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Curvy Waves

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Curvy Waves Reports & Reviews (66)

• Jul 08, 2021

I actually did receive the suit I ordered, but the size is wrong and the COLOUR is totally different from the picture on the website. In addition, the bottom of the top piece is just the plain edge of the fabric-- it was not hemmed, which is rather cheap. I immediately followed what their website says to do for returns, which is to email. A week went by with no response. I emailed again, and another week has gone by with almost no response. I have tried calling the phone number listed a few times and it gives a busy tone no matter what time of day I call. I know that sometimes orders don't work out, but the size chart they give is completely different from the item I received. I am not one of those people who assumes a certain size from a company will fit me just because I ordered that size from another company. I took my measurements and went by the measurements. And the item I received does not match those measurements. Still I would be fine if they would just ANSWER me and refund my money, but to not be reachable by email or phone is just scammy.

• May 23, 2021

Ordered on March 13th got an email saying thank you for your order. Order number 8012. I emailed maybe times no answer. I was really excited to have a new swimming suit that would fit since I'm pregnant and was looking forward to it.. out almost $50 from money hungry mean people :(

• May 18, 2021

I ordered 2 bathing suits about 6 wks ago. They gave me a fake tracking ##..I emailed them 3-4 times..the last time stating that I would have the authorities investigate this scam sham. They never replied to any of my emails. I am hoping there is a lawyer out there that will file a class action lawsuit against the company and the owner...and make her/them pay all of us and she spend time in jail. Can you imagine how much money they have scammed from us?
I can't let this go. I work hard for my money! If anyone agrees with me and knows a lawyer...please comment in this section of complaints.
Susan S.

• May 08, 2021

Victim Location 84094
Total money lost $30
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a swimsuit from their website and after a month and a couple of emails, with no response, I still had not received it. I sent another email informing them that I just wanted a refund,no answer. They did provide a tracking number but it doesn't show up on anything. I tried to call a few times but no answer. I sent 3 more emails with no response still. I ended up having to go to my bank and they refunded the money for me. Please do not buy anything from this company. It's a scam.

• May 07, 2021

Well I wish I would have seen this before I ordered. I ordered a suit a month ago and haven't received it. I have sent several emails with no response. I guess I will have to go to my bank and see what they can do to help me. This is bull.

• May 06, 2021

Scammer's website Curvywaves
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Website

I ordered two piece swimsuit from curvywaves on April 3. I was told in my order confirmation that it would be shipped in 1-3 weeks. It has not been shipped yet and I have requested a cancelation and refund 4 times now with no response and now I'm reading its all a scam what can I do?

• May 06, 2021

I ordered a swimset well over a month ago and was told it would be shipped within 1-3 weeks. It has not shipped as of now and I have requested a cancelation and refund 4 times so far.! What can I do?

• May 01, 2021

Is this going to solve anything .. This complaint? Am I finally getting a response? This company so quick to charge my account.. Yet all I got was a fake tracking number.. A customer service phone number that doesn't work and a customer service email that isn't legit. Dam scammers I gate that they can't get real jobs instead they robbing people that bust their butt at a real job like myself. I hope when all scanners get caught they rot in jail.

• Apr 28, 2021

March 21, 2021 I ordered 2 swimsuits from Curvy Waves, Melissa Aurora or whoever is behind the web for this company. March 22, 2021 payment was processed from my bank account. April 9, 2021 I received an email indicated the order had shipped and a tracking number was provided. The link for the tracking indicates No shipping record! I too have emailed twice with no response however, I continue to receive emails notifying me of specials, etc. I am contacting my bank today to try and get a refund.

• Apr 21, 2021


Ordered April 4 and still today 4/21/2021 no reply, phone number busy.
This isn’t fat to ANYONE for a company/individual to pull this on others.
I’m putting a STOP/Cancel payment on my acct/order. I’m not putting up with this Bs!

• Apr 02, 2021

ORDERED A TANKINI IN Jan & still waiting no response from email & phone number doesnt work! I'm so pissed

• Oct 26, 2020

I ordered a swimsuit from curvy waves the beginning of September. It is now, the end of October. And no swimsuit. I have sent two emails which received nothing back in return. Tried the phone number, the phone number is not a working number. I went to my bank, try to stop payment on the $38.94 I spent on the bathing suits, and that has been 2 weeks and I have heard nothing back either. This website is a scam!

• Oct 20, 2020

Very similar experience. I ordered one swim suit on June 11, got the email on June 12th saying because of covid expect 2 week delay... Its not October and nothing, emailed them to question no response. Weird thing I've noticed is that my tracking number has changed the first one said waiting to be shipped and the second one now says its on transit. At thus point i could receive a doll size swim suit and be happy just to get anything.

