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Workplace Compliance Services

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Workplace Compliance Services Reports & Reviews (152)

Victim Location 81621
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

I received a letter in the mail stating that my LLC owes this company W.C.S , (Address 18601 Green Valley Ranch Blvd, Ste 108-361, Denver Co, 80249- phone 1-877-329-4662 ) $110 for my LLC renewal. I have had my LLC for many years and have never seen anything like this before and pay my annual fee to the state.

DO NOT SEND THIS COMPANY MONEY- IT IS A SCAM. I am not sure how they got the name of my LLC and the address.

Victim Location 81657
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

W.C.S. (Worker Compliance Services) sent my business a "2020- Periodic Report Instruction Form" that is structured to appear as if it's an official government service. They throw in a "...you may be at risk for penalties and fines" threat at the beginning and later slip in some fine print that tells you that you don't actually need them to file this report for you because you can do it on your own through the Secretary of State of Colorado website for $10 each year (it takes about 5 minutes online). They charge you $100 for this "service". If you are not paying attention, you may just pay them for their useless service.

Victim Location 80470
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

This company sends a notice that appears to be an official government document entitled 2020 - Periodic Report Instruction Form. It appears to target Colorado LLCs and "expects" you to send them $110 to ensure you complete your annual registration of your LLC. I think I received something similar in 2019, so it is disappointing this company continues to scam small business. I have done this long enough that I know I can easily perform my annual registration with the state of Colorado online for $10.

Victim Location 80247
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

WCS Sent an fairly official looking invoice stating I needed to seed $110 for a periodic review of my Colorado LLC. Colorado only charges $10 for the periodic review, unless it is delinquent. The form has all the right company numbers and does sound official. The due date is 3 months before my periodic report is due. The form does state that WGC is not a government agency, which was the second thing that tipped me off. I've never paid my periodic dues outside of the Colorado government site, and never to a non-government address. Official looking, but definitely a scam.

Victim Location 80229
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

This is a "company" that sends very official looking forms to business owners trying to get them to pay for a worthless, unnecessary service. They use language like "Please respond today!" , and "Please respond by (date)" in bold font. They quote Colorado Law giving statutes regarding your requirements to file your annual periodic report. They use your business information, your file date and the paper they send you states it is a "2020 - Periodic Report Instruction form" with a notice date and a deadline to respond in two different places.

They are careful to protect themselves by stating they are a service and they put one very small sentence at the bottom stating that you can do this on your own. However, this is a scam. They attempt to get you to pay them $100 by check (which is suspect as well).

I attempted to call them to request they remove me from their mailing list and the call goes immediately to a recorded message.

This is a shameful attempt to prey on people and it should be recognized for what it is.... a money-making scam.

Victim Location 81415
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

W.C.S. targeted my business with a very official looking statement requesting payment for a State of Colorado periodic report. In bold type, the invoice requested $110.00 to file the report. In fine print at the bottom, it noted that the report could be filed directly with the state for $10. To me, this is a blatant unethical attempt to scam unsuspecting businesses out of $100.

Victim Location 80224
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

This company (WCS) has sent my LLC a "2020 Periodic Report" form and invoice for $110 under threat of penalties and fees. The company seems to have gotten my name, the name of my business, my address, and initiation date of my LLC through office of the Colorado Secretary of State. Nowhere on the form does it state who or what "WCS" is, though a quick Google search brought up the ScamPulse.com site first (defining WCS as Workplace Compliance Services) and a Reddit page listing the company as a scam second. I became suspicious as I don't recall previously having to report to an agency outside the Colorado Secretary of State and certainly not for $110 (my regular annual re-registration fee to the CO SOS is $10.)

Victim Location 80215
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

I received an official-looking letter labeled a “2020 Periodic Report Instruction Form” asking for $110 to file an annual periodic report for my business, which costs me $10 to file directly through the state. The form has been created to look like official government mail. I understand this company, or people associated with it, are being sued by the Florida.

Victim Location 80027
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

WCS sends an official-looking state form for filing your business periodic report for $110. In very tiny words at the bottom it says that you can file the report online with the state for $10.

