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Employment: Fake Check

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Employment: Fake Check Reports & Reviews (102)

- Lawrenceville, GA, USA • Mar 03, 2023

I applied for a job as a Data Entry Operator at On March 1st, 2023, I received an email message from thanking me for applying and informing me that the position was on hold with their agency. However, the same message instructed me to contact a similar remote position at Russell Sportswear Inc., with the same pay range and indicated that "to initiate the next steps in the process," I would need to send an email to the hiring manager, Alexis Wolfson, at [email protected] and reference this job posting. The website for Russell Sportswear, Inc. is

On March 1st, 2023, I followed the instructions and reached out to Alexis Wolfson. via email, and this representative replied to me further information regarding the position of Data Entry Operator and the need to take an entry assessment; and further stated to me that I would need to provide the front and back of my I. D., a selfie-picture, my social security number, and my phone number to move forward in the hiring process and for verification purposes. I replied to this request via email and sent the requested items to Alexis Wolfson at [email protected].

Alexis Wolfson replied back on March 2nd, 2023, congratulating me and stated that I passed the verification process and that she was delighted to have me join the agency. In the same email message dated March 2nd, 2023, Alexis Wolfson wrote: "to proceed, please provide your current address and the name of the bank you operate with. Our payroll department has been experiencing challenges integrating deposits into some banks, and this information is necessary to proceed. We are excited to begin the verification process and look forward to your response." I complied and emailed my address and the name of my bank to Alexis Wolfson.

I then received an additional email from Alexis Wolfson on March 2nd, 2023 stating, "The next step is to provide us with the name of your financial institution, which will be used to process all necessary deposits. Please note that our payroll system only recognizes full-fledged USA bank accounts and credit unions. In order to add you to our payroll system, you will need to send us your bank account User ID and Password, as well as all forms of authorization. This is a measure to ensure internal control of our workers and to ensure prompt payment. However, you can also process the payroll yourself. To simplify the process, you can provide us with the required information and our organization will assist you. Upon receipt of all required information, our payroll department will send you your first deposit for your equipment and signing bonus. You will then forward this deposit to our partners for the delivery of your working equipment as specified in the previous email. Additionally, please note that you will be compensated for any days you were employed but did not work due to our negligence."

Given that Alexis Wilson requested my banking information and login credentials, I became very suspicious as it is unusual for an employer to ask for an employees bank name, User ID, Password, and all forms of Authorization. I wrote an email reply back to Alexis Wolfson, and I indicated that I am no longer interested in the position of Data Entry Operator, as well as requested that my application and all data be withdrawn and deleted from their system. Since then, I have not heard back from Alexis Wolfson.

I request that this issue be thoroughly investigated by the as I am a victim of Employment Fraud. Please help. Thank you.

• Apr 28, 2023

I, too, was contacted by this same "company" and told to send the same info. Since I am already a victim of identity theft due to another job scam, I am now wise to their tactics.
Anyone legitimate company will have a .com or .net (typically) sites and only not-for-profit organizations will have .org sites.
Be sure to put a freeze on all credit at all 3 credit bureaus, contact the pice so you can get a pice report, then reach out to the SSA so they will list your SSN as being stolen.
Now that the thiefs have ALL your info, they can sell it on the dark web and any taxes owed or purchases made, will be your responsibility.
I had my identity stolen in 2015 when I, too, applied to a job post. It has been a nightmare trying to get it back. I also got it stolen again when I applied for a CC with Sam's Club.
Be careful out there, folks!

