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Amelia Cotton Quilt Company

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Amelia Cotton Quilt Company Reports & Reviews (165)

- La Porte, TX, USA

I saw the pictures of the beautiful camping quilts advertised & immediately ordered. After 2 months & not receiving the quilt, I contacted seller & she asked me to be patient, as she had many orders. After the initial response, no others were answered. I fell for the SCAM on facebook!

- Portland, OR, USA

PORTLAND, Ore. – The is warning of a phony Oregon quilt company that’s scamming people out of money this holiday season.

The fake business is operating under the name Amelia Cotton Quilt Company and lists a Salem, Oregon address, the BBB says.

BBB Northwest + Pacific is processing hundreds of complaints from people who say they paid for quilts, but have not received them. Most people say they purchased the quilts through a Facebook ad that directs them to the website

The BBB says Amelia Cotton Quilt Company is not registered with the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office and its business address is a private residence in Salem.

BBB is issuing a Scam Alert and giving Amelia Cotton Quilt Company an “F” rating after it failed to respond to multiple inquiries by investigators and consumers.

The BBB says shopping with a credit card can give you more protection against fake businesses that don’t deliver.

Investigators believe Amelia Cotton Quilt Company is now using the website

Other names and websites to watch out for are:

Weirdo Stuff




USA Crafta


Kathleen Quilt

Amelia Quilt

EMA Cotton

Cotton Blanket

ARA Cotton

Joyce Quilt


Amelia Cotton

Elsie Quilt

Elsie May Quilt

- Phoenix, AZ, USA

I ordered a quilt on 12-4-2018. On 12-5-2018, I received an e-mail saying the order was being processed. On 12-10-2018, I received an e-mail saying that the quilt was finished and would be shipped soon via DHL. I e-mailed Amelia at [email protected] on 1-2-2019 to see when the quilt was going to be delivered. It is 1-8-2019 and I have not received a response.

When I Googled Amelia Quilt, I saw that it was a scam!! I will have to notify the credit card company!

- Springfield, IL, USA

I ordered two animal motif quilts on December 4, did not get a receipt email which I found odd. The company continued to send multiple emails prompting me to buy more quilts with special discounts, which I did not do. They sent an order follow up email on December 10 stating my quilts were finished and would be picked up by DHL. I noticed the bad grammar and spelling in all of these subsequent emails, which made me wary. I googled their name mid December and saw your post that they were not legit. I am out 119.90 for the two quilts, which my credit card will absorb unfortunately.

I found an ad on Facebook for quilts in November of 2018. I ordered a Star Wars quilt and got an order number and email confirmation. The site was secure. Eventually, I checked to see if it would get here in time for Christmas and was told that they would try. I heard nothing afterwords and tried to go back to the site and was redirected. The site was gone.

- Clairton, PA, USA

I ordered a quilt on-line, I got messages saying it was done and they would ship it as soon as possible. None of this happened. Just messages asking me to be patient and the merchandise would be shipped soon. this was ordered November 27, 2018 and has still not been received.

I ordered a quilt advertised on Facebook. I was told it would take 5-7 days to complete my order. That was on November 19.

I only get auto replies from the company. I’ve been sent a tracking number but it is a foreign tracking number and the business claims it is based out of Oregon. The website is now defunct.

I’ve filed a case with PayPal and they have responded to that, but that’s the only way I can get in touch with them.

- Albany, OR, USA

I purchased 3 quilts on November 26, 2018 from Amelia Quilts and paid for them through PAYPAL. $209.85. Initially communication seemed appropriate from [email protected] and from Tania at Ecrafta Support team. Questions were being answered assuring delivery by 12/25/2018. They provided me with a tracking number that stated an address label was printed on 12/7/2018. As communication regarding delivery status went on, the emails became more vague and the tracking numbers became "missing" from the DHL ecommerce tracking system. Last communication was 12/20/2018 saying the order was in transit. When I contacted today, the email came back undeliverable.

Bought a Pug quilt for my daughter's Christmas and never received it. The site looked legit. But after a response saying their processing my order and a week later nothing.

