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Visa Reports & Reviews (34)

I received a phone call and was told by the caller that two charges had been put on my visa card this morning. I hadn't charged anything lately. I was asked to push 1 to accept these charges or 2 to cancel them. I pushed 2 and then called the customer service number on the back of the card. When I was finished dialing, a voice came on the phone and tried to sell sex. I checked the number on the dialing pad and saw that I had dialed the number as it was on the visa credit card. I called the international number instead and reached a valid agent of visa. I was then assured that the two charges had not been put on the card and advised to contact the fraud site at the cibc online banking.

I got a call from "Visa" - it was recorded message from Visa Security saying there were possible unauthorized charges on my credit and stated 2 charges with amounts, one of which was for $1200 for gift cards. It asked me to press 1 to accept the charges and press 2 to cancel them. When I pressed 2, the call went through to a live person who said hello, then hung up.

I'm assuming they would have asked me to verify information (I would have asked them for some verification they were who they said they were).

I checked my credit card online and there are no pending charges, so all good, but It was pretty believable.

1-781-421-1260 is the number that will appear on the call display and will ask you to call 613-704-1830 - claiming there is a VISA purchase in question needing your verification or approval ... it's a phishing scam call center. Visa doesn't call at 6am. When I pointed this out, they hung up on me. Called the number they gave me and verified this is indeed a phishing scam for credit card info. IrisTel is showing as the provider on the "please call" number

Telus is showing as the provider on the incoming for twenty one number.

Received a phone call from unknown phone number. Robo voice (female) stated they were calling about my visa credit card and noticed two unauthorized transactions charged to my account. The first one was for $400 and the second one was for $1400 gift card. Since these transactions were not part of my 'normal' charges, I needed to press one to contact them immediately to resolve the issue. Instead, I hung up the phone and reported it here. I do not have a visa credit card so no charges were made against my card. Plus after yesterday's scam about credit collections, I double checked my credit report and all is good like I knew. These are scams and I am tired of them!

Starts out as an automated call and give him the option 1 and they are saying he is approved for multiple credit cards.

The female RECORDED voice stated that she was calling from Visa headquarters to report a suspicious charge made on my card last Tuesday at 5:00 a.m. She directed me to call 647-360-9936 immediately. I phoned the number on the back of my visa card instead. The man informed me that nobody from their office had called me and that no suspicious charge had been made by my visa.

- London, OH, USA

Robocall message advising me that because I have made my credit card payments on time I eligible for lower interest rates on my credit cards and to press 1 for more information.

I have gotten 3 phone calls (1038am, 1201 pm, 141pm) all with the same message. "This is a security alert from visa. If u have already gotten your new percentages in the mail press 3. U have been doing so well on your credit payment that u are now being offered lower rates" i hang up after that because i do not know if i stay on the phone call too long, will they get anything from me?

- Florence, SC, USA

I was contacted by someone claiming to be a representative from Visa. He told me that he saw I was interested in a lower interest rate. before he could ask me any questions I asked him to tell me my name since he sees where I had applied for a lower interest rate. I know that was not true because I don't have a credit card. He then began to curse at me and hung up on me. Please use what little information I can give you to keep someone else from being scammed.

- Florence, SC, USA

I was contacted by someone claiming to be a representative from Visa. He told me that he saw I was interested in a lower interest rate. before he could ask me any questions I asked him to tell me my name since he sees where I had applied for a lower interest rate. I know that was not true because I don't have a credit card. He then began to curse at me and hung up on me. Please use what little information I can give you to keep someone else from being scammed.

Called to lower my credit card rates.. when I asked for his information and asked if it was a scam I got told *** *** and then he dropped the phone... for 6 minute before he hung up I could hear 2 or 3 individuals speaking about other peoples information.. card numbers and names.. he then realized the call was still active told me *** *** one more time and hung up

My mother received a call last week from a company claiming that her Visa was used to purchase a Amazon gift card and it was a large amount and she needed to immediately log onto her computer and get them the information they needed in order to stop the fraud on her account. Thank god she was not by her computer and she does not have a smart phone so she was unable to immediately do what they wanted, and she talked to me before they called her back. I informed her that this was a scam and under no circumstances should she give them any information, and I am so thankful this did not get out of control, but sadly if she would have been by her computer she would have fell for this and given them everything she had. These people did call her back and continue to call her cell phone minute after minute mainly coming from the NY area, but she never answered their call again. She also called her visa and let them know.