- Buckeye, AZ, USA • Mar 03, 2023

The company used seems like a legitimate business, just not a company in the USA. I believe they got my information from a job search engine “Glassdoor”. I have been looking for a remote job and I figured they were a company who found my resume and reached out. I was contacted via text and told to download an app called “signal” once I downloaded the app I was given a reference number and a live person started messaging me. They asked a few basic questions of what type of work I was looking for and told me about their compay. I was given a series of interview questions and after all that I was told I would be a great fit for their company. They sent me an offer letter, tax forms to fill out and the company’s code of conduct. It all seemed legit until they told me they were sending me a check to purchase equipment for the job. This seemed odd that they would send a complete stranger money. I asked for a physical address for the company in Phoenix that they claimed would open up in March but, they kept dancing around the answer. That is when I stopped all communication and asked them to please stop contacting me. I have not received a message since.

- Saint Michaels, AZ, USA • Mar 02, 2023

I am Mr. Aaron Johnson. I am a Hiring manager of the Company (Milestone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.). I have been assigned to conduct an interview with you for a position at Milestone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. Mr. Aaron Johnson said that I was hired after the interview process. He asked for my physical address to send me a package. I was sent a check for $3,885.00. Aaron instructed me to pay individuals via Cash App, money gram, and Zelle. I tried telling Aaron that this sounds like a scam and he instructed me that this is how they pay people. After sending the individuals the money Aaron told me that I don't need to send it anymore. On Tuesday night I received an email notification that my bank is in the negative $3,818.12. I sent Aaron a message via Skpe to inform him that the check bounced and that I need my funds back and instructed him to fill out at Reimbursement form and was told that it will take three business days. I attached a pdf of the transactions and some screenshots of our converstations

• Feb 28, 2023

Someone close to me was offered a job by Arkus Nexus without an interview. The pay seemed too good to be true. We have tried multiple times to make contact with someone from the company other than the recruiter to no avail.

We proceeded carefully because we were unsure. Eventually, we were sent a fake check. The company that sent the check was “Zinger Enterprises”. Which can’t be found online. The company address on the check is from a sand which shop in Louisiana, yet the return address from the postage is from Anchorage, Alaska. Also, the check was signed by “Long Live”. We called the bank and found that the account number on the check has been closed for years and doesn’t have any money in it obviously.

The company Arkus Nexus is apparently based in Mexico, but has offices in the US. There are profiles on LinkedIn of supposed members of the company, but none have reaponded to any messages and we can’t get an answer for the fake check.

- Warrior, AL, USA • Feb 20, 2023

I applied either on Google of Indeed (the job posting has disappeared). They reached out through my email to inform me to download telegram for interview information on Data Entry Clerk Position at Trestle Biotherapeutics. I messaged to a “Laura Niklason” for a few hours answering 3 sets of timed interview questions and going over the position which she then hired me for. She explained I would be getting a check to purchase materials through a company vendor, and that I would be receiving high pay and benefits in depth. I was instructed to come back on the app the next day at 7 CT to meet with “Michael Gallatin” my training supervisor. He sent through email “michaelgallatin@trestlebioinc” four employment documents requesting a signed and accepted employment position offer letter, background check confirmation, direct deposit information, and also w4 forms. I stupidly filled them out and sent them to them considering they all had company logos and looked very official, & the website and its corresponding news articles looked legit. I assumed since it was a data entry job they didn’t need to speak with me over the phone or camera, and they were offering $28/h after 2 week training and offering to purchase all the equipment I would need for a home office. They even overnighted me a $3,000 check and told me to cash it through the ATM. I was wanting to take it inside the bank and disclose I was nervous about it, but they told me to do it today (Presidents Day) so all of the banks are closed besides ATMs. I reached out and told them I would feel more comfortable speaking on the phone first due to the amount of money it involves and they become dodgy very quickly and refused to speak to me over the phone and then proceeded to threaten the fact that they have my information in order to get me to do what they say. When I originally looked up the company on the I couldn’t find any scam info but today when this happened I found an instance where this happened a few days ago and two other situations almost exactly the same with a different company name of A2 Biotherapeutics. They have all of my information and I am watching my accounts, but I very upset over this because I am in desperate need of a job and they took advantage of that.

