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Microsoft Impostor

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Microsoft Impostor Reports & Reviews (61)

Victim Location 90250
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Person called to inform us that they would debt account if 499.00 was not paid

Victim Location 11953
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was on my computer and clicked on a story about a little girl. As soon as I clicked on the story a red band came across my computer screen, with a voice telling me that it was urgent I call the number listed above. There was something wrong with my computer - it had been infected. If I didn't call back the number I would lose access to my Microsoft account and my IP address would be distributed across the web and they would release personal information about me. I called the number and spoke with (2) different people. it was very difficult to understand them as both of them had heavy accents. They claimed they were calling from Microsoft. I have tried to shut my computer down and am having difficulty shutting my laptop down.

Victim Location 38611
Total money lost $2,400
Type of a scam Tech Support

My mother was victim to the microsoft scam. The scammer called her and claimed to be microsoft and said she had an issue with her computer. Her computer had been acting up and the caller ID said Microsoft so she thought that it really was microsoft. They instructed her to go get itunes cards and read them the number for payment. She did. They then claimed that it would cost more and they got her banking information from her. By the time she called me and i realized what was going on they had cleaned out her checking account. All together she lost $2400

Victim Location 45202
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Tech Support

A pop up appeared on my computer. Told me to call Microsoft support. Called the number and they told me they needed to access my computer. Gave them remote access. They said it would cost $500 to correct the problem. Told me to go buy $500 in Google Play cards. Went to Krogers and bought 5 $100 cards. When they called me back, they said that wouldn't be enough to fix the problem. They would have to have $500 more. I went to a different store and bought a $500 Google Play card. I gave all the numbers on the back of the card to them. I spoke with 2 different people. One was a woman named Jessica. She claimed to be with Microsoft. Her phone # was 888-880-7280. The other was a man who claimed to be Jessica's manager. After I realized that this was a scam, I contact my bank, cancelled my credit cards, called the credit reporting agencies and contacted my internet provider. I also filed a police report.

Victim Location 45252
Type of a scam Tech Support

I have received 2 calls from 2 different men claiming to be from Microsoft stating they owe us money for something we purchased. At first they said I would get $300, then $500 or $6000. One of the callers asked for my account number but I did not give it to him. They said, now when you get the check go to walmart and get $200 in giftcards and I can keep the balance of $300. They kept saying $300, $500 and even $6000. They called from 319-327-8833 & 844-822-0876 each time it was a different man with a different accent. I told them if they owe me money, then just mail it. I will not get a gift card. I believe this i scam and would like to work others.

Victim Location 26506
Total money lost $149.99
Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer froze up and I couldn't do anything. A message came across my computer that said that a virus has been detected and to call Microsoft at this number for a technician to repair your computer and to protect you from this virus. I called the number and the man identified himself as a Microsoft technician and he would need to take control of my computer to fix my problem and get rid of the virus. I was told to go to my browser and put in the Microsoft help website listed above, he then took control of my mouse, proceeded to show me the virus and problems with my computer. He then told me it would cost $149.99 to make these repairs. I provided him my debit card number and then he told me it would take about an hour and he would call me when the process was complete. He called back an hour later and said it was repaired. It appeared that it was fixed. I then realized this may of been a scam and took my computer to Best Buy for them to check it and I was informed that it was a scam and they cleaned my computer. I reported my debit card compromised to my bank and it was cancelled. $149.99 was taken from my account.

Victim Location 76305
Type of a scam Tech Support

That my microsoft software key had expired and that I would loose the ability to access any of my files.

Victim Location 96789
Type of a scam Tech Support

Fake Microsoft Virus Message. Our son called the scammer's phone and he was asked to provide his password to his computer.

Victim Location 15963
Type of a scam Phishing

Consumer called:

Recording kept saying "if you leave this screen we will be forced to deactivate your computer", you couldn't click out of the screen so my husband called the number on the pop up. When he called the number the man had an accent and he wanted us to pay $200 and when my husband refused he hung up on us. My husband called a 2nd time and they said it would be $99. One guy was named James. He called a total of 4 times and they wouldn't take it off, they wouldn't transfer us to a supervisor. First he was told we were talking to Microsoft and the second time we weren't.

