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• Sep 19, 2023

I am buy by mistake some tokens on uniswap but unfortunately they are be honeypot and thats mean you can buy but you cant sell..So they are scam me and take around 1 k

• Jul 18, 2023

Guy text you telling you he’s interests in purchasing your RV
Then insist on seeing a VV report, never heard of it until today.
Say you need to buy it before he makes offer.
All not true big scammer
Stay away
His number is
Dane -Dale big scam
Dane -Dale big scam
Dane -Dale big scam

I got a text message telling me that my bank account was under review but they needed additional information.

I got a text from that number asking to meet up again soon then some nude photos there’s a few more

Was looking online for United Air phone number. Found the first number above. Asked to change existing flight. Was told it would be $1k. When I pushed back he started trying to explain and hard sell. I told him I manage a global travel program, I know how pricing works. Usually.. the price is the price. He wanted to negotiate so I had a bad feeling. He said he’d go to his sales team. I told him I won’t even consider if it’s more than $500. He can back after a long hold and was just able to get it for me die $499. Go figure. I told him not to do anything.. I had to check with my son. He said I’m changing it now. I said no.. I’ll call back if I want to change. That’s when I got the second number, his personal line.

Today, I checked my sons trip confirmation and it was changed to what I told him not to book yet. I called the number.. they were annoyed with me and argumentative. Said they had not changed anything. I looked up United’s number again and called.. got a real agent. She told me it was changed and before my son would be able to check in he needed to pay $499. I asked her about the Saturday flight I had originally asked for.. which the scam guy told me would be $1k additional funds.. the real United agent said it was the same price as my current ticket.. no add collect. This guys are just collecting money and claiming to work for whatever airline you need them to be.

I called back and asked what is the name of this company? He said, Ma’m, we are all airlines.. just tell us what you need.

I almost got ripped off… I don’t want anyone else to deal with these guys.

I received mail without any business name or address but a penalty fine of $300 for private use. Only a 1-888-307-2075 #. The letter had my full name and address stating that my 2018 Ram Pickup (don't own and never owned) will be out of warranty. The letter says we can offer an Extended Vehicle Service Plan by January 29, 2022 (today is Jan. 10, 2022). When I called I immediately said I have a letter and would like to know what business this is. The man said EverCare (not stated on the letter at all). I asked what they did and he got rude and said just give me the approval # or I will go to the next caller. I gave him the info and he ask, do you own this vehicle in which I said no and why ask why my name attach to it. He again was rude by saying, "I don't know, I don't send out the letters." I'll take your name off. I said please do.

My elderly father received a "Postgram" stating he has an unclaimed reward on his account. Stated $100 in savings good at Target and Walmart. Warning states failure to call will result in an automatic forfeiture of this reward. Even when he didn't call, the rewards postcards keep coming. I called for him today asking them to ID themselves because there's no company name or address on postcard. The person on the line raised his voice and said "do you want the prize or not?!" Sounds like they're getting lots of calls questioning the mailing. Wish I hadn't called because now they have my phone number. :-( I hung up. Someone else can have my father's supposed prize.

- Dallas, TX, USA

I'm probably one of many who fell for a scam selling used Louis Vuitton bags, using Nordstrom's name. Info on my credit card statement: ZHOULONGYIN, 4029357733 (digital account number).

- Mineral Wells, TX, USA

they hacked my instagram account told me they would send money to my pay account, told me i had to pay them 1,000 in order to get my account back

- Andover, KS, USA

Stated looking for a family member, but distant family and they are in legal trouble. Needed to hear from them right away or law enforcement would be called. Said they had their social security number and they needed to contact them right away. But the never gave a name or person to talk to or identifying company.

If they knew all these things why would they not just call that person?

- Torrance, CA, USA

The person who contacted me said someone had send $41,000 USD to Colombia from nine bank accounts under my name. They asked me to verify the bank I use because they were going to cancel the nine fraudulent accounts. When i refused to give them my banks name, they hung up.;

The number they gave me is different from the number on my caller id, 256-275-7125 is the number that showed on my phone.

- Curtice, OH, USA

Call came thru Canada saying someone charged $1000.? Against my account. Pressed 1 an someone from California, (didn't state their company name) said for 99$ I could have my money put back on my Amazon account, I said don't have a account an you are a scam an hung up. Then they called back twice an then texted me twice. Now I'm turning it over to you.

- Hollywood, FL, USA

They send me something I did not order a Christmas T-shirt .I order a dress. No name or phone number to call, no return address. Come from China but use California PO BOX.

They are scammer many people. Same address, I Googled.

I received a postcard in the mail with bold black letters stating final notice highlighted yellow, and it was stating I have an unclaimed reward worth up to $100 and it’s being held for you at our main processing center to receive this reward please call the one 800 number stated on the card which I did and not to my surprise did they ask to pay for shipping and handling fee and that is when I knew something was off and I said nope I don’t have anyway Of paying a shipping and handling fee and I hung up. Anytime I’ve ever gotten a reward it was verified through email and I never had to pay a cent and I was still very unsure of how I even won this voucher. The lady with a foreign accent told me that it would be broken up into four different gift cards to of them were Visa or MasterCard with $25 apiece on it and the other two would be Walmart gift cards with $25 apiece on them and that they would be here in 7 to 10 business days. I wanted it to be true so bad because we are so desperate for money right now but again everything went downhill from there after they asked for that shipping and handling fee.

- Pensacola, FL, USA

I recieved an email confirming an order that a puchase does not say where it was made other than the email address I should have first checked ther but for a Apple computer for more than a $1000. I called the phone number in email. He said he was Amazon and would attempt to locate and cancel the order. He asked for access to my cell phone to see he home page. Then he wanted me to open my credit card apps to see what available credit there was and to check and see if any of them had this payment omn them.I did not open my apps and became suspicious of the things he wanted me to do and I told him so which he tried to reassure me this is what he needed to do to cancel my order which at thaat time I hung up on him. He tried to call several times I did not answer. I believe the number he called me back on was # 607-383-4499. I checked amazon and had puchases of 3 totally gross Adult products which I cancelled. I checked all my credit cards then close my Debit card and blocked it. I remove all forms of payment from Amazon, changed my log-in and password. I should have reconized where it came from first!!!

They left a mssg telling me I owed back taxes and she " came across my file on her desk"... I called back and heard children playing in the background, a man answered, I told them I know this is a scam and I am reporting them to the and then hung up.

- Cincinnati, OH, USA

I received a phone call from 307-227-9159 stating they are investing a case on me and said the case number is 293714. They stated this was my last warning and to call them back. I feel this is a scam and I will report it to the FTC also. Just would like to warn others. I have received other calls from different numbers (978 238 2780)but they state basically state the same message.

- Hernando, MS, USA

Got a call from someone but she would not tell me where she was calling from. Told me that I was to recieve money but i will need to call a number and give them HQ645-01confirmation when i call them back and that will qualify me for 1.5 million dollars. Did not call back but she has called me two times saying they are waiting on my call.

- Denver, CO, USA

Called our landline number, even though it is listed on the Do Not Call Registry. Identified themselves as Medicare Advisor. Asked if I can hear them so I would say "Yes". I had forgotten that I heard about such scams awhile ago. I automatically said Yes, so I'm praying nothing comes of it for me. It just happened about 10 minutes ago. I am also reporting to the FCC.

- Troy, MO, USA

We were selling wingtips for $400 and we listed it on either Craigslist or Barnstormers. Someone contacted me and said they would pay $400 plus extra and wanted our address. He said he would send his mover and we were to pay the mover the extra money that the buyer was giving to us.

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