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someone using a friend of mind Facebook account asking how are you doing ? stating that they were doing pretty good extremely happy because had received $50.000,00 from a new program going on now on ( IFC)giving out grant? the international Finance corporation Grant prog. to assist
I played along and got the # .601-522-2750 & . and informed them that I would call them later because didn't no business thru Facebook she just keep asking me to text Mr. Ronald Wilson
at no cost to me

- Dallas, TX, USA

A friend that knows me shared with me that she was given a grant. And she felt I would be someone who who qualify also. So she sent me a phone number to make contact with the grant program. After I sent the text to the number an individual named George Michael,attorney, replied and sent me a list of required information. I in turn sent back all the information requested. He then replied stating, I will receive an email letting me know if I qualify for the government grant

Not long after, I received an email indicating I qualified and for me to send a fee to cover the cost for processing. See the attachment. I texted my friend and asked her did she have to pay a fee and she said she did and she did get a grant in the amount she had selected. I still didn't want to go through with this so I searched IFC online and several links returned information that list this company as fraudulent That's why I chose to contact BBB.

Your assistance is appreciated.

- San Antonio, TX, USA

A "friend" on facebook, with reputeable friends om the site contacted me to let me know abot this gov. grant he got..gave me contact imfo..I contacted them, gave them normal info..checked against their data base..said I was elligable..wanted $950 to preocess and deliver $50k..declined , told them it was a scam..going to let FB know about it

I was contacted through a friend/ family who was who they say they were for the 5th time so I was ready for them this time. I decided to play along with their little game. So when they gave me the name and number of the fake Fed Gov Agent named David Glover Jr. and asked for my address and info I gave them the address of the FBI in DC.

They also said they are having trouble with their website, so I had to do it this way.

I got a message through Instagram from a friend asking how I was doing and what I was up too then asked if I'd "heard of the new grant program going on now on (IFC) giving out grant?" I said I had not heard of it. She then replied: "This is new program that was established by the federal government with the conjunction of world bank to help people in the society to meet up their needs, I got 50,000,00" (yes, they used as "," instead of a ".")-[suspicious now] "delivered to me when I apply for the grant and you don't have to pay it back, you can also apply too...m"

I asked what the money was supposed to be used for and what the tax repercussions were.

They ignored my question and asked, "Have you heard about Attorney William J. Anthony before?"

I texted my friend with a screen shot of this conversation and she confirmed that it wasn't her account.

The hacker made a fake Instagram account using my friends pictures!

I'm no dummy!

- Sunnyvale, CA, USA

officer claiming to be from I.F.C corporation grant program saying they would give money. I gave them my name, email address, mother's name, birthdate, and address.

- Oroville, WA, USA

An agent claiming to be from the IFC Grant messaged me saying that he wants my full name and address so they can send me the winning money that I got picked for. They claim its $90,000 but I would have to pay them $950 BEFORE I got my grant money. I have blocked this person and I didn't not give out ANY of my information as this seems absolutely ridiculous to be true. Please have someone look into this. A friend was scammed from it, she said she paid out $950 and is supposed to receive her $90,000.

The scammers used this phone number
And a friends hacked Instagram acct.

- Knoxville, TN, USA

I received a message from someone through Facebook Messenger that I thought I knew from church. I replied and immediately the conversation went to some kind of a loan or money from a program called IFC. She said she received $100,000 from IFC. I sensed it was a scam so I looked it up and found an article from about this very scam. I began filling out the online form to report scams and realized I may need more information from the scammer so I started asking questions. The scammer said I need to send money in for a delivery fee, and then I would receive money in the mail. The scammer is persistent and is sending multiple texts trying to pressure me. I am not sure what to do other than report it here. I have attached some of the conversation history to this report.

I was contacted by a “friend” asking how I was doing and I told her I was waiting on my disability hearing and she immediately told me about IFC grant. Like a [censored] I googled it and applied. Jesus Christ they have my dob, ss# and my TX DL picture. I feel so stupid.

