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Vital Records Certificates

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Vital Records Certificates Reports & Reviews (40)

Victim Location 78620
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Just like the other complaints listed for this fraudulent company. I also paid the $47 fee to order a birth certificate for my son. The website is so similar to the actual state site that I was easily fooled. It doesn't help that the actual legitimate website does not have a .gov listed in the web address.

Victim Location 46542
Total money lost $69
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I called the county health department trying to find out how to get a copy of my child's birth certificate and the woman who answered the phone encouraged me to use the website So I signed up to use their service to get a copy of my child's birth certificate and they made me pay a fee of $69 online before they would send me the packet of information that I had to fill out and then mail back with an additional check for $10. I had my husband stop into the health department with the packet of information and they told him that was a scam. I called the customer service number provided by Vital Records and I asked the man who answered about this being a scam and he said he would refund me my money because I never used the packet they sent but he didn't know about this being a scam.

Victim Location 29566
Total money lost $40
Type of a scam Other

I placed an order for a birth certificate. I payed 40.00. The website said 47.00 with a 15% discount. No contact information. No address. We were certainly scammed. Please stop them.

Victim Location 98052
Total money lost $60
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill imposes itself as a legit website for getting birth certificates for WA state which can be obtained from online. But instead, it charges high fees and just sends a mail on with the information provided and asks me to mail the county. The actual government-contracted entity is They impose as them and charge a high fees in addition to collecting personal information.

Victim Location 01450
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I thought I was ordering a copy of a birth certificate and paid $47...then the site gave me a message that an “official application” would be emailed to official application will cost me $25 through New Jersey vital records office. Have not received contact numbers on site...lots of reports of scams for this website...I can’t cancel the charge they have taken $47 and haven’t given me anything

Victim Location 23803
Total money lost $45
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website offers to "help" you get your birth certificate from your state. All you really get is an application for a birth certificate that you must download and send to your state's bureau of vital records, along with the state fee. This is something you can easily do, yourself, but they don't tell you that! They charge $45 for this "service". As soon as they get your credit card, they charge it and tell you what you have to do next, which is wait, while they look over the information you give them, download their completed application and then physically send said application to your state, along with the state fees.

These people count on busy customers who want to hire someone to get a copy of their birth certificate. Instead, you will be paying a small fortune for advice you don't need!

Victim Location 75074
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website allows you to input your personal information to order a birth certificate, the charge comes through as outside of the United States.

To put in the request they have some of your personal information and charge you $47 for a pre-filled form based on the info you give them. Then you have to turn around and pay the fees and shipping and mail it yourself - IT IS A SCAM.

Victim Location 21784
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Online Purchase

ordered birth certificate online advised from vital records that this is not a legit company cannot get my money back.

Victim Location 27312
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I thought I was purchasing a copy of my birth certificate from this site. Instead, I paid $47.00 for a partially-completed birth certificate application form, which I had to complete and mail to the state of NY along with an additional $30.00.

Since then, I've read the many complaints against this company online and through BBB. As a senior citizen, I was anxious to get my birth certificate, and I fell for the "service" this company provided. I have requested my money back, and the "company" has resolved complaints just like mine. But they refused to refund my money.

I could have received a copy of the birth certificate application form for free from the state of NY. Instead, I thought this "company" was providing me a service which would make getting my birth certificate easier. Instead, I'm out $47.00. This is unacceptable.

BEWARE of Internet offers! Unfortunately, I've learned a lesson here -- like many others, I believe in that "companies" will be honest and fair in their business dealings. Not so with this "company."

Victim Location 75093
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was trying to obtain my birth certificate via online. The website came up when I entered Vitalcheck (Vitalchek) in search which was given to me at the local DPS. I filled out my information and sent my payment of $47 dollars expecting a confirmation page and a USPS tracking number for my Birth Certificate. Instead I find my information, automated on an application and to send $50 and my Application to the California payable to the state. I saw this and red flags went up. what exactly did i pay for? I have emailed them and received no reply.

Victim Location 97702
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I consider myself fairly savvy when it comes to internet scams, but this one got me. I believed I was ordering a birth certificate for my daughter. I thought I went through my state's website. But I was in a rush and gave all of my daughters personal information to a scammer. I only found out after I called the state records office to find out where the certificates were. I was informed there is only ONE legitimate site you can order from, and it was not the one I used.

Victim Location 78732
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased birth certificate online. Discovered the website was fake. They put a "dash" in the website name to make you think you on the legitimate site.

