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True PayDay Loan

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True PayDay Loan Reports & Reviews (47)

• Apr 07, 2021

My son borrowed money from them I was used as a reference and today he called 206 times blocking my phone from getting a phone appt with my doctor I did not borrow the money they did he does not live with me yet this guy refused my request to contact them directly now Ontario OPP and RCMP BC and the B C consumer protection officers are on to him once caught he is gonna be in for a whole wack load of charges. Harassment . Threatening me that if my son did not pay he would not stop calling me. Well he has called over 300 times in 2 days now he is gonna get caught.

• Mar 23, 2021

This [censored] Russel Moore sent me an email negotiating a loan offer that was over FIVE years ago ! And it gets better...181 email addresses were attached to mine! This lowlife deserves prison...Stay away !

• Mar 18, 2021

I dealt with them in the past Russell Moore also went by Justin poirer and Maxime Cooper

• Nov 14, 2020

I had a very similar experience. I DID NOT sign any agreements, however, money was taken from my account. When I contacted "Russel Moore" I was treated unprofessionally, and waited 2 days for the money to be returned, along with a sarcastic email from this fraud. Clearly, not much can be done for the consumer. I recommend contacting Anonymous and having this person exposed for taking advantage of financial hardships.

• Jan 19, 2021

Russel Moore is actually Dominique Nicolo. The money they take from you goes into an account linked to True Loans Inc and also goes by Real Loans Inc. The business number is 1169865558. Report to RCMP

• Oct 17, 2020

I too am being extorted by Russel. I unfortunately have taken loans out with his buddies as well. There are a number of online payday lenders who operate with impunity. Cashbuddy500, National Payday Loan, Fast Money Loans, Simple Loans500, Payday Ki g 500. I am certain they all operate without proper licenses and they may be run by the same person(s). I too was harassed or threatened with phone calls if payment wasn't made. It's time to fight back, domain lookups on most of the sites reveal redacted info. Maybe someone should email them 50,000 times? Enough is enough.

• Oct 16, 2020

Russel Moore is ruining my [censored]ing life can someone not find him?

• Oct 16, 2020

Total money lost $700
Type of a scam Debt Collections

True payday loans has called my family and work with an auto dialer trying to extort me for money they’ve threatened my family and coworkers, they’ve threatened to come to my work please don’t deal with them they have ghost phones you can’t find them they don’t exsist

• Sep 20, 2020

My experience is exactly the same as the others. And dealing with Russel a nightmare.I think he enjoys harassing and scaring people..I felt like he was trying to shame me..Not a nice man at all...But then again I think they become really brave seeing as its easier to threaten via email.Think Russel Moore actually loves to threaten people and intimidate people.Never again..

• Aug 02, 2020

HELP! what did you guys do about this!?!? Russell Moore did not even contact me I missed a payment and literally the next day called my reference and work repeatedly like non stop NON STOP, and every time we would answer he’s say my full name and swore and cursed at me then wouldn’t answer me when I just simply asked where do I send the payment to then I was being threatened by him saying if I don’t send money within 5 minutes he would start the calls again. Very scary man and has made me very frightened.

• Mar 16, 2021

Hi SDralf74, just wondering- is this mike guy the same guy who pretends to be Russel Moore? And if so are you saying that charges are pending against this person and they are just trying to find him?

• Mar 11, 2021

Charges being laid I felt with simple loans 500 and the guys name is Mike McKenzie and what ever other name he uses

• Feb 09, 2021

The person who runs these sites is named Carmine Marcarella. The phone number is 450-669-8110. Corporation # 1044655

• Aug 02, 2020

Do what he does to everyone else when he calls them non stop. Call him non stop and see how he feels about it

• Jul 22, 2020

Whoever these people are they should be deported back to the hell they came from! They tried to scam me into renewing my loan and when I said I am not interested they started harassing me so I changed my number.

