notable Capital Credit card with an available balance of $90.000 with 0.0% introductory offer for 90 days.

Sent to my name and my company name. Has a 1-844 toll free number or activate online.

- Austin, TX, USA

I was sent an "Activate Your Card Now" notice with a fake credit card with a one month expiration date, no contact phone information on the back of the card and a claim of "150,000" in available credit as well as a "0% Introductory Offer"

The company sent a letter with a fake credit card attached. The letter makes it sound like a credit card that needs to be activated. In reality, it is not a credit card but a phone number and website that is attempting to collect your personal information or trick you into giving permission to access your credit report.

We received a credit card with a company name that was not ordered by the company. We believe this to be an unsolicited offer for credit.

Our business received a credit card in the mail on 12/16/16. This card had not been requested and has Member since 12/16 and valid through 01/17. I Googled the credit card company first before doing anything and saw that it was a scam, so I did not call the number.

I received a credit card in the mail today from "integrate capital" with a sticker that says "Call Now to Activate".

I do NOT have an account with Integrate Capital. I have also not solicited a credit card from anyone in the past several years.

This company sent me a card that looked liked a credit card but is not upon inspection. They claimed to be offering a ridiculously large credit limit (500K). The accompany material ask that you call to "activate" the card. I believe it is illegal to send unsolicited credit cards, However, this appears to be an attempt to give you permission to gain credit information. It may also be another phishing type scheme. I did not call. I did a search online and discovered others have received this as well and believe it to be a scam as I did, given that it was unsolicited and the credit card they were asking us to activate was not a proper card (e.g., no signature line, no CVC code). At they very least this is fraudulent as the number they give cannot activate a card as the card sent is not a proper credit card.

I received a credit card in the mail that includes my name and place of business on it. The letter says that I have $500,000 of available credit and urges me to activate the card immediately. On the back of the letter, there is a small notice stating that this is not an offer of credit. I googled the company and found that many others have received similar letters with credit cards, and that the company has changed their name three times in the past year or two. I'm assuming this is an identity theft scam.

Sent an "Activate Your Card Now" letter to work address with personal name and company name. Credit card attached with a member since date of 11/16 valid through 01/17. Have never heard of this company and never applied for a credit card. Letter looks like the standard updated credit card or new credit card you'd receive legitimately.

I received a credit card in my name and my company name advising me to activate my cards for my $500,000.00 line of credit

Received credit card - labeled Equipment Lease Card - available credit $500,000.

Same issues as everyone else. The mailer looked like a real CC with all our information on it but we have never heard of Notable Capital. There was no legal information on the back of the letter like the normal CC's have on them. They should never be allowed to send a Credit Card with anyone's information on it, unless the person requested it themselves! This is a SCAM!

Unsolicited "premium platinum card" with $150,000 available credit from Notable Capital. "Member since 10/16" - Our business has company credit cards for our employees but has never had any dealings with this company. Card is only valid thru 11/16. The mailing is telling our employee to activate his card now (1-866-877-9512). With a little research I learned this is a scam phishing for financial information by a "loan company" and I destroyed the card.

Like so many others I have learned, I received a mailed notice at my home address entitled "Activate Your Card Now", along with a fake credit card, with my name & my company name on it. I verified this is not mine, nor did I solicit it. After checking it out online, I decided to notify your company of this attempted SCAM by Notable Captial, formerly dba "IMCA Capital", doing the same thing previously.

Fake credit card sent with phone number to activate. Appears to be a scam to acquire personal information and credit reports.

- Loveland, OH, USA

We received two mailers, one for $500,000 line of credit, another for $150,000 in two different individuals names. Both appear to be Visa numbers, but don't have the Visa logo. On the back is "Platinum lease card-Your card is issued and serviced by Notable Capital." There is no CVV code. On the front is Valid thru 11/16, Member since 09/16. There is no balance, but it looks like someone opened an account, which they didn't. One of the mailers was for an outdated company name and person.

I work as an administrative assistant for a consulting firm. In the mail, we received what appeared to be a credit card for our vice president. The card appeared to be a Visa, but there wasn't a logo on the card. The card said he was a member since 9/16, but the card is only valid until 11/16. The back of the letter states, "This is not an offer of credit. Notable Capital reserves the right to verify your financial information and to confirm your credit worthiness in its sole discretion. This will include, but is not limited to, verifying banking and trade relationships and obtaining credit reports Notable Capital Fraud Protection Program protects the owner of this business."

Everything about the card seems real sketchy.

Sent a letter with "Activate Your Card Now" with the credit card with credit limit $500,000. I have not requested any credit card with this company not sure how they got my name and address. Not sure what the impact on my credit. Did not call the no that is listed to activate.Just want to report the scam.


Unsolicited "premium platinum card" with $500,000 available credit from Notable Capital. "Member since 09/16" - I've never had any dealings with this company. Card is valid thru 11/16.

The mailing is telling me to activate my card now (1-866-781-7499).

With a little research I learned this is some sort of scam, and I destroyed the card.

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