Victim Location 44216
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Identity Theft

When looking to replace a lost birth certificate, I searched for the Ohio Department of Vital Statistics. A Vital Records Online link topped the list of search results. It collected all of the relevant information on birth certificate , parent information, and current identification information. It charged more than twice what a replacement costs, so they also have my card information. Then, they sent me a copy of my state's application form, which is what I thought I filled out before. I would still have to print that and pay the fee required to get the certified copy that I thought I was already buying. Summary: they collected birth information, parents' information, which is often used for security questions, bank card information, and driver's license information all in about 10 minutes by impersonating the state Vital Statistics website.

Victim Location 01529
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Other

This website claims to be able to give you a copy of your birth certificate for $47 after you give them all your information you find out that it is an international charge!

Victim Location 39576
Total money lost $40
Type of a scam Online Purchase was the first web address to come up when I searched for "vital records mississippi". I did look down the list but ended up going to this site. It seemed to be the correct site for the Mississippi Dept of Health to order my son's birth certificate from so I proceeded with the process. After it was all done, including my debit card info, there was a message that I would receive an email to tell me how to order the birth certificate. That is what I thought I was doing. The questions asked were all about the birth certificate and info on the birth certificate.

Two emails came in and one has a box to click for the application. There are other links to click also but at this point, I am scared to click anything. I can only attach one email so I am attaching the first one received.

I have cancelled my debit card, but they got me for $40.00 and they have all of my son's info (name, address, phone number and his birth certificate info so they can order one and use it for other things, like obtaining a driver's license and financial things). I told my son to contact the Social Security Administration to report to them what happened. But I don't know what all scammers can do to get around rules/laws/regulations and any report to anyone like the Social Security Administration.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I am very embarrassed by this whole incident. I am always so careful when using my debit card online.

If you need to call me, please leave me a message with info how to contact you. Sometimes I cannot answer my phone due to work. I surely do not want to miss a call from y'all.

Have a blessed day.

Victim Location 34952
Total money lost $63.45
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found this site through Google search. I needed to replace my birth certificate to obtain my drivers license. After I filled out the application, I received and invoice with my receipt and order number. After a couple of weeks, I sent an email inquiring about tracking my order. I received an email stating it takes 7 business days to process and then I will be contacted with my tracking information. I tried again to get in contact with someone and my emails have gone unanswered. I tried calling and the number on the site gives me an automated message say the Google subscriber is unavailable. The phone number on the site has a New Jersey area code.

Victim Location 72013
Total money lost $49
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was needing to order my birth certificate as I have misplaced mine. If you google birth certificate they are at the top of the list. It appears they are the department of vital records and that when you fill out all the requested information and pay the $49, you will be sent your birth certificate. In all reality, they take your money and send you an application to file for your birth certificate through the REAL department of vital records. You will have to pay for your birth certificate still. The $49 was for them to take your personal information and to do who knows what with. They now have your personal information, your mothers maiden name. I advise you to not even look at this site, let alone use them!

Victim Location 29505
Total money lost $79
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

They charged me $79 bucks for "expedited shipping" for what I was led to believe was my birth certificate, or would be a means of getting my birth certificate sent over to me faster.

Turns out, they just send an application which is FREE on the state web site. They deliberately have a similar name to the ACTUAL company that works with the state of South Carolina (VitalChek), and when I asked for a refund they hid behind the cowardly "we provided a service, you used the service..." so they know EXACTLY what they're doing. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

Victim Location 97225
Total money lost $25
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

This company sent my mother information about how to obtain a death certificate after her son, my brother, died suddenly. We had already purchased a death certificate from the cemetery that we were using for $20. Their mailed materials made it look like it was a follow up to that original purchase. They asked for an initial check for $25, then an additional credit card payment of $65. All of which she trustingly did. All this to get a death certificate that wouldn't come for 2 months, well after we have the one we originally paid for.

When she told me about it, I had her immediately cancel the credit card which hadn't yet been charged then called to cancel rest of the order myself. As expected, a lot of bull about how they couldn't cancel the order. Typical scam behavior, which is why we cancelled the card before we even called.

Luckily we're just out $25, as I sensed they would never refund one dime, so cancelled the credit card. But shame on you Vital Records Online.

This is a scam that preys on the bereavement of others, in this case a mother that lost her son. It is only accurate to say that you are the [censored] of the earth. It is this kind behavior that slowly but surely extinguishes the compassion and trust of the good.

Victim Location 30830
Total money lost $39
Type of a scam Online Purchase

put In vital information for birth certificates and provided credit card information. Thought I was ordering the birth certificate. No they sent me additional paper workk and wanted 40.00 additional already paid 39.00

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