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Workplace Compliance Services

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Workplace Compliance Services Reports & Reviews (156)

- Saddle Brook, NJ, USA • Jun 04, 2024

I received a letter stating that I had to file my annual report for my business before mid-May to be in compliance. I filled out the check with the requested amount and supplied my business EIN number. I then received a notification from my business registered agent with an invoice for my annual report filing, they said they never received a check, I then realized I had been scammed.

• Dec 30, 2023

These people keep operating under different names yet still send out official-looking government license renewal documents to scam people to pay more than 3 times the price of actual costs for governmental services. On the form, Workplace Compliance Services operates as "C.P.S." with a Tallahassee, FL P.O. Box 6563.

If you get an invoice or any other document using that PO Box, or 850-203-4181 phone, check out that information on the Better Business Bureau website before doing anything.

These scammers have a BBB mailing address listing as 7718 Northport Dr., Lansing, MI 48917-8541, so throw any garbage you receive from them in the trash!


The company sent our official looking documents relating to Annual Reporting for companies, they have copied the real government form layout, and request this be done by 04/07/2023.

Annual reporting is not due until July this year, plus they add a $95 fee for this so called fake service.

Thomas Steven and Joseph Fata with W.C.S. out of Lansing MI are sending out fraudulent letters attempting to steal money from business owners. The company lists a Salem address to pose as if they were located in Oregon when in fact they are located in MI. They have been sued by multiple states for this fraud.

Remembered just before mailing the check. I paid online for my business registry. Got a letter from W. C. S. Saying due. This very bad. Very legitimate looking letter with a number. Please continue reporting to shut them down.

- Eugene, OR, USA

I just received a fraudulent invoice to pay the Annual Report Fees for my Oregon business from the Workplace Compliance Services (C.P.S) / Workplace Compliance Services (W.C.S). The alert was that the fees were $85. more than I am required to pay each year, and the due date for that fee is 4 months later than this invoice indicated. I called the number on the invoice and the person answering told me that they were not associated with the Oregon Secretary of State and that I could continue to pay the lower fee directly to the state of Oregon. After hanging up the phone, I did a search online with the Better Business Bureau and found 100 complaints against this business (based in Lansing, MI). I also found a warning about this business on the Oregon Secretary of State website. It is concerning to say the least that a business like this continues to operate, mislead, and somehow has access to my business information.


WCS aka "Workplace Compliance Services" sends business owners a very official looking document, naming all of the possible penalties we might face if we file our annual reports late and asks that we send a check for $85.00 more than the filing fee....which they will then "file on our behalf". Nothing that they are doing is technically illegal but it's super sleazy and it preys upon folks that are overwhelmed and distracted (hello Pandemic!). They are terrible people and should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

- Portland, OR, USA

This company, Workplace Compliance Services (W.C.S.) attempted to present themself as working on behalf of the Oregon State Government and tried to trick our business into paying them to process our annual report.

They sent an application in the mail to fill out to called "2021 Annual Report Instruction form"

There was no cover letter explaining that they were a business that would charge you a fee to file your report, which an individual or business could just as easily if not more easily do in the same amount of time or less time than going through Workplace Compliance Service to do it.

They just sent the form where it listed $185 informed the business that the fee was $185 even though the annual report filing costs $100. (So they were charging a fee of $85 but nowhere in the information they sent did they provide a breakdown showing that $100 would go to the State and $85 to them.

Whether it's even a "service" in the first place even if they clearly represented themselves and explained their offering instead of trying to trick you into thinking they are from the State of Oregon is up for debate.

The application comes with your business information already filled in.

Hidden in the middle of the application it does state that WCS is not a government agency and does not have a contract with a governmental agency, but it is placed in such a way that it's easy to miss.

An ethical business that is truly providing a service will state that in a more prominent way and provide a cover letter explaining their service.

Also, they misrepresent things by telling you to respond by a certain date (Please Respond by date is presented in large text)

The respond by date is three months earlier than the actual due date of the annual report. Underneath that is a statement saying "Oregon laws require limited liability companies registered to do business in the state to timely file an annual report every year. If (business name) does not file an annual report within 45 days after the due date, it may be at risk for penalties." It is extremely misleading.

In very fine print at the bottom of the application they state that the annual report can be filed directly with the state for a lesser fee, but it is at the bottom in fine print.

The secretary of state sent a notice to small business owners warning businesses to beware of this solicitation, so it is recognized that this is a scam.

I have attached only the top of the application because it was filled out with my personal business information. Also, I apologize, I had ripped up the form for recycling before I realized I needed to provide a picture for this, so I had to piece it back together.)



Misleading solicitation I received a "notice" dated 12/11/2020 from W.C.S, an entity with offices at ***************************************************** for my business registered with the Oregon Secretary of State, *****************************. The notice is a "2021 = Annual Report Instruction Form" that looks very much like an official government form, with my business information pre-printed on it. It goes on to state: "Oregon laws require limited liability companies registered to do business in the state to timely file an annual report every year. If ***************************** does not file an annual report within 45 days after the due date, it may be at risk for penalties." It then cites Oregon Revised Statutes 63.787 in part. While the form then states that "W.C.S is not a government agency..." AND goes on to offer this "filing service" for $185 (Oregon state fees for filing an "annual report" are $100), everything about this solicitation is intended to seem official and to intimidate the business owner into paying this fee under fear of violating filing regulations - so much so that the Oregon Secretary of State site has a site dedicated to this vendor's mailings. See ********************************************************* It appears that this vendor / "service" has done this in many, many states, and seems to stay just on some legal edge in order to continue to operate. This business should be shut down for deceptive practices. I'm happy to supply pictures of the form and the supplemental material sent with this misleading solicitation.

