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Instant Elixir

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Instant Elixir Reports & Reviews (77)

- Ridge, MD, USA

In answer to an online ad for a free trial of Instant Elixir Proactive Skin Repair product, I placed a free trail order for $4.95 on 4/07/18. I received the sample on 4/12/18. On 5/08/18, my bank was charged $89.95 for a shipment I received on 5/26/18. I never requested additional mailings of this product. When the package arrived, I immediately emailed Instant Elixir to cancel mailings. I was told that they do not accept cancellations via email. If I wanted to discontinue mailings and/ or receive a refund , I would need to arrange a three-way phone call--including them, my bank and me. My bank representative said she had never heard of this and the bank would not comply. They offered to proceed with a fraud investigation which began on 6/12/18.

In the interim, I packed the 2 jars of Skin Repair into the original box and sent it back to : 5704 W Market Street, STE# 18431, Greensboro, NC 27409. The tracked items were delivered to an "Agent" on 6/14/18 at 11:40 AM. All information was shared with my bank.

In July, the bank informed me that I would not be responsible for payment as the issue was resolved with Elixir.

While I was vacationing, the bank sent a request for additional information as Elixir was contesting the refund. Because I was out of the country, I could not meet timelines and was forced to pay for products I returned and have proof of receipt.

- Foley, AL, USA

I purchased a promotional product by , the AGELESS EYE REVITALIZER.

The promotion was advertised under Lara Spencer, and how she used natural products etc...

So the product arrived, I used it, and it irritated my skin. Obviously I stopped using it. Tossed away my promotional product.

The next boxes came (they send shipments in pairs) ...

I cancelled it. I called the number on my receipt, left a message asking to please stop service, and send a return label. I never got a response back, email, phone, or otherwise.

I then took those packages to the post office, and asked to refuse of delivery. I figured that once the product was in a refuse of delivery state, a customer representative would call me back, so I could ensure this service would stop. It didn't stop. More came.

Then I noticed the charges on my credit card. What was suppose to a total promotion charge of $14.98

Was now $200.00. I again, immediately went to the post office, and this time tried to send it back, but the post office said, I needed a return slip.

I tried to contact this company again, this time I talked to a customer service representative to tell them stop sending me this product. The CSR then said, a supervisor would be getting back in touch with me. No ever did. No emails, return labels, no calls.

I only received more product, but figured they had sent it out, before the cancellation, and I would just have to return it as well. No problem.

Then a third set came in, and I noticed a charge from this company now totaling $600.00 from this product that I have tried to cancel, and did not want.

I immediately called my credit card Co. Told them I have tried to cancel, but they are still charging without my authorization.

The Credit Card Co (MasterCard) and they said they'll put a temporary hold, while I try to sort this out with the company. We used a temporary hold so that the company could refund me, but no fraudulent charges could be made.

I tried to contact them again, I got a voicemail "leave your number", and a representative will call you back. I got no calls, no emails, or messages of any sort.

Now the 4th package has come in. I called the customer service line

888-409-4430, and spoke to a representative... who refused to refund me, but said I could talk to a supervisor, and could cancel.

She then tried to sell me discounts. I said no. She then tried to sell me another promotion, I explained to her No! I just want to cancel and speak to a representative. She continued to promote, as I continuously said NO!

Finally she began to process my cancellation, and then gave me my cancellation conformation number.

Then I asked, if I could move to a supervisor so I can try to return this product, and be refunded.

She then said, since you are not a customer anymore, I can't provide that information.

I then told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor and their operating license number. She then said get it from the BBB. And repeated she would not send me to a supervisor because I was no longer a customer.

She said, they had other calls, and hung-up.

Infuriated. I called my credit card, and told them the situation. They put another temporary hold, and then told me I should request that reimburse me by check or original payment

I called back, and spoke to another CSR, and asked to speak to a supervisor. The new CSR then did so.

As I made my argument, the supervisor was just as stubborn, and said they would not refund me.

I write this now, as I feel I am certainly a victim of a scam by

Please do not order from this company. The initial trial was 4.95 for the trial size and no where did it state that they would bill your credit card for 89.98 every month. Now, it has caused my account to overdraw. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!! They will not give you a refund at all.

Instant Elixir is advertising a trial offer of 2 small bottles of proactive repair cream and ageless eye revitalizer for $4.95 each for S&H. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! The company puts in small print, not advertised anywhere when you purchase, that you will be automatically placed in a monthly subscription of $89/month for EACH item after your 14-day trial which starts once you place your order not once the item is to be received. I called the company to inform them that my trial was received late and that I wanted a refund but they stated I was 1 day late from when my trial ended! I hadn't even opened the product as I received it late and they refused to give me a refund demanding I should have read the small print. THIS IS A SCAM! They use improper advertising saying it explicitly cost $4.95, don't visibly post price of products after unstated trial period and are just trying to take your money. Not to mention the customer service and supervisors were very unprofessional and just keep referring to the "fine print I should have read." DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH INSTANT ELIXIR! I wish the customer service was better and that they would have just shown some respect at least if they weren't going to give me my refund. They also demand if you want a refund to call your bank on a conference call with them, which is not standard practice which was confirmed after speaking with my bank.

