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Employment: Fake Check

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Employment: Fake Check Reports & Reviews (102)

• Jun 13, 2023

They sent me a sms about the position and asked to send an email about scheduling an interview. It is already fishy, no legit company does that. There is a dash in the email address. The company name is legit but based in Australia, I never applied there. After sending email, Amber McClary (from the same email id) instructed me to download the wire app, gave the username of the hiring manager Mrs. Holland @hollanddesk to send a message over wire to schedule an interview. At this point I am laughing, hiring manager indeed. And of course no one named Amber McClary exists in LinkedIn who is a recruiter. I asked them to share the job posting. She replied the job is with TNL Community Fund. to stop scamming.

- Northborough, MA, USA • Jun 13, 2023

Melanie Yarbrough posted a data entry position on Facebook ($25/hour, 15 hours/week); she asked me to download an app called BiP to communicate with the “hiring director” of Alteryx, named Bethany. It was odd they only wanted to message and not have a voice or video call. Melanie asked for my phone number to connect me with the “hiring manager.” If I had filled out their paperwork with SSN, they could have stolen my identity. And online it says there is an employment scam where they give a fake check and then ask you to return money when they “overpay” you.

- League City, TX, USA • Jun 12, 2023

Contacted me from indeed. Asked for my personal information. Got my address off my resume and sent me a phony check. Received the exact same email that the previous person commented and then she or he contacted me by text

• Jun 06, 2023

Contacted me about a company from a mrs. Robinson and they had me fill out online interview questions. Told me I got the job next day and they are urgently hiring. They sent over a fully typed hiring agreement and on it they said they needed to send me a check for my work from home materials.
Offered me a job with no interview

- Springdale, AR, USA • Jun 02, 2023

They tried to scam me by sending a cashier's check that was supposed to be used for work materials (computer, softwares, etc). I believe it was where I was looking for new employment. They communicated via email with job offer letter from [email protected]. They used a phone number to send text communications 567-485-3462. The Skype ID used for the person that was contacting me by Skype messaging was live:.cid.5fa2d686e59fb2f8 Yolanda Small. Another person representing them sent me an email saying that I was chosen as a candidate. They were trying to so the same thing the Yolanda person tried to do. This email dated today 6/2/23 with timestamp 11:46am came from [email protected] & they tagged a stranger [email protected]. They sent exact instructions as previous scam, but they're using another person's name & skype id. Meghan Rivera Skype messaging live:.cid.86dcaab53506d9ac. They used the excuse that they're from New Zealand & that's why they're using Skype. I'm attaching an image of the FedEx envelope that contained the fraudulent check.

• Jul 06, 2023

Thank you for posting, when I googled this number (567-485-3462) I got this website. My story is very similar; I had a skype interview and offered the job an hour later. Got offer letter the next day with start day of Aug. 14, 2023. Something didn't sit right with me, couldn't find those names on social media or the website. Brilliance Steel out of New Zealand who is actively building in Memphis TN. Nothing wrong with being skeptical scammers. :(

- Palos Park, IL, USA • May 30, 2023

Received a message saying my resume was reviewed and I was selected for an interview. They made me download Skype, and the interview took about an hour. They asked me all reasonable questions. Sent me a job agreement letter, and then told me they would send me a check to order equipment.

- Blacksburg, VA, USA • May 30, 2023

I received a email on 5/16/23 for a remote work from home position. They offered $24.10 for training and $29.80 after completion. When i was doing the pre-training she asked for my license and proof of my residence. I completed the pre training and she stated that i would receive a check of $100 and then some for my "start-up funds". I received the check on 5/30/23 and i tried to contact the bank in which the check was issued. The banks phone number was invalid so i decided to email. Once i emailed the treasury department stated that the check was fraudulent and that it needs to be shredded.

