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US Government Grant

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US Government Grant Reports & Reviews (25)

I applied for a $5600. Government Grant to get my roof fixed, then a month later I received a call saying I had gotten it. They said they couldn't deposit it in my bank but could put it on a debit card the next day, then they said I had a deposit limit on my card and charged me a refundable $19.99 fee. I called my card to ask about it. I was told I had no limit of dollars to be deposited and to wait and see if the grant was deposited on my card, 2 days later it still hasn't been.

- Oviedo, FL, USA

Scammer used a classmates' social media accounts to contact you to tell you about this program that gives out grants. Gives you a number to text your information by application for the grant. Does not ask for money just your information. Full Name, Address, Phone,DOB, Sex, Martial status, Occupation, car, email, Rent\Buy, And How would you like your funds Cash\Check then Proceeds to tell you Congratulations, that you are eligible for a grant.

- Shreveport, LA, USA

Called me about a government grant gave me the number GG2015 and said they were gone send me 9000.00 check and not to cash it at bank but Dollar Store, Walgreens places like that.

I first saw a post on Facebook about the government grants and I messaged someone named Lisa Fleming @ 707-383-9526. Lisa said she needed to get some basic information from me to see if I qualified for the grant. She asked for my name, my social security number and birth date, which I provided. She then told me that I qualified for the grant. First I was offered an $80,000 grant, then it went to $100,000 and then to $150,000, through a government grant. She told me I would need to pay processing and shipping fees. She told me I would need to pay these fees and once the fees were paid my money would be available within 7 hours and would be delivered to my home. She provided me with a claim number and told me that I would have to give this information to the Fedex delivery person so they could verify that I was the proper party to be receiving the cash. The $150,000 was to be in cash. First she told me to go to Walmart and she gave me the name of a Fedex agent that I was to send $400 to. After the money was sent I took a picture of the receipt on my phone and texted it to Lisa Fleming to show that I had sent the funds. This was done sometime in May. I told her I could not afford to pay the remaining fees. She said she would check to see if I could pay the fee out of the government grant money. She then told me that they could not do this as the grant money was already locked up, waiting for me to claim it once all the fees were paid. I told her I was going to be starting a new job and the fees would have to wait until I received my first check. After I received my first check I purchased an I-Tunes card for $385 and took a picture of the back of the card with the numbers on it to Lisa Fleming. She told me there was still a balance due. I then sent another $285 I-Tunes card, sending her the picture of the back of the card with the numbers on it. She then told me that I still owed $455 before I could get the grant money. I then told her I didn't have any more money and was not working. She then told me she was going to see if she could send me the remaining fee of $455 from her own money. Then Lisa told me her attorney advised her that I would need to open an online bank account and they would make a deposit of $455- 500. I opened the online account and they deposited $4,557, instead of the $500 they were going to send.This online account was through Citizen's Bank. The check was deposited, but it was not a good check, so the bank closed the account. She then suggested that I should try to open another account that funds could be sent to. I opened a 2nd online account with Fifth Third Bank, but the bank closed the account, as they said there was something on my credit report that Transunion had listed. Lisa then told me to open a Moneyline card. There was an app on my phone to do this and I set it up. I would be receiving a debit card. Once I received the debit card I was to take pictures of the debit card and send them to her. I haven't received the debit card yet, though. She has still continued to text me, asking if I've received the debit card. I will not send her any more funds, even though she continues to harass me. I am unable to block her number on my phone because I have a minute phone and this can't be completed on this type of phone. I want others to be aware of this scam.

- White Swan, WA, USA

On 9/29/18, a person by the name of John Mark reached out in regards to a government grant. Stated that they would give a grant to him in the amount of $20,000-$5,000,000. John stated that if Robert sent $2500 fee, he would get $50,000 and the fee increases with the dollar amount of the grant.

- Fort Edward, NY, USA

This user told me he was going to come to my door and kill me and my family.

I was contacted via phone on September 4th & today, September 5th by a company that said their name was US Government Grants. I was offered a government grant in the amount of $9,000. I was offered the options of Direct Deposit, Western Union or Walmart to obtain the funds. I was told that I would have to pay $250 up front and I would be reimbursed the $250 when I went to pick up my funds. Once I paid the $250 my $9,000 in grant money would be available and I would be reimbursed for the $250 as well. I can be contacted on my cell phone, which is listed below. The 2 calls that I answered were on my cell phone and the gentlemen provided me with names of William Morgan & Larry. I was also left a message on my home phone landline, which is (216) 791-1396. I was told that I was chosen because I paid my taxes on time, I did not have any bankruptcy proceedings and no criminal record. I was chosen from a specific demographic survey.

