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Instant Elixir

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Instant Elixir Reports & Reviews (78)

Victim Location 55123
Total money lost $180
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I thought that the face cream was produced by Kathie Lee Gifford so when I saw that I could receive a free trial offer I could trust that it would be a quality product. Then the company “Instant Elixir” called to ask for payment for the shipping. I gave them my bank account. I was confused because of their name because I thought Kathie Lee’s name would be associated somehow. When it came, there were two products and I was only expecting one. I haven’t used it long enough to know if it is what is marketed. After checking my bank account I discovered two separate charges for approximately $180. So I called and was told that i needed to call by 8/08/2018, to tell them that I didn’t want it, but thought it was free. Since then, I have learned that this company led me and many others to believe that this product was not developed by Kathie Lee Gifford. I have read on the internet about the many other women who were victims. My banker told me that there is no recourse, but by reporting this to you I might help others.

Victim Location 27562
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was scammed by Instant Elixir and my credit card company will not refund money to me, or assist in getting a refund from Instant Elixir.

Is anyone interested in class action suit? Has anyone researched the possibility of filing a class action suit?

Victim Location 41011
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Online Purchase

On July 22, 2018 I accepted an online offer from INSTANT ELIXIR to pay $4.95 for shipping for 1 product ( 217-2 proactive repair 1 oz.) . I also received a 2nd product ( 197-3 eye revitalize 0.5oz) and was charged $4.95. I only ordered the 1st item. The offer was for shipping only. Both products arrived in the same small box. I did not agree to purchase the product and am trying to return the product. I am having NO success. INSTANT ELIXIR charged $89.98 on my VISA Aug 4. I called tel # 1-888-409-4430. The CSR kept referring me to the web site. She would not provide return information. She kept referring me to the web site. I told her I have not used the product and wanted to return the product. The rep said the product could not be returned and if returned would not be accepted. It was too late to return. 10 days is too late to return products I did not agree to purchase ?? This is bait and switch. I am alerting my bank block this fraudulent charge.

Victim Location 78748
Total money lost $197
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a free sample of cosmetic and gave my debit card number for mailing charge. I did not know that I was agreeing to buy anything! I was charged today $200 for my free sample. I am returning the product unused and unopened. Their customer service says there is no refund available. I don’t know if this is a scam or deceptive business practice, but I want a refund. I have never paid $200 for a bottle of eye cream and do not intend to start now! Please help me get a refund. All I thought I was paying for (the free sample) was shipping fee of $4.00-$5.00.

Victim Location 72447
Total money lost $180
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I signed up for a free trial of face cream for 4.95 shipping only. In 2 weeks they charged me 89.98. I requested cancellation and in 2 more weeks another charge for 89.98. They will not refund any money and will not accept any returns. Customer service reps are not nice. This company scams people.

Victim Location 10305
Total money lost $12.34
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased to this elixir skin care on 7/17/18 on line. My account number is 14064084. I instantly new there was a problem when at the end of my purchase nothing happened. It just ended with your order has been processed. That’s it.i received the products which came damaged and broken. Called customer service. I informed them that there package came damaged and and products are not usable. I was informed that they will resend another order.

In the meantime I received a statement from my credit card indicating 3 separate charges???? I proceed to call customer service to question like why? I first spoke to a Shandra whom really did not care at all about my problem. I said nicely I would like to cancel this subscription which I had no I dead that I was in(states I agreed when I placed the order) I said I did not agree to be charged 3 times. The items came in the same box? How do you get to charge me 2 times? Plus being scammed for a membership. I was charged on my credit card $4.95, $4.90 and $2.49.

Charged to my Visa card. They told me they don’t control those charges but the post office does? This is just a scam and robbery to women! I would appreciate any help that you can give me. Thank you in advance.


Victim Location 97420
Total money lost $84
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I thought I was paying $4.95 postage for a free trial of a skin repair product. I never agreed for a membership for this product. I would never pay $87.97 for a skin product! There wasn't any fine print posted. I looked at my bank statement and there it was. I knew nothing about this. Not the amount, not the monthly fee, nothing! This is a huge SCAM!

