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Vehicle Service Department

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Vehicle Service Department Reports & Reviews (30)

- Albuquerque, NM, USA • Jan 09, 2023

This occurred after purchasing a used car through Car Max last month. We were recently sent postcards saying "FACTORY WARRANTY ALERT" and "FINAL NOTICE", warning that our "coverage" would lapse if we didn't call them immediately. No company name other than "Vehicle Service Department"; fake customer ID number; our car's make/model and picture. Included more phone numbers to call: 866-923-9443; 877-282-9764

These people keep sending mail to me, even after requested they take my name off their list. I moved to a different address and they are still mailing their fake letters to me. I called them again today and when I requested they take my name off their list they hung up on me. I called back and they won't answer my call. Please help.

I received a pink postal card saying it was from Vehicle Service Department and the make and model of my vehicle. It said my Factory Warranty was expiring. I called and was offered to extend my warranty by paying over $230 a month. I was even transferred to another person who would lower my payments down to $156 a month for two years. The card had a coverage ID and it included a two phone numbers 1888-307-2075 and 1855-454-0932 in Spanish.

repeated scam call regarding vehicle

- Costa Mesa, CA, USA

Consistent robo calls from different numbers saying my car warranty is up. I have a warranty through a different company also researching that this is not a legitimate business.

- San Jose, CA, USA

Received a call from a female identified as "Bella Johnson" who says that she was calling from the Vehicle Service Department, a company. She asked about my car and refused to give me the "company's" address or any information on the "company."

- Memphis, TN, USA

out of nashville, tn . they have called on several occasions throughout the day..

- Baton Rouge, LA, USA

I receive at least 3 calls before 12 everyday from a 225 area code number which is my local area code asking me to sign up for a car warranty

This number contacted me on 07/06/2020 wanting to extend my auto warranty for a vehicle I’ve never owned. When I asked for a call back number the lady informed me she was calling from the computer. I also asked if this was a accredited company and she told me it was. I asked for a copy of my “file” she kept referencing to be mailed and she couldn’t provide me with that. She introduced herself as “Allie”

I keep getting calls from them. I've told them to stop. They're calling in regards to extending the warranty on my vehicle when I own my vehicle.

- Hampton, NY, USA

I just purchased a used vehicle and I am now getting 10 phone calls a day trying to sell me extended warranty. The offer sounds way way to good to be true. They try to force you into making a purchase right then and there, by saying if you hang up the offer wont be available if you call back. ( but then they call you 5 move times that day lol) I was concerned very early on during the call so I started asking what the name of there company was. First girl I talked to said "Vehicle Service Department" seemed kinda vague. Then they transferred me around to different girls and the last one I spoke with (who was ready to take my card info) I asked again. What is the name of your company? This one tells me "dealer services".... "so what's the card number". I laughed and asked for there phone number. She hung up on me at that point. So I just wanted to report here to hopefully help others from being scammed.

- Mechanicsville, MD, USA

Every night we continue to get these scamming calls to purchase extended warranty for our vehicles even after telling them we had no vehicles it’s bad like 8 calls per day

- Versailles, KY, USA

They called me claiming to be with the Vehicle Service Department, when I asked with which company they said just that. They asked repeatedly for the make and model of my car claiming something to do with the warranty on it. I kept getting disconnected as I asked more about the "company" so I couldn't figure out much.

I believe they get your number from the dealer where you bought your car, and they focus on low maintenance vehicles. If you talk to them you will get several calls per day. They do not observe the do-not-call lists.

Anyone company which uses spoofed phone numbers is very likely a scam. They offer all kinds of sign-up benefits, free car repairs and free oil changes, and must employ desperate and destitute salesmen. Do not fall for it!

- Corona, NY, USA

I’m repeatedly receiving calls from this company about a car I DO NOT nor have I EVER owned. When I ask for the address to the company they hang up. I’ve asked them repeatedly to stop calling me. They continue to call to this day. It has been going on for over 2 years.

- Winston Salem, NC, USA

Caller identifies himself as a representative from the Vehicle Service Department and asks for the make and model of my vehicle. When asked the name of the company states" The Vehicle Service Department". Calls repeatedly and states that the warranty is about to expire on my vehicle. When asked to be removed from the call list the caller simply hangs up and calls from a new number. Repeated calls of sometimes 20 calls per day. Unable to provide any other information about the company when asked. When the phone number is called back it is identified as a non working number.

- Waco, TX, USA

They called asking about my car and the number of miles on it. All they said was they were called the 'Vehicle Services Department' and work with major car companies. He was persistent about getting the number of miles because of a warranty for me vehicle. Sounded very sketchy.

- Oswego, NY, USA

I have received multiple calls from tjis warranty compay to extend a vehicle warranty on a vehicle i have never owned. When i question them on when i bought the vehicle they say they are not able to disclose that. I asked repeatedly for information which they would not provide. I asked to speak with someone in charge and it sounded like the person I was speaking with handed the phone to the person mext to her. She then claimed she was the supervisor. I tell them i never owned such vehicle and then they try to pry for information on cars i own. I told them not to call me again, as i knew it was a scam. These people are relentless. When i asked where they were calling from and they said they were calling from california i questioned why it was coming from a NY number and was told they use a computer system to get a better connection.

Individuals call, often with a name on the caller id so that you will answer. They ask for you by first and last name. They are aware of the type of vehicle I have and my Vehicle information. They say their calling from Vehicle Services and that is the name of the company. If you ask any questions such as

1) Who is your manager

2)what is the name of the company and where are you located

3)Who gave you my contact information I did not authorize this service

They will also hang up if you say the following:

1) please stop calling

2)What is your address

3) Im going to sue if you don't stop

4)leave me alone

Often they will reply with nasty remarks if you say you will sue if they don't stop such as:

1)You don't have the money to sue us

2)Well we are gonna just keep calling so whatever

3)You called us back so your harassing us and we will sue you(missed this call so I called back and it was them)

- Palatine, IL, USA

This company calls me atleast 3 times a day on my home and cell phone numbers pushing a vehicle warranty. They are very persistent and no matter how many times I ask them to remove me from their database, they keep calling. They even show up as 'Scam Likely' on my phone. Beware!

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