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Employment: Fake Check

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Employment: Fake Check Reports & Reviews (102)

- Wilmington, DE, USA • Apr 25, 2023

"I am Mrs. Karen Walker from the Human Resources Department at Onchilles Pharma, Inc, and I am pleased to inform you that your profile has been reviewed and submitted to Onchilles Pharma, Inc.. ( Onchilles Pharma, Inc. Management Team ) for an interview if you are available and willing to undergo this interview…?"

*My Response redacted*

"Please note- this is a permanent position, offering a base salary and extremely competitive benefits- this position is fully remote, and no travel is required.

Available career opportunities are Accounting Manager, Accounting Payroll Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Business Support, Customer Service, Administrative Administrator, Data Entry / Verification, Employee Benefits Specialist or Professional Benefits Administrator, Executive Assistant, Finance and accounting, project development, and typist."

All of the above information matched nearly identical to previous scam reports on website.

Lengthy 1.5 hour Interview was conducted via Wire secure messaging app, strictly through text (no video or voice calls requested whatsoever).

Next day, Interviewer (whose profile picture I have since google image searched and came up under at least 3 differently named linkedin profiles for 3 separate pharmaceutical companies) offered the job of $30 per hour. To identify my financial institution, and mailing address so as to send a check to use to buy an exceedingly large amount of software necessary to start the position before even receiving equipment.

The recruiter then refused to verify their own identity via video chat with a very clearly prewritten/practiced response claiming that text-only contact is more efficient and provides a clearer display of employees communication skills.

- Charlotte, NC, USA • Apr 24, 2023

Victoria Sanford reached out from Spinnaker Biochemicals (changed to Spinnaker Biosciences) for a remote data entry job. I was applying for jobs on LinkedIn. She texted me from # (806) 696-3280.

She asked for me to email my resume i did. Then she had me complete a test and asked for who I banked with in the application. She then emailed a letter and an employee contract, wanting me to buy office equipment and said they would send a check. The job offered $27.00 an hour. I found and reached out to Dr. Michael J. Sailor at [email protected] (who they used on their website and who they wrote letter and contract from) and he confirmed it was a scam. Emailed back the company to speak with them on phone or Zoom and they never responded. The letter did not have a phone number either.

• May 17, 2023

Same number. Texted me, I sent resume (to [email protected]), they offered $27, etc.

• May 12, 2023

I received the exact same thing...but this one was from Kristen Robinson with NewGen Therapeutics.
EXACT same type of job and pay rate.

- Denver, CO, USA • Apr 24, 2023

I was contacted by a Barbara Hernandez who instructed me to reach out to Lindsay Garmon, supposedly an HR Rep for Power Digital Marketing in regards to a Transcriptionist position open within their company.

I filled out a W4, signed a contract and provided emergency contact information. Much of my personal data is in their hands.

I was directed by Lindsay Garmon to deposit a check of $2965.11 provided BY THE COMPANY to purchase my work from home materials. Which was distributed from my account into their “vendors accounts” via Zelle and CashApp. The check bounced, and I am now currently $-2200 and owe that back to Wells Fargo within 60 days.

We have been corresponding via Skype since last week about this position and the requirements of it.

- Saint Paul, MN, USA • Apr 24, 2023

Gave me an offer letter presented below and sent me a fake check for around $9000 for my “mini home office equipment”

- Evansville, IN, USA • Apr 17, 2023

I was emailed about a job offer, I followed the steps for an interview which I attended and completed. I was sent and offer letter and employment contract, w4 and direct deposit form. I read it thoroughly and signed and returned it. Then the hiring manager stated a check will be emailed to me to purchase the equipment to work with. They sent the check through email with instructions on printing it and doing a mobile deposit to my personal check account. I did that and of course it was flagged by the bank. Then after I explained that, the hiring manager wanted me to use my personal credit card to purchase company equipment. That I refused to do. Nothing was stated during the interview or in the employment contract did ever mention me having my personal payment method to buy the working equipment.