Victim Location 92029
Total money lost $385
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I agreed to try the product free for only the shipping costs of $4.95. I did not see any verbiage that would make me believe I had to cancel after 14 days or automatically be signed up to receive products on a monthly basis at the outrageous price of $89.95. I have been using my "free" sample for about 20 days now and all of a sudden another shipment arrives. No indication on the billing label inside about the price I'm going to be charged. I called the number on the invoice only to be told that I had missed the cancellation date and would now be charged $89.95 for my two "free" products plus $89.95 each for the 2 products coming in the mail and that I could NOT return them, even though the new ones were unopened. This is a scam. Kathy Lee Gifford's name has been linked to the product as well as endorsements by Barbara Walters and other celebrities. They told me they would cancel my subscription but I am unclear about the reimbursement. I am watching my credit card closely. I will NEVER do this again. I am an intelligent 79 yr. old gramma who must have lost my mind for that moment. Please do something!

Victim Location 16801
Total money lost $89.98
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Free sample and only pay shipping of $4.95. Then they started charging additional fees for products that I did not order or receive. I called my credit card company to dispute the transaction. I then called Instant Elixir at the number above and they said that they would cancel future orders for me but not refund my money. How is this legal?

Victim Location 90501
Total money lost $350
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company is a SCAM. DO NOT EVER give them your credit card number! I signed up for a free trial and it has cost me over $350. They take your credit card for the sample under the guise of shipping. Then they keep charging you. I emailed 3 times to cancel the account. They charged me again. I finally got the customer service lady to cancel my account and 3 days later was charged TWICE again. Their website states that you can return unopened items for a refund (minus restocking fee) but that is NOT TRUE. The customer service is horrid. There is nothing good about this company. Please do not fall victim and lose your hard earned money like I did. Ive called over and over and they will not refund my money. Horrible service. Horrible business.

Victim Location 48189
Total money lost $89.95
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I Purchased the “free trial” online. I was Not aware that the free trial period was 14 days. However, that is NOT 14 days from receiving the product, but 14 days from when you ordered it! How does that give you 14 days to try it? Not only that, but I did not see the subscription info. If you don’t cancel the subscription that you are automatically entered in to, you get charged for the product! Well, that is $89.95 that I will never see again! On the trial offer page, I didn’t see anything about being automatically entered into a subscription. I didn’t see a specific mention of what the trial period & after required from me. You have to go down to the bottom of the page and click on Terms & Conditions! They also have more than one site that you can order from. I was scammed into believing that this product would be free, except for shipping, handling & tax. I believed that I would get the product, try it for 14 days, then decide to buy more, if I liked it! I should have known it would not be that easy! I am SO disappointed & angry! They give you a trial period that starts at the time you order, not receive. This is unethical. It took me so long to get it, that I only had a few days to try it before my “trial period” ended. Most of the Terms were explained to me by a Support Person. They would not give me my money back! First, she could give me 50% off the product price, but only if I didn’t cancel my subscription. Then it changed to 80%. However, she would give NO discount if I cancelled my subscription altogether! The old adage “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”, applies here! Don’t order this, unless you are ready to cancel the subscription immediately! Otherwise, you will get stuck with a charge of $89.95 every month! Be careful! There are lots of other questionable marketing strategies out there on the internet. Don’t be fooled, like I was!!!!!

Victim Location 08873
Total money lost $89.98
Type of a scam Online Purchase

The company offers free trial beauty products under the auspices of various celebrities. After being charged $89.98 15 days after the order was placed, I was told that I apparently subscribed to a “subscription” for more products. I canceled the “subscription” for both products and received two email confirmations. Interestingly, they would not send a confirmation of the 75% refund I finally settled on. They claim their “corporate headquarters” is in Greensboro, NC, where the trial products ship from. I pressed hard but they would not provide any contact information for “corporate.” I could not find any proof of what they stated regarding the deductions and I still want 100% of my money back.