Received a phone call a little after 9 AM this morning purportedly from VISA. Woman on the line (probably a recording) said there were going to be some changes to our account before the next billing date. That's when I hung up as know that any changes to credit card accounts are normally done by mail and usually included with the monthly statement. Another indicator that the call was a scam was they were using a local number (306) 389-1509. I checked that number and it isn't in service and I didn't think it would be.

Anyway, thought I'd pass this along for your information.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

A "representative" of Visa called me named Derrick Alexander. He said I was approved for a credit card that I had applied for a year ago, but it was stolen by another person. This person actually took 2 cards out in my name and also stole 7 other people's identity. He was contacting me so that I could get reimbursed for the card that I should have received. He said I would get 2 credit cards. The first card would have a limit of $18,500 and would have no interest until 2030 when after that the interest would be 1.9%. He said I needed to pay for taxes and fees up front and that a second card would be sent to me in the amount of $3800 to cover that cost. I initially sent him $515. He called me the next day saying more fees and taxes were being added on, but that it's OK because the credit card limit was going to increase. So I sent him 2 more payments. He repeatedly called me with more reasons to give him money but I never received a credit card. His reasoning was that FedEx w[censored]ding onto my card and there was another fee I needed to send so they would release the card. At some point another young lady got involved claiming to be his boss. She wanted me to send more money but I told her I didn't have more to send.Over the course of 2 weeks, I've wired $1795 to a person in Florida with no credit card being given to me.

- Connersville, IN, USA

Consumer got a text that was supposed to be from Visa. She was to click on a link. It asked for her name, address, credit card number and the security code and exp date. If she failed to update her information it could keep her from using her credit card.

- Casper, WY, USA

Was called, informed by auto message that my "credit card was blah blah and I was doing good on my payments( that was the huge give away) and to press one to accept the call or 2 to hang up." (Also a huge give away.

- Chattanooga, TN, USA

They called our office using a computer voice saying that we had a few changes that we never had in the past (iTunes and Ebay) and gave the first four digits of some card. It prompted you to select 2 if you wanted to dispute the charges. Then we were told we were being transferred to a "fraud representative".

When we asked the person to give us the number they ask you to verify the card number. We obviously refused. We asked to speak to a manager and were told she was the only one we could speak to. The woman on the other end then called me a crack head and hung up. I called Visa to verify they didn't have a representative calling individuals and they confirmed.

The name that came up on my phone was Guffey and Son.

Approximately 5:58 am, July 19,2018, a person by name of Brian Williams stating my name and said he was calling concerning my Visa. I did keep him on phone but never gave any personal information. Presenty the home phone is registered in my son name

But he called me by my name first as Mrs. And later as Miss.

I stated his call did not show financial institution and asked what financial institution was he calling from and why was he calling 5:58 nova Scotia Canada time. He said there was a $600.00 charge on my Visa credit card. Then Told him, my financial institute/bank would not call me5:58 in morning and I knew he was trying to scam me and he kept saying oh no. I had the full number writing it down and then I told him I was not falling for his scam. Clients call or go to their banks and banks do not call their clients 5:58 in morning and he hung up.

Friday, July 20,2018, mid afternoon, I got one of the recorded phone calls stating to press one as payment overdue and interest fee. That cal

Was an unknown name.


This person named Mark Anderson and Ryan Davis (financial adviser) from Visa called to offer a lower interest rate on my credit card due to my good payment history they were some how able to confirm my balance (which made me think it was legit. I think they may have stolen my mail and found a bank statement. They then transferred me to a financial adviser how confirmed some information they had and then asked mt to confirm my SSN.(Dumb I know!). Anyway don't fall for this after a long day a work. I immediately called the numbers they provided after getting of the phone because my stomach sunk about giving them information. So far nothing has happened but I will forever have to monitor things closely! They provided this number as a call back 1-917-460-0025 ext. 9001. Once I hung up the phone as I was distracted during the conversation the numbers did not match. The number was a local Silverdale, WA number 360-979-8146.

Received phone call about suspicious transactions on Visa credit card. Told him where to go and disconnected.

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