I recd a call at 12:45 PM this afternoon and a man stated the govt had free govt grants to give out to 1700 people. My name was one of them and I would receive a free $9000 grant. He asked for my bank's routing no. or for a debit card no. Or, I could go to Walmart or Walgreen to purchase a gift card for $250 to pay for the taxes. He was going to give me a routing no. but I hesitated and called the BBB.

Another number was 206-651-4435 and I'm going to report the two phone numbers to the FTC.

- Southaven, MS, USA

I recd a recorded call on Friday June 22, 2018 stating they were going to give me a Federal Grant. They called again this morning at 10:00 AM and I spoke with Chris at ext. 279. Chris stated I would receive a Govt grant for $9000 but I had to go to Walmart and purchase a Walmart debit card and put $200 on the card. Then I was to return his call and they would dispense the money. I did not get the card because I did not have the money. I called the BBB and was told it was a scam.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

On June 12, 2018 I received a call from the US Government saying I had received a grant for ***. They needed *** for application fees and another *** for Western Union charges. I paid the money and then they said they needed another *** for insurance purposes. It sound so real that I was up all night waiting to receive my money. Beware of this scam. It sounds so real!!

- Spring, TX, USA

I received a notification saying *friends name* wants to connect with you on messenger. I found it a little odd considering I had already had a chat with that person. They contacted me starting off with asking how things have been and how the family is doing, then they told me about how they received a US Grant for $50,000. After, they sent me a number to text the “agent Kimberly Anderson Williams.” Through text message, they asked me for my Full name, full address, gender, age, marital status, phone, email, disability status, monthly income, do I have a car, reason for applying, and my mothers name. Both through messenger and text, they kept trying to rush me to send the money through the Money Gram at Walmart to a Alexander Leonhardt in Prattsburgh, NY.

- Delaware, OH, USA

For the last couple of weeks, I've gotten calls from an individual saying that I can get free government money. Foreigners. Saying they are calling from the United States.

- Manchester, TN, USA

I got a call by these people they are from a foreign country speech is bad English.  They say they have grant money but want a visa card - any card that has visa on it, even a prepaid card. All they want is 3 dollars for transaction cost. They say your grant money will be on it in 24 hours - bull crap. Do not fall for this. This has happened twice for me.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

I was contacted on 11/26/17 and I was told that I could receive a government grant for $9700. They told me to go to Walmart and buy Stean cards for $250. They wanted me to call them back and give them the numbers off those cards. I didn't give them the numbers off of the cards that I bought.

- New York, NY, USA

A caller from #202-202-9222 said he was the US Government Grant department and I had been awarded a grant due to efficient tax and bill payments.

He provided the following information:

Money Track #0865324065

Grant ID # RG1024

After I was hesitant to provide information, he said to call back #202-657-6648 to fully register and provide the exact Western Union location that was closest to my area.

Do not fall for this!

- Lubbock, TX, USA

I received a phone call that I had been awarded a grant and I needed to call 202-930-5317 for more details.

- Petersburg, NY, USA

They called saying that they were the government and I was eligible to receive a grant and then wanted to know how I wanted to receive my money in cash or through my bank account and I told him cash so they wanted to know like Western Union and then they gave me a phone number and a confirmation number but the phone number they gave didn't contact to anywhere

Told my name add email &said I. Was getting a us government. Grant. 2 separate people/#.& grant amounts gave me conf.# & ask where to send $$ was to call the # when our call was done. One was outta service. ??????scared to call now ! What should I do?

Received telephone call from 202-670-2478. An Asian speaking woman asked for me by name. Stated I qualified for a US Government grant, for $9,000.00, which I never had to pay back. Requested her company name, address and phone. She offered 202-730-9775 to confirm. Discovered same scam on BBC scam alert.

- Sierra Vista, AZ, USA

Person called saying I qualified for a grant due to my history that I would not need to pay back for the amount of $9000. I was being asked questions direct questions I thought they were looking for me to say OK or yes but asked for a call back number as the one on my phone was unavailable. phone he gave was 315-303-8006 ext 202 & the ref # was FR321

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