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warranty company

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- Stillwater, MN, USA

The number 612-389-1890 called me, no message. I called it back thinking it was someone I know because call was local. It was a computer lady voice saying to opt out press one. I pressed 1 thinking I’ll be off the call list when after I did it. She says “added”. It doesn’t make sense and I think a hacker is trying to get in my cell. I think it’s a scam.

- Kaneohe, HI, USA

I received an automated voicemail stating that my warranty company went out of business and I needed to call them to receive a refund, we called and they stated they needed to get onto our computer to refund us. My husband stated that our computer was not working, so they told us that we could give him our credit card number and they could put the money back on our account that way. My husband stated we did not have our credit card and they stated to call back with our credit card number when we had it. They did not give us a business name or the persons name that we spoke to.

Man's voice wanting to extend warranty.

I called my dealership they do not use this# and voiced that I would not have been called from them to extend.

I keep receiving phone calls from different phone numbers, most having the first 3 of my cell phone extension, almost every day for several weeks. It is a recording that begins with "This is Allison from the warranty department"... Because the number changes every time, I am unable to successfully block the number(s) or report them. Apparently they are fake numbers as well, because I tried calling one back and it was a lady who had no idea what it was, said she was just on the phone with her sister. My husband actually got a fake number call that showed up as his exact number calling him!

Getting unwanted calls from a bogus vehicle warranty company with the number of (442) 201-3293. Don't pick up the phone if you see this number.

- Roseville, IL, USA

Asked if I could hear them.. I didn't answer. Then explained they were calling about a warranty they had sent us. I asked what warranty. They never answered. It was a recording. I can't remember if I ever answered Yes. I haven't lost anything yet. Just worried something may happen. Phone call just took place today. FOR A WARRANTY..IT DIDNT FIT ANY ANSWERS FOR YOUR TYPE OF SCAM but had to pick something to send. Need an other catagory

- Milford, OH, USA

I received a call from this number. The call sounded recorded that they are following up on a letter they mailed regarding the expiration of our warranty. This was the last courtesy call. Then asked if you wish to speak to a customer service representative, please say "yes". They repeated that question again, then repeated it again, at which time the call transferred, I could hear what sounded like call center background noise, then the words "you have been disconnected from this conference" and the phone went dead. I called the phone number back and it was dead. I'm assuming it's a scam to somehow steal funds.

- Medicine Lodge, KS, USA

They said this is in reguard to your warranty. Would you like to speak to a representative?

The scammer asked me if I have a car and was interested in hearing warranty options to extend the warranty. Unfortunately I said yes and then they asked if I had less than 150,000 miles on the car and I said yes again stupidly. Then when I asked which car they were Referring to they hung up.

"Allison"called on 3-3-2017. She said she was with "the warranty company" then she said "can you hear me now". We hung up.

- Warren, MI, USA

Said they were calling to sell an extended warranty on a car I no longer own. They said "can you hear me now" and I fell for it and said "yes" and hung up. I understand there is a phone scam where people are calling to use a recording of your "yes" as an agreement. I did a reverse number search and the number is unpublished or Mobile.

Phone call from 412 area code (which is mine) so I answered the phone. It sounded like a real person and she asked me if I could hear her and I said yes without even thinking. She asked me about some warranty running out. I asked who she was and then the recording kept playing over and over and said to press a number to be removed from their call list but I just I hung up. I called the number and a recording stated my survey was complete. The number the call came from was 412-837-3675.

"Hi this is Alison with your home warranty company and we noticed you are about to expire, can you hear me ok?" I responded.."Yes?". She continued asking questions to which I did not respond and hung up. When you call the number back it tells you that the survey is now over.

- Port Orange, FL, USA

First question asked answering call was "can you hear me?" I'm a doctor and many times nurses and other doctors call from unrecognized numbers and ask me that because of dead zones for cell in the hospital. I instinctively said "yes" and then realized it was not a hospital call. Lady started saying something about warranty and I hung up upset. My car had been broken into on 2/14 and my purse stolen with DL, credit cards, checkbook, med and DEA licenses. Closed everything down and I could and now this call. Not a coincidence.

- Pittsburgh, PA, USA

She was from the warranty company and I should have received warranty information in the mail, then she said, "can you hear me", I said "yes", "what warranty", when she kept talking I hung up.

Then this morning I see on social media there is a scam, when you say "yes" they can get to your accounts and make large purchases. I will check my accounts and alert my banks. Not sure how they can access my accounts.

- Lincoln, NE, USA

The recording said "Can you hear me"? I said nothing. Recording then said "OK, great" Then proceeded to say my vehicle warranty has expired. Asked how many miles were on the vehicle. Then another typical basic question about the vehicle. They could not tell me which vehicle as it was just a recording asking questions and waiting to hear answers. At each question prompt, I either said nothing or laughed. Eventually, the recording said "OK, let me get you to an associate who can help you". Then they hung up.

- Carmel, IN, USA

Called our home phone number. It was a local phone number so I picked up. Woman said she was from the warranty company and I am currently working with a warranty company to get an oven repaired. She asked if me I could her here ok and I said yes. Then she continued to ask me if I was happy with my warranty and did I wish to renew it. I told her No, I don't not wish to renew and hung up.

- Elkhart, IN, USA

Called 6:38 pm . This is a call from your warranty company, can you hear me OK?

- Trimble, MO, USA

I got a "can you hear me ok? Call today at 12:10 from the phone number listed, 9137385143

- Milwaukee, WI, USA

Was asked about a warranty then asked, Do you hear me ok? I said Yep, before realizing what I have done. Didn't lose any money so far.

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