• Feb 15, 2023

This person contacted me via text and said, "I reviewed your application for the Administrative Assistant job from Omega Land Survey, Inc on Linkedin and am impressed with your background. Kindly write me here [email protected] to schedule an interview and to discuss more about the job."

I responded with an email, asking to set up an interview.

I then received this via email,

"Dear Applicant;

Your resume application was received and after reviewing you are qualified for the (Admin Personal Assistant) position which I have available for now which may interest you with a very good salary. Before we proceed, I would like to introduce myself to you and learn more about you in return. That will help me understand how to interview you most effectively.

I am Andrew Kann, Vice President (CFO) of Omega Land Surveying, Inc.. I would like to ask you some questions and brief you more on this remote position when you decide if to take the position.

Omega Land Surveying is a private land surveying company. Our services range from single lot boundary surveys, topographic and ALTA-NSPS Land Title Surveys, to full-scale construction staking projects. Originally established in support of Omega Engineering Consultants, we benefit from the in-house planning and civil engineering services that they can provide for your larger projects. Together we can assist you through all phases of planning, design, and construction.

Our objective on each project is to achieve complete satisfaction which begins with understanding your ultimate goals, in order identify an appropriate scope of work, then determining how our professional land surveying services can best benefit you. From there it is a matter of efficient scheduling and diligent processing to get your project completed to expectations. Upon completion of a finished product, we remain available to address any outstanding conditions.

The only position left in the job opening right now is the position of Admin Personal Assistant. I need a personal manager to work remotely from your location, whosoever that will be in this position needs to be very sincere, honest, trustworthy with a great sense of humour and of course this position has great benefits which includes good wages and swift promotion.

As my personal assistant, your activities among others will include:

*Create and modify documents using Microsoft Office

*Running personal errands, supervision and monitoring.

*Scheduling programmes, flights and keeping me up to date with them.

*Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence while I'm away.

Available Position: Office Assistant/Personal Assistant

Type: Part Time From Home

Hours: 12 Hours Per Week

Weekly Pay: $725

The job is flexible and can be completed at your convenient time, it can be done during your break-time if you have another job.

Kindly answer the following questions below.

- Tell me about yourself and describe your relationship with your current or most recent manager:

- When would you be available to start if hired:

- How do you handle stress and pressure:

- What do you understand about privacy and the code of conduct in an organization:

- What is your greatest strength, and how will it help your performance in this position:

- Omega Land Surveying , we like to think of ourselves as a team working toward the same goals. How do you feel about working in a team environment:

I will look forward to hearing back from you with your answers as soon as possible and further details will be communicated soon.


Andrew Kann

Copyright 2023®"

I answered his questions, then received this via email,

"Congratulations! Your response is satisfactory, and it is official that you have just been confirmed and qualified for this position.

I am pleased to welcome you to Omega Land Surveying. Now you have the chance to show us your commitment, charisma, diligence, and productivity first-hand. Please read the information below carefully so that you fully understand the orientation process, the skills required of you, and related details.

You will earn $725 weekly and will receive your pay via check or direct deposit weekly.

Furthermore, you will receive your list of duties via email every day, and I will always be online to assist you with any difficulties.

You will be undergoing a 5-day training orientation and task that will commence as soon as you have acquired all the working materials and payment to complete tasks will be provided.

I will prepare you for the orientation program and task to make sure you have the necessary tools. A company representative will then schedule a specific date for your orientation, which will likely occur via Zoom.

Every month, we engage in Corporate Social Responsibility by catering for the needs of foster homes across the States. There is a list of items to be gotten this month and you will be responsible for purchasing of the items at any nearest store around you if taken the position and this is to test your efficiency and diligence for the first week

You will get paid for your time during this orientation/task period and a sign-up bonus, which will cover duties, tasks, and assignments.

The materials required for orientation are as follows:

-Apple - MacBook Pro 16" Display with Touch Bar - Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - 8TB SSD Intel Max20

-Peachtree Complete Accounting Software

-Sage Simply Accounting Software

-Vendor Management

Please Note: The above & exact configurations are required for the orientation for privacy purposes. The funds needed to purchase these materials will be made available to you by the management.

