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Instant Elixir

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Instant Elixir Reports & Reviews (78)

Victim Location 19078
Total money lost $357
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw an ad for a free sample of skin care I only had to pay 4.95 shipping. I did this from Facebook and I put my information in I checked to make sure this was not auto delivery. I could find no mention of it anywhere. I lodged a dispute with my credit card company . They sent me all this paperwork they said I agreed to but the problem is I never saw any of it. I would never have continued if I New it was going to be charged to me after 14 days. 2 weeks after that they sent me another order and charged me again. The ad has since been taken off Facebook. I have been charged over 300 dollars for something that was supposed to be 4.95.I asked if I could return it and they said no. I do not have the money to pay 300 dollars for skin care. I have heard about these scams so I was very careful to read everything.

Victim Location 60184
Total money lost $376.22
Type of a scam Online Purchase

2/13/18 - Saw a promotion online for a skin product free trial. Said I would be charged only for shipping. Credit card charged 2/13 for $12.34.

When I received my March credit card statement I had a charge for $89.98 on 2/27 and another charge for $89.98 for 2/28. When I asked

what were the additional charges for they said it was stated in the promotion I would receive two shipments a month unless I cancelled.

This is a blatant lie nowhere was this stated on the web page. When I said I wanted to return the product for credit they said sorry you have

to return the product within 5 days of receipt. When I got my April credit card statement I saw I was charged again $94.93 on 3/15 and another $88.99 on March 17. When I called I asked why I received this product when I had cancelled any further shipment. They said they had no record of my cancelling and I had to pay for the product. In total I am out $376.00. Why has this business not been closed down? Do I have any recourse of getting back some of my money? I had to closed my credit card account. Signed Unhappy in Illinois.

Victim Location 53186
Total money lost $89.98
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I sent for a free trial offer of the cream. I was told I would pay for the shipping and handling only. A month later I was charged $89.98 on my credit card. I called the Instant Elixir 3 times now and contacted my credit card co. to put a "dispute" on my credit card. I have written a 3 page letter with names of people I have spoken to and the conversation number. It has been 3 months now and my credit card still has that charge on it. Last time I spoke with a person at the Instant Elixir Co. they told me I could have the product for half price. I am so frustrated. They never said that you you have to cancel within a certain amt. of time, nor did I get an invoice copy with my trial order. What a scam !!!!

Victim Location 95670
Total money lost $160
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I had filled out most of the information and stopped when I read the terms and conditions because it spoke about some subscription, which I had no interest in. I never submitted then a few days later I receive my credit card statement. Which I most definitely did not approve this. I want my money back.

Victim Location 53105
Total money lost $180
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company offers a free sample. When you go online to order it, there is no company name, no phone number, no email. Just that Shark Tank is involved and invested in their product. The ordering screen has nothing on it. Then a flash of text shows up saying they will also send a free sample of eye cream but there is no way to say no. The packing list has nothing on it. Then they charge you $180 a pop for their free product. There is no one to call, email or to return the product to.

Then when responding to the credit card dispute, they provide all sorts of made-up pages showing how above board they are and that they have complied with all the rules.

PLEASE do not fall for this. They don't get more slippery than this! (the website was just created in November!)

Victim Location 08859
Total money lost $89.98
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They make you think you getting a cream for free and all you have to do is pay for shipping cost to get the cream then a few days go by and you get hit with a charge of $89.98 for a cream that does nothing. Total scam ~ NOT O.K.

Victim Location 07661
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Offered free trial for face cream and only had to pay postage. After 2 weeks credit card was hit for 2 89.99 payments. Called the 1-888 # and after on hold for at least an hour , was told about other percent off deals running while trying in vain to get a refund. Also told sorry no refunds. Never read that this was going to be charged after 2 weeks trial on the ad popping up on Facebook. This company is corrupt and the product is lousy.

Victim Location 29206
Total money lost $270
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is the biggest scam ever. They just use the promise of a $4.99 sample to obtain your credit card number and then start charging you monthly for products that you never ordered. I called them offering to return all the products at my own expense, but they refused to take them back.They were threatening on the phone saying they had my IP address where I made the purchase and that the BBB would not help me.

I sent all the products back anyway. I was able to get them to cancel the subscription, but they would only refund half of two of the charges, and I was charged four times within a month. I called my credit card company to file a dispute, but they called me back last night to say they could not take the charges off as Instant Elixir had disputed my dispute. Now I am liable for $270 in products that I don't even have. . If you want to see what I am talking about, just follow this URL to see how many have been taken in by this company.

One of the ways they hook you in is to link to a Shark Tank video, which I suspect is false advertising as well.

Please help me deal with this very unscrupulous company who is preying on senior citizens like me and others.

Victim Location 61614
Total money lost $269.94
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Instant Elixir - online advertisement for free trial of product for cost of shipping only $4.95; actual terms were:

Customers that do not cancel before the 14-day trial expires are responsible for the full product cost and also any subscription charges therein as agreed in the terms & conditions.