- Henderson, MD, USA • Apr 12, 2023

Maria Brooke Hr used zoom to talk she would send me money to purchase computer printer scanner I received the check it was from Just In Time 365llc and she wanted me to put it in my personal account

- Yuma, AZ, USA • Apr 07, 2023

I applied for a Live Chat Agent job on Linkedin and then I was texted by a Niall Garner from Fidelis Insurance Group and he said that he was a Rreserving Analyst. I was then asked to interview over Zoom with a person named Mike Pearson who was the Hiring Manager. I got on Zoom for the interview, but it wasn't a video interview, it was a chat interview. Mike Pearson began the interview and he talked about the company background and even had a website I could go to learn more about the company. I was asked legit interview questions, through chat and told of job duties and responsibilites. I got suspicious when he told me the company would be sending me a check to cover all the materials I would need for the job. I was only asked for general information you would find on my resume: name, address, city, state, and phone number. They also sent me a employment offer letter and asked me to fill out a W-4 form. This gave me a really off feeling because when I received the documents they were over Zoom. The company is also based in Bermunda, United Kingdom and Ireland. The whole thing gave me a bad feeling.

- Chantilly, VA, USA • Apr 02, 2023

Fake offer letter.

Fake cashier check sent through FedEx using using the below as the ship address:

Honeywell Phoenix

21111 N 19th Avenue, L20D5

Phoenix, AZ 85027

I deposited the check in my account.

And I was then told to go purchase money order in my name and send a picture to them. After I refused making equipment purchases using that medium I was told to pay the sum of $5120 that was sent to me via fedex into the below account Which I also didn’t do while calling the bank and my bank to confirm the geniuty of the check. Only for my bank to deduct the money the following day because it was a fake cashier check. The account details I was given to pay the money into is Key bank

Name: Matthew J Poisson

Checking account number: **********47

Routine number:*******77

East Haven,CT 06512

The check was written using Arizona Financial with teller number 4028841

- San Diego, CA, USA • Apr 01, 2023

The scammer sent a google form offering a part-time remote position as a marketing assistant at Adel Outfitters. He introduced himself as a marketing manager who would train me to complete different tasks as I would be in charge of creating and managing the company's social media profiles.

I was assigned to create a Facebook group for the company and he said that management had made an agreement with an advertising company to provide marketing material (logos, pictures, ads, etc..) and that a company check will arrive at my address. By contract, I would be paid a 7% commission and the rest of the funds would be used to pay for the services. The check seemed legit but suspicious and as soon as I made the deposit the scammer assigned me to pay a "freelance worker" in Ukraine via MoneyGram. I made the deposit and I called my bank, explained the situation and two days later they confirmed that it was a forged check. Luckily I cut off all communication before making any further transactions.

In summary, the scammer wanted me to deposit a fake check and pay via MoneyGram ASAP to then leave me with an overdrawn account where I would have been responsible for the amount of that transaction.

• Mar 29, 2023

Email used: [email protected]
Names used: Michael Leventakis, Dimitrios Angelopoulos
Red Flags:
-All through Telegram
-multiple generic jobs available
-A lot of pressure to respond quickly
[email protected] registered at
-No phone calls

As soon as I told him that I knew it was a check scam, he deleted all of the Telegram messages immediately. Most of the process seemed automated.

• Mar 27, 2023

Responded to a work from home data entry position chatted with them they took my name address and phone number and name of bank and then emailed me a fraudulent check to use for start up costs I took it to my bank for verification before attempting to deposit and the bank told me it was a fraudulent check

- Spring Valley, CA, USA • Mar 27, 2023

They issued a check to me for 4,500 and I deposited it since it was for a Mac book pro and then they sent me this email. I believe they may have given me a fraudulent check that will bounce and they want the funds so then I’m out of money.

- El Cajon, CA, USA • Mar 25, 2023

Received email from Wendi Renay that I had interview with a Mr. Patrick Wilson on March 15, 2023 at 8:30 am on Signal App. Was interviewed and told soon after that I was selected for the job for data entry. He said that a check would be mailed to me so that I could purchase software and equipment that was needed to do said job. I received the check for $4890 and deposited it on Friday, March 17th. He asked me to send money thru Zelle from my bank for work materials, which I did so for $800, since I only $1000 was available. On Tuesday, March 21st, Mr. Wilson reached out to me again on Signal App and asked me to send $1000 thru Cash App after several failed attempts to send money thru Zelle. He additionally asked me to send $150, but this also failed, so he told me to deposit the money back into my account instantly, which incurred a fee of $2.62 to try to send the money thru Zelle again. I went to my bank and asked about my account and was told the check had bounced and that my account was -$2160.63. This was when I realized that I had been scammed. I have uploaded the bad check; if more documentation is needed, please let me know.