I ordered a quilt for Christmas on December 4, 2018 from Amelia Quilts.

December 10, I received an e-mail stating the quilt was finished and was ready for pick up by DHL.

December 23, I e-mailed asking for the tracking number. I received a reply the following: Thank you for reaching out. We are so sorry for the incident. We have a large amount of goods to be shipped at the end of the year, so we delivery your order later than usual. We will update you with the tracking as soon as possible. Please stay tuned with us. Thank you for your patience.

Best Regards, Ecrafta Support Team.

January 2, I e-mailed again asking for a tracking number. Again, I received the same reply as before.

January 6, I e-mailed again and said to refund my order as my patience has worn out.

Today, I went to their website and found the following message: We are now temporarily closed to process and deliver all the previously placed orders before Christmas! For instant support and information, please send us an email to [email protected]

Our sincerest apologies this inconvenience.

- Wenatchee, WA, USA

I ordered a Christmas quilt and paid via Paypal but have never received it. They sent an email stating my quilt was done on Dec. 10 and ready for shipping via DHL and I would be notified when it shipped. I never received the email and after reading other people's experience with this "company", I probably will never see the quilt. I am out $49.91 !!

- Shelton, WA, USA

Found Amelia Quilt via Facebook ad, went directly to the website and it looked legit. Ordered a quilt 11/30/2018. Received confirmation emails that looked legit. 1/6/2018 website is closed for processing back orders, only contact info is an email address. They sent back a response giving me a request I'd indicating they would get back to me.

Came across this place on Facebook. Found a quilt I wanted to buy for my parents for Christmas. I ordered it at the beginning of November. It took 3 weeks before they sent me an email saying it had been shipped. The tracking info will not update. It’s clear I will not be receiving my purchase. I lost about $80 to this scam.

Have not received quilt.

Purchased a limited number, handmade Hiking themed queen-sized quilt online from Amelia Quilts/ECrafta on 11/20. This was intended to be a Christmas gift to my wife. Received welcome and order confirmation email on 11/21. Two weeks later, became concerned that no updates on purchase were sent by seller, and I requested a status of my order on Dec 6. On Dec 11 I was sent an email with DHL tracking number, which listed the status as enroute to DHL ecommerce center as of Dec 7, with tracking number of CNCSE3188584462972. Status has not been updated since on DHL tracking website, and subsequent efforts to contact seller have been unanswered. One month later, the company has virtually dropped off the face of the earth, and has not responded to any attempts to contact them. Did further research and learned that this business is being reported as a scam by various local Pacific Northwest news outlets and by the BBB.I was charged $59.95 for quilt and an additional $4.95 for shipping, for a total of $64.90 through Paypal by a company named Printabel Company, Limited. Fortunately, I paid with a credit card, not one of my debit cards, and am currently working with both the credit card company and Paypal to have my money recovered.

Ordered a quilt from this company advertising on Facebook. Received confirmation emails then several follow up emails offering exclusive discounts as "thanks" for my initial purchase. Fortunately I didn't order more AND had used PayPal as I now believe these people are definitely scammers. Website now shut down & email address is bogus. Do NOT order anything from Amelia Quilts, Printabel Company Limited, or anyone using an "ecrafta" email address.

Ordered a camping quilt on Dec. 5th. They emailed and said would be a few days before it was ready to be shipped. Haven't heard back and now when trying to contact them, (Dec. 20) I get "this shop is unavailable"

- Pottstown, PA, USA

In November I started noticing quilt advertisements in my Facebook news feed. I clicked on it and saw a wide variety of nice looking quilts available & saw a motorcycle quilt & immediately thought it would be nice Christmas gift for my husband. I clicked out of it and for a couple days thought if i should purchase on or not. The motorcycle quilt popped into my new feed again so I decided to purchase it on 11/27/18.

I received an email thanking me for my purchase and that i would receive an email when my quilt was ready to ship and it had a summary of my order along with a confirmation #. On 12/10/18 I received an email saying Your Quilt is Ready for Shipping!

