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Home Improvement Reports & Reviews (79)

• Mar 28, 2024

Scammer contacts you through social media . In my case I posted on Facebook looking for a contractor and he replied. He used a fake website, pictures and reference. He used a FAKE invoice from a local hardware store to make it look like he paid for materials . The scammer was arrested by police and has been charged with 12 counts of fraud.

• Mar 16, 2024

We hired **** **** ***** ******** as a contractor to finish our basement project.

He adviced that we obtain the Home depot loan card to purchase needed material for our project.

We obtained the card and he asked for card details to buy needed materials. Everything proceeded as planned until he made several unauthorized transactions on our card. $1252.24 on Oct 4 and $9802.83 on November 9.

**** acknowledged the error and promised to pay back in 2-3 business days. **** paid back 1252.24 and $4802.83 from the unauthorized transaction and has since refused to pay the balance of $5,000 he made fraudulently on our card.

He is not responding to calls or messages and has abandoned the project work we gave him.

He and his workers used our home depot card negligently by purchasing drinks, refreshments and tools on our loan card.

He forged our signature and created a fake account to transact with the city on our permit application. We hired him as a contractor to apply for permit etc using his company. Rather he chose to forge our signature and create a fake account. He even went further to advice us to break the exterior wall without permit from the city. This would have led to serious consequence since our name was on file as applicant rather than his business.

Also we paid him $4,765.25 for electrical materials and he has not accounted for the expenses or the materials. He also has materials he purchased on our homedepot card in his possession.

All of this has resulted in a lot of pain and suffering and we'll be taking this to court.

- Clovis, CA, USA • Mar 15, 2024

Company representative came to the door. Stated they would save money using there company vs. PgE. There is no savings. Customer is charged 3x the regular fees. Company makes canceling the service very difficult.

- Brookfield, WI, USA • Mar 13, 2024

I responded to a notice asking me to contact this person about duct cleaning. When i did, the scammer emailed back without his phone number to contact with questions.

Today i received a lenghty email telling me i could share 45% of a wealthy woman's will in Japan.

I replied calling this person a scammer and said to not for any reason contact me again

• Feb 22, 2024

Cold call for a survey about water quality. Another call, a few months later, to say you WON a gift and a FREE water test and they can come do that for you. Once you let them in your house, the water tests bad and out comes the high pressure selling presentation of all the water filtration systems they offer. They spend as long as it takes to get a sale. If you can't pay outright, they offer a loan company that has already pre-approved you for up to$20,000 for 60-180 months @ an interest rate of 13.99%. They target elderly people on fixed incomes. The system is installed the next day (fee waived verbally during the signing of contract) Detergent is included (for free) on the contract @ a value of $4,000. If during the 10 day cooling off period you can cancel the contract for no reason. Then they want to charge you an uninstall fee. It's not on the contract! They charge $150 + tax on each unit you bought, plus $300 to return the detergent if you opened any of the boxes. I find this deceitful and I had to argue vehemently with them over the phone. My parents initially bought the whole system for over $19,000, but changed their mind the next day and bought a basic system for $8,387. I brought it to their attention that they could get a system at an affordable price from someone else and how this company has been scamming people. They invite themselves into your house , sell you an overpriced system, install it and when you cancel within your consumer rights(10 day) they want to charge YOU money to come take it out! It seems like they're going to get money out of you one way or another. My parents had no plans on buying a water system that day! no money was exchanged. The contract was cancelled and so was the void cheque. The company called me back to tell me they were waiving the uninstall fee because I told them I was putting complaints in and talking with the Newspeople . They were waiving the fee just special for us because I was angry and felt that they had been deceptive with my parents....I know of other people who've been through the same with their elderly relatives and have helped a few of them to get out of paying the Uninstall fee. I learned that this company has been in our area over the past (2+) years , doing the same things. Most people don't question them because they're embarrassed for cancelling or don't want to fight for their money, so they just pay the fee to get rid of them.

Also, as part of my parent's initial $19,000 package, they were sold one of the units that filters Chlorine. My parents live in the rural country and have a dug well, there is no chlorine in it! The seller knew that, but said nothing about them not needing that unit. Very Deceitful!!

- Virginia Beach, VA, USA • Feb 15, 2024

Frank Rios claims to own this business. He always insists on customers paying cash upfront but will either not complete work, rush through it and cracks, or nake excuses as to why he can't finish.

He won't file permits or obtain proper liscenes to preform work.

When refunds are requested he will threaten then block you. Come to find out, Frank doesnt work there, he works under the table to evade taxes. Thats why he demands cash only. The real owners let Frank Rios continue to scam people.

BBB Note:  Please report this type of issue not only to your local BBB, but also the police, the IRS and your local board for contractor's.

- Pittsburgh, PA, USA • Feb 08, 2024

I received a mailer from the National Residential Improvement Association (NRIA). It was addressed to "Resident", not to me personally. The return address was REF NO. NRIA-PA-070119-1039 at PO BOX 597, Dunmore, PA 18512-9954; however, the physical address listed on the mailer is 125 Herman Melville Avenue, Newport News, VA 23606. This mailer claims to offer 203k limited repair programs for services provided by local contractors. A quick Google search of this program alerted me to this being a known scam that is potentially already under investigation. I wanted to report it here to help track and trend ongoing attempts at outreach to victims.

- Plymouth, MA, USA • Jan 26, 2024

FerroRedbrook Buy Nothing Group

· January 24 at 10:16 AM ·

Hey Neighbors! I am getting my Washer dryer Line cleaned by Peter Mossor. Would anyone else in the community like to join me and get the group rate? We needb at least 5 people to get the group rate, the date would be determined based on the amount of people that want a cleaning. If you want to get on the schedule you can message me. Let me know if you want in!