Product billing and shipping structure is as follows:

Day 1: $4.95 - initial product shipment of 30-day supply

Day 15: $89.98 - no product shipment

Day 45: $89.98 - second shipment of 30-day supply

Day 75: $89.98 - third shipment of 30-day supply

Day 105-Until Customer Cancels: $89.98 with product shipment every 30 days

I did not notice the $89.98 charge to my credit card until the 3rd charge because I was not expecting it or watching out for unauthorized charges, which I usually do and will most certainly always do in the future. I immediately contacted my credit card company & told them what happened & asked them not to pay the merchant the 3 charges for $89.98 each. They also changed my credit card number to prevent additional charges. When I received the 3rd jar of product, which I had not ordered, I began to realize I had been automatically enrolled in an auto-renewal purchase that I did not want and did not intentionally agree to. I had ordered other products on a trial basis, and did not realize I was being sent additional instant elixir product.

My credit card company is disputing the charged with Instant elixir, however they are providing documentation of the terms & conditions, which I did agree to, as their justification for not crediting my credit card the 3 charges for $89.98. I have explained in detail to my credit card company the events that lead to the charges.

Victim Location 65775
Total money lost $179.98
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered the free trial for postage the postage was $4.95 for each product they automatically charged a extra $2.70 for expedited shipping with out a choice in that then they charge your account $179.98 and there is nothing you can do about it they refuse to give you a refund said it was for the free trial so what is free about $179.98 they refuse to take back their unopened product the website says they will take back an unopened product for a charge of $9.95 however the service representative refuses to. I want a refund the bank says there is nothing they can do. so mean time buyer beware

Victim Location 70003
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I am sure that I am not the first one reporting these people. It seems that nobody has gotten to put them out of business. I'm trying with every authority that will protect the consumers of this nation from unscrupulous people like this. They advertise a sample (that's their "try elixir" comes from, on top of that, it print FREE in red letters and pay shipping only....what most people don't see is that on the bottom of the webpage in letters so dim and small that even wearing glasses it impossible to discern what it says...... what it actually says is " if You don't cancel Your membership withing 10 days we will charge You 89.98 every 2 weeks for Your membership ( they force people to become members without any agreement whatsoever)

Victim Location 96789
Total money lost $375.13
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company is definitely unscrupulous and a scam! I ordered what was a trial offer for the face cream and upon checkout an eye elixir was automatically added to my order. My credit card showed that I was charged for both the trial order and the actual cost of the products. I called the company and was told I had to cancel within 14 days and, since I had not, shipments were automatic. This was also the answer when I inquired why I was charged both for the trial, then later the actual cost of the trial product I had ordered. Within the same month, I was charged again for another shipment and was told I could not return the products due to health code laws. Customer service was actually cordial but absolutely no help. Had I checked with the first, I would never have ordered these products. STAY AWAY - THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!

Victim Location 38857
Total money lost $197.26
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered the "free trial" of Instant Elixir Proactive Repair and Eyes Revitalizer. I received the trial products and was then charged $88.99 and $89.98 multiple times. I have not received any products from the company except for the trial products. I called the customer service number when I realized I had been charged. I was connected to a representative named Wendy who would not give me an identification number. I explained to her the issue. I told her I wanted to cancel. She tried to sell me on keeping the subscription and kept trying to give me discounts. I finally got through to her that I wanted to cancel and I needed a refund. She first told me that I could not be refunded any money for anything. I HAVE NO NEW PRODUCTS! She then told me that she would refund me 35% for the second order. I kept arguing that it was bad business and then Wendy said she could give me the employee discount of a 50% refund, then 75% and finally 100% refund for the second order. She refused to refund the first charges of $89.98 and $88.99. I asked to speak to Wendy's supervisor and she refused to connect me. I asked multiple times to speak to the supervisor and she refused. I told her that I would report to and she said that it was fine. was aware of their business. Instant Elixir has a refund policy on their website. Wendy claimed there was no such thing as a refund policy. She said they do not restock. However, there is a restocking fee listed in the policy. I am just appalled at this business. They advertise that they were featured on Shark Tank and that makes people think that they are a legitimate business. No one would willingly sign up for a free trial/auto subscription if they knew it would charge them almost $200 a month and a huge headache to try to cancel the subscription. This is nuts. Whatever you do, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE FREE TRIAL.

Victim Location 48103
Total money lost $180
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Wrinkle cream free 14 day trial that auto renews at $89 per bottle with no notification, agreement, or shipping information.

Victim Location 14469
Total money lost $44.75
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They offer a free trial where you pay only S&H wherein they get your credit card # and 2 weeks later your card is charged a total of $178.97. When you order, they do not tell you this is a trial membership and if you don't cancel within 14 days (of their shipping, not when you received 5 days later) that you will be shipped another batch and your account charged. I call customer service and argued for 15 minutes, was first offered 25% refund, then 50% and finally 75% when I wouldn't give up but still paid much more than I wanted. I tried to return the unopened products but was refused. Google the name and you will see numerous scam and fraud complaints. We need a Class Action Suit against this company.