- Berlin, NH, USA

Ripped off. Tried a trial size and got charged for new full order within 2 weeks, did not clearly state that this would happen. All the removes on Facebook site are bogus. Lies, don’t find out that they charge your card until it’s too late. I called today 10/9/2018 and won’t refund my monies. Two different named products but the same company. But when u call they will give u discount on your next order. Don’t want discount want the $88.99, and 89.98 credited to my card. They start off offering 35% discount on next, order, then when that doesn’t work they offer you 75% discount for family and friends. Very angry.

Please be aware that the offer to purchase skin cream for $4.95 is a scam. You think you are just ordering the cream, a one time purchase, however, you are actually signing up for a MONTHLY subscription for future shipments of products for $89.98 per month! I ordered the product 09-21-18 and exactly 14 days later (October 5, 2018) they charged my credit card for $89.98. When I called customer service (888)409-4430, I was put on hold for over 40 minutes and then spoke to "Natalie". Natalie informed me that the $4.95 was just the shipping charges and that I was now subscribed to their monthly service to receive the product for $89.98 per month. When I asked Natalie to show me in writing where I agreed to this, I was informed that it isn't in writing. She told me that when I clicked on the button stating I was 18 years old or older, I agreed to their terms and conditions, which is the monthly subscription. Due to my ignorance in accepting their terms I could not dispute the charge on my credit card. Thankfully I will only pay $89.98 for my ignorance, not hundreds of dollars like other people have posted they lost in this scam. My only recourse was to contact my credit card company and put a block on future charges from these people. Please warn others not to fall victim to this predatory business.

- Toms River, NJ, USA

I ordered two "1 oz.samples" online, no other info other than my name and address, was charged $9.85, then 15 days later was charged $178.97. I have put in a claim through my credit card company, which they said will take up to 60 days to settle. I still have the "samples", box opened but never used, but I understand the company refuses returns. The samples, it turns out, are the whole product, (which are listed on Amazon for sale at $36 and $37 respectively, perhaps by third-party sellers??). I was just charged another $178.97 on my credit card. I called the company and spoke to the "fraud" department, where the woman told me that my next shipment (already on the credit card) was going out the next day because I had not cancelled the monthly shipments within the 15 day limit of ordering the original "samples". I told her I had a credit card dispute in process. Feeling threatened, I hung up. Within two hours I had an email cancelling the 2nd credit charge and the so-called subscription. I feel like an [censored] to fall for this!!

- Wellesley, MA, USA

I believe I saw something on the internet touting a face cream that was guaranteed to make skin look young again. I also saw somwething that Kathie Lee Gifford was part of the group that developed this cream. It was like an endorsment from her (this was part of the scam because she had nothing to do with it). The deal was that for $4.95 I would get a sample of this cream to test for myself. I ordered "the sample" and the $4.95 was deducted immediately from my credit card. I received a small container of the cream and after using it I decided there was nothinbg special about the cream and would not order any more of it. I was suprised when I received my credit card bill there was a charge $89.98 for the cream. I called the company when I received my bill and told them of the "mistake" and that I only received the samll sample and I did not want anymore of it. I was advised that the $4.95 for shipping only and since I did not notify them that I didn't want the product, I was enrolled in their program to receive the $89.98 face cream every month. I was so mad that these "scammers" could get away with this. I checked the Better Business website and comments online and was amazed that this product was all over the internet as a "scam". Today in the mail was another small container of the cream. The return address on the box did not have the name of the company, just the address. I checked the address and it belonged to "Instant Elixir". I will not open the box and send it back to them tomorrow. Please help me to recover the money they are taking out of my credit card. Thank you.

- Winterville, NC, USA

I responded to an ad of getting instant elixir face cream trial offer for $4.95. And with no prior notice was charged $89.95 15 days later without my permission.

- Poulsbo, WA, USA

I was on my Pinterest page, and was watching the Today show. I knew that Kathy Lee Gifford was taking a leave due to her movie, but when I saw the add that she had a skincare line, I was sold. So, I clicked on the add for her skin care company "instant Elixir". That was false advertising as she has nothing to do with this company. The company takes advantage of people, like me, who think these famous people with beautiful skin are using the product.

- Westhampton Beach, NY, USA

This company's ad popped up on the news app on my phone. It offered a free trial of a skin cream and eye cream for the cost of shipping( about $5 apiece) When I got my credit card bill I was charged $89 and $88 dollars for the free product. When I called the company I was informed that I had a 10 day trial and after that I would be charged. I told them that I did not consent to this amount charged and that there was never any information given about this charge beforehand. They gave me the runaround and then offered to refund 50% of the money but I refused as I wanted all of the money refunded. I called my credit card fraud dept. and they removed the charges and issued new credit cards to prevent them from issuing any further charges to my card. When I went on the internet I learned that this is a BIG scam that is ripping people off big time and getting away with it.