- Brooklyn, NY, USA • Mar 17, 2023

I’m a 26 Year Old individual with Autism. I'm currently An Active Jobseeker. I received An Email from An Individual named Gerard Shen Last Friday (March 10th) claiming to be with A Company called Abalta Technologies Incorporated based in San Diego, California. He Emailed Me regarding An Interview for A Remote Data Engineer Job Position with that Company. I didn't Answer Him at First. He then Emailed Me Again on The Following Day (March 11th) asking Me if I got His Email. I Responded back to Him by Proposing An Interview Appointment for March 17th. I Asked Gerard if that Worked for Him. Gerard Responded back to Me on March 13th Containing An Interview Questionnaire Document. He Asked Me to Fill The Questionnaire as part of The Interview Process. I filled out that Document and Emailed it back to Him that Same Day. I Assumed that The Questionnaire was the step before The Interview itself. I Got an Email from Gerard The Next Day (March 14th) Indicating that Abalta Technologies Incorporated had Chosen to Hire Me for The Remote Data Engineer Position. He Asked Me to Provide Basic Personal Identifying Information about Myself (Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email Address) In My Response to Him so that Abalta's "HR" can Email Me My Employment Offer Letter The Following Day. I Received Emails from The "HR Department" of Abalta Technologies Incorporated and Gerard The Next Day (March 15th). The Job Offer Letter came in The Email from Abalta's "HR". One of The Points Indicated in The Email with My Job Offer Letter was that I will receive A Deposit from The Company so that I can Pay for The Equipment (with My Payment to be sent for The Company's Accredited Vendors) Needed to set up My Home Office. I was Asked to Sign The Employment Offer Letter and provide Documentation indicating that I Possess Valid Authorization to work in The United States. Gerard sent Me A Reminder to Sign The Employment Letter and send it back to Abalta's "HR" in His Email on March 15th. Gerard also Mentioned that He sent Me an Invitation to Connect with Him on Google Chat for Easier Communication Purposes in The Email He Sent Me as well. I Responded to Gerard with A Request for My Starting Date to be Amended. I was Provided an Updated Employment Letter Instantly after I sent My Email Reply to Gerard. I ended up Signing The Updated Employment Letter and Emailing that back to Abalta's "HR" (along with Providing An Image of My Birth Certificate and My Driver's License). I then Accepted Gerard's Invitation on Google Chat. He Confirmed with Me that Abalta received My Signed Employment Letter and The Documentation I Provided for Employment Verification in their Database. He also Congratulated Me for joining The Company. I told Him that I Appreciated His Regards. He then Asked Me if it was fine to Proceed with "The Next Step." I said Yes to Him thinking that The Next Step would be Harmless. He then Told Me that The Company would be sending Me A Check to Deposit into My Bank Account through The Mobile App of My Bank on My Phone so that I Can Pay for The Equipment The Company will Ship to Me for setting up My Home Office. I Became very Weary at that Point. I told Gerard that I can't do anything regarding The Check because The Version of The Mobile App My Bank has is not Compatible with My Phone. He was being Persistent about that Matter and I Rebuffed Him by Providing the same type of Response again. He then Told Me that He'll speak with "The Financial Department" and get back to Me. He then told Me that Nonpayment from Me for Obtaining My Work Equipment from The Company will lead to extensive Delays with Factors such as My Training for The Job. He Sent Me an Image of The Check Abalta Technologies Incorporated wrote addressed to My Name for Me to Deposit into My Bank Account. He then Asked Me How much I would be Able to Afford towards Paying for My Work Equipment and Indicated that I will be Reimbursed for Any Amount I Put Up that I can Afford towards Paying for My Work Equipment on March 17th. I got really Annoyed at that Moment and then came to The Realization that I was almost getting Myself trapped badly into A Job Scam. I then Responded to Gerard by telling Him that I was absolutely not Comfortable with The Propositions He gave Me regarding Payment for My Equipment and that I did not have to Pay for Obtaining Work Equipment to Work at Home from My Previous Employer at all. He Stopped Responding to Me Completely on Google Chat after I sent Him that Message. I believe that Gerard is An Impersonator pretending to be Affiliated with Abalta Technologies Incorporated (which seems to be A Legitimate Company) and that He is also taking advantage of Me because I'm an Unemployed individual with Autism. I'm very Worried about becoming A Victim Of Identity Theft because Gerard has Personal Identifying Information on Me, especially considering The Fact that I'm On The Autism Spectrum (which can make it easier for somebody like Me to be A Target of Crooks and Scammers more so than Neurotypical Humans even though I'm not necessarily A Completely Gullible type of Person). I'm worried about My Privacy and My Safety. I'm worried that "Gerard Shen" might use The Personal Identifying Information on Myself I Provided in The Name of Obtaining An Employment Offer Letter from supposedly The HR Department of Abalta Technologies Incorporated to Obtain more Personal Details about Me for Committing Identity Theft (such as My Social Security Number for Instance). I will Really Appreciate Assistance with Having This Job Scam being Investigated.

