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Crogreat Reports & Reviews (85)

• Mar 28, 2021

The toy is not what is advertised. Just moved back and forth with a barking sound and looks nothing like the advertised version.

• Mar 27, 2021

Wish I had read these reviews before I bought the realistic little dog. I thought to myself how can a toy perform all of these realistic movements? Simple. It can’t. The ad is of a real dog. The toy doesn't move at all. When I used the little card enclosed to seek a refund, I. noticed the card was no larger than a standard business card with just an email address printed on it. They responded to my email right away and asked that I send a video of the toy. I told the. The video would show the same thing a still picture would. Just a picture of a stationary toy dog. It doesn't do anything. They offered about $5 refund so I could avoid the $20US to return the defective toy plus shipping on a replacement item. You know that sick feeling you get when you know you’ve just been scammed? The item is stamped “China”. Of course it is.

• Mar 24, 2021

I don’t wants this puppy it isn’t what I thought it be it don’t do any thing

I have ordered realistic husky toy for $35,95, what I got is awkward, pink bad quality poodle like looking thing, in squashed box worth like $3. When I emailed for refund, been basically told that they don't understand how is possible that I'm not satisfied as they have positive feedback from all of their customers and offered 10% back, yeah right.. so I emailed again, that I'm definitely not happy with this etc. and I want all my money back, answer was that they can't do that but they have exclusive offer for me.. 20 % back off or I have to pay $20 postage.. so yeah what a great experience and when I read the rest of these comments I'm not alone.. do not buy anything ever with these [censored].

• Mar 24, 2021

Purchased 3 pairs of pants and two belts. The size chart was not accurate and the belts are too small. I need to return for a refund.

• Mar 23, 2021

I ordered a cute husky pup that will follow me around and roll on its belly. etc and I received a beat up box that contained a pink cocker and the box said it was for 3 years and up. Of course, it was made in China and does NOTHING. I am furious and something should be be done about this and obviously, other items being allowed to advertise. Disgusting. I doubt it's worth my while to return it to a PO box/

• Mar 22, 2021

I thought that I was getting a realistic dog toy. But a month later, a piece of crap arrived in a squashed box. Biggest scam and I fell for it too!

• Mar 20, 2021

I just received the white dog for my grandson, I have put batteries in it and it does nothing. If you push the head it squeaks. Big deal. Is this a scam? It is just a dumb dog and does nothing. You are falsely advertising. It doesn’t run like it shows in ad. Maybe I should have checked this out before I bought. My grandson wants a dog, but his apartment won’t allow it. This is very disappointing. I will be filing a claim with the better business bureau.

• Mar 20, 2021

Victim Location 95006
Total money lost $35.99
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Playing a game on facebook sometimes you have to watch a video to continue, I watched a video of a battery operated state of the art new tech. Dog it has censors

to memic what you are doing, they showed a girl running and the dog running behind her looked just like a real puppy with tax and everything $35.99 when I got it it was a baby's toy for ages 3+ there customer service site was all scams of others they have ripped off pages of them no phone number email goes nowhere no way to contact them. They are backed by PayPal so much for the return policy, its all about the money. Do not get suckered in by them. stay away from crogreat.

• Mar 19, 2021

I paid almost $40 for a piece of junk. How can you people do that and feel good about it. You are robbing people of companionship that you can’t even make a companion. Have you NO conscience.

• Mar 19, 2021

Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Not applicable

False company. Scam. Oh ya they'll send you something but it won't be what you paid for. Cheap quality.$2.00 items will cost you$50.00

• Mar 17, 2021

Ordered 2 puppies that are robotic type for a friend that is in need of a little puppy. When it arrived almost a month later the puppies were not puppies but little baby foxes. The box showed they needed AAA batteries and they took AA batteries and all they did was yap all the time and walked very little. This is false advertising, and I want the right product or return my money. I purchased them because this elderly gentleman cannot have pets and this was perfect. So what does a person do to get the company to make this situation right.

• Mar 15, 2021

Hi I ordered a pomski dog I just got it It looks like nothing like the one I ordered I text a Gary who is with company I said I dont want it if it's not like the one that's shown I paid 38.96 us Gary said It would be just like it Nope! Its not Totally Disappointed

• Mar 14, 2021

Scammer's address Po box 6368 Rosemead, CA 91770
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Website

I saw a similar video like this one on a pop up add. I attached a picture of what I received. The company offered a 10% refund and keep the item or pay $20 to send it back for a full refund.

• Mar 06, 2021

I have brought a toy dog from you and as they say it doesn't do or look like it says on the tin am very disappointed. I was looking forward to this dog.I would like a refund and how to return it thank you .

• Mar 02, 2021

Bought a toy dog which promised 20 actions , this arrived looking like the cheapest toy ever though they charged £26.68p. Video of said dog made it look realistic ( yes it was probably a real dog ). They promise it arrives in nice packaging it was squeezed into a box which barley fitted it. I wanted a refund . They promise 100% no question refund with free returns . Big joke ! They offered me 5% and I would have to pay 20USD to return. After numerous e mails they said their final offer was 40% refund but I still had to pay postage , at this point I ceased correspondence they are a scam company with rubbish goods

• Mar 14, 2021

I fell for this too. They won't give me a full refund. Only 10% refund and keep the cheap annoying toy or pay $20 to send it back for a full refund.

• Feb 14, 2021

The order was received soaking wet and I cannot use it. I demand a full refund! Plus - they ask for a good google review! What a joke!

• Feb 03, 2021

Bought two cockoo clocks for 46.99 each...shown the the picture of what was to be bought was sent a small clock that was plastic, partial board and stickers...

• Jan 31, 2021

The object does not respect the description and I do not like it. I send it to you. confirm me the address for the shipment.
Vittorio Zanibelli

• Jan 15, 2021

I ordered a white wolf head with blue glowing eyes that cost about £40 and was sent a horrible quality Halloween mask in brown. I also ordered a cat lamp that broke within a week. I was offered a 10% refund and to keep the stuff! I replied that I do not want the stuff and the small refund is not acceptable. I am still waiting for another response...

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