Victim Location 77447
Type of a scam Tech Support

Pop up window appeared and guy asked for access to my pc and told me I had viruses and he could get them off. It was urgent. Took me to website and had me put in a code and then he had full access to my pc. I could not do anything after that. I turned my computer off and changed all my passcodes.

Victim Location 76310
Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller ID indicated the call to my home phone was from my own home phone number! Caller's voice sounded like it was machine-generated. Caller said Microsoft had been trying to reach me and my Microsoft service was going to be cut off in 5 days. I hung up the phone before the caller finished.

Victim Location 85045
Type of a scam Tech Support

He asked "Is this Mrs. Dykes?" I said "yes it is". He said he was from Microsoft Tech Support calling about a problem with my computer. He asked if I was the primary owner of a windows device and I said "yes I am". Then he started using swear words to me. After telling a few people, I was told about a scam wherein they need you to say "Yes" and this could be a new flavor of it. He did not ask if he could hear me, however, since he went into using bad language to me I think it's not the typical trying to gain access to my computer scam. He was from India.

Victim Location 64856
Type of a scam Tech Support

Everyone beware. Something I think is fairly new and believable. When surfing the internet, "something" took over my computer with red flashing type and a recorded message something like "You have visited an infected website. DO NOT SHUT DOWN YOUR COMPUTER and immediately call ***". They represented themselves as Microsoft and when I called, they wanted me to download one of those programs where the tech support person can dial into your computer and perform services that you are not able or don't want to perform yourself. The website for downloading the app was: G2A-***. When I typed in the website, the next thing they wanted me to do was to type "".

I began to get suspicious especially when I called and someone answered on the first ring. That NEVER happens with Microsoft. The guy that answered the phone was an Indian from India (I know because I've talked to them A LOT). I began to question who they were but they assured me they were Microsoft and kept saying "You called us". I finally said that I didn't feel secure performing the tasks they had asked me to do. I think you shouldn't let anyone take control of your computer unless you called and asked them to (i.e. Norton, etc.).

The next day, I contacted Microsoft and as I suspected, it wasn't them. I was soooo glad that I stopped when my gut told me it wasn't the thing to do. I copied down their website address and here it is: So the lesson is this...just because they represent themselves as Microsoft, you can't automatically believe them. When in doubt...DON'T DO IT!!!

Victim Location 44714
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a voice mail message made at 3:55 p.m. on 7-12-18. We need a Microsoft License Key. Windows license has expired. It sounded like a computer-generated phone call.

Victim Location 38112
Type of a scam Tech Support

Got a call from fake microsoft wanting $1800 to fix my computer. This is so fake. They are foreign and call me at all times of the day making threats if i do not pay.

Victim Location 76308
Type of a scam Tech Support

Message left on my phone said they represented Microscoft; that my warranty or registration had expired; and that my computer would no longer work unless I called them back immediately. I did not return the call, but assume they were going to ask for money to "extend my warranty." Today (June 18, 2018) is the third time I have received this call.

Victim Location 38111
Type of a scam Tech Support

I keep getting calls from fake Microsoft telling me i have a virus and need to give them access remotely to my computer. They call me almost everyday from a different number

Victim Location 76209
Type of a scam Tech Support

Left voicemail from 845 area code but then it mysteriously changed to Vietnam area code- was about call By them back because Microsoft Windows has been compromised .

Victim Location 38019
Type of a scam Tech Support

Microsoft account

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We've have Detected something unusual about a recent sign-in for the microsoft account [email protected]***.*** for example , you might be signing in from a new location, device or app.

To help You keep safe, we've blocked access to your inbox, contact list and calender for that sign-in. Please review your recent activity and we'll help you take corrective action. To regain you'll need to confirm that the recent activity was yours.

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Microsoft Office

Victim Location 38019
Type of a scam Tech Support

I got a phone call and email from someone claiming to be Microsoft saying i needed to pay or my computer would stop working. I called Microsoft and they said it was not them that called or emailed. The number they called from was not a Microsoft number but someones cell phone number

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