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True PayDay Loan

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True PayDay Loan Reports & Reviews (84)

• Jul 25, 2023

It’s about to end for them

• Sep 15, 2023

Why do you say its about to end? They're still going and harassing everyone

• Dec 10, 2022

No one is listening to me. They always call private but by mistake they call me one time without blocking.

The phone number is 587 436 6325. Check out the man on Whatsapp...

• Oct 04, 2022

I used to date Kevin washer from 2005-2008. He used to always verbally and physically assault me. He was sexually always into scenarios where I’d be the debtor and he’d be the debit collector and force me to do oral on him as a payment arrangement


Same as everyone else here. Had to change phone numbers. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE. They are practiced at what they do and observe no common codes of conduct. I believe they are licensed on and off to stay just this side of the law, but everything else they do is illegal -- they will drain your accounts, take imaginary fees, and so on. Their names are all fake. They exchange info among several companies. Class action sounds like a fine idea.
I think they operate out of Quebec. We need to send many complaints to Office de Protection du Consommateur, or whatever their name is. The RCMP has to deal with these monsters. This is in fact fraud on a grand scale -- there are many, many people who are being stolen from, taken, and whose lives are being destroyed.
The mafia is clearly behind this, whatever names they use.

they try and retrieve money from account under name Group Buddy Inc MSP but if you put the email into a bank it comes up as VOPAY INTERNATIONAL INC not sure if this will help with investigation.
I have made a complaint across canada with all the consumer protection places except quebbec. How do I do this? I am quite certain that the loan company and the debt company are together sitting in same room. Also the loan you apply for is not what they give you... I applied for $500 agreed to a payment schedule and then they sent me $300 and are still continuing to take out money. They have threatened people in my life and even went as far as calling a provider of mine and trying to cancel a service. They have access to people and phone #'s I have never used as a reference. Definately cycber stalking going on

Russell Moore/Kevin Washer are very rude men. call you all kinds of names
will not work with you.
big time scammers.
how to stop them from harassment.
there emailing hundreds time day hatraseing work im on verge of losing job


they try and retrieve money from account under name Group Buddy Inc MSP but if you put the email into a bank it comes up as VOPAY INTERNATIONAL INC not sure if this will help with investigation

Has anyone found a resolution or solution to this harrassment? I am afraid I'm falling under the same trap

I am working to find a law firm to start a class action , we deserve to get these guys put in jail and out of business

I took a loan out with these inbred pieces of garbage got laid off tried making alternate payment arrangements because I was tight for money I've been giving them 59 dollars for true pay day and 59 for cashbuddy they are now saying it is not enough and hproceed to call my place of employment 100s of times a day, when the do answer the phone they sexually harass the office staff. Talk to my supervisor about my personal life


It is absolutely ridiculous, I had ONE payment NSF, and within 24 hours I was getting hundreds of phone calls a day from this Kevin Walsh guy. I hadnt even had a chance to check my bank account before it started He has threatened me and my sister and friend. I would have had no problem paying it, within that same 24 hours if I had noticed it went NSF in time, HOWEVER, after this, I will not be giving either of them anything. They can take me to court if they want. It is absolutely harrassment.

Are they still harassing you? What resolution did you come up with

Did you find a solution?

Im having the same problem with Russell,andrew more, and kevin washer. Keep calling my work and other people. What do i do.

Two of the worse crooks in the world! I reported them to the police for harassment and stalking. They called me today and claimed I owe them money! Their payday loan company is fake and illegal. Kevin is very close to cyber stalking me by threatening me about what he is going to do next. What a huge creep!


They sent me the money then when I miss one payment they go crazy calling me 5 times a minute. Along with my references they even finally started calling from Mexico instead of it be no caller id. They have used one of there Facebook pages and made a fake account in her name and trying to access her bank account
CashBuddy 500
CashBuddy 500


I have contacted the Alberta govt and I have a phone call with them this week to file a report. Let's all band together and do this. What they are doing is illegal


You need to file in Quebec as these [censored] run their operation from there. I think paydayking500 was taken out for the same [censored]. More people need to contact the Quebec consumer protection services and file a complaint.