As soon as the funds reach you, you are required to purchase the needed materials online or locally to prepare for orientation and training. After the orientation you will be working with the MacBook bought with the funds provided by the management. But if you decide not to work after orientation, the materials are required to be sent back to the head office .

You will then begin a one-week probationary period, after which you will start enjoying our benefits package, which includes health, dental, employee wellness, and 401k plans along with paid time off, holidays, and generous company discounts.

Please confirm if you are interested and further instruction will follow as soon as I receive your response/acceptance.


Andrew Kann

Copyright 2023®"

This request to make purchases seemed suspicious, so I did some research and found this statement on the company's website (

"Recently one of our accounts was hacked leading to a series of fraudulent messages having been sent with various offers of employment. The most common of these claim to be from “A. Kann” and make reference to a false email “[email protected]”. If you received one of these messages then we apologize for the misinformation caused by this hack. We appreciate those that have brought it to our attention. Please do not feel obligated to further report this matter as we are already working to remedy the situation."

I played along one more time to see what he would say next. I received this request for my bank info today,


Thanks for confirming. I am going to prepare you for orientation, making sure your necessary materials are available before I hand them over to Bob Adams, who will put a call through to schedule a good timing for orientation after you have secured your required materials for orientation. Orientation will be via Zoom, which will be set up on the new MacBook you are buying with the funds the management is sending you.

I will contact the accounting department on your behalf so that payment to secure your necessary materials can be issued. Please send the name in which the check should be printed and other pieces of information below.

Full Name

Home Address With Apt #:



Zip Code:

Mobile (For SMS):

Banking Institution You Operate With:

I will get back to you with further updates on the next steps. Also, you will find the offer letter attached. Kindly sign the obligation letter and return it."

I have not responded.

• Feb 14, 2023

Job offer, sent check for 4900, wanted me to zelle back 450 right away for online tracking device

• Feb 10, 2023

They requested a time to do an interview and provided an interview code. They proceeded to ask normal interview questions and then requested that you follow up the next morning for a job update. They then proceed to provide a check via email and want you to deposit to buy equipment through their vendor.

• Feb 10, 2023

Reached out to me after I applied for a position on LinkedIn. Said my resume had been shortlisted and he wanted me to answer questions. Questions answered, he wanted me to send me a check and deposit it and then donate some to charities. He said the original position was filled but there another position available as a virtual assistant. Letting me know it can progress into full time, I didn't think much of it until he asked me to deposit a check for him after he sends it to me. I gave him my address and such but then looked up the scam on and then I found similar scam tactics made by the same phone number.

• Feb 10, 2023

They reached out over email with a really generic message, then said I needed to contact them through the Signal app for an interview. Had a lot of grammatical and wording errors. Currently are telling me they are sending a check to get equipment for my home office but I know it is a scam.

• Feb 09, 2023

The scammer posted a job opening at indeed, I applied and I received an email the day after stating that I am shortlisted for the job and they want to know more about myself and told me to send my resume. I sent all the requirements and the day after they told me that I was hired and in order for me to start I need to setup a mini office in my house since it's a work from home. They told me that they will sent a check for me to purchase the needed items. After they told me that I was suprised since it's odd that they'll give me a check for that. I searched thru internet and found out that this is a type of scam. They got my phone number, address, and copy of my US Passport.

• Feb 09, 2023

I was contacted about a potential job offer through email and redirected to an “HR hiring representative” whom I was to contact through the email [email protected]. After being sent a fake employment offer letter to sign and email back I was sent a fake check for $4,955 to “purchase materials” such as a laptop, printer, desk, etc. in the mail. After speaking with a bank teller at my credit union, we decided it was best to wait 5 business days to see if the check bounces. The scammer wanted me to send them a picture of the check deposit receipt which I declined to do. Once I told the scammer I would not be continuing any further until the check posts they completely dropped contact with me.