• Sep 09, 2020

Call Consumer services 780-427-4088. I was told that they are license to operate. They cannot find a business under that company name. And the more people file a complaint then they can do something about it

• Aug 02, 2020

Start harassing them back. What they are doing isn’t right

• Jul 20, 2020

They have been over charging me for a loan in Alberta ... I’m making $202 payments for a 750 loan when comes to term is well over $1000 I’m having to pay back.
And the payback amount never changes , even if I pay off early

• Apr 28, 2020

Took out a loan from this Company paid off the loan twice over then found out they were scammers. They were taking money out of my account whenever they felt like it. Once i put a stop payment through the bank the phone calls started. They are calling my work, my work cell phone, my daughter and my son's GF. He has told me to pay or the the phone calls will continue. He has told my coworker that i was the one scamming him. I have filed 2 police reports against this guy and he thinks it's a joke. Next step is to file harassment charges against this guy. We need to stand against people like him who take advantage of people when they are down.The phone calls are annoying but i will not buckle and pay this piece of [censored] a dime. If he was a legitimate buisness he would not be doing what he is doing to people especially with what's going on in the world right now. You know the saying (Karma is a bit**). His mother must be so proud.
For anyone going through the same crap with this guy right now just know he will eventually move on and one day he will get caught.

• Mar 11, 2021

I have charges him but police for sure don’t no where he is as he is using a different name also have him on death threats

• Aug 02, 2020

Same thing happened to me. When I tried asking more questions or why the amount was what it was he said because I said so and wouldn’t give any kind of statement of account I feel we all should start calling him non stop

I am having the same issue as everyone else with this company. dealing with Russel Moore, and he is a [censored]! he is auto dialing my work, my spouse, my sister and me. I have filed a police report at the advice of Consumer Affairs in my province, but it doesn't seem to help. this company is on my consumer proposal, and I have been advised by them not to pay the loan. I really hope something can be done about this company, as they are not licensed in my province either. I have told him that calling my work in harassment, and it is against the law. he just laughs about it, and his response is "pay me and the calls will stop". I even opened a new bank account, and he wants that information.. not going to happen.

has anyone finally gotten this company to stop harassing them, and their work with the phone calls?

True PayDay Loan runs the same as CashBuddy500. There is this person Russell Moore and have a behind the scene operation. They are not authorized licence so need to be reported. They call from unknown numbers or these online lenders are hard to track down. They will call using auto dialers to every information they have. Hopefully their website will be tracked and shut down. The fact call from unknown numbers indicates they do not want to be tracked and will call and call. Another number found is 236-330-1057 tied to this. They are not authorized licence lender so run the other way and report to a financial consumer affair. If looks up there is an article on True PayDay and CashBuddy 500 as an illegal lender. It is important to bring more awareness of the shady characters running this operation. There are traceability to IP website and who owns the site.l but are authorized to lend.

Same thing happened to me pretty much as everyone else.

Jammed my work lines. For released from work and notified him of that and that wasn’t paying.

Was an oil company which I no longer was affiliated with then so called police then they switched over to an answering service which he jammed also so then they called police too.

This service does after hours for businesses for grande prairie so now what he did endangered lives and technically was harassing all sorts of businesses.

They have equipment to trace calls in case someone calls hurt or there is a dangerous situation and call drops so started tracing as many numbers as they could.

My boss also has friends with the EPS so they were already looking into this too at that time.

So the RCMP and EPS are now both looking for him and looking into any companies that showed up as registered to these phone numbers.

Can you keep us updated with anything you find out ?

Same thing that is happening to me. I made an arrangement to pay as I am unemployed. So payment is at the end of the month. He just emailed me saying he needs the money. I said my arrangement is not till the end of the month. He came back to me saying but today is Friday. He kept calling me old work. I told him million times that I no longer work there. My old work had call the police and reported me. I dont know what else to do.

This Guy Russel Moore Harassing people!

I have had the same experiences that everyone here has had. I hope that one day they find this Russel Moore if that is even is real name and do the things him that he had done to us and see how he feels about it.

I had received calls from him from a number in B.C. I had read in another post online the they are trying to locate Russel as the building owner has a cease and desist letter for him. I wonder how he even got space at the address located on the Web site. Also to note that cash buddy 500 and other payday loan companies are associated with Russels company. We need to band together and drop him

RUSSELL MOORE is a [censored] and if u was his mother i would of swallowed . Dont ever ever ever take loans from this sick [censored] . Hes twisted in his mind . Will harrass your work and cause hell

I have paid off this loan and they are still contuing to take payments after. I blocked the account through my bank, then an auto dialer has started calling my work repeatedly. I don't know how to make this stop

U should of neve rpaid him hes a scam and he will continue to take ur money till he says its enough

You call ur provider and see if they have call blocking features

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