This was the post on Facebook Redbrook Buy Nothing Group (my community in Plymouth MA) , by ******* *****. I inquired via Messenger and received a response. Price quoted was $179.00 for cleaning

- Ripley, NY, USA • Jan 25, 2024

False promises of free home modifications

- Saint Louis, MO, USA • Dec 22, 2023

They called me and I think they have call me before.  So, they may have Identified but I was in a rush she wanted to know if they could look at my roof, and when was the last time I replaced the roof, and she confirmed my address.  She set up a time for today.  No one showed up for the appt nor did anyone call to rescheduled the appt due to rain.  They did not get any personally Identifiable information but they do know my address. 

- Norfolk, VA, USA • Nov 25, 2023

I have had my business Hardy Field painting closed down for quite a while now, on 01/08/2022. I had lost the use of my computer, and had to get another, had not opened my outlook in almost a year and 3 months. when I finally got another computer given to me by my friends mother, my first computer was given by my friend. Imagine my surprise when I opened up my outlook to find jobs being sent to me by multiple different companies for a company called Harmony Home Designs.( not Hardy Field Painting) Not only that but from the same phone number I received Harassing phone calls and calls trying to fish my social security number and saying I could get $50,000.00 in funds for my company because I had to shut down because of COVID, but instead of it being Hardy Field Painting it was Harmony Home Designs being run under my name. ( or my name was given multiple times and my e-mail) whoever it is went so far as to use my old phone number for my company as well. This person is a fraud and I have nothing to do with them at all, when I saw the photo of the woman, we don't even look alike and I never saw here before in my life. I am still trying to figure out how she hacked my email, was getting job offers and money sent by some kind of service via my email and other items sent by a money transfer company for me to receive some kind of payment from them. I blocked the email and sent it back, I have no idea who these people are and why they are using my information, but they have been and I only wonder if they have used my name in anything else dealing with their or another business.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA • Oct 31, 2023

I hired a contractor through Angie's list and his name was Bobbie to tuck point my chimney.  I asked for a estimate for all the work that needed to be done for the chimney and the roof.  He continued to say that he would give me a good deal.  Finally he said that it would be $6000.00 I had already given him $1200.00.  He took off and he did not even pay the tuck pointers.  They did the chimney and the wall but they did nothing to the roof.  I gave him  $6681.56.  Every time I call him he says that he is out of town.  He groomed me, he came in asking personal questions that he should have not been asking especially about how beautiful my skin is.  I also notice him walking around my house looking at my house from the alley.  

- West Chicago, IL, USA • Sep 19, 2023

A man came to our door saying he was redoing driveways in the neighborhood and that he could add ours to the roster and he could get us a deal. We agreed upon a price and did a handshake and and estimate was given on company letterhead. The company started prepping our driveway and throwing broken blacktop chunks in our yard. They came back the next day. Told us we needed to pay cash, not check like they originally said. They did the work, albeit shotty. We tried to negotiate about the cash and use check instead they said no. We gave them the cash. They had agreed to take the waste away. They did not take it day of. We called and they said by Sunday. No one came Sunday, called again and said Monday, no one came Monday. We talked to our neighbors who also used them and they also had the same exact experience. They told them they would pick up waste Tuesday. We called again last night and no one answered. The website seems fake and now we are left with a pile of blacktop in our yard. They also left personal garbage in our can. The driveway is done but not the best quality. We supposedly have a 5 year warranty but are doubting anyone will show up. The man we talked to was most likely Irish, late 40's to 50's Brian. Also a man went by David according to his email.

- Elmhurst, IL, USA • Sep 14, 2023

Carlos Vargas is a general contractor who works in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. He did illegal work on my house and ran off with $25,000.00.

• Sep 06, 2023

I got a card in my mail as described in the scamtracker report and went on their website to fill out their application. After filling it out I looked and saw there was little information on the website and decided to look them up. They have not contacted me yet.

• Aug 29, 2023

Mailer sent to home. Looks like official government communication

• Aug 28, 2023

Came to home to do estimates he did measurement.Had to reach out several times for a receipt and contract job was supposed to August 25 nothing won't reponse

- Minneapolis, MN, USA • Aug 16, 2023

Received several letters from US BK NAND, Home Warranty Division using scare tactics, stating that the victim's home warranty was about to expire (they didn't have the warranty), and that if they didn't respond the warranty would lapse and they would be responsible for any major home repairs. Letters started about 9 months ago with a Registration Fee Voucher ($199.00) attached and a request to call them. Received 4 or 5 since, with the last couple stating they were "Final Notices".

• Aug 08, 2023

He agreed to paint my home. I gave him half to start. He came for a couple of days and then said he needed some more money to get the paint. He never returned or responded to my phone or text messages.

- O Fallon, IL, USA

Scammer came to home to install cameras stated was sent by a person I know to install door bell and cameras. I told them I know the person but have no idea why the person would have camera and door bell installed at my home. The person then leaned back on the porch and looked at the window to the left. Person only identified themselves as being from the geek squad. Person did not provide identification or name but had me to confirm my address. Once I did that person leaned back on the porch and looked at the window to the left. Person then called the person and closed the doors of his van which was parked backwards in the driveway about 2 feet or a little closer from the garage door entrance with the doors open to the van. .luckily that was closed and I was here to answer the door.

I did talk to the person who stated the person was at the wrong address. Service offered was doorbell and cameras. It was a very scary encounter.

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