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U.S. Treasury

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U.S. Treasury Reports & Reviews (57)

- Astoria, OR, USA

I received a recorded phone call today saying that I had been selected to receive an "Economic Grant" of $9,000.00 through the Treasury Department. I was not able to get the "ID number", but the recording gave a phone number to call (360) 347-6290. I immediately looked the number up and this number comes back to Teleport Communications Group in Seattle, Washington. The search engine showed multiple results indicating that this is a scam. I have never heard of this particular scam in my area before, so I wanted to make sure to report it right away.

message left on voicemail "State treasury the purpose enforcement action has been executed by the US treasury department for tax evasion and tax fraud...ignore will be jailed. contact 276-262-0973 to speak to your case officer." message left on voicemail July 18th, 2019 at 4:55pm from Saltville, VA

- Shawnee, OK, USA

I saw a similar post reporting the same issue. However I want these people caught so I am reporting it again. Tuesday May 7th 2019, I received 2 phone calls as a recording stating "This is the US Treasury for Tax Collections, we are reviewing your file and you are reported for fraudulent activity. If you do not call this number back at... You will be took to further actions." Of course I did not call them back because I am smarter then that, but they are trying to scam people for their money. The first person who called sounded like an Arabic male, and the second person who called sounded like an American male. The first call was about 4:21 pm and the second call was at 4:25 pm.

The numbers to watch for are:



The numbers change every-time they call. So I am pretty sure they are a large business or organization. I have had similar phone calls before, but always hung up and forgot about it. Now I am putting a stop to it.

- Milwaukee, WI, USA

The 202 D.C. Area number has called my phone all day long nonstop, leaving a insufficient message stating, 9.000 dollars for u from U.S. Treasury. Each and every call and I would like to say over 30 calls ended in the last 4 digits changing every time but all starting with 202, so as I went in to delete and block all! secs later another call. Please help! This is very stressful and if I get other calls, maybe even emergencies, the constant calling from the DC area interrupts them. Totally Unsatifactory! Just called now as I'm typing my complaint!

Man with foreign accent claimed to be from Treasury Office, tried to say I owed taxes, and that files were being charged against me. I began to question him and he hung up on me. Call came from California. I live in Pennsylvania. Date of call was 2/13/18.

- Novi, MI, USA

caller says i have frauded the u.s. treasury and threatening federal arrest if call is ignored

- Arlington, WA, USA

My phone rang, I did not answer, but a lady with a husky low voice left this message:

"Number 165. The nature of this call is an enforcement action which has been executed by the U.S. Treasury Dept. regarding attacks tried against your name. Ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid an initial appearance before a magistrate, judge or grand jury for a federal criminal offense. So, before this matter got to federal claims courthouse or before you get arrested call us back act 904-351-6931. I repeat, call us back at 904-351-6931. Hope to hear from you soon before the charges are passed against you. Thank you."

This was a recording. Received on October 16, 2017 at 12:47 p.m. It was meant to cast fear/intimidation. I know this call is fake but it needs to be investigated. I have not erased it from my phone and will save it as evidence against the horrible people who played this call.

- Schaumburg, IL, USA

I received a computer-generated voice message from the number *** stating the following:

"This message is intended to contact you regarding an enforcement action executed by the U.S. Treasury. Ignoring this message would be an intentional second attempt to avoid an initial appearance before the magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense. The number to reach us: ***. I repeat: ***. We'd like you to cooperate with us and help us to help you."

(Received: Monday, 3:46 p.m. on 10/16/27 in Illinois)

* I can understand this may be stressful to some, but common sense would dictate that if this were legit, you wouldn't be contacted by a computer-generated voice. Unfortunately, I receive things like this all the time. The first thing I do is I search the web for the number or email given. 99% of the time, I can easily locate information about it being a scam. It upsets me to think some people may be duped by these so-called criminals. Still, the only way to stop the problem is by reporting it every chance you get. In this case, I went to the BBB website at: If it is an email scam--which I get quite often through Craigslist--I will forward it to the Federal Trade Commission at: [email protected].

Please do us all a favor. If you are ever targeted by a potential scam, just report it.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

I have received 2 different calls stating they are from the U.S. Treasury. They state the Treasury is offering tax free money. One of the numbers 202-612-8454 is offering $9200 from the U.S. Treasury. I told them take me off the call list. Did not seem legitimate.

Second call from 800-779-7831 offered free money too from the US Treasury. Told them to take me off the call list. Both numbers have called repeatedly.

- Stilwell, KS, USA

had a phone message from "unknown name" stated he was from Concord, California expressing they have charges being filed against me from the United States Treasury office and they need to contact "unknown person" immediately or they will be arrested.

Someone from the 202 area code called me; I thought it was a political call so I took it. When they asked if I was M. Eugene Williams or Gene Williams, I don't recall, I said "yes". Then when they announced they were calling from the U.S. Treasury, I immediately hung up.

- Nampa, ID, USA

I received a call from a recording of a person stating he was from the U.S. treasury and that ignoring the call would result in a federal grand jury prosecution. Caller gave a number to contact which started with area code 415. at that time I hung up, mainly because it was a recorded message not asking for a particular person. I called the and they gave me the number for the treasury which wasn't even close to the number on my caller ID. I then called the the treasury and realized quickly by the recording to navigate that they were in fact the treasury. then I called the number on my caller ID for the call that i had received, the phone rang about 7 times then it went to a voice mail which didn't identify who it was.

Automated call, Lady claiming to be an officer, she gives Badge # 8374. You are to return call or be picked up for Tax Fraud. I returned the call, and spoke with a man and tolled him that the U. S. Treasury or the IRS would not call, that I should receive a letter in the mail, and that I thought that this was a Scam he hung up on me.

They called me twice telling me that I have received a personal grant, and they wanted a bank account number to transfer money into.

This is the same man who had called on September 19, 2016. Claims he works for the United States Treasury Department. I told him not to call me again and that I will be reporting this call to the and my Attorney General. Then, I hung up.

Received a phone call, which came over my recorder, stating he was from the U.S. Treasury, name T. Markle, foreign accent, so not sure of name. If I didn't call him at 224-330-3282, I would be committing a federal criminal offense and would have to go before a magistrate judge, or Grand Jury.

Received two messages on my cell phone to call re "action by U. S. Treasury about a federal criminal offense and maybe going before a magistrate judge or grand jury". First call was from "Kevin Mason"; second call was on 9/23/2016 from "Dave Martin" who left phone # of 347-906-8624. I did not return either call as it is obviously a scam.

- Pocatello, ID, USA

Called my Residence and left a call back number claiming to be a U.S. Treasury employee and demanding that I call him at the above indicated number. He said his name was Kevin Mason and that if I did not call him he threatened a Criminal Grand Jury Indictment and a Court appearance would result. The call was received at 12:51 PM 9/23/16 at my residence in Pocatello, Idaho. I have not called him back as I believe it is a fraudulent call and I sent an email with this information to the Treasury Department.

Thank You and please let me know if anyone else has complained about this particular subject and matter!

Call left on my answering machine on Sept. 20. 2016 from 253 203-1856. Caller ID showed Tacoma, WA. Message stated it was from the U.S. Treasury and it was a final 2nd Attempt to contact concerning a Federal Criminal Offence. I called the and they recommended that I enter this information on bbb.scamtracker.

Male voice (with slight accent) saying that he is Kevin Mason calling regarding an enforcement action executed by the U.S. Treasury. He threatens that ignoring will be an intentional intent to avoid appearance in front of a judge or grand jury.

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