- Groves, TX, USA

Was contacted via FB Messenger by my cousin. She told me she had a bug but she was fine. She went on to explain about the IFC and gave me a number to a LAWYER. I texted them and they text back asking for NAME ADDRESS EMAIL INCOME MARITAL STATUS and ZIP CODE. A couple days went by and they send 2 pics of approval and send a TRACKING# SERIAL# REFERENCE# and TICKET#.

- Sheridan, MI, USA

m.m/Tonyward6890 - Ronald Wilson (I received pictures of both of these "gentlemen" in business suits sitting at desks). - Dawson Kerry

This started out by receiving a text message that I thought was a friend. She stated that the government was giving out grants (they said that you get to choose the amount). They said that we have to buy gift cards in order to get the grant. They said Target & Walgreens. I told them that I don't have any of those so they gave me other options. They said that they would deliver the grant via ups. They said that I had to purchase the gift cards, scratch off the pin numbers and send them pictures. They said that I could also get cards from Steam Wallet or Sephora. They said that the fee from the gift cards was for a "clearance fee". That fee for me was $1500 because I "qualified" for $100,000. I could tell the person on the other end of the text was conversing with me in a way that I didn't recognize. I asked her to call me so that I could hear her voice. She used the excuse that her phone was with her lawyer because she had gotten a $50,000 grant and that people we "bother her". My "grant number" is 8776594/ifc. Batch number: 18506640602/ifc Application number: 88930ifc-0753465657000UF. Serial Number: 776562016. After they gave me the numbers, they instructed me to go get the gift cards. I went to Rite Aid and asked the staff what Steam Wallet was - she said it was for online gaming. I went to get the money, but more red flags started coming up after talking with friends and associates. I told them yesterday that I was contacting the and didn't hear from the rest of the night. I did get a message this morning that says GM.

The message came thru as one of my friends on FB messenger.

I quick deleted message. But got a last one. Called my friend and she doesn't use messenger. What do we do?

- Joplin, MO, USA

They had reached out to me to see if I could qualify for a Grant. I gave them my info (nothing extremely personal though), they said they would give me the grant. They never told me an amount and after sitting on that for a bit I came to realize this might be a scam.

Scammer contacted me through a friends facebook. Stated she was given a grant and then gave a number to text. I text and they said would get a check for 20000 If I send pictures of 2 Amazon gift card of $100

- Houston, TX, USA

A cousin supposedly told me about money she got from a gov. grant and gave me the number to call. I did and i sent 1% of the grant money by gift cards to this number 916-520-0547..and after confirmation of funds recieved they were sending adelivery team to my address with cash moneyin a bx..but then the IRS delayed delivery until i payed 4,780 in taxes before they released the bx to the delivery team for delivery to me. I lost 600.00 sending the 1% then i realized it was a scam when i started to research and found this web. Very dumb on my part to do this but i believed my so called cousin. She really wasn't my cousin.

- Allentown, PA, USA

a friend on facebook messaged me saying if I heard about a grant, that she saw my name on the list and she recieved unclaimed money that she didnt have to pay back. gave me the information and when I contacted the guy he asked for only my I'd so I didnt think anything of it, it wasnt my social or bank account information. i sent him my I'd he put everything through messaged me back saying i was approved and on the list for the grant but why did i need it after i responded he stopped contacting me. I messaged my friend saying it was a scam after she messaged me back I could no longer message her. when I googled about this it said that this is a scam.

- Canton, IL, USA

The person, used a friend's f.b.messager , telling me about ,this IFC grant you don't have to pay back

And sent that number (406)551-1906

- Denver, CO, USA

I thought it was a friend of mine through Facebook telling me that she won $50,000 in that I could do it sounded promising and because I believed it was my friend I thought I'd try it they told me that I needed to buy $550 worth of Apple store gift cards and so I did they did not and will not refund my money and that was my rent money all I wanted the money for was to get ahead on bills for my son and I. I should have known it was too good to be true and I'm usually smarter than that not to fall for something like this but because I thought it was my friend telling me I believed it.

Received message on messenger saying to be able to get free money as the sender had. Turns out to get the free money, $55,000 one would need to send $700.00 first.

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