See below as i copied the email.

I’ve just got the notification that the product is finished, and it is ready for shipment.

The usual course of action is that we wait for the courier to pick it up, and then it is in the process.

Due to the high peak season, your package will be arrived a little bit late than usual. I’ll send you an email with the tracking number from DHL when they ship it out.

Thank you for being patient!

DHL will be packed to ensure utmost security and problem prevention.

The time will pass by soon, and you’ll have your new quilt at your doorstep.

With warmest regards,


Around 12/19/18, I sent an email inquiring about the quilt and if it had shipped because i did not receive a tracking # fro DHL.

This is what i received:

Ecrafta via

Dec 19, 2018, 5:05 PM

to me

##- Please type your reply above this line -##

Your request (123057) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff in the next 24 business hours.

Our office hours are 8am - 6pm ICT, Monday - Friday.

To add additional comments, reply to this email.

And then on 12/26/18 I received a tracking #, but when i clicked on the # it said the package was on transit since 12/7/18.

Tania (Ecrafta)

Wed, Dec 26, 2018, 5:52 AM (9 days ago)

Tania (Ecrafta) Dec 26, 01:52 AKST Hi _____, Thank you for reaching out. Your package is in transit. You can keep track here: CNCSE3188657039823.

It is now 1/4/19 and i haven't received a quilt when i go to their website it says they are temporarily closed to process & deliver all the placed orders before Christmas. And when i click on the tracking # given to me there is nothing there like it never existed. I think I'm out $60.00 but wanted to warn others so they do not have money stolen from them.

- Brookline, MO, USA

I responded to an ad on Facebook offering a variety of quilts that were very appealing. After reading the description of the product, which is in fact a misrepresentation of the product, (i.e. hand sewn cotton quilt by a company located in Salem, Oregon), I purchased two queen size quilts as Christmas gifts. This was on November 17, 2018. A couple of days later, on November 19, 2018, I decided to purchase two more queen size quilts after receiving an email offering a 25% discount for the next 2 days. All totaled I spent $214.78 for four queen size quilts. On December 9, 2018, I emailed the company to inquire on the status of my order. I first received an automated response saying someone would get back with me within the next 24 business hours. I received a response about 12 hours later saying that my order had been sent out for production and that I would receive another email once they were shipped. On December 11, 2018, I received 2 emails saying that my order had shipped. These were concerning the quilts I had ordered on 11/17/18. Both included tracking numbers that revealed the quilts were being shipped by DHL, and their origin was Shanghai, China, not Salem, Oregon as advertised. On December 16, 2018, I sent another email advising the company that I still had not received either quilt and that the tracking information showed them only as "enroute". I have never received an answer to that email. I was now quite concerned as it didn't appear as any of the quilts I had ordered would be here by Christmas. I began looking for another means of contacting the company when I came upon numerous complaints about this company, indicating that they were a scam. On December 18, 2018 I filed a dispute with PayPal on both of these purchases. I followed that up with filling a dispute with my credit card company. On December 27, 2018 I received the first of the two quilts I had ordered on 11/17/18. I opened that package that weighed just 1.77 pounds and fit inside my standard USPS mailbox. What a horrible product. It was made of polyester, not the cotton it was advertised as and it was seriously two pieces of polyester sewn together with absolutely no batting or padding in between. It was not individual pieces sewn together, just an image printed on 1 piece of fabric sewn onto a solid color piece of fabric on the backside. On December 29, 2018, I received the second of the 2 quilts ordered on 11/17/18. I have not opened this package as it is exactly the same as the package I had received 2 days earlier. I have not received any information whatsoever concerning the 2 quilts ordered on 11/19/18. I am waiting for further instructions from my credit card company. They have credited my account for both purchases and are waiting to see if the merchant respond to the dispute.

I ordered a donkey quilt from Amelia Quilts on December 2nd 2018. I made a 72.91 purchase with my debit card. I received an email from them stating it would take 5 or 6 days for them to process the order. That was the last contact I had with them.

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