My wife was on her BBC app when she saw an ad for Instant Elixir. She went to the site, saw that there was a free product plus shipping and signed up. She had no idea, and on the website there was no indication, that she was signing up for a monthly subscription. She only wanted one product, but got two, and was then her debit card was charged $88.99 and $89.98 for a total of $178.97. When she saw this on her debit card statement, she called Instant Elixir. They said they would not refund the full amount. She told them she was notifying BB&T's credit card fraud division, and Instant Elixir said they would refund $31.50 (approximately) for each product. They also said they would cancel the subscription going forward. As of 5 days later, no credit has been received on the credit card. So we've been scammed for $178.97.

There was no fine print in this situation. The "free" product come-on, and no notification of the membership subscription is the scam here. They should be shut down. I will be taking them to court to get our money back. But no one should ever patronize these crooks.

We do not expect to get a refund, nor an email because these scammers are untrustworthy. Buyer beware!!

Read the fine lines on Instant Elixir from High Point,NC

I purchased the samples and with in 2 weeks they are taking 89.99 out of my account.

Called to cancel order which I wasn't aware of and they offered 355 refund then 50 then 75%.

This is fraud.

I had to cancel with the bank and the Company itself.

Instant Elixir...... A crappy product, false & misleading advertising. Offered "free trial" paying only $4.95 for s&h, which was immediately aid. 3 days BEFORE teeny, tiny little jars received, I was billed $89.96 and 2 days later, billed another $86.68 and $4.95 on the same day. Bank blocked further transactions from Fraudulent instant elixir. Guess what? 4 days in a row they tried to pull 4.95 and another $89.4 days in a row!!!! I had already been told my "subscription" WHICH I NEVER ORDERED was cancelled. It took 7 times with over an hour wait to finally stop this. I cancelled card. The product? Kind of crappy because not hydrating and very small. I'm ashamed of myself for falling for ...

- Furlong, PA, USA

False advertisement of sending a sample of face cream , charging only for shipping. All lies because scammer wanted credit card information to continue charging $4.95 for shipping then $89.95 for garbage facial cream . They will continue to bill credit cards if one is not vigilant

They are criminals committing credit card theft by DECEPTION

- Bush, LA, USA

This is a complete SCAM , The add made it seem like This was Robin Roberts skin care line and that she was actually leaving Good Morning America to pursue her new company, But of course this was not true . They also made it seem like this was a FREE SAMPLE , but of course it was not. So I called my credit card company to cancel my card after reading reviews of so many victims of this SCAM. And found out that I had been charged for shipping twice from this SCAMMER, But at least I canceled my credit card before they put the $89.00 charge to my account. I called the Scammer and asked for the address to return the product and was told they do not take returns . So I told them I would throw it in the trash .I think something needs to be done to put a stop to these shameful tactics .

I responded to an ad for a free sample of 2 products at a cost of $ 4.95 each and was billed for $ 89.98 and $ 88.99. When I called the company they refused to give me a refund.

- Brewerton, NY, USA

Received a trial product of skin care .. order on 6/13/18.. received 6/23/18.. tried to cancel on 6/24 due to its not what they say it is looked up the actual form I filled out w the number and they said that I wasn’t a customer and they don’t have me in there system they will not charge my card called for 5 days straight ! They charged my card 89.98 6/27/18 88.99 on 6/29/18 which I never received the product ... this company has an ad on Pinterest stating Kathy lee Gifford owns this company which she does not !! It’s a total scam please go investigate these people they are robbing people & lie to banks and cover it up w false paper work !!

- Alvin, TX, USA

I ordered Instant Elixir Proactive for $4.95. However, I ended up paying $375 over 3 months. When I called the business to notify them that I no longer wanted their products and to please stop charging my credit card they agreed. However, I was asked if I would considered continuing receiving their products for 50% off. After rejecting their offer the sales woman asked again if I would reconsider if she offered me 75% off. I continued to refuse her offer and told her I would be returning all of the products I had previously received since I had never them. I also told her I wanted a refund on everything and to no longer send me any products. She told me I could not return any products. After telling her again that all products were never opened and were sealed she continued to tell me no I couldn't return them. When I asked why the products couldn't be returned I was given the answer that once products are shipped out then something could happen to them and they couldn't ship them to someone else. I think this is very wrong to treat customers this way. I work very hard, especially for a business to take advantage of someone for $375. I do not want others to fall for this scam the same way I did.

- Bedford, MA, USA

Ordered cream and paid just shipping to “ try” the cream for $4.95

And then got charged $89.99 14 days later because did not see the fine print that I was signing up for a subscription and needed to call and cancel within the 14 days in order to not get charged.

Well I realized I am allergic to the product

And called to try and get a refund and the woman was rude and actually hung up on me when I asked to speak to a supervisor because she said it is outside the 14 days. Which I did not receive the product until 7/31 but she said that it’s when the product is ordered so I was outside the time where I could get a refund.

It’s a horrible product a horrible customer service experience. And if they stood by their product they would refund an unhappy customer and they would not bury fees deep in a box that has 100 pages of terms and conditions. Horrible horrible people...and they kink the cream to celebrity’s as well that are trusted so you think it’s reputable. Just awful.

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