Got a email today saying they are now spam calling my work and friends. I have no dealing with these people. Now what do I do. I am going to lose my job


These people are calling my family and work place harassing them, calling them inappropriate names. They call every second blocking the lines. They send sexual and threatening emails.

Did they stop?

Kevin Washer and Russell Moore refuse to send me credentials and keep calling and emailing threats and all kinds of nonsense. If they were ligit they would not have any issues providing me this information. They keep telling me to pay etc, how can one do that without proper credentials or telling me what I need to pay? 100% fraudsters.


Did they stop? They started on me today

Did he finally stop calling you? I had to pay way beyond what was sent and no contract signed. Sent the money and didn’t get a call today. Just an email back from “Russell” saying thank you

I am having a bad experience with national payday loans with a guy named ANDREW MOORE. I’m wondering if he’s actually Russell Moore after reading all this. He sends me emails almost everyday calling me a piece of [censored]. Do I file a police report?

• Mar 05, 2023

I had to get several payday loans to help with vet bills. I’m having to do a consumer proposal. But I’m not sure I can.
The same thing is happening to me. He is demanding my bank info and said the calls won’t stop until I pay him. My work phone is ringing off the hook. And if I try and answer it, no one is there. It’s like it’s on auto dial. He will not tell me the collection agency he apparently sold my file to but yet keeps telling me to deal with them? The address listed on his website for Manitoba isn’t correct. I’ve given my statements to the police. But how to do stop someone you can’t find? I feel like my only option is to give in and give him what he wants. The only
Problem is that I think k he is linked to starloans, cashbuddy500, and fast cash. I have loans with all of them. So if I pay off one the next one is waiting I. Line to do the same thing I’m sure?! I feel like I’m dammed if I do and I’m dammed if I don’t. Is there anyone that can help me? I can’t have my work phone ringing 24/7, nor my references and family members numbers

Go to your setting and look for call forwarding. Then put their number. So everytime they call it will go back to their main number! Check their number in their website.

Yes. It's the same guy and he's preying on every

My son borrowed money from them I was used as a reference and today he called 206 times blocking my phone from getting a phone appt with my doctor I did not borrow the money they did he does not live with me yet this guy refused my request to contact them directly now Ontario OPP and RCMP BC and the B C consumer protection officers are on to him once caught he is gonna be in for a whole wack load of charges. Harassment . Threatening me that if my son did not pay he would not stop calling me. Well he has called over 300 times in 2 days now he is gonna get caught.


Did anything happen?

This [censored] Russel Moore sent me an email negotiating a loan offer that was over FIVE years ago ! And it gets better...181 email addresses were attached to mine! This lowlife deserves prison...Stay away !


This guy is something else. Will he stop calling? I don’t owe anything

I dealt with them in the past Russell Moore also went by Justin poirer and Maxime Cooper


I had a very similar experience. I DID NOT sign any agreements, however, money was taken from my account. When I contacted "Russel Moore" I was treated unprofessionally, and waited 2 days for the money to be returned, along with a sarcastic email from this fraud. Clearly, not much can be done for the consumer. I recommend contacting Anonymous and having this person exposed for taking advantage of financial hardships.


Russel Moore is actually Dominique Nicolo. The money they take from you goes into an account linked to True Loans Inc and also goes by Real Loans Inc. The business number is 1169865558. Report to RCMP

I too am being extorted by Russel. I unfortunately have taken loans out with his buddies as well. There are a number of online payday lenders who operate with impunity. Cashbuddy500, National Payday Loan, Fast Money Loans, Simple Loans500, Payday Ki g 500. I am certain they all operate without proper licenses and they may be run by the same person(s). I too was harassed or threatened with phone calls if payment wasn't made. It's time to fight back, domain lookups on most of the sites reveal redacted info. Maybe someone should email them 50,000 times? Enough is enough.

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