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Imposter Cash App

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Imposter Cash App Reports & Reviews (78)

• 10 h ago

We would like you to know that we have issues crediting your account with the total sum of $200.00 USD because your account needs to be UPGRADED. So kindly contact the last payee (Alex Smith) to make an additional ..yo
Contact +1 (805) 41O 5O.4O to get .r.efund
Contact +1 (805) 41O 5O.4O to get .r.efund
Contact +1 (805) 41O 5O.4O to get .r.efund
Contact +1 (805) 41O 5O.4O to get .r.efund
Contact +1 (805) 41O 5O.4O to get .r.efund
Contact +1 (805) 41O 5O.4O to get .r.efund
Contact +1 (805) 41O 5O.4O to get .r.efundpayment of $500.00 USD so we can upgrade and credit your account and your account will be credited with the total sum of $700 USD.

• Jun 14, 2022

Victim Location 46614
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Phishing

$davidslq useer of cash app was to send my 200 bucks for a couch purchase off Facebook Marketplace. I needed to create a cash app account.following instructions recd from cash app I end up loosing 500 bucks..

We would like you to know that we have issues crediting your account with the total sum of $200.00 USD because your account needs to be UPGRADED. So kindly contact the last payee (Alex Smith) to make an additional payment of $500.00 USD so we can upgrade and credit your account and your account will be credited with the total sum of $700 USD.

Note: An alert has been sent to Alex smith regarding the $500.00 USD additional payment he will send to your account for it to be upgraded. We will secure this transaction with high priority that neither sender/receiver lose their funds in this transaction.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email by replying to this mail we sent to you. Customer service.

following response from ..

This is Melissa from Cash App Support.

Guillermo here with Cash App Support, I'll be taking over your case from here

and finally this..

My name is Rick from Cash App Support - thanks for reaching out, I can understand you need to start a dispute, I’ll be glad to provide some clarity about the process to follow.

so many explainations and screen shots have been sent and it seems after 2 attemps to file the comlaint a third request for the same info already sent appears to be more proof of their scam.

• May 31, 2022

Victim Location 75217
Total money lost $180
Type of a scam Credit Cards

My son got his paycheck he is 16 and in school. He transferred his check to his cash app card and within minutes it was gone. He couldn't cancel the transaction. I've called and complained. I've emailed and tried customer support. My son has not gotten his money. We are a low income family and this company took advantage of my son.

• May 22, 2022

Victim Location 94103
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Was sent a referral to use Cash App. When I signed up they asked for my ss# it was strange and seemed unnecessary because it’s just a prepaid I wouldn’t have considered it if it didn’t get referred to me. Chime is excellent, the card shows up in a week, they never ask for a social, they are a prepaid card. My friend who sent me the referral then finds out me signing up wasn’t enough, now it said I had to receive the physical card(that takes 2 weeks or more to receive) link it to my bank account, spend at least $5 AND do this in 30 days or she doesn’t even get the bonus. Again they know you automatically lose at least 14 days just waiting. I received it in 15 days. It’s not the design or color I ordered.The card cannot be activated, the QR code doesn’t work and even when I wrote in the information it wouldn’t work. Contacted support same day they reply 2 days later. They then ask “First we need to know, did you receive the physical card in the mail? We can only help when you receive it.” Of course they know I have the card that’s why I told them the QR code didn’t work , they are stalling. They finally reply after being “confused “ about the issue the card is having wasting enough time to say Sadly there’s a time limit and you will not receive the bonus. So it’s the bait and switch . The person that sent the referral had no issue when receiving her card but mine had a ton of problems so they purposely wouldn’t have to honor the referral/bonus. It’s a scam. The referrals will never be validated, they will send you the wrong card on purpose then pretend they don’t understand the issues just long enough for the time to run out. It’s really manipulative and annoying . They also tried to charge me $5 to order a new card. Knowing that they sent me a non working card they ignored that and wanted to charge me a replacement fee and if that’s not bad enough they then save your information even when you never used them and keep you listed as a member even if you delete your account. They have access to your credit report and again they save your information and have you listed as a member of their “financial institution “ even if you delete your account. They will negatively affect your credit score as well and cannot stress this more that even when you delete your account they retain all your financial information and you will remain listed as a member AFTER you deactivate even if you never made one purchase.

