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Government Grant

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Government Grant Reports & Reviews (642)

- Memphis, TN, USA

These people have called me 3 times. Saying that the Government have select me to get a Government Grant. They said that I will have to get a Money Grant Access Card from Dollar General if I don't have one. And that its going to cost me $200.00 dollars for the card. But the money will not go to anyone. And I will get that money back. They as said that I will not have to pay the Grant back. And I will not have to pay any taxes or anything. These are the number they called from 1-899-814-4721 and the other number to do everything and to verify your Grant this is the number 718-285-8059. My question is this a scam because I feel like it is. And the say other people have been select as all to get the Government Grant. I would really like to know. Thanks so much. And one more thing they also said you have to have a ID number when you call the second number they give you.

- Centreville, AL, USA

They said that the goverment chose me to receive $7000 but for every $1000 i have to pay $37.00 but it will be refunded i have to go to walmart and do a money gram and i will receive the money in 10 minutes

- Othello, WA, USA

They called from a Washington DC number (202) 517-1657 and said I have been selected to receive a $9,000 grant because I have been in good standing with the Government. I paid my taxes and have not gone bankrupt in the last 7 years. They knew my name, address, and phone number and repeated that information back to me. They needed a bank card or credit card to deposit the money on to. Then they gave me a Grant confirmation code of AM888 and said to call their supervisor to release the funds into my card. He said to call Mr. Melvin at (512) 646-0919. I called and Mr. Melvin said he would release the grant on to my card. It would come from the Federal bank of California. I asked him how I receive a grant when I didn't apply for one. He said it is the government rewarding taxpayers. That I do not have to pay it back. Then he said I need to Moneygram or Walmart to Walmart $250 to activate my account so he could release my grant money. I said no so he got mad and said well he will find someone who needs the money more than me. I said that's fine.

- Nashua, NH, USA

I have been receiving calls from someone claiming they are from Washington and that I have won a Federal Grant.  They said I was eligible because I had paid my taxes on time. I was told it was an $8,000 grant.  They gave me a claim number and a telephone number to call for further information.  The number they told me to call was 202-657-4610.

- Laconia, NH, USA

I was contacted by telephone four times in two days by someone saying he worked for Federal Government Grants saying I had won a grant.  That a small number of people had been picked randomly to get this grant.  He wanted me to go to Walmart and send a money order for $170.00 as a registration fee and then they'd send my grant money of $4,800.  They gave me a number to call - 646-583-0671.  I called the number and it was a "chat hotline" for men and women. 


I received a phone call from 202-470-0611 ext. 115 by the name of Lawrence Kelly stating Ihad been selected to receive a goverment grant in the amount 7000 - Send 250 for deposit through a moneygram and they would send 7000 right back.- It is once in a lifetime opportunity from the govermwent.

- Windham, ME, USA

Consumer has been contacted numerous times by people claiming to be the IRS. They told the consumer that she was eligible for a government grant of around $7500. She was instructed to go and make a Money-Gram transfer of $750 to a random account. Scammers called the consumer multiple times on numerous occasions. Scammers were rude and forward with the consumer. Consumer was told that it was a scam and wanted to report it to BBB for further investigation.

- Boise, ID, USA

9000 Government Grant for being a good person and paying taxes on time

- Palm Bay, FL, USA

Caller represented himself from the US Dept. of Health and Human Services who is "authorized" to give me a grant of $8400. I requested to know from which program and/or division with the US-DHHS and the caller was unable to provide. I requested to know what the grant if for and he said it is for me to use on whatever I want. I didn't believe that and continued to ask questions of the caller until he chose to cuss me (using the f-word) complaining that I wasn't listening to him. I asked him if he was a scammer and he didn't know how to answer. I repeated all my previous questions again telling him I would repeat until I received the correct answer from him. He escalated his frustration. I asked for his supervisor and/or manager and he became even more agitated. A "manager" came online only to repeat the previous discussion. I requested a website and proof that they were not scammers. The website given was; the website "looked" official; I told the caller I don't give information over the phone and he implied he would send me an email. No email has been received.