Victim Location 44483
Total money lost $179
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Was offered a free 30 day supply of skincare products. I paid shipping only. I had not even finished the 30 day trial offer or said I wanted to purchase more product when they charged my credit card $179 and sent more of the product. Apparently this will happen every month. I called to complain and cancel the subscription that I had never agreed to and was told they would give me a 25% discount. I told her no, said cancel it and hung up. She called back and said she would give me a 50% discount. I hung up. The terms and conditions did not say that I had only 14 days to decide and no where did it say what was the full price of the product. Very deceptive! I have emailed my cancellation and they did respond to it, so hopefully I’m not out any more money!

Victim Location 44685
Total money lost $178
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company needs to be stopped!! First of all, you WILL BE charged $89 repeatedly WITHOUT your permission or approval!!!

Secondly, their website is lame, full of typos, unprofessional, & uninformative........they should be punished and stopped!!

They use false advertising: "two moms get huge deal on shark tank with break through wrinkle product" or something to that effect..

Boy do I feel like an [censored]!!!

Shame on them!!

I am closing my credit card so I don't have to keep disputing charges from this Predatory Company!!

Victim Location 99338
Total money lost $357.94
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Instant Elixir offers a free 2 week trial of their product for the cost of shipping and handling. They neglect to indicate that it is only FREE for 2 weeks and then you will be billed an inflated price of about $89.00 UNLESS you call and cancel before that time. They will then bill you every 2 weeks, which they claim is monthly. Their advertisement is COMPLETELY MISLEADING. The product is no better than other products I have used. Their customer service is very unsympathetic. DO NOT do business with this company. They are fraudulent.

Victim Location 48187
Total money lost $258
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I sent for 2 samples of cream from this company. They had advertised on the internet. I paid $9.85 using my Citibank credit card. I never reordered or called for more product since I did not like it. However, they billed me $89.98 and $88.99 twice. When I received my Citibank statement, I called Instant Elixir and cancelled my account on Feb. 11, 2018 and the representative for the company said that would resolve the problem. Well Instant Elixir proceeded to bill my credit card for the charges. Citibank sent me a letter to contact the company which I did on April 4, 2018. The supervisor at Instant Elixir refused to discuss my case and told me that she was terminating the call and disconnected me. So I am petitioning Citibank to help me resolve this. I have no product and yet Instant Elixir is charging me $357.94. I am refusing to pay for something I did not receive and I did not request. I do not have a picture of the product.

Victim Location 48433
Total money lost $360
Type of a scam Online Purchase

In the $4.95 trial offer, this skincare product was being advertised with great results and reviews from people who had used it. Apparently, it was a product reviewed and promoted by the TV series "Shark Tank". The company offered a $4.95 shipping charged per item for a 14 day trial period for 2 of their skincare products, one being an anti aging cream, the other an eye cream. For $10 I felt it would be a reasonable product to try. I received the normal full size amount of each product, but somehow missed the "terms" link in the small, light gray print at the very bottom of the page. I had purposely read over the page looking for any small print which would inform me that I would automatically be enrolled in an on going monthly delivery of these products.....I saw nothing. I also looked to see what the full price would be if I liked the product and desired to continue using it. It was not stated. I ordered it thinking it would be nice to try a product and see if it really worked, without paying a large price. I ordered this on Feb 26th, on Mar 12 I received a noticed from my credit card company of a possible fraud transaction on my account. Scrolling down my statement, I see the two $4.95 shipping costs, plus a $2.49 (not actually sure what that was for - tax?) on Feb 26, but further down I see two charges for $89.98 from Instant Elixir!! Apparently this company charges the customer the full price of both products if you do not cancel within the 14 trial day period which I was unaware of. That was not on the web page offering this "deal", just in the tiny link at the bottom of the page that I did not see. I called my credit card company thanking them for notifying me (this company must have been on their red flag list for them to contact me), and had them deny payment. Thinking I need to call Instant Elixir and cancel this monthly shipment asap, I received in the mail another order!! I opened my online statement, and sure enough....their charged me another $89.95 for both products on April 2nd, just two weeks after being billed for the "trial shipment" that now is considered my "first monthly order" because I didn't cancel within the first 14 days!! Why would a company be so deceitful to potential customers?! Not smart guys!! I don't care now how great my skin looks with their product, I don't trust their integrity, and I am not going to pay $180 a month for face products. I did call the company to cancel this nonsense. They said they are not going to refund any money because by ordering the trials, I was agreeing to start my monthly subscription if I hadn't canceled! If they would have been clear with this policy, they may have had me as a customer, or at least telling my friends about their product if it was good. Instead they gave me their corporate office's email if I wanted to take this further.....sad. I went online and googled Instant Elixir.....there was a site referring to Instant Elixir trial offer as a scam.....I opened it up and saw there are 17 pages of complaints from people who experienced the same thing I went through....thus I am coming to the BBB, and probably out $360, never to buy a trial again.

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