• May 16, 2022

Victim Location 90027
Total money lost $50,000
Type of a scam Phishing

I was contacted by Kris Jenner and Cash App on Twitter. They wrote that I would receive $50,000.00 for my children and teens skate nights, My Cat Sheena. The funds would be deposited to Cash App ID $MyCatSheena. This was a malicious lie perpetrated by Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian's mom. I don't know why this woman is harassing me. I once had the utmost respect for her, now I am doubtful of her integrity, and mental health. The whole Kardashian family is troubled, and need professional help.

• Apr 18, 2022

Victim Location 28214
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Phishing

Scammed by someone on Facebook messenger asking to help me learn about Bitcoin through cash app to get money and took 200 dollars from me through Bitcoin.

• Apr 11, 2022

Victim Location 29501
Type of a scam Tech Support

I couldn’t log into my cash app so I called Cashapp Customer service. Long story short this guy took 2,228 dollars from me, saying that it isn’t gone just being held til the next morning until the verification is done. He made it look as if I was doing everything myself cause he had me download this app named AnyDesk. They spent it all on bitcoins. Then sent me a text message saying that my refund request has been processed. It will be credited in 24hrs.

• Mar 22, 2022

Victim Location 60601
Total money lost $2,902.40
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Tech support. Used an app to view my phone. Removed my accounts and linked their own. Withdrew the money then deactivated my account and told me the funds would be replaced at 10am the next day.

• Mar 02, 2022

Victim Location 97404
Total money lost $554
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I was trying to get refunded for a cashapp transaction that was a scam and looked up information why my cashapp wasnt allowing me to add cash. I looked up customer support for cashapp and called the phone number for it. the person said they would help me recover my funds and had me download an app called anydesk, which gave them 3rd party direct access to my phone. they then had me go to my cashapp and delete my connected bank and card and reconnect it, which gave them access to see my routing and account number along with my card informion. they then had me attempt numerous times to load funds on to my cashapp and buy bitcoins through cashapp as well as wallet and through a system called simplex. when all transaction attempts were denied they had me check my bank account to see if funds had been pending and they weren't, so they had me call my bank to approve all transactions, once transactions were approved they said they could no longer help me and hung up on me.

• Mar 01, 2022

Victim Location 45225
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call 02-25-22 and a call today 2-28-22 from the same number telling me that my cash app account had irregular activity on it, and I don't have a cash app account.

• Feb 14, 2022

Victim Location 28054
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Cashapp Scam

Feb 03, 2022

• I’m ******* ****** from Gastonia NC I am a valued customer at cashapp and has been for many years But On Feb 02, 2022 state farm insurance issued me a payment of 21,654.99 which was paid out by digitalpayouts Feb 03, 2022 to my cashapp account. The deposit was then put on pending status which alarmed me, because I had never had a pending payment on cash app before. And as you will see in my screenshots the time of arrival switches from time to time, for some unknown reason. But while I was awaiting the pending payment I resorted to asking Google what to do if you have a pending payment on cash app what should you do? And what popped was an website on which their were cash app logos and a phone number to call screenshots of this site are in the notes as well. I called the number (855-233-1940) and immediately someone claiming to be a cash app representative ask me for verification questions which I in return did answer. Then a red flag started to raise on my head, I felt like something wasn’t right but by this time I was being scammed. I stayed on the phone pleading with the criminals not to steal my money I begged them to stop in return he says to me “why would I stay on the phone with you if I was a scammer” while he reassured me he was not indeed a thief he ask me to log out of my cash app account and log right back in and I’ll see my balance reflect. I do so and I’m locked out my cash app completely but yet I was able to create a new account from cashapp from my same email address red flag goes up again now I know they’ve taken my email off the account. So I call state farm and have them issue a reverse payment which they did on Feb 03, 2022. At this point I was told by my state farm agent that the payment was reversed an I shouldn’t have anything to worry about. But later on the evening I noticed that I wasn’t completely locked out my cash app it was still an open tab on my tablet. I clicked the tab an I was in my account and could see where they had added bank accounts to my account and added their email and phone number saying it was mine. I changed the info back to my info and emailed cash support again look someone has hacked my account why don’t y’all just shut it down before someone steals the money now at this point I go to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I seen that cash app had denied the reverse of the payment from state farm and turned around and sent it to the criminals. And all the mess is a bigger mess because cash app was instructed to send the funds back to state farm maybe 12hrs before they gave it to scammers. I have screenshots to support the time they allowed thieves to steal from me and how quick they were to deny state farms reverse payment.

