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Warranty Reports & Reviews (29)

• Aug 15, 2023

"Our records indicate that you have not contacted us to have your vehicle service contract activated. We are informing you that your factory warranty expired and you will be responsible for any repairs.

Coverage will cover 1) extension through 2030, 2) up to an additional 100k miles 3) platinum powertrain

Options to cover : engines,transmission, transfer unit 4x4,drive axle assembly, front and rear suspension, steering, ac unit, gps,windows,electrical equipment, seals,gaskets, brake systems, most mechanical parts"

"Operating hours : M-F 7a-7p,

Sat 10a-4p CST

• Jul 07, 2023

I received a "FINAL NOTICE" letter about my home warranty. It was sent via US Mail "MAILED FROM ZIP CODE 95813", using presorted standard US Postage PERMIT #1935. The return address spot only states THIS NOTICE IS TIME SENSITIVE; SENT ON 6/29/2023, INFORMATION FOR MORTGAGEE ONLY from HOME WARRANTY DIVISION. From the exterior of the mailing, it looks like there is a check but inside it is a Registration Fee Voucher for $199.00 for Record ID: (#), made out to me with my address. It has my name and street address in its warning that my home warranty "secured by my current lender, may be expiring or may have already expired." The contact number that they demand I respond to is 1-833-932-0551.

- Toledo, OH, USA • May 25, 2023

Detailed Mailing laminated post card

- Kissimmee, FL, USA • May 18, 2023

Claims to be car warranty center, wants to know mileage on the car. Cat is new car with lifetime warranty.

I recently moved to a new house and received a pink letter, titled: "Final Notice, Immediate Response to this Notice Requested from Home Warranty Division, Extremely Urgent & Time Sensitive."

I received this letter the day I moved into my new house. Since I didn't have internet installed and poor internet service on my phone at the time to do research, I panicked and called them. The letter stated "Final Notice", "PLEASE Call IMMEDIATELY (by a deadline) as this will be our FINAL attempt to NOTIFY YOU- 1-888-206-6566." Being a first time home buyer, I didn't realize that scammers would have my information so soon about my new home and lender. I thought they were affiliated with my lender. First I spoke to a man who said this that was the final notice and the last time I can call that number to claim the offer (I don't recall receiving prior notices from them). Then he transferred me to a woman named Debra, the Finance Manager to sign up for "home warranty". She asked for personal information such as credit card information, driver's license, who else owns the property with me, my previous address. I think they also asked for my date of birth, last four digits of ssn, employer, and my title.

The lady told me I was qualified for the 3 year platinum plan at a discounted price since I am a first time home buyer. The plan covers all major items in the house like furnace, plumbing, water heater, electronics, stove tops, oven, dishwasher, all major appliances, garage door opener, roofing etc. Pretty much the front and back of the house. She asked if I was a student to be eligible for another discount and compared prices from discounts and no discounts.

With the first time home buyer's discounted rate, she said it costs $187 a month for the first 18 months, then I'll have to pay in full for the remainder of the 18 months. She mentioned the first payment will be due on the 9th of every month and there will be a one-time activiation charge of $100. The total for 3 years is $3,560. They said the activation should take up to 30 days and I will receive a blue booklet with the policy information within 3-5 days, which I never received and it's been over 2 weeks. They also said I can make changes to the policy any time by calling their customer service number: (888) 525-0760, opened 24/7 everyday. I noticed the number is different than the one in the letter. They also mentioned that there will always be a live person and it will never automated. They gave me a confirmation ID number to refer to when I call. Lastly, Debra said that each time I file a claim, I will be billed $75. If something (i.e. appliances) isn't working or if there are issues, they will send someone to our home to check it and try to fix it. If they are unable to repair it, then they will replace it at no additional charge (except for the $75 each time I file a claim). I had some suspicion after the fact but already provided my personal information.

I found out it was a scam today when I googled it. Other residents have also received similar pink "final notice" letters letting them know that they need to purchase home warranty immediately or that their home warranty will expire soon. I checked my credit card statement and noticed a $100 charge. It appeared as "Home Warranty 888-251-4166, CA.." on my statement. I read online that if you call their customer service number and try to cancel, they'll say the request will be escalated to their supervisor and they will call back, but never do.

I hope no one else gets scammed.

- Indianapolis, IN, USA

Caller by the supposed name of Dan left a lengthy message about my car warranty nearing expiration. He said it was my final courtesy call. He urged me to press one to speak with a warranty specialist. How do I know it is a scam? My car is a 2014 model and the warranty expired a while ago. He did not mention my specific dealership name. He had no idea of the mileage on my car.

These people won’t stop calling me! They say they are from a warranty company for my new car and I’ve asked them to stop calling and they won’t.

- Waianae, HI, USA

Received calls from several numbers to call 856-262-7911. This number belongs to someone who states he thinks his phone has been hacked and has received numerous calls from people receiving the same message, from the same area. All coming from Honolulu, HI.

Calls are coming through from a Maui #, same warranty recording. Press 1 to talk to someone, press 2 to take me off your list. One time it was actually a person on the other line. I asked the person how they got my number and the person hung up. 808-536-6956 and 808-877-4361. I tried calling those #'s back and it comes up with a weird tone and won't go through.

- Birmingham, AL, USA

My auto warranty is about to expire.They asked if I wanted to speak to an agent about renewing my warranty. I said yes.The question was repeated and I realized it was a recording. I said no and they disconnected.I redialed the number several times and it was busy.

Automatic call saying I needed Warranty services

- Midland, MI, USA

Automated Caller asks if you'd like to hear about the expiration of "your warranty" - just bought a car, so I said Yes. It then asks if I'd like to hear more. I said No. it disconnected.

Got called about a warranty and they said right away "can you hear me okay " and I said "yes"

- Rugby, ND, USA

Called asking if I wanted information on my warranty

- Olmsted Falls, OH, USA

It's an automated call about a warranty renewal trying to record me saying yes. They never say what the warranty is for. I called the number back and got a recording about a survey that had switched numbers and was unavailable. Not sure if any charges were added to my phone bill

- Mentor, OH, USA

They said they were a Warranty Program and asked if "Can you hear me"

- Colorado Springs, CO, USA

They asked me a question and at the end they said "can you hear me"? I said "I can'. I heard that this is a scam going around. The time was 4:18 on 2/13/2017. The number was: 719-896-3557.

- Milwaukee, WI, USA

Call came, person asked if i could hear them. I said yep and realized it was a robocall. Seems like a scam I read about sometime back.

The caller stated something about a warranty and then said can you hear me now? I said yes but realized what I had done and immediately hung up

- Cleves, OH, USA

This is about a warranty we recently sent you... Can you hear me.

- Sugar Land, TX, USA

"Can you Hear Me"

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