- Mesa, AZ, USA • May 30, 2023

It was through Facebook. Someone on my feed offered work from home job. After DM with her, she instructed me to download Telegram app and click the link she sent to me. Then I introduced myself and someone claimed her name was Megan Smith did the interview portion. Then, at the end they didn't ask how I found out about the position (red flag) and then after I gave them my name DOB address and email. Some else asked me to except their terms and conditions but, it was obviously someone other than Megan Smith. Who knows how many people were actually speaking to me. I sent them a picture of my licence (front&back) and then in the terms they texted that I should give my email and password for my Facebook account for monitoring me through their system because it helps them track down people that steal their money and run. Anyway, the following morning (Today) the way my 1st day at a new job started out all wrong. They immediately changed how I was to receive the check to buy the necessary equipment and software for the position of data entry. I wasn't being compliant and was asking for them to give me any assurances that they were not a scam and they were like, "what made you change your mind about believing us?" Anyway the name that they have given themselves is Sciolex Corporation. I'll try to attach and send the entire texting transcript that we had with each other, to help.

- Dallas, TX, USA • May 30, 2023

I was hired for a remote position and given a check to deposit to purchase equipment. I verified the company and even found the perpetrators actual LinkedIn profile. I believe someone was impersonating this person and company. My bank account bounced and the check was deemed fraudulent. The “HR director” never replied.

• May 29, 2023

My son was contacted for a WFH job and they sent him a check for $5200 for equipment, said their website was under construction etc.

He did not give his SS# but did provide his address and phone #.

He did not cash the check as he felt something was off - no such company or person or website could be traced.

- Phoenix, AZ, USA • May 24, 2023

The scammer offered me a work from home job for $37.09 per hour. Before they would send computer equipment they ask that I deposit a check into my bank to “purchase materials”. When pressed further on the issue, the “employer” was very vague. He asked me multiple times within the same day if I had deposited the check. They texted me saying they found my resume on Career Builder and asked me to virtually interview through Microsoft Teams.

• May 22, 2023

[email protected]

As they say, if it's too good to be true...
Same thing, I tried calling the number from the DRI Biosciences Corp website and it's always busy.
Last Friday I was sent a link to do a test and questionnaire and then this morning (Monday) I get an email saying how they need someone to fill the Data Entry spot immediately so they are offering me the job. The letter is attached.

I emailed her saying thank you but I would like to speak to her via phone and that I tried calling the number from the site and it's always busy. I tried calling her number as well, 806-696-3280 and it goes right to a voicemail saying "You've reach the HR line, no one is available to take your call, please leave a message"

This is so sick to people looking for work. Remote work at that! Sickening to try and get people's money somehow. This world can be a sick place!

• Jun 03, 2023

just got an email from her for [email protected] and she was offering 27/hr for data entry and i have zero experience. it looks like it could almost be legitimate when you look up the company but it's still a little too good to be true.

• May 23, 2023

Also me I got message from this number and email from [email protected] they sent me assessment and form to complete one of questions in which bank your accounts second day there are two attempts to use my bank debt card

- Brookings, SD, USA • May 19, 2023

On LinkedIn, a job for graphic designers was offered. It was a remote job, meaning that required equipment was to be shipped over to me. They had supposedly sent out a check for $3,780 to cover all the equipment, after being sent it, I was told to resend the money to their "vendors" which was done through Zelle and Venmo, as well as convincing me to buy a $500 gift card to send them. It was around then when I called the bank, and they had informed me that this was a scam done before.

- Jersey City, NJ, USA • May 19, 2023

I had applied to a work from home job on Indeed and was contacted through a text message to download a messenger service and speak to an HR representative. I had spoken to someone, offered a job, and was told that they would provide work from home equipment and I had to deposit a (fake) check into my account. I deposited the check and sent money out to several people, but never received the equipment.

- Chandler, AZ, USA • May 17, 2023

A Bridgett Cuevas contacted me through email and stated that they received my email and they had a job to work from home for an administrative position and asked if I was interested. I responded yes. She said I would be contacted by Mr Parma Vongmani. I need to to sign into the Signal Messenger App. He contacted me and did an online interview regarding my experience. He then texted me back and said that they were interested and offered me the job. The sent me an offer letter and that all the hiring form would come via USPS and a Gina would contact me. They gave me a run down and that they were sending me checks to purchase the equipment I would need. I thought that was strange. He then Fed Expressed two checks one for $4800.00 and one for $3720.00. He said that I need to go to bank and deposit and to make sure the sent him a copy of the deposit slip. I knew it was not right. So I went to bank and asked them to check if these checks were fake. They checked out the numbers and the signature for the company which is in New Zealand. Of course they were fake. I emailed him back and told them that the bank said the checks were fake and he could send me company information to see if this was legit. He did not reply back