BEWARE: Fake Colorado 2020 Periodic Report Instruction Form from an agency that calls itself "W.C.S" located at the following address: 18601 Green Valley Ranch Blvd. Ste 108-361, Denver, CO 80249. This agency solicits the potential victim to pay $110.00 for them to process/file your periodic report. The agency has a phone number: (720) 204-1348, but no website and no email contact.

Victim Location 81632
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

They send Periodic Report forms to LLCs stating that $110 is due w/ in 60 days. This is a $10 fee that is filed directly with the Secretary of State. It takes about a minute to do this on the secretary of stare website. And my LLC is currently in good standing.

Victim Location 97828
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received a notice from this company that my annual business fee is due for 185.00. The small print on the bottom of the form states that I can renew directly at the State of Oregon for 100.00. I logged in to the State of Oregon. My renewal isn't due until July. The invoice looks like it came from the State of Oregon, had my registry number and my business information. My first though was why was Oregon increasing my fee.

Victim Location 80014
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

My company received a form in the mail telling us to pay $110.00 for them to file a 2020 State of Colorado Periodic Report for LLCs.

Victim Location 97124
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

WCS sent me a letter telling me I needed to submit my business annual report for 2020. They would file it for me for $185.00. My business report if filed every year and is up to date. This company is a scam. There is small print that says " they are not a government agency". The letter is very deceptive and can be misleading to a new small business.

Victim Location 80305
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I shared this email with the office of the Attorney General in Colorado. I'm now sharing it with BBB. Thank you.

---------- Forwarded message ---------


Date: Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 9:07 AM

Subject: Security Risk FYI


Good Morning,

I'm alerting you that when I was on your website (see first screenshot) and read "For more information about the email notification service and preventing business identity theft, click here."I clicked on "click here" and was brought to an unsecure page.  See second screenshot.

I hope you can fix this security risk ASAP.

Via USPS, I received a scam request for payment for $110 for help with filing my periodic report in January 2020 from W.C.S.  Perhaps this security risk is how they illegally procured my information?

Please confirm receipt of this communication.  

Victim Location 80249
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

WCS is stating that the periodic report for my small business is due. That they will process it, for a fee of course. It looks legit, but i had just checked on my business page a week prior so I knew the information on the paper was false.

Victim Location 80023
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Two years straight these scammers mailed my business a very governmental looking Periodic Report form to complete and instructions to mail a check for $110. If you look closely, there IS verbiage information the recipient they can file for $10 at State of CO website. That said, unsuspecting eyes will overlook this and mail money. Scam, plain and simple.

Victim Location 80134
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

W.C.S. mails an official looking letter titled "2020 - Periodic Report Instruction Form" for "Colorado LLCs", with customer ID numbers printed on the form, start date and agent name/ address of the entity, and CO Statutes requiring annual periodic reports. The letter later states that "If the business entity is still in use, W.C.S., a private entity, will assist for a fee in the filing of your periodic report." Then in all caps "W.C.S. IS NOT A GOVERNMENT AGENCY AND DOES NOT HAVE A CONTRACT WITH ANY GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY TO PROVIDE THIS SERVICE." It then requests a check for payment in the amount of $110 to W.C.S., and says "Price includes state fee and W.C.S. processing fees. Also, in small font caps "ALL W.C.S. PROCESSING FEES ARE 100% FULLY GUARANTEED". Don't fall for this, as periodic reporting can be filed easily online at the Secretary of State's website for $10. I've spent over two hours of time researching and commenting on this entity that I needed to spend on actual business work. This fraudulent entity presents itself visually as a government agency, and should be shut down immediately.

Victim Location 80403
Total money lost $95
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

As an LLC Business Partner - in good standing.

Received 2019 and 2020 - Periodic Report Instruction Form

Looks official with ID Numbers - $110.00 payment due Stating Colorado laws..........

Last year, I sent it right in before the DUE DATE - This year I realized it's a scam -

Fine print does say Does not have a contract with any Governmental Agency

After the unprofessional phone contact answered, I'm correct.

Victim Location 80113
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

Company sends notice that appears to be an LLC entity renewal from the State (Colorado)

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