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Vital Records Certificates

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Vital Records Certificates Reports & Reviews (37)

Victim Location 91316
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I applied for Vital Records Certificates at for a birth certificate. After inputting my private info and paying $40, i have not seen anything. I reached out to them and received an email stating they were going to resend info via email however still no email..

Victim Location 21204
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

I was assisting a client in obtaining death certificates for her husband during the pandemic. She did not have access to a computer and the Vital Records Office was closed due to the pandemic. I went to a website that took me to a link to order the certificates. I paid for them and received a confirmation. She never received the certificates and now that she has spoken to someone at Vital Records, she was told it was a scam. I am not sure how we even got to the website as I cannot find it now. I paid about $47 for 4 death certificates.

Victim Location 75150
Total money lost $40
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company is bogus!! I was trying to obtain a new birth certificate for my daughter so that she can get her a state issued ID. When looking to request new one online this company shows up in the search so I click on it as it was saying things about “get your birth certificate fast and easy” and other things that insinuated I would be getting my daughters birth certificate however, after paying the $40 dollars it proceeds to instruct me in what to do next. 1. Wait while my application is being reviewed . Could take 24-72 hours. 2. I’ll get an email with my MISTAKE FREE APPLICATION FORM and print. 3. Take the form to my counties clerks office to submit my application. I paid $40 for them to fill out an application that was all of maybe 10 questions. I immediately requested to be contacted through their website because there is NO PHONE NUMBER TO CALL THEM! It’s now been an hour and I’m still waiting to hear from someone. Trying to find some sort of contact number for them I came across all kinds of fraud alerts for this “company” and how they have done the exact same thing to them. Their website is very misleading and unclear. They make it look as if you are submitting the birth certificate form to them and they will be sending you the certificate. Their website say 100% customer satisfaction and they will refund your payment if your not satisfied yet there is no way to get in contact with them and they won’t call back!!!

Victim Location 81050
Total money lost $141
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went through Vital Records Certificates to get 3 of my kids’ birth certificates since admittance into our county courthouse (where our health dept is located) is limited because of Covid-19. I thought “great! I can order them online and have them mailed to me!”. That is not the case at all! I paid $47.00 per birth certificate to essentially fill in their online application. After each application was “reviewed” by a “professional” to look for mistakes, they emailed me a copy of the application with instructions to print it off and mail it to my local health dept with a $20.00 check enclosed to pay for the birth certificate. I will have paid $201.00 for 3 birth certificates. That website, that company is a complete fraud!! I should’ve just been patient and waited to go to our health dept myself!

i thought it was an official site for records request, paid the $47, received an email confirmation, but realized there are no certificates, i was redirected to our states dept of health, only to have to pay $16 to get copies...I was ripped off, it seems to be a scam...seriously pissed and afraid confidential info was given to them...

Scammer's website Vitalrecordscertificate. Com
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Website

I have paid this company twice for $47 and still has not received a birth certificate

Victim Location 95003
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went online to order a copy of my birth certificate as I needed it for my Real ID at the DMV. "Vital Records Certificates" was the very first listing and I clicked on it, not realizing it was an ad and not a direct link. I quickly ordered a copy of my birth certificate, giving pertinent information about myself (that I am now upset that they have), plus $47.00. I never received anything from them.

My son then helped me to check them out and discovered several other people had the same experience with them. We now believe the entire site is a scam. At best they robbed me of $47.00, at worse they also stole my identity!

I did recently try to contact them via email to ask for my money back, but so far have not heard anything.

Victim Location 78633
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This site offers to get you a copy of your birth certificate when you pay $47. It has you complete a form the allows them to fill in the online form with the actual state you get your certificate from. They then email you a copy of the completed form filled in with the information you just submitted to them to get your certificate. With the completed for they give you instructions on where to mail said completed for with the cost you now need to pay to the state for your actual birth certificate. Their actual response to your using their service is: Your application has passed our review! However, their review is not complete and lacks submission of the necessary valid picture identification that is required to get your birth certificate online. I was scammed out of $47 by not reading the fine print. I believed I was on a government website. I emailed them back demanding my money be returned, but to no avail. I have also filed a dispute via my credit card company in hope to reclaim my money. NO SERVICE IS ACTUALLY RENDERED BY THIS WEBSITE.