• Feb 08, 2023

I was approached by an summer internship that I applied for. I conducted an interview over Microsoft teams. Once I "got the position" they sent me a check for equipment and then to send that money to a "vendor".

• Jan 30, 2023

Contacted about a job data entry job. Went through all of the information, was sent an employment letter. They said that software was needed so they sent a check. I asked the bank to verify the check before hand. That's when it was confirmed to be a scam

• Jan 27, 2023

They reached out to me about a prospective job offer. After doing an interview over Zoom chat, they sent me a check to purchase equipment. I kept asking several questions and asking to speak to them over the phone and they ignored all of my requests. The check turned out to be fake and they even used a fake address, number, and email on the mail.

• Jan 25, 2023

I was emailed by a gentleman that said that I had been selected to be a part of the development team. He got my license, and then he wanted me to download a bogus online check. They are a MAJOR SCAM. I am reporting this to help people that apply to work with them on LinkedIn.

• Jan 25, 2023

Offered me a job at $40 per hour without any interview. Offered to pay for computer equipment for the job and that they would send me a check. Company has no valid address, no live person to talk with and no phone call for any interview. I stopped giving them information before getting to the point of giving ssn or banking info.

• Jan 24, 2023

I was contacted by text message to my cell phone by Helen Thompson.They asked me to download telegram messenger and wait for the hiring manager, Michael Freeman, to tell me what to do.

They asked to confirm my name, address, and phone number and immediately asked where I bank. I told them I'll give them bank info if I'm hired. He continued the texting interview and told me to come back to telegram messenger in the morning for results of my interview. This morning I found out I was hired. But they wanted to send me a check to deposit and pay THEIR vendor for job supplies. I decided it didn't sound quite right and told him I would have to pass on his job offer. All he replied was, "ok".

• Jan 22, 2023

Received a text from Josh Taylor 619-489-3126 1/15/2023 said he was from Niche Group Builders Group CA said he saw my resume on CALJOBS asking if I was interested in a work at home Data Entry job. I checked on the website and the company had an "A" rating. I replied yes and sent my preferred email address for an interview on 1/16/2023 9:00am with their hr person Dalia Zeydan via Skype. After the interview I was sent a job details email and a job offer. I signed it and sent it back. I was advised that the training would be 9am-12:00pm for 2 weeks. On 1/18/2023 and 1/19/2023 I signed on and did some training tasks. On 1/19/2023 "Dalia" said that she was sending me a check overnight UPS to cover the cost of the supplies I would need to work from home and for my first weeks' pay. I was instructed to deposit the check and to send her a copy of the deposit slip immediately afterwards. I wrote her back and said that didn't sound right and requested she only send a cashier's check. Dalia did not reply to my email. Today 1/2023, I received the UPS envelope with the check and again an email instruction to deposit the check, take out my pay and send a copy of the deposit slip to her immediately. I did not deposit the check and did not reply to Dalia. Check company name: BELCO OIL & GAS CORPORATION 4th FLOOR - NEW YORK NY 10153. Check number 43904, Date 1/17/2023, Amount $3,450.00 check details: 000043904 124000737 449681012646

• Jan 20, 2023

Searched me out after putting my a resume online. I then had a Skype messaging interview. Then told me I was hired. Emailed me a check that I deposited to then purchase a computer and necessary software to via my Apple Pay account (from funds that I transferred from banking account) to pay a third party (which I later found out from my bank that it is impossible and when the bank goes to collect the funds from the company that issued the check and it’s not there they will reverse the deposit-this can take more than 24 hours of initial deposit). After this, but before contacting my bank, the situation and what was being asked didn’t feel right. The person started to become very impatient and rude. I looked up scams for online hiring and that’s when I looked up I found out what I needed to know blocked the contact on Skype changed my security on online banking.

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