- Anderson, SC, USA

A foreign man call me and said I have been selected to receive some government grant money in the amount of $8,500. Asked me if i wanted it on my debit card, western union, money gram or direct deposit. Then he gave me a ref #KV143 and told me to call a different number. I called, the person on the phone said his name was Brian Douglas. He told me to go to my nearest Western Union, fill out the form, oh and there's a $250 security deposit. Once I have the form filled out, then i call him back at (646) 583-0103 and he'll tell exactly where to send the money. after I send him $250, they will then release the government grant money to me. Oh and that I will receive my security deposit back after they receive the money.

- Byhalia, MS, USA

I talked to two men with accents saying that I won a grant but I would have to pay over $200 to receive it

- Elko, GA, USA

Person acted as my facebook friend and told me about a govenment grant. They needed my social security number and I mistakenly gave it to him. I have now found that this was a scam. Please warn others.

- Syracuse, NY, USA

they said I was selected in my area for a grant for thousand two hundred dollars,but wanted me to send them two-hundred and sixty five dollars, and said that would be sent back to me after my application was approved. I did not send any money but upsets me deeply because I am a college student who could use the money.

- Santa Barbara, CA, USA

I received a call stating that I'd been chosen to receive an $8,000 grant from the Federal Government. It was clear to me that the man was calling from a call center, as I had trouble hearing him over the background noise.

I was given an "Approval ID" number, a "Security Code", a website, and a phone number to call 206-925-3966. I was to call the number, give them this information and they would finalize my grant.

I did not call the number, instead, I got online and found that other people had been called as well and it's a scam.

I was called from somewhere in Missouri 573-714-6676. The man said his name was Eric (or Derrick) Bell.

- West Haven, CT, USA

i get a call from someone that has a accent and says he is from the federal grant of the us he says i was award 9,00 they know my name but i never gave them any infer mation it happens about once a month

- Barberton, OH, USA

Consumer received call today on her home phone. Calling on behalf of the government. Offer a $9900 Grant. Does not have to be paid back. Gave confirmation number MP579. Gave phone number to call 202-657-5467. Consumer called the phone number back. They answered the phone hello can I help you. Wanted consumer to pay $250 to show she had an upstanding checking account. Wanted consumer to go to Wal Mart and get a Green Dot money pak card. Contact is John Paul at extention 114. Instructed consumer to call him back when he had the money. Consumer thought it was strange from the beginning. Stated once she paid $250 they would deposit the money. She was to call back when she had the $250. Consumer paid no money. Caller had consumers name address and phone number. Just wanted to report the call.

- Albuquerque, NM, USA

An individual contacted me by phone claiming that I have been selected to receive a free federal grant for $9,000. I was then instructed to call another number 315-636-5896 In order to complete the transaction. A man by the name of Ron answered a proceeds to tell me that i need to send $210 in the name of Darren Lonton Atlanta, GA. I asked him if he was truly from the federal government and he stated that he was in New York and that he could not give me any information so that I may verify that this was legit until I got to a Wal-Mart and called him back so he could tell me how to go about sending the $210.

Call and to me ive been chosen for a 9000.00 grant all i have to do is pay 242.00 for the state tax and i will recive the grant money

- Panorama City, CA, USA

they called me saying that I will get a grant for $9000 I was selected out of 1900 people because I paid my bills on time and I didn't have any outstanding bills. I was called from 202-436-9793 this person gave me a confirmation number TK230 AND TOLD ME TO CALL 206-462-5279 Derrick Wilson which sound like a fake name because the guy who answered sounded like a philipino. He TOLD ME I HAD TO PAY $250 to the bank I told him this sounds like a scam because if you are giving a $9000 grant why should I have to pay anything to receive it. He just told me if I thought it was a scam to hang up. So I did can someone let me know if this is a scam please and Thank You. please call me *** my name is ***. I called back the man that sounded like a phillipino I asked him the name of the company he got upset because I was asking him questions and that I shouldn't be asking questions . I asked him why is he getting upset did I do something wrong to you. he finally told me shut up and to hang up the phone. I told him see you are a [censored]ing scammer you piece of [censored] and hung up.


They call claiming that they are from Government Grants. They call me every day few times a day it started a week ago.

I didn't let the conversation continue.

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