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Imposter Cash App

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Imposter Cash App Reports & Reviews (59)

Victim Location 55434
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I made an account with cash app and deposited $300 into a stock called Bitcoin...afterwards I had to be verified and said it takes 24 hrs, after 48 hrs i called them....I talked to support about being verified so i can do things on the app with my funds....So they had me download a support app which allows them to gain access to my account to fix issue and verify my account....They proceeded to go through my account and added a bank routing and account number to it while I was verifying changes on my end hoping to get verified,..... then they took the money out with the account and erased my phone number and email used to login while in control of it, so my account went to 0 and they deleted my account all together, and I called them back and after 2 mins of telling them what happen and i told them my money was taken and account deleted, they hung up on me, so I called back, and after a brief explanation, they hung on me again, and after 5 times of calling, the 6th time it automatically hangs up on me and now I'm blocked from talking to anybody....

So looking for support they took my $300 and deleted my account while using a support app which let them on my account to navigate just take all funds in a nutshell

Victim Location 53575
Type of a scam Phishing

Sent me this text:

$750 Cash-App-Transfer is pending your confirmation shjvtfo.

Not sure if it’s phishing or identity fraud.

Victim Location 63303
Total money lost $4,000
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

I was told the guy was cash app support and he was going to return money to my sisters account and impersonated her to receive money and havked her account as well as mine taking over 3000$ he transfered the money right away as a casg transaction and withdres the money from my bank card that was associated with cash app. Me thinking it was a credit he was giving me to return my sister her money but instead charging my bank account. Also telling me that this was their way of returning policy once hit a certain amount it will automatically return to my account as i was following directions my bank blocked one of the transactions leaving me to call the bank to dispute. I have sent multiple emails to cash app through their app and so has my sister because she did not receive any of the money.

Victim Location 21921
Total money lost $4,600
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

They said they was through cash app and was going to help me. They scammed me out of 4600 I’m trying to contact cash app and I’m getting no where. I made a police report. I’m about to go to social media with police report and post it on Facebook.

Victim Location 60085
Total money lost $4,800
Type of a scam Other

Hi I Recently Got Scammed Out Of 4,800 Dollars ... That 4 8 0 0 ! ...Someone Posed As Cash App Representatives And Took All My Money Out My Account. ON MY SONS BIRTHDAY They Sent It All To What Was Suppose To Be Security Lockers ?? . 4 Diffrent Accounts ..Maria Serna...Gabby Xerxes..And Love You ...AND NOW Its Been 10 Days Since I Tried To Contact The "Real" Cash App And No Reply ..Im Starting To Think They Are Behind These Scams ! No One Will Return Any Emails And i Sent 5 .. There Is No Way There Arent Seeing THEM. ! I've Never Had A Problem Till Now But Ive Never Been Scammed .. And Now I See That They Avoid All Communication When Their Customers Lose Money !

P.s i originally called customer service because i sent money to "isaiah" to avoid the 100$ withdrawal fee and when it got to him it was missing 162$ so he sent back what he got which was 4800$ and from there i called customer i thought !

Victim Location 48638
Total money lost $7,500
Type of a scam Phishing

I found a cash app customer service number on google. So I called and explained my issue thinking it was an actual representative. The scammer took all of my cash app card info by screen mirroring my phone with an app he told me to download which is called TeamViewer QuickSupport. And he walked me through steps on how to get a refund, He asked for my cash app pin. He then told me log out to refresh my cash app, he changed my email and phone number on my cash app account. They used a @getnada email address to try to make it difficult to find their IP location.

Victim Location 94596
Total money lost $3,552.90
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I received an email from CashApp saying my account was locked. For security reasons they converted my balance to bitcoin. They stated that they notice an unauthorized payment from a place I recently shopped at (Nike). To unlock my account, follow the directions within the app and it stated my balance will remind $3552.09 after verifying my account. When I opened my app my balance was already wiped to $0. I tried reaching out to CashApp directly and there is a lack of any sort of customer service. I tried to lock and change my PIN number, But people I didn’t even know were sending me money, then converting it to bitcoin, and quickly withdrawing it. I have reached out through email and Twitter and I haven’t gotten any response from CashApp. It looks like there are hundreds if not thousands of people with similar issues with no resolutions.

Victim Location 94103
Total money lost $1,200
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

I I created a cash app account utilizing my social security number my name my address and my email and telephone number everything was online or with an automated operator that never led to any human to describe what happened they only have customer support on email which on the return of the email still there is no evidence of who or what email is the information coming from or going to and the Sutton Bank has no recollection of teaming up with cash Lincoln Savings Bank or cash app Cash Card.

Victim Location 14611
Total money lost $3,000
Type of a scam Phishing

i was contacted by kevin ******* ( ny +1 (516) 984-0401) becasue he was sending Wanda Yvette *********** money . He sent me a imessge saying, "Cash app gonna call you for verification pick up, " i get a phone call from ?(917) 745-4291? & ?(888) 469-2376? appearing as accreditted cash app representatives. they tell me our transactions on the dates and time for my self business . still on the phone betwen 2:00-2:50 pm while im at work. they asked for information i did not give then my account info . they asked for email i gave that and thats all i follow the steps from the number they are texting me from and calling . i sign out of the phone app and log back in according to then becsyse its for governement verifcation and my $2,990 is misisng from my account and my card attached to it as well. the representatives had a indian accent voice accent

Victim Location 70578
Type of a scam Phishing

Cash app: my name REQUESTED $200. Open cash app to APPROVE or decline.