Victim Location 84109
Total money lost $40
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered a birth certificate, was charged an initial $40 fee and was told a follow-up email would be sent in order to complete application. The follow-up email never came and I was unable to reach anyone to discuss the matter.

Victim Location 23704
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Claims to help you process request for birth certificate. Turns out you can get that application for free. Looks very official, but not.

According to the company website Terms and Conditions, they are based out of Spain.

Victim Location 49506
Total money lost $40
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Lost birth certificate and tried to purchase a new one. Used this website to obtain a new one. They charged me $40 and haven’t heard anything since. I’ve tried to email and there is no phone number to call. Buyer beware!!

Victim Location 53964
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I was looking to replace my Birth Certificate. I filled out a form online for a company calling itself Your VitalRecords. They charged me $47 but never sent me a copy of my birth certificate or any further instructions about getting my birth certificate. I have found that others have experienced the same results when trying to get a replacement certificate online.

Victim Location 97374
Total money lost $94
Type of a scam Online Purchase

The company was the first to appear in a google search for “birth certificates Oregon”. I needed a certified copy of both of my kid’s birth certificates for my health insurance.

Entered the personal information that the company requested 12/23/2019, paid $94 ($47 x 2), and never received any follow up. Looked up the company to see if/what needed to be done to get the orders processed and found that there was no phone number, just a contact request via email. After receiving a reply from “David” that seemed odd, I requested a refund. I received a response to the refund request with two PDF files that are supposedly just the information I provided, regurgitated for me to send off to “your vital records department”.

I looked up the company to see if anyone else had had problems with them and they appear to be a fraudulent company and now I fear that my kids and my identities are at risk!

Victim Location 02138
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went online to order a birth certificate (I'm in MA but my kids were born in DC). Vital Records comes up first. I clicked and went through several screens to order the birth certificate. I then paid $47 and got a "birth certificate order confirmation." The next day I get an email telling me to send a Vital Check form to DC which they filled: I now have to pay another $29 and mail this myself.

Vital Records makes you think you're going to get the birth certificate directly, not that they'll "help" you fill out a very simple form for an exorbitant fee.

Victim Location 34771
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Promises quick turn around to receive birth certificate. Only collects all your information and fills out the form. Then provides you with additional instructions to mail the form they filled out for you. After collecting your money then states additional fees need to be paid with the actual mailing of the form.

Victim Location 54456
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Phishing

Company is very vague about the service it is truly providing essentially they lead you to believe that they are going to do the work to get you a copy of your birth certificate at a substantial cost but when in deed you are doing the work for them.

No value added. I entered my data into VRC’s version of a State form, paid the $47 fee, and VRC emailed an hour later the official pdf form with my data transferred to it with the official instructions on how to mail it in and pay the fee to the State agency. One doesn’t need to pay $47 for that. Indeed, I’ll be working with the official site anyway doing anyway because VRC’s software made errors on the official form which I cannot otherwise correct except with pen and ink.

Don’t get suckered like I did and don't confuse this outfit with those who actually handle your document request with the State agency soup-to-nuts. VRC's "service" is the digital equivalent of providing you a pen. Better yet, go to the State agency’s website to conduct your business online. Most of their sites are actually pretty good.

Victim Location 78620
Total money lost $47
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Just like the other complaints listed for this fraudulent company. I also paid the $47 fee to order a birth certificate for my son. The website is so similar to the actual state site that I was easily fooled. It doesn't help that the actual legitimate website does not have a .gov listed in the web address.

Victim Location 46542
Total money lost $69
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I called the county health department trying to find out how to get a copy of my child's birth certificate and the woman who answered the phone encouraged me to use the website So I signed up to use their service to get a copy of my child's birth certificate and they made me pay a fee of $69 online before they would send me the packet of information that I had to fill out and then mail back with an additional check for $10. I had my husband stop into the health department with the packet of information and they told him that was a scam. I called the customer service number provided by Vital Records and I asked the man who answered about this being a scam and he said he would refund me my money because I never used the packet they sent but he didn't know about this being a scam.

Victim Location 29566
Total money lost $40
Type of a scam Other

I placed an order for a birth certificate. I payed 40.00. The website said 47.00 with a 15% discount. No contact information. No address. We were certainly scammed. Please stop them.

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