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Microsoft Impostor

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Microsoft Impostor Reports & Reviews (76)

• Aug 29, 2023

I was on my computer checking Facebook notifications when my screen flashed a message saying my computer was infected and they were the microsoft repair section and to call 888-633-9479. I called it and heard a background of non-english speaking people. I knew it wasn't the real microsoft and hung up. I unplugged my computer waited 10 minutes and turned it back on. The same screen showed up warning my not to turn off my computer and call the number listed. I have falled for this scam before so I called the Geek Squad at Best Buy. (Ihave a service contract with them) They took about 2 hours to restore all my files and fix my computer. They said this was a typical scam that hackers can use. I only have the number but maybe you can go with that and get these crooked scam artists.

- Hartford, CT, USA • Jun 02, 2023

My computer jammed up and a screen popped up saying call a certain#, when I called the #, a male voice started asking me questions about computer use, I answered questions. At the end of the conversation, the guy asked for $449.00 fee in order for me be able to use the computer again. I told the male voice guy that I was going to hang up. I hung up. I unplugged the computer and left it unplugged for a couple of hours. I plugged the computer back up and the computer worked. The male voice on the phone wasn't making progress so he contacted anther male and that guy was based in Florida. I have two #'s I need to share 866-507-0074 and the second guy was calling from Florida#321-844-5366.

- Berlin, CT, USA • May 11, 2023

My laptop was hacked and I was unable to use it. A screen appeared with a telephone number to call to fix it. I called the number and the man said "This is Microsoft how can I help you?" I foolishly allowed hime access and the computer seemed fixed. He than mentioned there some suspicious activity of financial banks so he suggested WE call my bank to discuss. I gave him the telephone number. The answering party Said " Liberty Bank how can I help you" They conned me into believong they were actually from Liberty Bank Customer service that I later found out was a lie. They said I needed to protect y remaining funds from a upcoming wire transfer that was approved using my e-mail. I never made any transfer request. So I was scared (being over 74) so plyed along. I was directed to get Target gift cards in the amount of $500 and $400 so I can make the funds "safe" Srupid me I provided the card number because they said they had to "Verify" them.

The phone number was 769-208-7924 - said they were Microsoft and that my computer was hacked. This was right after my computer locked up on me so I thought it was legit. They kept asking me to check my bank account for strange charges. When I only checked my account that had very little money in it. They wanted me to check other ones. I eventually hung up, as I got nervous.

I received a Microsoft letter and the IP address is blocked.

October 14, 2021 I turned on my computer and I got a popup box that froze my screen. It was an Ultra View box ID#4(4523082).and the password was (5553) the pop up boxed stated that I needed to call the number (877-790-1827)on the screen to get help. When I called That's when I spoke with the first scammer stating that he was from Microsoft and Microsoft had been hacked and at this time he had control over my computer and told me to type in cmd and some other words and that when my screen went black and just started strolling information he stated that someone was had got into my account and had bought 20,00.00 worth of porn so he aske me what bank I was with and I told him and he said that he was transferring me to my bank , which actullay he was transfering to the second scammer so called Steve he informed me to take 25,00.00. out so the it would not be in account. for the other so called acammers, he told me while I was doing that they were setting up an Bitcoin ATM account to put my money in that way no can get to is because it's scripto. At one point during the conversation the phone got disconnected so ,so call Steve call me back and I got the number he used (808-642-7676) if you look the number up it is very close to Microsft phone number. I just received this money in Sptember fromSocial Security Diaabilty and did not get a chance to buy the things I needed. Please Please HELP!


Today, 10/20/21, a fake Microsoft tech support person tried to gain access to my computer following the exact same script as in the of WI Facebook post:

It began when on Google I searched and found a site related to Elavon merchant services, "". When I selected it, I believe I was re-directed to a phony page (In hindsight, it looked unprofessional). When I clicked on that page, a bright animated screen with the Microsoft logo appeared along with a loud alarm and voice saying something like "Your computer has been locked due to suspicious activity," and on the screen it said to call a toll-free Microsoft support number 847-773-5942. (An internet search of that number lead to a Saidou Ballenger in Itasca, IL.)