Victim Location 46818
Total money lost $1,800
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I posted an ad on let-go for my Galaxy S10 to be sold for $600 then I thought I found a buyer so I conversated back and forth for a second then the cash app came into the conversation and I assumed that it was the same concept as PayPal and it sounded believable after my brother's girlfriend and a few other people vouched for it said that was legit Whole Nine Yards. I also believe that the cash app was legit because it had me to take a picture of my face and then a picture of my ID than a picture of me holding my ID and I also linked my debit card straight to my cash app account so that it could go straight into my Bank account. Then they sent me an email saying that since the deposit was over $250 I had to change my personal account to a business account so I did that and then they said I have to request an additional $250 from the purchaser, and once they sent it then I would go buy $250 of Google Play cards and send them the numbers and then the purchaser would get the 250 refunded and then I would get my $600 after this went on for a few days they have coming up with extra stipulations that was never in any fine print. And now that it's been about a month and a half almost two months and approx. $1,300 dollars later they're requesting that this will all be said and done and I'll get my money if I just buy $500 in eBay gift cards so that they can send me a deposit for $1600.00 but I don't have hundreds of dollars laying around to be spending on gift cards to send some foreign guy that I dont know or have any idea on there location or how to get ahold of them in person.

Victim Location 08515
Total money lost $1,098
Type of a scam Other

I want to warn everyone about a scam that is going on with Cash App. Everyone of in my office is famous for not carrying cash, so we swap money between each other through Cash App. I accidently sent 400 to one of my co-workers instead of 4.00 for a candy bar purchase. I reached out to my co-worker because she took off for the day and told her what happened, and could she send back my money. My co-worker then informed me that she closed down her account and stopped using the app because she was having issues. So basically, my money was sitting in limbo. I called my bank Wells Fargo and explained what happened and they told me there was nothing really that they could do, to maybe try reaching out to Cash App. I told the CSR, I did but there is no direct phone number on the app, I had to send them an email...which I did. The CSR rep FROM WELLSFARGO, so hold on I just looked, and I found a number for you to contact them. I wrote down the number that was given to me by a reputable bank and proceeded to call 1-844-915-3111. The gentlemen answered the phone with an Indian accent and answered Cash App can I help you? I explained what happen and he proceeded to tell me some steps to take on my phone through the app to get my money back. I was a little concerned told me to type in all these codes and when he asked me for my SS number red flags went up and I said NO! Is this a scam?? When I got back to my desk to access my bank account on my lap top, the scammers went into my account through Cash App and stole $1,098 through my savings account. I always do my research and I embarrassed that I even fell victim to this because I am always warning other people to watch out for scams. I think what really threw me off is when a reputable bank provides you with a contact number, you think you are safe....there is nothing to be concerned with. To make a long story short, I called my bank and they are doing an investigation and hopefully the money that was stolen from me will be refunded. Everyone please be aware of the number 1-844-915-3111 and if anyone ask you to download START.TEAMVIEWER.COM... IT'S A SCAM! Somehow, they use this software to remotely access your phone and all your personal information. I tried calling back the number and the same gentlemen answered and when he heard my voice he hung up. Red flag number 2! It happened, it was a learning lesson, but hopefully something will be done to stop this from happening to other consumers. There must be something that is going on because when you call the real Cash App number it basically gives you a warning in the introduction message.

Victim Location 23970
Total money lost $110
Type of a scam Phishing

Cash App wanted me to put in a dollar amount for them to verify a code, however it was not a code it was a amount they wanted to see would go through for transaction. He then asked me how much money I had in my account, and I expressed to him that was not relevant for the transfer. My brother never received the money it was just taken out of my account. After he gave me this code to enter my bank sent me a fraud alert asking me if I made the transaction and i replied no I did not. DO NOT USE THIS APP ON YOUR PHONE THEY ARE TAKING MONEY FROM YOU.

Victim Location 65802
Total money lost $1,735
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I sent $1,600 to my family member but I received a call from a person with an accent that and I could hear people in the background like call center. The person on the phone told me that my transaction did not go through to my family member and that the funds needed to be redirected in order for the transaction to go through. I followed their instructions for the redirect and the money never made it to my brother. I lost a total of $1,735.

Victim Location 44106
Total money lost $2,572
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Hello. I am a cash app representative reporting cash app scams that were worth $2572.00 which were deposited to Chloe Adams account on January 3,2019. She was receiving cash from $alexisamazinng on cash app each time for $400 and the last one for $172. These amounts aren’t accounted for and have been flagged as a Instagram fraud. Where others are taking money from individuals accounts and transferring it to others accounts which weren’t authorized.

Victim Location 62226
Total money lost $600
Type of a scam Phishing

No fee money transfer. But when you ask to get the money back, you lose your money. $600 was lost.

Victim Location 94608
Total money lost $1,850
Type of a scam Credit Cards

They had me get 2 google app card with 400dollor each on them an took the money off my card And change my account

Victim Location 33309
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was scammed out of $400 . This person claimed he was cashapp custumer service . I gave him all my information including drivers license number from front to back.

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