******* ****** ***** ******** *************************

• Feb 10, 2022

Victim Location 46806
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Tech Support

called to activate a cash app card and these scammers took 300 off my cash app account

• Jan 31, 2022

Victim Location 99201
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I was asked my my friend who knows this person supposedly that the money was coming from they asked for my email address and my cash tag for cash app I gave it to them then it said a phone was on my Facebook that wasnt my phone now I can't get back into my messenger or Facebook.

• Jan 25, 2022

Victim Location 31072
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I got a phone call from a local cellphone number when I answered it there was someone on there saying that they were from cash app and that someone had tried to use my cash app card for improper usage. Then they left a phone number to call and get my card back active 415-688-6201. So instead I contacted my card issuer and they said noone had attempted to use my card and to contact [email protected] but I never could find this site. So that's when I decided to contacted BBB.

• Jan 03, 2022

Victim Location 91343
Type of a scam Phishing

This company said that "Cash APP notification: you have just received $750 from Rob. Please accept your transaction here and I hit the link and they asked my full name, address, phone #, date of birth, and asked me 30 questions about my interests and asked me to accept notifications, but they did not ask for SS# or bank acct info, which I would not have given. I was expecting $750 from someone, which is why I proceeded, but b4 I answered their second text, which they were about to ask my banking info, I called the people who will be sending me $750 legitimately and they said they had not sent it yet, so I replied "NO" to the potential scammers.

• Dec 09, 2021

Victim Location 44137
Type of a scam Phishing

I think I was just scammed. I was online with Cash App. It wasn't really Cash App. Then they called me and had me open my Cash App. It was a scam. Had me download an app called Any Desk. I sent a picture of the front and back of my drivers license to verify my identity. I am concerned I sent a picture of my drivers license. Their phone number is 628-253-4807.

• Dec 06, 2021

Victim Location 95336
Total money lost $150
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I was scrolling through my instagram and saw ** ************* who was doing a cash app, at first I thought it was a scam cause I've seen it a lot, but she showed me that she has gotten money out of it in her story on instagram which was around $44k and I was like "mhhm, maybe I should try it" So i asked her about the information she told me how much I am willing to spend, showed me what the pricing was and I told her I'll do $150 for $1900, so when I put cash into my cash app, she told me to spend it on bitcoins and send her the link, which I did, then she showed me in that amount of money I have gotten $3,000, but I would have to spend $400 in another of the bitcoins, I told her I didn't have the money (which I didn't) and she kept on asking if I could ask my family/friends to get the $400 when I knew I didn't have too. I asked a friend about this "cash app deal" he told me not to try it, but I have already done it and he told me its all a scam. So when I asked for my $150 back, she wanted me to take a photo of myself with my ID card, I told her that can't be a policy cause I had a feeling she would use it against me. So I just basically told her, just keep it cause I'm not doing that. And that $150 isn't that much.

• Dec 02, 2021

Victim Location 27527
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a message about a sugar daddy wanting to give me 5,000 but in order to receive the money I have to pay “clearance fees” and I said ok. But I felt something was wrong even though I gave a few dollars out to the clearance fee people. So I unfollowed the person and they have reported me to the FBI because someone they knew worked there. And now I’m stuck paying fees for money I’m not even sure I’m going to get back because I don’t want cops showing up at my house for something I know I didn’t even do. I don’t want to cause any trouble so I kept paying them but I still haven’t gotten the 5,000 the cash app people say they was going to give to me a few days ago. They also have said once I complete this transaction of 3,000 by the end of today at 4:30pm all the fees I have payed will be sent back to my cash app which is $whit1031. I have all the screenshots of the transactions sent to that number

• Dec 01, 2021

Victim Location 02148
Total money lost $2,000
Type of a scam Phishing

How can somebody work so hard yet their someone somewhere sitting planning on how to still your money. I have lost 2000 within 3days.I contacted cash app support to report a fraud and end with false representative. Right now my cash app history has been erased. The numbers that used for the cash app customers care were ********** and ********** and I have lost details of previous fraudulent transactions because my history has been erased. Please help me.

• Nov 03, 2021

Victim Location 85019
Type of a scam Phishing

Reporting the fact that I received a local phone call from someone claiming to be cash app support. Stated they were blocking my account.

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