When I called the number, a man with a thick Indian accent proceeded to walk me through the steps to downloading the Ultra Viewer system-sharing app. Before completing the process I realized that he was a scammer. I asked if his name was Saidou Ballenger, he said his name is Mike. After about 10 minutes of me questioning his credentials, he hung up on me.

I was on my computer checking out movies in local theatres. My computer screen started flashing with an alert and a VOICE saying that my IP address had been compromised. Repeatedly it told me to NOT shut down my computer and to call Microsoft immediately for tech support. I did call the number but shortly after speaking with the person realized it was a scam and I hung up. I then shut down and unplugged my computer.

Clicked to check Home Depot website and got a Microsoft alert (pop ups & voice) saying our computer was locked and a virus detected so we need to call 1-888-341-0646 immediately. They directed what to type in and seemed to have access to our computer but showing access by child porn etc then asked us to go to CVS store and get 3-$100 PlayStation gift cards to repair the issue. That’s when we hung up.

- Cadiz, KY, USA

I'm glad I checked out first because this one really did look legitimate despite the fact that I KNEW I had not been on the computer long enough today to order anything

- Willoughby, OH, USA

I received a message on my computer from Microsoft and they were asking for a fee of $200 for a year and they were going to update my old computer. I actually have a Dell. The request seemed very official to me. The company told me that if I did not pay my computer would have issues starting on the 15th of this month. I would like a call back to let me know if this is legitimate or not.

- Arcadia, FL, USA

Windows blue screen appeared, with an alarm sound do not touch your computer. Your computer is being hacked. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING! CALL THIS TECHNICIAN IMMEDIATELY! This notice and alarm appeared again along with the voice recording. The screen appeared all microsoft blue with this enlarged writing. I call the number frightening, responding.

A man whom I converse with, identified himself as Sam Peter. This Sam Peter, informed me that he was a Microsoft technician, he could help me with this problem. He assured me that he was a legal technician. He gave me this number 1 531-201-9719. He asked me the serial number of my computer which I gave to him and he told me his work had to be approved by his supervisor by the name, Mike Wilson. Mike Wilson informed me he was the supervisor.

Their voice dialect sound like Jamaicans. Sam Peter worked on my computer for an hour. Then, he said I had to pay him $129.00. I refused to pay. He said, you pay because it took me an hour to fix, I told him microsoft technician help, was fee. Alright then, he said. Then everything went black on my computer. I desperately needed my computer, which enable me receive my unemployment compensation and make contact with my doctor for my future surgeries.

I was writing because they are using Microsoft software corporation name, as a way to hack people. I have to take my computer to the shop, hat, I cannot afford. He put Microsoft corporation on my computer's black screen and windows 32. My computer is a windows 10.

The called ID read Lidia Rodriguez. The name on the recorded message said it was Allison. Microsoft was going to discontinue our license because our IP address had been compromised from several countries.