Victim Location 53118
Total money lost $285
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received charges that I did not recognize on my debit card statement. There were a total of 9 charges, 1 for $4.90, 2 for $4.95, 1 for $2.49, 3 for $88.99 and 3 for $89.98. The transaction shows as DDA PUR INSTANT EL *4430 NC. My bank was able to provide me with a phone number to contact the company, which I did. The company insisted that because they had the IP address from which an order for a sample of anti-aging cream was placed, it proved that I requested the product. I did not receive nor order any such product, they stated that someone must have ordered it from my home. The customer service reps were extremely rude and offensive. I told them I would take it to my bank and stop payment on all of the charges. I was told to go ahead and that the bank would find the charges legitimate. The customer service rep told me to go online and look up instant Elixir and read the terms & conditions which gave them a legal right to charge my account. I reported the situation to our bank & they are investigating. Four days later, 2 packages arrived at my home. It is the 2 anti-aging creams that I never ordered. I went on the website and found the phone number to call & let them know I never ordered it and wanted to return the product. I was told they had no record of me or my address or email. The rep absolutely refused to let me talk to a manager and hung up on me. I found that most of the charges were credited to my account, yet there is still a $89.98 charge and one of the charges for $4.95. If you do not cancel the "so-called" trial within 14 days you will be charged $88.99 & $89.98 per month and will be shipped the creams every month. It is in very small print that you will be charged but never states what the charge would be. I want to return the 2 packages received, however they refused to provide an authorization number to return and stated they will continue to charge me for the items. If there is no RMA # on the package, they will destroy the package & still charge for the product.

Victim Location 01904
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company and it's product are a scam. I just saw two charges on my credit card bill for $89 for EACH product; the eye cream and the facial cream. It came up on FB and guaranteed no obligations and asked only for shipped costs of $4.95 each with no further information. I just got off the phone with Instant Elixir (IE) Customer Service and they said that I agreed to terms of service which was at the bottom of the ad. Um NOPE. It was never there or I would NEVER have sent for this! I should have known, can't believe I fell for it! I do have to say that the customer service rep. was very patient (I was very upset), I let him know in no uncertain terms that I wasn't getting off the phone until I was refunded. He originally offered 35% off and I said no that wasn't acceptable, he came back with 50%, again I said uh uh. I said unless I get at least 75% I would not get off the phone til I got it. So instead of getting charged (monthly) for future shipments at $89 each, I was refunded 75% off each for a total of $133 off the original $177. He also assured me that the credit would appear on my account in 3-5 business days, and I said if it isn't there, I'm calling back, and also that I'm putting in a complaint with the BBB. I told him that there are numerous complaints of this on there already (which from now on I will ALWAYS check before ordering anything like this again). I am notifying my credit card company that I have hopefully gotten this resolved but if it appears again on my card after being told it wouldn't be, that I will be calling to report to them again and not to pay it. PLEASE--DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! At this time I can't remember the celebrity that endorsed this product, but shame shame shame on her for this policy!

Victim Location 92637
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased beauty products on a trial basis. Cancelled it after trying product with their14 day cancellation product. The continued to bill my credit card every month for 5 months. I sent their email cancellation that they sent me when I cancelled. When I called to ask for my credit card to be credited, they told me there are no refunds. I folded them I cancelled and sent them the cancellation email. Then they told me I also had a VIP membership and that's why I continued to be billed. I told them that I cancelled because I don't have their product so why would I be in their "pay for" membership. The response was I still could not get a credit. I told them I was going to report them and then they called and transferred me and was left on hold for 25 minuets. I hung up and called my credit card company. They called this company and at that point my money was credited to my account. The entire process was recorded by my credit card company. If it had not been for them..... This company is defrauding many people my age.