- San Diego, CA, USA • Mar 17, 2023

The person calling was Catherine Norman and the interviewer was Charles Plunkett, Vivreon Bioscience used Skype chat.

They offer to email me a check, which I would deposit to my account for training and equipment. I declined.

- Phoenix, AZ, USA • Mar 13, 2023

The individual contacted me thru email initially, then texted me on my phone number that was listed on indeed, then I had a conversation thru Skype sounds like a legitimate interview until the end when they give you a long list of Microsoft and other programs that you will need. The interviewer proceeds to tell you that they will be sending you a check thru the mail to that you will need to deposit in your bank account to purchase things you will need for a home office set up to include the office programs. This was a company was saying they were Bio Health Pharmaceuticals and hiring for remote jobs.

- Syracuse, NY, USA • Mar 13, 2023

Took all of my personal information as if it were a real job. Issued a check & sent attachment via email. Was told to print & endorse, then deposit it using my mobile app. I then was locked out of my mobile banking due to suspicious activity

- Winter Haven, FL, USA • Mar 07, 2023

Was offered a job as a personal assistant. First task was to cash a $5,000 check and keep $850 of it and the rest would be donated to a foster home. The name on the email was different than the name on the check AND the parcel the check came in. 3 different names. Craig Erlandsen, David Squire and the check looks like a 5 year old Richard.

- Mokena, IL, USA • Mar 07, 2023

I am pleased to inform you that Monday, 27 February, 2023. is your work start date with Diana Robcon. You are required to provide your preferred work email and contact number where she can reach you, she will make a suitable work schedule as soon as she touch base with you. Your handbook and other work correspondence will also be mailed out next week.

[email protected]

They sent out a fake check in the payment of $7120.00 for the first 2 weeks of work and the rest for the purchase of work supplies/materials.


On Sat, Feb 25, 2023 at 9:26?AM Shirley Brown <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello ****,

I am pleased to inform you that Monday, 27 February, 2023. is your work start date with Diana Robcon. You are required to provide your preferred work email and contact number where she can reach you, she will make a suitable work schedule as soon as she touch base with you. Your handbook and other work correspondence will also be mailed out next week.


On Sat, Feb 25, 2023 at 9:13?AM Shirley Brown <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello ****,

I am pleased to inform you that Monday, 19 February, 2023. is your work start date with Diana Robcon. You are required to provide your preferred work email and contact number where she can reach you, she will make a suitable work schedule as soon as she touch base with you. Your handbook and other work correspondence will also be mailed out next week.

Regards!</s[email protected]></[email protected]>

- Mesa, AZ, USA • Mar 05, 2023

I was contacted about a job offer. I completed the interview and assessments and was hired for the job. I submitted my application with my ssn and drivers license. I was then informed they would email me a check to set up a home office. At this point I realized it was a scam and did not deposit the check and cut of contact with the people.

• Apr 28, 2023

Be sure you put a credit freeze on your credit with all 3 credit bureaus, notify the police so you can get a police report, and notify SSA so they will list your identity as being stolen otherwise, now that they have ALL of your info, you will be responsible for taxes and any purchases they make under your name.
I have had my identity stolen twice. The first time was through a job application. Second time was becauseof Sam's Club. Sorry this happened to you.

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