Desired Outcome

I'd like the business to stop using language that is fraudulent and misleading. They are free to offer this service, but they need to make it clear in several different places of their offering that this is a SERVICE, and that the actual official filing is something that ANY business owner can do themselves for a much lower fee, and an "annual report" in commonly understood terms of a financial statement is NOT required for LLC entities. Only in small print at the very end of the document does the form state "The State of Oregon annual report can be filed directly with the state for the statutory $100 fee."

- Mililani, HI, USA

Received a "2021 - Annual Report Instruction Form" from this company. Payment is requested to be mailed to the address provided.

This was sent/targeted to my LLC business account under 'AH Development, LLC.

- Honolulu, HI, USA

Received a “2021-Annual Report Instruction Form” for “all Hawaii LLC’s instructing you to fill our a form with your addresses and a payment of $145.00 that “includes state fee and C.P.S.processing fee to be received before the end of 2020

We received a 2020 Periodic Report Instruction Form from W.C.S. in the mail. This was initially thought to be legitimate but, smelling something fishy, upon further investigation into the company online and calling the State of Colorado we found out that this company has been turned over to the attorney general's office for investigation. The long and short of it is that this company professes to help you fill out your report with the state for $110, a report that costs the business only $10 to file in Colorado. They can then pocket $100 for about five minutes of work. Don't fall for this scam! The State of Colorado will notify you two weeks before the periodic report is due and you can do it yourself online and you do not need an intermediary.


In the mail, I received a notice about my LLC's annual filing due with the Secretary of the State. The title of the form sent is 2020 -- Periodic Report Instruction Form (Colorado LLCs). The form stated: Please Respond By: 9/18/2020. It then, quoted the Colorado law and statutes about the annual filing requirements for a periodic report due for my LLC. In the middle of the form was printed: W.C.S. IS NOT A GOVERNMENT AGENCY AND DOES NOT HAVE A CONTRACT WITH ANY GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY TO PROVIDE THIS SERVICE. They wanted to charge me $110.00 and the form stated: Price includes state fee and W.C.S. processing fee. At the end of the form was printed: THE STATE OF COLORADO PERIODIC REPORT CAN BE FILED DIRECTLY THROUGH THE STATE FOR THE STATUTORY $10 FEE.

I checked my records and found I paid my fee to the Colorado Secretary of State and am an LLC in good standing. In researching on the web, I found this business to be a scam and decided to report the business.


Private company offering to file government document for extraordinarily high fee. Letter very intentionally designed to look like an official document. No surprising they are connected to the poster people. I remember when they would call and tell you they had to send you the compliance posters for hundreds of dollars, then threaten you, yell at you etc. if you asked questions or told them no. I suppose it is legal although it looks like some states are challenging that. It is certainly unethical. If you live in Colorado you can do about any business with The Secretary of State online. Be suspicious of anyone that only will accept a check by mail in this time.

- Boulder, CO, USA

This business is trying to act as the Secreatary of State filing system and charges $110 per filing to keep your business in good standing. This is a SCAM as you only pay $10 - $20 when you file on line directly with the Sec of State and it is very easy to do. They also give you a false deadline date that your payment is due. I called them and told them what a scam they are and they hung up on me direclty.

SO many businesses will fall for this and just simply send a check.


WCS is posing as a company that provides administrative/legal representation services for LLCs. They may or may not actually provide services, but either way they are charging $100 for a $10 service. On their solicitation/letter they say you can do this service yourself, but this is in a VERY small font size. It is absolutely designed to be misleading, indicating that you need to use their services.

- Fort Collins, CO, USA

W.C.S. mailed to my business address an official looking form titled 2020 - PERIODIC REPORT INSTRUCTION FORM to be filled out and returned with a check for $110.00. At the bottom is the easy-to-miss statement "The state of Colorado Periodic Report can be filed directly through the state for the statutory $10 fee." So after W.C.S. files the $10 fee for you, they keep $100!!!


This company sent me an official-looking form, asking me to fill it out as my Periodic business report to the Colorado Secretary of State. It asks me to send them$110 for this service. Per the Colorado Secretary of State website, my Periodic Report Month is November and the report must be filed then, on their website.

- Englewood, CO, USA

They send mail saying periodic report instruction form, looks like Colorado legal doc. It's not. Ask for $110 quarterly fee, have name of my LLC. Total Scam, almost paid because my business partner who handled all of our finances just died.

Same as everyone else, I received this and thought at first it was legit. But I remembered I had already filed this periodic report for 2020. Sure enough, found the email from January this year directly from the Colorado Department of State, showing I had paid the $10 to file the report. Thank God I kept good records or I may have fallen for this also. Ridiculous!

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