Victim Location 62002
Total money lost $117.26
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I too, like many others, ordered the Instant elixir Proactive Face cream and Instant elixir Ageless Eye Revitalizer sample containers off an ad on the Internet. I looked over the whole article word by word before signing up, to make sure they would not continue shipping the product to my home, after my trial period ended. There was nothing anywhere about continuing shipment of the product in the printing. The product was ordered on May 1, 2018 and I received it on May 7, 2018. I have used the product faithfully everyday since. It has done nothing for my skin or eyes. Today, June 5, 2018, I received another container of the face cream at a charge of $88.99. I contacted the company and told them the above items and they said that I did not cancel the product within the 14 days stated. I said, "how can you order a product, get it and use it for 14 days to determine if the product is good for you or not? I had looked over their web site very closely and there was nothing about continuing to send the product to you." They directed me to another website that told about continuing to send the product and I asked how did I know that was from the same site I had looked at originally. They said every website is the same and each salesperson will tell you the same. I said I was going to turn them into the BBB and tell all my friends not to order product from them. They are scammers and take advantage of you. The girl then said she would give me a 35% reduction on each item because there was also another eye product on its way and that this charge had been for $89.+. I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income and cannot afford these prices. It is one thing to try a sample product but not to have shipments mailed to your door every month. Scammers and people who take advantage of you; I really dislike them both.

Victim Location 32223
Total money lost $715.88
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a product that seems legitimate and actually may be a good product. However, be warned that when you sign up for the free trial they will charge you after 14 days for the free product and then enroll you in a monthly subscription. They also charged me every two weeks for two separate products. The total they charged me was $715.88 for 3 months of product. I returned the products without even opening the box but when I called customer service they said that they do not accept returns but they also asked me if I had a RMA number which means that they actually do accept returns, they just do not advertise it. This was my fault. I really just wanted to try a free trial but did not read the fine print. This company is horrible and should not run things this way. It is a complete scam!

Victim Location 62305
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I, like many other women thought I was signing up for a free trial offer. I understood that I just needed to pay shipping of $4.95. Oh no, I ended up paying well over $200 for something I didn't really even want. I was a Beauty Control consultant at the time ans wanted to compare the products. NOT AT THAT PRICE though. I am hoping by posting this complaint that I can prevent others from making the same mistake. This company is a FRAUD!!!

Victim Location 74801
Total money lost $180
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was reading a story about some of the personalities leaving Good Morning America. As I was reading about Amy Robach, the story indicated she was leaving the show to pursuit working more on her anti-aging skin care line Instant Elixir. There was an offer for a free sample, which I took. I did not read the fine print and gave a credit card number for a minimal fee for the sample of eye revitalizer and proactive repair. This was on 5/6/2018. The small samples arrived and on 5/20 & 5/21 my credit card was charged $88 & $89. I called my credit card company to dispute the charges, and when i called Instant Elixir, i was told since i did not cancel my "account" before the "14 day free trial" they could charge me for the samples. There was no offer to refund even the initial charge for the samples. She even tried to get me to take a discount on future orders. I had to ask repeatedly to cancel whatever account they think i signed up for. I am out $180 plus. There certainly was deceptive advertising, and no thought to be upfront on how the offer really works. This is a scam.

Victim Location 04068
Total money lost $185.36
Type of a scam Online Purchase

On May 10th I saw a FB suggestion that Lara Spencer of GMA was now selling this instant elixir cream and to click for a FREE trial. I proceeded and found claims by other stars how amazing this is. I proceeded and it said I would be charged for shipping. I proceeded and they asked for cc# to charge for the 4.95 shipping which showed up on my debit acct $4.90,$4.95, and $2.49 on 5/14. I received product on 5/16 in an unmarked box with a packing slip with no info. On 5/25 My Card was debited $89.98 and $88.99. I had no info so looked on FB again and saw many complaints but no actual company info. Called a customer service # and was told the trial was 14 days and then I would be charged. 14 days was never stated anywhere in the offer. I cancelled and asked for refund. They would only refund 35%. I cancelled my debit and so am disputing this through my bank! After my call to them, I could find nothing online about this company!

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