- Tacoma, WA, USA

My Dell notebook laptop showed several pop up screens, the last being a blue screen and it was frozen, indicating issues on my bank card, my yahoo, my cell phone, etc. There was a 18006427676 stating it was customer service, when I called, Steve Johnson answered saying my phone line and network have been hacked and I asked him what do I need to do. Steve Johnson said he was with Microsoft and asked me to stay on the line as my phone line has been hacked, he told me not to use internet or phone as it was hacked. Steve then transferred me to my bank on his line so it was unhackable, I thought I was being to transferred to Wells Fargo. Steve told me to tell the bank, my phone line and network have been hacked and put my account on hold for 48 hours and to keep it monitored for 48 hours then he transferred me to what I thought was my bank, Wells Fargo. When Steve transferred me, Jason Shore answered introduced himself as a Wells Fargo representative and he confimed there was activity on my account showing two transactions of 5,000 each one to my VISA and one showing a charge he claims that I electronically accepted the withdrawel, the only way to stop them from going through was to get 10,000 in gift cards and text him a picture of the gifts cards and my receipts. I purchased 4,000 in Target gift cards, then I purchased 4,000 in Macy's gift cards, I purchased 2,000 in Nordstroms gift cards which I sent pics of gift cards and receipts however Nordstrom would not activate these cards due to fraudulent activity. Jason Shore did receive the money from the Target and Macy's gift cards. Jason Shore told me not to tell anyone of my transactions. the next day Jason told me to go to Nordstroms and have them activate the cards at Nordstrom and I did go there to do this however it was Nordstroms rep that made it all clear to me that this was fraudulent. Before I went to Nordstrom Jason told me I had another 6,000 I needed to get out of my account and send to him so I did, I gott another 4,000 in Target gift cards from Macy's then he asked me to get 2,000 in Macy's cards on my credit card however it would not go through. The total amount in gift cards that went through to Jason is 12,000 in gift cards as the 2000 in Nordstrom gift cards didn't go through, the number I text him the gift cards and receipts is 315.915.1647 for Jason Shore. Then I did use my phone and laptop regardless of their direction to not use my phone and laptop, I called my bank and they confrmed there was no fraudulent activity like Jason Shore told me and my actual bank, Wells Fargo filed a claim for my experience. I have copies of my receipts, pics of gift cards, and emails/texts from my bank, Target, Macys and Nordstroms to serve as back up to all of this. Then I did use my phone and laptop regardless of their direction to not use my phone and laptop, I called my bank and they confrmed there was no fraudulent activity like Jason Shore told me and my actual bank, Wells Fargo filed a claim for my experience. I have copies of my receipts, pics of gift cards, and emails/texts from my bank, Target, Macys and Nordstroms to serve as back up to all of this. I am seeking refund of 12,000 from Macy’s and Target through filing my police report and notifying the of this fraudulent activity. This was all of my savings and I have never fallen for anything like this before in my life. I am so disgusted and embarrassed, I would like for others to be aware of this fraudulent activity.

I got the following email: Microsoft Account

INVOICE ID WIN48974984-71428 INVOICE DATE 10 June 2021 SEQUENCE NO 1-357778753

Products Detail

Windows Defender Advanced Threat protection Firewall & Network protection

(1 Year subscription)

Renews 14 May 2022


When I called they wanted me to give them access to my computer so that they could remove a file. I talked to Aaron Fox badge number CPX1005. Phone number 202 852 2804.

I did not give them access to the computer and do not intend to pay the bill. Should I do something more?

- Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I got order an confirmations for $299.99 in late December (Geeg Squad) and today from (Microsoft) ($399.99) for the same amount, which they supposedly invoiced from one of my accounts.

I have not responded to this fraudulant mails. I assume they will offer to return the "payment" if I supply my bank information.

Someone has taken over my computer. I thought it was Microsoft. I don't know how it started. I sent $800 by personal checks. I have been speaking with a man named John Matthews. Up until last Saturday my computer worked. The last check I mailed was for $200 to install security on my computer. I sent it to Ms.Glory Microsoft 131 Sunset Ave, Suite E. Suisun City, CA 94585. Their phone numbers are 888-777-8111 and 888-599-9092

- Kannapolis, NC, USA

I received an error message on my computer, so I called the number given. Once in my computer he went into my bank account somehow. After I told him to stop playing around he started calling me terrible names. I immediately turned off my computer and did this.

My Aunt was on her laptop researching for information, when she clicked on a link that said continue. All of a sudden the computer screen started flashing and the screen said that the computer had been hacked and to call a number for help. She called the number and spoke with Nick Ward with Microsoft who said that gift cards needed to be purchase in order to repair. She was told to go the Fred Meyer and Target to purchase gift cards and to scratch the codes of the card and to provide to him. He told her to withdraw $13,000 dollars and to buy $500. gift cards at both stores and to provide him the numbers. She did this. After that he wanted her get withdraw another $4000 which she tried to do but her bank denied. Thank god.

On August 19, 2020, I received a phone call requesting a payment of $299.00 to be paid by the end of the day to cover a security service for my personal computer. I informed this person, he said his name was Paul. I informed him that I do not use a Computer. He continued to insist, he stated that I could pay $99.00 today and the other $199.00 later. I stated to him that I did not use a computer. He then suggested I BORROW someone else computer.

He then stated that he would cancel the transaction. I requested a CANCELATION ID# which he gave...#14732835921

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