They need to be reported to the state attorney general..and better business bureau.

• Sep 17, 2020

I ordered a swimsuit on May 28th, I received an email stating suit was shipped on May 31st. I wrote several emails to company asking why I hadnt received it yet. Received no response from them. Called number, like others mentioned, its disconnected. I got another notice stating it shipped on July 20th. We finally received it August 20th. Cute suit, but summer is almost over! I have never had a pkg take this long in shipping!

• Sep 04, 2020

I ordered 1 swimsuit on July 19, 2020. It is now September 4. I still have not received it. The phone number listed “cannot be completed as dialed.” I’ve tried to online chat with customer service, which is all in some kind of Asian language, that I cannot understand. I’ve emailed them twice and never heard back! I want my $30 back! This is illegal! Someone help me!

• Sep 03, 2020

Victim Location 08876
Total money lost $38.94
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Placed an order and did not receive it for 2 months. When I did and needed to return the item (didn't fit properly), I emailed them as per the website to initiate a return but did not receive a response. I emailed a second time a few days later - still no response. I also tried calling the phone number on their website but it says it is not in service!

Same thing happened to me. I made copies of my receipts because they don’t include one in the order. Under their return policy you have to send the products back to Canada ... which cost me 32.00. I had a 75.00 order so I figured at least I could recoup some of the money. I’m afraid I won’t get refunded. I regret dealing with this company at all. I feel totally ripped off!

• Sep 01, 2020

Took well over 2 months for my order to arrive. Also Customer Service (if you can call it that) never responded to the follow up email I sent. 1 star. Do not recommend. I will not be ordering from this company again.

• Aug 22, 2020


To get your refund, is all you have to do: Call your bank to get your full refund, submit proof of purchase along with screen shots of testimonials like these.

You are absolutely not going to get a refund, or even a response, from Curvy Waves. They have NOT responded to their e-mails since before the pandemic. Before that time, their business practices were shady and suspect. If your bank requires further proof of the company's deceipt, then screenshot other reputable websites (like the Better Business Bureau) to show proof of Curvy Wave's con game. Again, most banks require proof of fraud. Screenshot and submit the reviews to your bank when you file your complaint (your individual bank may require different things from you, or nothing at all. It just depends on your bank's fraud policy).

Some twisted person is making thousands of dollars out of unassuming customers. Curvy Waves isn't a company - it's a scam site run by Shopify. I've already complained to them, and reported the scam to my bank (got a full refund, too).

Proof of the scam:

This fake company runs under the guise of a legitimate business. Look at the About Me section of the Curvy Waves website. It features a photograph of a beautiful woman beside a wholesome monologue with "girl power" tropes. If you do a "reverse image search" on the photo of the so-called founder, Melissa Aurora, you'll find that the site's web designer used an old stock photo of a Russian woman. The phone number has never worked, and several other fraudulent online point-of-sales use the same number on their webstores. Pretty Little Bikini, and an online shoe store, are ALL linked to the same disconnected phone number, they ALL use stock photos and fake "About Me" stories.

I went a step further, and did a reverse image search for ten or so of the bathing suits on CW's website. The images of the bathing suits originate from a myriad of places, most of which being defunct Russian online stores. I will not link them here, since the sites may contain viruses. I will post screenshots for you. Other sites that contained the same products include Ebay and Overstock. This proves that their product stock never actually belonged to this brand originally, which strengthens the notion that Melissa Aurora (the site's company owner/found) never existed.

These are some clever thieves.

I have filed a complaint with my bank, Shopify, and also with the BBB. I considered going to the FBI about this. Before I realized I was scammed, I sent the company several e-mails (no response, of course). I also tried calling the number, which was disconnected. They even blocked me on their Instagram page, so I made a new one and called them out further :)

There are complaints by the thousands on Instagram, Youtube, and online about this crooked site. I should have done my research before hand - but heck, the site looked so legitimate. Buyer beware, I guess.

Sorry that this happened to you, ladies. I hope my advice helped some.

Warm regards, Joanna

• Sep 04, 2020

I, too, wish i had done my research before giving them my $$$.
I’ve been waiting on 1 swimsuit since July! Im just curious if you have had luck going to your bank and getting THEM to issue a refund for your purchase?
I have not tried to yet. I guess part of me is still hoping I get my damn bathing suit!
Thank you for all of the info you shared!

• Aug 17, 2020

I did finally receive my swimsuit I ordered and I love it. Not sure why it took as long as it did.

• Aug 22, 2020

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