- Tempe, AZ, USA • May 13, 2023

She emailed me offering 2 positions one was a real estate coordinator $5000/month plus bonus snd commission. The 2nd position was for a construction coordinator $4000/month plus 7% commissions and bonuses. She said I need to complete assignments the first one was looking up info on the internet about real estate in Tempe, AZ the 2nd assignment is closing a deal by cashing a check for $1988.42. She said I keep 5% and then wait for instructions on how to send the rest to her in Italy.

- El Cajon, CA, USA • May 12, 2023

I had been applying for jobs the previous month via LinkedIn, one of the jobs I must have applied for was AloYoga. Weeks later I get an email saying that they would like to interview me for a position by a woman with the name of Genesis Mollinedo “HR of AloYoga” followed by other impersonators head of design of AloYoga Patrizio Annibaldi, and interviewer Susan Lan, all these accounts are on LinkedIn at this time as AloYoga employees.

They have written me has recruiters of AloYoga, in regards to the role of a virtual health & wellness coach, a remote position.

They told me in other to communicate I have to download Microsoft teams to communicate so all communication was done on there after first email correspondence.

They said I got the position 2 days after the interview last Friday the 5th. They asked me to buy an iPhone and iPad, the scammers sent me employee on boarding papers like an W9 and this when I my private information was compromised like my social security and bank account information for “ direct deposit”.

A few days later

I was alarmed when they asked me to deposit a check to buy equipment for the “remote position” the check had no reference to also yoga and issue by ‘Golden state seafood’

I called my bank immediately. The scammers continued to call me on Microsoft teams and then WhatsApp.

- Phoenix, AZ, USA • May 08, 2023

I responded to a job posting in for Data Entry through TPI Staffing, Inc. I was contacted by 3 different recruiters: Jerry Evans, Briana Mackley and a Christine through SMS messaging who told me to sign up for Microsoft Teams Messenger to do an online interview. I was then connected with the “Chief HR Officer Roland Nash for the interview. He said so could get paid between $49-$60 /hr and work as long as I wanted to. When the interview was completed, he then had me log into for “Identity Verification” and that my information was damage and secure with him. I kept asking him questions about this process as I have never done an online job before. He assured me that he was really an employee with the company, but refused to give me any of his contact information as he worked from home (somewhere), and I didn’t have the right to ask for his phone number. I proceeded to give him access in which he went through my information. He found a current bankruptcy that I am going through and I abruptly cut that off as none of his business. I then demanded that he provide information about the alleged job or an offer letter, which he did and the contact information is false. I had reached out to the company that is a legitimate business in Texas, and asked if there was a person employed with that name. They neither confirmed or denied he was on staff, nor did they answer any of my questions. I spoke the the Operations Manager Christine who said she would have to look into this. That was on May 5, 2023, and I haven’t heard back. I was contacted today by the scammer who said he is waiting for “the client company “ to send a check to purchase office equipment. He has my name, ss#, address, copy of W-2, everything but my bank account.

• May 03, 2023

Received a text from a women named Kristen Robinson | HR Assistant at
Light Sciences Oncology, her email [email protected] took an extremely easy test and answered questions. Then recieved a fake Job with errors I asked to call Kristen via phone she never provided a number other than the one she texted from. Then was told to download Telegram to communicate there. And she is currently in contact with their finance team to send me a mobile check to buy equipment. I will be asking tomorrow if we speak again if I can use my own equipment definitely sounds sketchy.

• May 22, 2023

I received the same text from Kristen

• May 17, 2023

I was just offered a position by the same lady for MetCure Therapeutics… I guess if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Did you ever get a real number to speak to her?

• May 10, 2023

Any update on this? Is it a scam? I received something similar.

• May 04, 2023

Kim- I received the same thing-- seems like a scam I am going to call company tomorrow.

- Gilbert, AZ, USA • Apr 28, 2023

Emailed for job offer, used Skype for interview and training, sent fake check for purchase of equipment

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